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1. Maeve knows that Bernard is a host and has the power to wipe his memory or otherwise control him and chooses not to. Maeve allies with Hector (showing him the safe is and always has been empty), and then in one of the most OMG scenes of the show, she fucks him until they die in the burning tent.

2. William wants to rescue Dolores from the park.

3. Ford thinks he has a right to do what he wants to Bernard's mind. Clem can't hurt Ford.

4. Bernard is told the best parts of him were built by Arnold. Bernard wants access to his history. Ford was really talking to him onscreen when Bernard was seeing his fictitious wife. He did kill Elsie. Boo. Maeve's jump to sentience seems to spark something in Bernard. Ford made the death of his child the foundation of his identity; Ford says Arnold believed tragic ones made the hosts more real. He gives Bernard this story as a kind of homage, to which Bernard says he's a monster. Bernard is made in the image of Arnold but made many years after Arnold's death (is this because Ford had to wait that long so no one remembered him? does the internet not exist anymore LOL?). He says he did it to make the perfect partner (presumably one that won't contradict him). Bernard kills himself.

5. Logan shows a picture of his sister, and it's the picture of the woman in Times Square from the first episode. I didn't figure it out at this point, but the wheels in my mind started whirring. Logan seems to genuinely worry about William, or maybe he's just worried for himself IDK. And then after a night of drinking, Logan wakes up and William has killed and dismembered everyone. He seems to really be getting the hang of this place LOL.

6. Teddy sees himself participating in the massacre with Wyatt. Dolores is there.

7. The MiB is trussed up with a rope around his neck, but he manages to save himself. Charlotte has apparently been stealing information for him; he has no problem with Ford being pushed out.

8. The hosts passed the Turing Test in the first year. They acted abnormally when they heard the bicameral mind, which is what was happening at that host rehab center we saw several episodes ago. Arnold wanted to set them free, but Ford points out that they would not have been met with open arms by the public.

9. Dolores killed Arnold! At this point, Josh speculated that when she gained sentience she was pissed at Arnold for making them for lives of horror.


Dolores: If it's so wonderful out there why are y'all clamoring to get in here?

This episode was awesome, but the next one is the crowning glory. I'll type up my chicken scratch on it later today.

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5/1/17 11:23 (UTC)
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I will admit I'm still holding out hope that Elsie is still alive - I don't think we actually see her die and we don't get a body. Also apparently there's a soundclip that's been retrieved from one of the Delos corporation websites that has her asking 'Hello?' So hopefully my favourite sarcastic programmer will return in season 2 - it was kind of weird how she and Stubbs were taken out of the narrative relatively unceremoniously.

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6/1/17 09:06 (UTC)
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I think it was a thread on an rpg forum I hang out on, but I managed to find some details here. I also seem to remember hearing that production stopped mid season to retool some of the story lines. I have to wonder if Elsie's storyline was a victim of that, given she just kind of abruptly disappears.


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