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1. Loved Bronn telling Jaime that only he gets to kill him. Also loved Bronn telling Jaime that the dragons are the end of any meaningful resistance; they're just screwed.

2. I mildly dislike the tension between Dany and Tyrion. Tyrion is genuinely on her side, but he's also extremely wary of her becoming a bad ruler which I think is a good thing. I also don't think it makes him traitorous to be upset by the carnage of war or for him to want her to consider other options than smiting people with her dragons. I mean, Dad Tarly needs to die; he's a horrible person. But Dickon seems like an okay fellow, and I agree with Tyrion that she didn't need to kill him as well. I very much like Varys and Tyrion uniting in their fear of what Dany might become despite her promise.

3. I was glad to see that Jaime believes Olenna that Tyrion and Sansa had nothing to do with Joffrey's death. And I think he understands Tyrion's reasons for killing their dad even if he can't necessarily forgive him for doing so.

4. Cersei's inability to give up makes a twisted kind of sense from her perspective. If she's got to die, she'd rather go down fighting than give in. I wonder if she's truly pregnant or just saying that to keep Jaime on the hook. Poor Jaime; he really does love her. I mean, that's his fatal flaw. His utter joy when she says she'll name him as father is so heartbreaking to watch.

5. I love that Jon doesn't flinch when approached by the dragon and even pets him. I can just hear his internal monologue: I'm living on borrowed time anyway. What the hell. LOL

6. So happy to see Jorah and Dany reunited. That was heartwarming.

7. OMG, their plan to go get a wight is so dumb, but Jon's bravery impresses Dany.

8. I'm not surprised to see that the lords of the North are restless with Jon gone. Sansa is proving to be a very good ruler.

9. I am tired of all this bullshit with Arya and Sansa. Why is Arya being so ugly to her sister? Needlessly ugly, I might add. I thought her time away made her more mature and discerning, and she's really coming across like a child here, a psychotic child, but a child. Her accusations ring very hollow for me, and the conflict seems wholly manufactured. I can't believe that Arya would behave this way.

10. I love all the call backs we've been getting to earlier seasons. Gendry is in fighting form and raring to get the hell out of King's Landing.

11. Love all the humor in the episodes this season

12. Love that Gilly discovered Rhaegar annulled his marriage and remarried someone in secret in Dorne. Hope she and Sam bring that book with them. Sam's little fit cracked me up, and so did Gilly's response to it.

13. I wonder what Littlefinger thinks he's accomplishing. I loved the reveal that he was playing Arya rather than being played by her.

Beyond the Wall

1. Shocked to have Tormund suggest Jon should bend the knee.

2. Loved Jon trying to return Longclaw to Jorah.

3. I liked Arya's story of Ned letting her shoot arrows even if it was the beginning of more of her being unreasonable and creepy. I am finding her behavior since returning to Winterfell seriously offputting.

4. Again, all the humor here is very welcome.

5. I suspect getting rid of Brienne will be a mistake.

6. Dany's outfit is awesome. I'm glad she's finally on board with Jon's plan. They are clearly endgame romance; I'm starting to think bend the knee is synonymous with marriage for those two.

7. I'm sad that Benjen sacrificed himself.

8. Evil dragon is going to be something else. As I said in the other post, at least now we don't have to come up with convoluted ways for there to be a third rider.

Really looking forward to the finale!

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30/8/17 11:06 (UTC)
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I mean. If you've read the books Jaime SHOULD understand Tyrion's reasons for killing their father - Jaime participated in the rape of Tyrion's first wife in the full knowledge that she was innocent. And Jaime is the one who told Tyrion that his wife was innocent.

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30/8/17 11:12 (UTC)
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RE: #9 I feel like I'm the only person who enjoyed the tension between Arya and Sansa. They haven't seen each other since Sansa was *literally* declaring to anyone who would listen that she wanted to marry Joffrey and have his golden haired babies. That is the Sansa that Arya knows, and that is the role Arya was expected to play too even though she never wanted it. She resented Sansa for something that was outside Sansa's control. And they haven't been together in literal years - as someone who's been isolated like that from my sister, you pretty much have to start from scratch and get to know each other again as adults.

IDK as someone from a fractured family dynamic I related to that SUPER hard. Like, my little sister and I just literally never saw each other because she was working all the time and I was depression spiralling so I never left the house. As a result she didn't even know that I was sad when I had a miscarriage - because she just was not there. Living together for six months before I left the country is the only thing that saved our relationship from fizzling into nothing like strangers.

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5/9/17 04:04 (UTC)
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Oh my GOD that was the best. I've been waiting for Littlefinger to die since early season one! He's just such a manipulative creep and I hate him. Not in the love-to-hate way but genuine loathing and GTFO my screen.

I... think it's also kind of telling that I relate to Arya haha. The way Maisie Williams acted all through the season was amazing, with the flat affect and dissociation. And combative is how my siblings and I roll because we're half Irish, half Scottish.

I would LOVE to know what Arya was thinking when she gave Sansa the dagger. I THINK it was something along the lines of Arya inviting Sansa into the loop of recognising Littlefinger's betrayal. I mean, she threatened to kill her, but then she handed over the weapon, so there was something else going on there. And that was THE dagger - the one Littlefinger tried to use to frame Tyrion, the one he held to Ned's throat, the one that passed hands from Littlefinger to Bran to Arya and then finally Sansa, who used it as the final proof to execute Littlefinger.

IDK. I just feel like there's a missing scene, where Sansa takes the dagger and goes to visit Three-Eyed-Raven Bran. Maybe she discussed with him that she's playing the "little game" of trying to figure out what Littlefinger's worst possible motives could be... and that's what triggers Bran's power so he sees 1) that the dagger never belonged to Tyrion and 2) that Littlefinger used the dagger when he betrayed Ned.

I just. There's something there that we didn't see because the showrunners wanted to surprise us with the twist, but somewhere in there Sansa had a discussion with Bran (because she knew Littlefinger betrayed Ned). And Arya most likely had a discussion with Bran (she already knew Littlefinger was the one who gave Bran the dagger but I feel like there's something more there). I just feel like there was a certain LOOK on Arya's face when she gave Sansa the dagger - like Arya was in on a joke, or a plan, and she was silently waiting/hoping for Sansa to pick up on it. She was waiting to see which way Sansa would tip - back into Littlefinger's clutches, and make excuses for him, or back towards her family as they used to be. And then some time off screen the Stark siblings had a discussion about the dagger, centred around how none of them trust Littlefinger. Maisie Williams had a smirk on her lips when she handed over the dagger that made me sit up and go WAIT A MINUTE Arya's up to something! So I wasn't all that surprised when Sansa produced it at the trial, and Bran revealed that they knew it was used against Ned.

Also Sansa is going to kill a white walker with that dagger y/y?


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