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Emma and I went to see Spiderman: Homecoming a couple days ago and loved it.

I really like Tom Holland in this role. I liked Andrew Garfield in the role, too, but Holland seems younger, more vulnerable and more naive than Garfield did. I cannot believe Holland is 21. The Ralph Macchio effect is strong with this one.

I like that the movie skips the origin story. I like that it begins with his participation in Civil War and that the other Avengers are named dropped and/or make cameos all throughout the movie (Cap cameos FTW!).

I like that it feels like it's part of the same integrated universe because we see the consequences of what's happened in the other movies.

I like that the villain is actually sympathetic and that he chooses not to rat out Peter's identity while in prison; after all, Peter saved his life and his daughter's life. I loved the reveal that Vulture is actually Liz's dad. Did not see that coming at all. I felt like Peter in that scene. LOL

Also did not see the MJ reveal coming, but I love it!

I like Tony telling him that if he's nothing without the suit, he doesn't deserve to wear it. That is a really powerful moment coming from someone who knows.

The scene where Peter is buried beneath the building and freaking out and crying is fantastic. Holland can really act.


We are also continuing to watch Downton Abbey. Y'all, I love this show, truly, but I am getting a bit fed up with some of the plot lines. Please don't spoil me for future episodes.

I am so tired of Lord Grantham being an ass about class and gender. I get that's pretty much the entire point of his character, but the actor is so good, and the character gets so many moments to be generous and kind and sympathetic that when he's an enormous asshole, it feels like a slap in the face.

Miss Bunting drives me mad. It is indeed possible to disagree with the status quo without being rude and assholish about it. I do not think she's good for Tom. I stand by my original assessment that Tom and Mary should have married.

At this point, I think Edith should die nobly in a tragic accident while saving kittens. I don't think I can watch the universe shit on her much longer. I feel so terribly for her, and the story doesn't seem like it will ever give her a break.

I can't tell what's up with Thomas. Either he's become a junkie, or he's taking some kind of weird treatment to not be gay. IDK Can't figure it out.

I love that Isabelle is seriously considering marrying the Lord Whatshisface.

So bored with the murder of the rapist. I mean, in real life I do not condone murder or vigilante justice. Within the narrative confines of the show, I'm glad the dude is dead and who cares how he got that way. Move on to something else!

I don't think we're that far from the end; we're about halfway through this season, and then I think there's just one more.

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Miss Bunting drives me mad. It is indeed possible to disagree with the status quo without being rude and assholish about it.

WORD. Word, word. Like, I think she could have been interesting, but the way she went about it. There's such a thing as time and place!


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