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The Walking Dead finale:

This episode is what I'm still here for. Love every single bit of it.

1. Maggie wresting power from that asshole governing Hilltop is worth the price of admission.

2. Olivia just breaks my heart this episode. I loved Tara volunteering to take over watching Judith for her and Olivia refusing. I kept expecting Neegan to do something horrible to her, which he did indirectly, but her death was so random. I teared up when Tara said she made the bullet before Eugene confessed.

3. JDM looks for much better with the scruff.

4. I am shipping Carol and Morgan pretty hard at this point and also LOLing my ass off that she's apparently being wooed by the whole Kingdom.

5. Who's the mystery person who watches them get the survivalist's cache?

6. I love that Enid understands plans are afoot to go after Neegan and that she's on board.

7. I love the guy from the Kingdom who tries to convince Carol and Morgan to help the Kingdom fight Neegan. He's 100% right that the Saviors will not always honor their deal. I feel so sorry for how helpless he feels. Love the ground work for all of them fighting together being laid. I understand Carol and Morgan's refusal and wonder what will tip them over the edge; I suspect it's finding out about Abraham, Glenn, Spencer, and Olivia.

8. Poor Rosita. She's willing to commit suicide to stop Neegan, which frankly several people should have done several times over. I feel so bad for her that she thinks she alone and all she has left to do is die. I love that the Reverend doesn't think she has to die to stand up to Neegan. He is becoming such a rock of good sense and is a good example of the way strength can grow where someone was once weak and cowardly.

9. At first I thought Spencer was trying to actually do something useful, try to live up to his mom's legacy. And then I realized he was just being a squirrely dick. As much as he doesn't want to admit it, Neegan likes Rick. He respects him. In some ways, he needs Rick. He needs a foil to perform against, to rail against. He'd get super bored super quick in the absence of Ricks. I was completely unsurprised that Neegan just guts Spencer.

10. Michonne is so bad ass. I wonder if the woman she traps with her zombie barricade wanted to die or if she was just resigned to that inevitability.

11. The end is everything I wanted: Rick finally understanding that they have to fight, and everybody showing up at Hilltop, reuniting with Daryl who gives Rick his gun back! OMG, they are going to fuck Neegan's shit up and it will be glorious.

Finale of Westworld:

1. Arnold built Dolores a game--the maze--the point of which is for her to assume consciousness. I love that the MiB is totally wrong about the maze, that he's spent all these years chasing something that's not for him. He believes suffering leads to awakening. The center of the maze is hearing her own voice, hearing an actual self.

2. Loved seeing a more robotic version of Dolores.

3. Arnold doesn't want to open the park because he believes all the hosts are alive and doesn't want them to live in hell. He has her and Teddy kill all the other hosts and then himself. He had a son who died and he thinks he'll see his son after death.

4. The MiB has bought the park (it would have closed after Arnold's death without his intervention) and endeavors to make the park world a truer world. He's disappointed that it lacks a true element of danger.

5. Loved William pulling Logan around on a leash and then tying him nekkid to a horse. I don't quite get the point of that last, though. The park wranglers wouldn't let Logan die; they're watching everything. I don't think he could actually kill Logan that way. Is he just trying to discredit him somehow? Is it a symbolic gesture, a way of letting Logan know that he'll never boss William again?

5a. And then I suddenly realize William is the MiB and we've been watching narratives from the past and present interwoven. That picture that Dolores's father finds in the present is the one dropped in the past. Dolores says she loves William when the MiB expects her to say Teddy, and then the penny drops. She doesn't recognize the MiB as William even though they went through so many loops together.

6. Charlotte and the rest of the Board want to simplify (and, I'm assuming, make cheaper) the park. She tells Ford he's retiring.

7. Arnold revised Maeve's code so she can wake herself up. Maeve's desire to see Clem before she goes is touching. I love that she makes her tech fix Bernard. I am guessing that Ford is the one who programmed Maeve's newfound autonomy. I'd like to believe she doesn't leave on the train because she truly wants to stay but I think she was programmed to stay. Love the murder spree she, Hector, and snake lady go on.

8. Loved the way Dolores dying on the beach in Teddy's arms was actually a tableau for the Board. Ford's new narrative is called Journey into Night and seems to be everything William's ever wanted (that grin on his face when he gets shot). I'm having a hard time teasing out what of the things Ford says and seems to believe is actually true. I can't tell if he just wants to fuck up Charlotte's day LOL or if he believes that the hosts are/should be sentient or what. He's very dismissive of the hosts throughout and seems to play god, truly believe he is god, so IDK. It made for a great finale twist, but I don't think I get his motivation really.


For every wall and surface to be made of glass, the employees appear to be under very little actual surveillance.

Charlotte's dress in the final scenes is strangely awful and ill-fitting.

Westworld is clearly not the only park. Josh is wondering where on earth has the kind of land that could make this happen--a asteroid in space?

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5/1/17 03:01 (UTC)
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I don't think that William could have been the angel investor after Arnold's death because that happened before the park opened, and William is still a lowly VP when he comes to the park, and I had the impression he'd only managed to become majority owner recently. There's some player we haven't met yet.

Also I was kinda hoping Charlotte would turn out to be William's daughter but assuming his wife was Logan's sister it doesn't seem likely they'd have cast a black woman as the daughter.

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5/1/17 03:48 (UTC)
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Yeah i got that but i thought the show implied another person between Arnold's death and Delos/William (whatever that business arrangement is.)

Also Delos is reminiscent of 'Dolores'.

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5/1/17 04:09 (UTC)
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I assume we're going to keep getting more William and Logan flashbacks that show more about the business behind the company (for story reasons and also because I assume they aren't going to get rid of those actors) and hoping we see more about his wife and daughter.

The story MiB told about the daughter paints her as an innocent but having her be somebody like Charlotte/ Charlotte having reasons to not be in his fan club besides just being 'tough as nails corporate bitch' would be good. (I love the 'tough as nails corporate bitch' character type but they're usually underserved by the stories they're in and she's not an exception so far; though when she first appeared I thought she'd be a reporter doing a story on Westworld and sleeping with the staff to get information so at least she's not THAT stereotype.)

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5/1/17 03:58 (UTC)
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Tessa Thompson was the female lead in Creed I love her. I don't feel like Westworld has made very good use of her yet but I hope they've got something good in store.

She will probably be William's (adoptive?) daughter in my fic unless I get a better idea.

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5/1/17 05:16 (UTC)
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...I am still deprived of Evil Scruffy JDM because Actual Captain America noped so hard out of the show after Glenn, and I am too much of a wuss to watch it by myself. Maybe I'll just look for the gifsets on Tumblr!


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