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1. Thank you so much for your well wishes during the storm! We weathered it just fine, and I am so grateful when I think of how terrible it could have been. The power blinked off a few times in the morning before going off from 11:30-7:00. It was comfortable in the house; we had stuff to eat. The tree that fell didn't damage anything. No one got hurt. Looks like very few casualties from the storm over all are being reported in the continental US. We'll spend today picking up limbs and see if we can get a friend with a chain saw over here to help wrangle the tree.

A Perfect HeritageA Perfect Heritage by Penny Vincenzi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would never have picked this out for myself, but I'm really glad a friend sent it to me because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought when I started reading it that it would be a standard romance novel, but it isn't. I think I'd gotten about 200 pages into the book before any of the romance novel aspects started coming into play which gave me time to really fall in love with the characters and the world. I absolutely loved everything about the cosmetics industry and about running a business. I think my favorite character is Florence, and I loved the parts of the book that were about her romance with Cornelius. I can't say that much about the book was unpredictable; I could tell who was going to have an extra-marital affair with whom and who was going to end up together pretty close to the beginning. I do think the author kept it suspenseful whether the main protagonist would manage to fix things with her husband and whether the company relaunch would ultimately be successful.

On the whole, very interesting and breezy read.

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3. [personal profile] green_grrl wrote me a wonderful mpreg story for the Jack/Daniel ficathon! Everyone, go check out indistinguishable from magic.

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13/9/17 12:20 (UTC)
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I'm glad you came through the storm okay!

As for the casulaties… they're likely going to go up as responders are able to into the disaster areas.

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13/9/17 18:36 (UTC)
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I'm glad you're all okay!


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