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1. The students have asked me to be the faculty advisor for the Anime Club. I am going to decline. I feel bad for saying no, but I cannot go up to campus one day every week and watch anime with them for three hours (EVERY WEEK), and I am not going to supervise lock-ins. Um, ever. So, I'm flattered they asked me (this is what I get for talking about Dragonball Z and Inuyasha with my World Lit 1 class), but I am not prepared for that kind of time commitment.

2. This is Fiona's second week of school. We got a note sent home last week that she had hit a kid while standing in line. Why? we asked her. Because it was time to go, and he wouldn't move. Yesterday, I got a call from the school because Fiona has pinched a kid who tried to usurp her turn at the smart table. At least we don't have to worry about her having Emma's problem with being assertive. *jazz hands*

3. I got a letter from [profile] kayleecat. I love getting unexpected correspondence. :)

4. GoT finale on Sunday! Yay! I have to get my reviews typed up for the last two episodes before it airs. I'm guessing either the dragon somehow brings down the Wall, or the Night King has that horn from the books that migrated from Jericho. I also think the Wall coming down will be the final shot of the season. I love that the need for a third dragon rider is eliminated. I think it's a good call; I mean, Tyrion or Jaime and Cersei turning out to be Targaryens would have been stretching the bonds of credulity. I wonder if Bran can Warg into the bad dragon and bring it down that way. IDK Real reviews forthcoming.

5. Academical people who do book reviews, how do you get that process started? Do you just cold email a publisher or something? How does that work? I'd like to do some reviews, I think.

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25/8/17 00:56 (UTC)
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Just sent you an email. Prod them if they don't respond...

Do you actually need to supervise for a college club? I'd assumed advisor just meant that you're their faculty go to--we only have philosophy club and while I know the faculty person tries to be there, it's run by the students (essay pic etc) and they do it with or without. I mean, they're adults, right???

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26/8/17 14:14 (UTC)
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I'd check with someone and then talk to him. Because if the alternative is you at two meetings or noone then I bet he'd go for it if the school doesn't require it. (And why would they??? Students do meetings on campus all the time by themselves. They're not kids!!!)

And i can't wait for your first review. Have you read the book yet I proposed?

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31/8/17 02:08 (UTC)
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I have a copy, but I wonder if it'd be easier to get an e-version and then get Katie&Louisa get you a real copy later.

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25/8/17 08:59 (UTC)
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Usually you contact a journal that you'd like to review for; some of the science fiction studies journals will send emails to their membership list on what books are available.

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25/8/17 13:17 (UTC)
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Haha. I had that problem with the kidlet. We got through it without quashing his assertiveness. Which was not easy. I can imagine it will be harder with a girl!

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26/8/17 18:54 (UTC)
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Well, she sure sounds like she has no trouble standing up for herself...of course, standing on others, also not great... ;) I'm sure you'll manage. I hit other kids when I was younger (although I maintain they always deserved it, and I was enough of a teacher's pet to never be chastised or had any letters sent to my parents).


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