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Searching for Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #2)Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

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I really like this second book in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. It's told from the perspective of Mendanbar, the King of the Enchanted Forest, who is as kind, intelligent, unpretentious, and fed up with the usual way of doing things as Cimorene is. Naturally, they are end-game romance for the book. :)

I liked getting to know more about Morwen. I loved Willin, the stuffy elf who wishes Mendanbar would get on board with all the protocol and grandiosity that could be associated with his position.

I also liked that magic and the way it works is the major theme of this novel. I love that Cimorene has become more competent with magic, enough so that she's a formidable opponent.

Can't wait to see what happens in book 3.

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11/8/17 05:09 (UTC)
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I've got Wrede's ,em>Sorcery & Cecelia and it's on my to-read list....

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12/8/17 22:37 (UTC)
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I'll watch out for your post on it :)


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