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1. Downton Abbey watch continues.

I am already bored and annoyed with The Rape of Anna. *sigh* However, I am liking Rose more and more, I am astonished and pleased at the true (if prickly) friendship that seems to have sprung up between Isabelle and the Dowager, and I have really enjoyed Mary coming back into herself with the aid of a handsome suitor. Mrs. Hughes helping Tom get rid of that gold-digging Braithwaite was a sheer delight. I'm waiting for everything to fall apart for Edith as it seems to always do, but I've got my fingers crossed for her.

2. I have been enjoying The Walking Dead so much more now that we've gotten past the "must establish Rick's manpain" portion of the season.

I loved the episode with Rick and Michonne on their own. It was a romantical date! I like that they're establishing that Rick is tired and traumatized and doesn't want to be the leader anymore. He kept pushing for more and more time out before they had to go back, which was a nice touch.

I'm done with Trash Heap people, and the show should be too. So boring and silly.

Okay, I get that not everybody has kids, and so maybe the director didn't know what it means when a two year old stares into the middle distance while her face turns red, but I swear to god if they film baby Judith pooping again (during Tara's heartfelt speech no less!), she's falling a notch or two on my fave list.

Josh and I called the Kingdom episodes weeks ago. We knew Ezekiel was going to have to lose someone to show him that war is inevitable, and our money was on the kid. It was still incredibly sad, though. I feel so badly for Carol and Morgan, but when she traded places with him, gave him her refuge and came back to the world to get shit done--not a dry eye in this household, my friends.

Eugene is an interesting case. I was convinced he's playing a long game. Despite evidence to the contrary, I still believe he's going to be an asset on the inside and would never hurt anyone from his group.

Absolutely loving Maggie becoming the leader. Bawled when she made Darryl understand that she doesn't blame him. Loved seeing Enid in a leadership position, too.

This last episode was so well written. It had me believing the whole time that Sasha was coming to grips with her loss, that she was the rational one who wasn't on a suicide mission, and it painted Rosita as unhinged and suicidal and oh lord it was the other way around. *my heart*

Can't wait to see what happens next. Going to be really pissed if they fuck up the women's camp for their weapons rather than truly joining with them to take down Neegan.

3. NCIS just did an episode where someone has cancer, and it pissed me off. Everyone keeps telling the patient to keep fighting and not to give up, and I don't think that's always good advice. A person has the right to decide she doesn't want to do X horrible thing that may not work. Also, they dangled an experimental drug trial in front of her like a miracle cure, and that is just not the way it works. First off, you might not qualify for the trial, you might end up in the placebo group, and the drug might not even work or it might have terrible side effects (give you a different kind of cancer or make your kidneys explode, who knows?). Bah.

4. Emma and I finished season 1 of Dollhouse and loved it.

I wish I had watched this when it was airing; it's that good.

I love seeing all the Whedon alum plus actors I know from other franchises. I told Josh that poor Helo always falls for the Cylon. LOL

I like that the show never shies away from what the dolls are doing; over and over again, the characters bring up rape and human trafficking, never letting the viewer forget that even though these people may have signed contracts and agreed to participate, that doesn't justify how the Dollhouse uses their bodies.

I also think it does a masterful job of portraying morally gray characters. Everyone is fairly unlikable, and yet I like them anyway. Most of the characters don't deserve any sympathy or pity (outside of the dolls), and yet the show manages to generate some despite how horrible they are. Adele is a fascinating example of this. The entire show, I'm certain she's feeding us a line (the Dollhouse helps people, yadda yadda). I'm certain that she intends to keep the Dolls indefinitely despite stating that they're free to go at the end of their contracts. And then Epitaph 1 comes along and shows me that even though she clearly knows that a lot of what the Dollhouse does is super fucked up, Adele really believes her own shit; she really does believe they're doing good for people, and she really does intend to let the Dolls go at the end of their contracts. Topher is another fascinating example. He's arrogant and sexist; he plays God, and yet he can be funny and endearing and pitiable (I love that moment when Dr. Saunders asks him why he made her hate him so much).

I loved all the twists and turns. I thought Mellie might be a Doll at first, and then they convinced me she wasn't, and THEN SHE WAS! OMG! Never expected Dominic to be a mole. Never thought Dr. Saunders was a Doll, too. Wow that was a good twist. Loved, loved Alan Tudyk as Alpha.

That future AU was fantastic as well. So much worldbuilding in such a short amount of time. I can't wait to watch the second one.

I suspect season 2 will be just as twisty and turny as the first. No spoilers for the next season, please, but any season 1 discussion welcome!

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I loved Rick and Michonne's idea of a fun date. And I am shipping Carol/Ezekiel now. She should totally be Queen Carol. And just yes to the whole thing.

I've been assuming Sasha is doomed because of Sonequa Martin-Green having the lead in the new Star Trek series, and I do wonder if that caused them to shift plot/character stuff around. And yes, delighted by Enid finally getting herself into a good place, and by Maggie's clear leadership potential.

I just watched a Wuthering Heights on PBS that had Andrew Lincoln as Edgar Linton. Every time Heathcliff called him "weak" I kept thinking "But he kicks zombie ass!" I'm not usually that intertextual. Also, Healthcliff was Tom Hardy, with Keanu Reeves hair, which was odd after having recently watched him in Taboo.


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