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Season 5 finale

1. I am so tired of Mary being so hateful to Edith. A little normal sisterly sniping I could deal with, but I am just so over her hatred of Edith at this point. I know that the show is not going to give me this, but I'd like to think she's a real human being who could understand that being separated from your child sucks ass, but then she seems to spend approximately seven seconds with George every day, so maybe she couldn't understand that. It's a good thing Carson loves her; she makes it very hard for the rest of us sometimes.

2. For the love of all that is holy will this plot line with Anna and Bates please die in a fire! Now they think Anna did it? You know, Anna and Bates used to be my favorite part of the show. I have grown to loathe them over time. I can't believe they actually arrested her.

3. I deeply enjoyed all of the story surrounding Rose's wedding. I could not believe that her own mother behaved so horribly. I love that Tom instantly put together that someone was framing Rose's fiance. I also love that Shrimpy instantly knew the mother had done it as well, and by the episode's end, Rose knows it, too. What an awful thing to know that your mother truly does despise you. I also love that when Rose's mom tries to stop the wedding once again, the mother-in-law doesn't let it happen. She puts Susan in her place and tells Lord Sinderbee that if he doesn't shut the fuck up, she'll divorce his ass. Love it!

4. Herein begins the redemption of Robert. First he's on the floor playing board games with the kiddos. Then he makes a memorial for Mrs. Patmore's nephew (and did we all weep upon this revelation? Yes, yes we did). Then he's sorry he didn't trust Cora. And finally he figures out Marigold is actually his grandchild and he is accepting. I enjoy him being kind and charming and big-hearted so much more than him being a controlling dick to everyone. Kudos, show! Almost makes up for the Bates and Anna shitshow!

5. Sprat vs. Denker continues to be hilarious. She is just a hot mess in this episode, getting trashed, leading young men astray and fleecing them of their money. Never fear, Thomas is always there to rescue a comely young lad from trouble. LOL

6. As I watched this episode, I became convinced that Molsley had assigned Daisy to read "The Allegory of the Cave." Bless her heart. I hate that she lives in a time where just wanting more is so fraught and so much is unavailable to her. Mrs. Patmore crying when she thought Daisy was going to leave just about broke my heart.

7. Once again, I am shipping Mary and Tom quite hard and quite futilely.

8. The Dowager also breaks my heart. The Prince is pursuing her quite hard and, I suspect, also quite futilely.

Christmas Special

1. You've got to be kidding me. Now Anna was sexually abused as a child? This is even more ridiculous than most Victorian novels I've read. Bates's false confession ups the ante of ludicrousness. My heart did grow three sizes in my chest when Molsley and Baxter spent all their free time trying to prove Bates's innocence.

2. Like many of Thomas's schemes, his scheme to knock the butler down a peg has unintended consequences. Fortunately, these are pleasant ones. He gets Sindarbee's butler to acknowledge Tom as he should, but he also creates a situation that lets Lord Sindarbee see what a wonderful person Rose is. When Rose takes charge and saves him from the embarrassment of his mistress appearing, he realizes what a great person she is and all the ice between them thaws.

3. I have a bad feeling about this ulcer of Robert's. He continues to be in Kind!Robert mode which makes me think he's not long for this world. If that's so, I'm so glad he tells Edith he knows about Marigold and that he accepts her as his grandchild; loved Tom doing the same. The scene with everyone trying to keep him from giving a tipsy speech was funny and sweet, and his ultimate send-off of Tom was wonderful; he's come a long way where Tom is concerned, and I love that Tom leaves knowing that Robert loves him.

4. Once again, the Dowager breaks my heart. She is so gracious and kind to the princess who is deeply unpleasant and angry. We learn their back story: she was going to elope with the prince but the princess found them and stopped them; Violet believes that the princess saved her, and she says she's never risked everything again. She also says, "I will never again receive an immoral proposition from a man." So bittersweet, this story arc.

5. Isabel also breaks my heart. She says she's not angry at his sons (although I don't really believe that). Even when Lord Merton confesses that he was unhappy with his wife, she says she doesn't want to spend her life in an atmosphere of loathing, and who can blame her. I was so sad that the sons once again rejected her as a step-mother, leaving her to break off the marriage.

6. The ongoing saga of Denker vs. Sprat amuses me. I love that the Dowager pretends to like her awful broth. LOL

7. I accidentally spoiled myself for who Mary ends up with. I am not surprised that their relationship begins with her telling him off.

8. Finally, the most exciting part of the whole episode. First Mrs. Hughes tells Carson that she has a sister with developmental problems and paying for her care has eaten up any savings she has; therefore, she can't go in with him on a house. Carson buys the house anyway, and says he's registered it in both their names. AND THEN HE PROPOSES AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!! I would gladly watch Anna's trial spread out over seven excruciating episodes for more Carson/Hughes.

Season 6 Episode 1

1. Once again, Robert is outdoing himself. I love that he handled Mary's blackmail situation with aplomb and that rather than become angry, the situation helped him to see that Mary is an adult and capable of taking Tom's place managing the estate. I am now thoroughly convinced he drops dead in the first ten minutes of the next episode.

2. Some redeeming qualities for Thomas: lots of shots of him playing with the kids and talking about them.

3. I love the Dowager finally getting one over on Denker. We all cackled in delight.

4. I genuinely laughed out loud when Anna tells Bates she's having her third miscarriage. I just *throws hands up in the hair*. This has become beyond stupid. Thank the lord that the whole murder plot is finally done with in this episode.

5. Loved Edith saying she'd met Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey. I am predicting she takes the apartment for herself and really makes a name for herself in publishing. Take that, Mary.

6. Could have done without Daisy speaking up at the auction and getting Mr. Mason permanently evicted.

7. Carson and Mrs. Hughes (but never Elsie at work! oh, the horror!) continued to be the best thing about this episode. I love that this show is just as committed to the romantic adventures of its older characters as it is the younger ones. I think that Mrs. Hughes's fears about coming to a sexual relationship late in life were very realistic; the humor was great, but her anxiety was touching. I love that Carson put aside his usual persona to be very frank with Mrs. Patmore; when he said he thinks Mrs. Hughes is beautiful and he wants a full and true marriage and that he loves her, we all started crying again. I am so happy that the wedding is going forward. I really hope we get to see it.

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By the end, Molesley and Baxter were my favorites.


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