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1. For Yuletide this year, I wrote how far away the stars seem (and how far is our first kiss), a Lucifer/Amenadiel fic in the Lucifer fandom. I originally intended it to fulfill my assignment and then realized halfway in that unasked for sibling incest in an exchange fest is not a cool move. LOL I disliked in the show the way that Lucifer reacted to the reveal that Amenadiel is losing his powers, specifically that his glorious wings are ruined. I wanted Lucifer to be more horrified, more sympathetic, and offer some comfort. So that's the story I wrote for Treat #1.

For my recipient, I wrote His Brother's Keeper, which is Lucifer and Amenadiel gen that looks at them in childhood and then again once Lucifer is on earth. In this story, I wanted to explore those sibling dynamics without sexytimes and also include Uriel.

Treat #2 is The Yellow Wallpaper (the spinning jennie remix). I had a really fun time with the prompt, which asked for a story in which the supernatural elements of the original are really happening instead of being merely psychological manifestations of the narrator's mental state. So I wrote a ghost story from Jennie's perspective.

2. Downton Abbey watch continues.

I'm not sure what episode (or even season!) we are on, so I will just talk about general character and story arcs.

Anna and Bates: So terribly sad that they are being kept apart but what joy in Bates's face when he realizes that Anna is being prevented from seeing him rather than choosing not to come. And their joy in finally reading the withheld letters. I am so glad Bates is being released! Mary's joy in Anna's joy was a wonderful moment.

Matthew and Mary: Not sure what's up with them re: having kids. He clearly wants them and she seems not to. If she is reluctant, I imagine what happened to Sibyl will only make her more so. I am extremely sympathetic to Matthew's struggle to make Lord Grantham understand the value of change. I mean, if there's one central theme to this show, it's that the aristocracy is becoming increasingly irrelevant and old fashioned and that they must change to meet the times or else lose everything. I love when Cora says that Lord Grantham frequently makes decisions based on values that are no longer relevant. I think Mary's anger at Matthew wanting to change things is displaced anger at her sister's death and that she'll come around eventually.

Edith: I love when the Dowager told her stop whining and find something to do. While I hardly think Edith is whining, I think that's the best advice. I also love that she writes to the newspaper. Go, Edith!

Alfred: I love that he asks Carson for help and gets it, but I am becoming deeply annoyed with Daisy's crush on him. I don't like that one of the most innocent and kind characters is becoming an asshole because of an unrequited crush.

Ethel: My heart just breaks for her. I am genuinely distressed at the way most of the characters treat her. I am so glad that I live in a time where my employment is not based on never having made a mistake in my life. Also, I find the idea that somehow her presence taints those around her quite ludicrous (as is pointed out when Mrs. Patmore scoffs at the idea that Ethel is going to make her a loose woman). I was so proud of Mrs. Hughes and then Cora and the girls for not treating Ethel poorly. I cheered when the ladies refused to leave lunch at Isabelle's because Ethel was serving. I feel so horribly for her giving up her son (the grandfather is so mean), especially since she has to realize that the granddaddy will raise her son to be just as much of an asshole as he is. The running joke of her not being able to cook was funny and also served to show Isabelle's determination to be fair to Ethel.

Isabelle: How much do I admire this woman? I love that she gives Ethel a job and just sends the snooty cook on her way instead of giving in like the cook expects.

Sibyl and Tom: On the one hand, I have to admire Tom for changing his mind when he realized that burning down the homes of the aristocracy is wrong. I can very much see how someone is caught up in the rhetoric of a movement without fully understanding the consequences of what is being suggested. I think it's to his credit that he noped out of the actual deed and that he cites knowing the Granthams as part of the reason he was unable to go through with it. On the other hand, I am pissed off that he's being a revolutionary while his wife is pregnant. That is not acceptable behavior to me. At first, I thought Sibyl must be aware of his activities, but the episode then makes clear she isn't. I think Tom being allowed to go free while never returning to Ireland is an extremely generous outcome to his situation, and he'd be a fool not to take it. I knew the second Sibyl had edema that she had preeclampsia and was going to die. Bah. I mean, I had preeclampsia in the twenty-first century, and the hospital took it so seriously and did so many interventions and we were in the hospital for such a long time that I knew early twentieth century Sibyl had no chance. :( Even if it's just temporary, I like that her death has made Mary and Edit bury the hatchet. Also loved Mary's conversations with her dad about how he just has to let go of some things because Tom is baby Sibyl's dad. I think the next big conflict is going to be Lord Grantham trying to take baby Sibyl away from Tom.

Thomas: I do feel sorry for him being set up by O'Brien; the guy he's crushing on does not return his feelings, and I think that's going to go very badly. I am also endeared to him for his genuine grief for Sibyl, but I still don't like him at all. He has almost no redeeming qualities.

Cora: My heart just breaks for her. I think her anger at Lord Grantham is entirely justified; his behavior even in Sibyl's illness is symptomatic of "being the lord and master," and he's got to understand those days are at least waning if not completely done. Cora's promise to look after both Tom and baby Sibyl made me cry. Well, everything in that episode made me cry. Her comment that when one loses a child, it's never really over also broke my heart. I am a little disappointed that the doctor gives into the Dowager and lies to them about Sibyl's chances of survival with a C-section, but I think it's good that she finally reconciles with Lord Grantham.

Daisy: I like that she still has a relationship with William's dad, and now she has to decide whether to take over the farm. I think she should. She'd be much more autonomous which seems to be what she's craved for awhile now.

Misc: The scenes with the electric toaster are awesome. LOL Makeup is wrong! LOL Also died laughing when Mrs. Hughes says, "I'll tell Ethel she has a treat in store."

3. Dirk Gently:

Basically, we find out it's been a time travel plot. At the end of the previous episode, Dirk and Todd go back in time to the beginning of the show. Patrick Spring shows up in a weird knight costume and kills almost all of the bad guys (that's the origin of all those bodies in the compound rather than something nefarious the bad guys were doing). We find out that Patrick Spring is actually Zachariah Webb. He's trying to make a time machine and the ability to swap souls is just an accident of design. The bad guys start swapping souls with people and animals, and Patrick falls in love and has a daughter, but the bad guys kill his wife. At that point, Patrick jumps forward in time to the present to try to destroy the bad guys.

The bad guys seem so stupid and weird because they are; they've been living in animals for a long time which has changed them. One of them wants to be a panther again.

Todd is pissed that Dirk has known it's a time loop this whole time and had a smidge more info about the situation that he didn't share. He tells Dirk he's a monster for deliberately hiding things ("you ruined my life just to have a friend") and pushes him away.

Ken and Bart continue to be awesome murder bros, and I love it. I also love that Ken is needed to fix the machine.

No idea why they don't take Dirk to the doctor after his injury.

Farrah gets to be a bad ass; Ken and Bart stay together; Lydia gives Farrah four million dollars after she's back in her right body; the Army guy is apparently not so bad after all as he tells Dirk he's proud of him; Todd and Dirk reunite; and Farrah wants to invest in their detective agency. Of course, at this point, all hell breaks loose. The military gets Dirk and are about to get Ken and Bart, and Todd seems to actually have the disease now. Can't wait for the next season.

Also, Julian Macmahon is still super hot.

4. NCIS and Bull:

Still finding NCIS original entertaining if nothing special.

Bull also entertains me but not in a way that I would be sad if I missed an episode.

So glad they finally revealed that the kid is not Lasalle's on NCIS:NOLA and more than a little irritated it took them this long to do so. I like the reveal that Gregorio is bisexual and wonder how long they're going to drag out her becoming part of the team.


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