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For our anniversary in March, Josh and I are replacing all our towels. Our current towels are super ratty because they are a combination of the towels we went off to college with and the towels we got when we were married. Since we started college in the fall of '97 and got married in 2001, these towels are, ah, old. LOL

Does anybody have any brand or store recommendations for towels? Or if not specific brands, then what we should be looking for in a towel? IDK if towels have thread counts like sheets but anything along those lines.

I'm not too concerned about cost because this will be the first time we have bought towels, and if these last as long as the ones we're using now, we'll only have to buy towels one more time before we die. LOL

We considered white but ultimately rejected; Josh's mom pretty exclusively uses white towels and he thinks they end up looking really dingy no matter how hot the water and how much bleach you use when you launder. So we're going with beige/light brown. I figure that'll probably translate to any decor for when we finally move.



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