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1. [personal profile] spikedluv wrote me a wonderful MCU Clint/Coulson story called everything that's right (at the wrong time). It features some of my favorites, including misunderstandings that lead to pining. Everyone should go check it out and give her story some love.

2. Penultimate episode of Game of Thrones for this season. *squee* I guess this means I should finally write up my thoughts on last week's episode. LOL

In no particular order, I am tired of Littlefinger. I'm glad Bran's mentioning that chaos is a ladder (something Littlefinger said in like the first season, I think) lets him know that Bran is indeed some kind of supernatural Knower of Things, but I'm reading for someone to cut Littlefinger's head off and end all the sly glances. I don't get the deal with the dagger, but it's clearly important and will probably play a role in his demise.

Arya and Sansa's reunion was amazing, everything I could have hoped for. I love that Arya didn't wait around for those dumbass guards, I love that Sansa knew where she went, and I love that even though they don't know each other yet, they love each other. That second hug *heart in throat* I also loved Sansa saying that Jon would be so happy to see her.

Arya sparring with Brienne was amazing. Worth the whole price of admission. I loved Brienne thanking Podrick for his compliment.

Loved Dany and Missandei having a girlfriend moment over her night with Grey Worm. Loved Jon finding the cave paintings that prove he's telling the truth; love that the paintings show the Children of the Forest fighting together with men against the White Walkers. Loved Davos saying, "I've noticed you staring at her good heart." Ahahhahahahaha.

I think Dany is unfair in her criticism of Tyrion when she suggests he's not giving it his all in order to spare Lannisters. He clearly doesn't want his brother to die in that scene on the battlefield, but that doesn't mean he's not advising her properly.

Loved Jon coming face to face with Theon and only sparing his life because he helped Sansa.

I hate that all the gold got into King's Landing, but I loved Dany raining fire down on the Lannister army. I'm glad to see that Sam's brother isn't a sadistic asshole like his dad (who would rather be out a-flogging, apparently). Loved all the banter between Bron and Jaime. I loved Bron going all Bard of Laketown, but I am also thrilled that the dragon is not dead.

I'm glad somebody saved Jaime; could't tell if it was Dickon (so many jokes) or Bronn or a third party.

Can't wait for tonight's episode.

3. I was looking at the fall lineup of shows, and I am so pleased that Lucifer will now be on at 8:00 and Gotham has moved to a different day at 8:00. That means with the exception of Sunday night TV, the handful of shows I want to watch are mostly on at 8:00. NCIS:NOLA is still on at 10:00, but I've resigned myself to watching the show after it shows up on Netflix or something.

4. Downton Abbey is redeemed. I have liked these last episodes very much.

Mary is truly being nasty; I feel like her characterization is so uneven because she had quit being that deliberately nasty, and now she's back to her old tricks. I was so glad the Dowager called her on that nonsense.

I'm glad to have the Tony issue resolved although how galling that he wouldn't listen to Mary when she tried to break it off and it took male intervention. I think Tony is on the verge of spilling the secret of their tryst. He alluded to it with Mabel and with Charles. I think it's very interesting that Charles is leaving the next day for possibly as long as a year, so he didn't do it to win a romance with her. I did love his shit-eating grin behind his hat after the kiss, though.

Daisy feeling disillusioned by the lack of progress in the government was such a nice theme to explore. I love Mr. Mason, how deeply kind he is, and I was so happy to have Mr. Molsley and Baxter there as well. Such lovely, good people. I want wonderful things to happen for them.

I'm so glad that Cora's instant reaction was to go get her daughter and her grandkid and bring them home. She has such a big heart and loves her kids so fiercely. I'm so glad she knows the truth and that Marigold is home in Downton. I think the Dowager is right that she will never trust her or Rosamund again; those relationships are irreparably damaged. I also love that Cora's immediate reaction to Edith exploring the option of moving to America is to go, "Why not? She's half American."

I'm so glad Isabel decided to marry Lord Merton; they seem so suited to each other. The Dowager admitting that she's sad, not because she's jealous or angry that Isabel is moving above her station but because she's losing a friend, brought tears to my eyes. I also cried when Lord Merton's children were so unforgivably rude to Isabel; that hurt to watch, especially knowing that they were saying publicly what many others would say privately. I know because of the entail laws that he can't disinherit them from the property, but I hope he spends every fucking cent he has and leaves them with a huge property and no money to run it. Ha! I am afraid this means Isabel won't marry him after all and that breaks my heart.

I like that the theme of this whole show has been that things are changing and people can either adapt or be left behind. All the Downton staff are wondering about their futures and what they might do after they stop being staff.

Misc things: Isis dying of cancer was so sad, and that final scene with Isis in the bed between Cora and Robert made me cry yet again. This show better end with some Bates babies, I'm just saying. Loved Mary straight up telling her dad that she wasn't going to listen to him. Loved Sprat vs the maid.

5. I am so thrilled to be going back to teaching tomorrow. I am ready for a regular schedule and meaningful work. I am almost vibrating with anticipation.

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13/8/17 20:54 (UTC)
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Whereas I am still going "there's so much yet to do this summer!!!" I am finally working on the pjs I owe my mom and a friend from last Christmas -- I will see them all next weekend so want to try to just get them sewn and done.

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15/8/17 00:07 (UTC)
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I kinda have the feeling that posting pics here is complicated, yes? I do post them to FB and Instagram, and I even have a board with my sewing projects on Pinterest. Can connect you to any of those . . .

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14/8/17 00:00 (UTC)
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you can see episodes of NCIS: NOLA on, they usually put up the latest episode a couple of days after it airs. they will have the 5 most recent episodes & the others you have to pay for.

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15/8/17 04:00 (UTC)
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you're welcome. :-D


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