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I don't know if you'd be interested, but there's a YouTube video that examines the craft of editing as it applies to Suicide Squad, and what it considers to be its failures. In retrospect it's probably something I shouldn't have seen *before* having seen the movie, because it's quite hard not to see what he was talking about when watching it, but I did find what the video said interesting as regards to the editing and why it considered various decisions made by the editors of the movie to be bad ones just purely on a learning a little more about the craft level.

If you're interested, you can find the video here, with a short follow up here.

On a side note, Jeff Vandermeer has bought out another novel with Southern Reach-ish vibes, Borne, about a woman scavenging in ruined post apocalyptic-ish city who finds a creature, who she calls Borne. Exactly the whys and wherefores of the apocalypse and the city, and the history of the woman are unknown at the start, but by the end everything is substantially more explained than anything was in Annihilation, and possibly more than in the trilogy, if that matters. Like Annihilation, it did take me a bit of getting into, but the last half I found very readable.
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