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1. Fiona started Pre-K! She is thrilled. On the very first day only, the school allows parents to park and walk the children in to their classrooms. I asked Fiona if she wanted me to walk her in or drop her off at the car-riders' line like I'd be doing the rest of the days of the school year. She said, "I want to do it by myself." She was grinning when I let her out and grinning when I picked her up. She doesn't have an ounce of anxiety about anything in her. I didn't even have time to tear up at all; I bawled like a baby when we dropped Emma off for kindergarten. I think some of that is because it's a second child, but mostly it's because Fiona was too happy and chill about it all for me to get a tear in edgewise.

Emma started high school! At orientation earlier this week, we were both flummoxed at her schedule which had her taking Advanced Band (without ever having had any kind of band whatsoever). We asked to have her moved to a different class, but I didn't have much confidence they'd do so. The middle school forced her to take the same exact class with the same exact content two years in a row and forced her to take chorus when she has no interest in it, so I was worried we'd run into the same thing. Fortunately, they switched her to Intro to Health Care. Georgia has a handful of career paths they make HS students choose; naturally, none of them map on to what Emma wants to do. There's art, agriculture (which is the one she chose; there are a couple classes in it that seem like they might be at least tangentially helpful or related to the marine biology she wants to pursue), health care, and a couple more. The health care one is really cool because if you know you already want to go into that field, when you graduate HS you will have a certificate degree (like an LPN or something like that) that will allow you to immediately work. It's just weird to me that they don't have a separate college prep track and that they force the kids into these tracks they're not going to use. Oh, well. It's not advanced band. I hate to be That Parent, but I didn't want her stuck in some class that's guaranteed to lower her GPA. (She's probably not going to be Valedictorian, but she *could* be, dammit.)

2. One week with onions and no problems!!!! Now I'm getting antsy to try something else, but I will be good and remain committed to my two week trial period for each new food.

3. Josh's physical therapy is going well. I think he's feeling a lot better.

4. Screw you, pants! I am having such an issue with pants. cut for talk of weight and clothing sizes )

5. Finally, Downton Abbey is looking up! SPOILERS )
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1. We just got back from a trip to Josh's parents in Jackson. I took the girls, and Josh stayed home because shortly before we were to leave, he developed a sudden and rather severe case of TMJ. He's never had it before, and it seemed to hit him like a freight train (which is weird to me because I also have TMJ, and it always starts gradually for me and builds to an agony). He stayed so he could get treatment started (x-rays, mouth guard, topical gel, physical therapy) and thus be ready for classes to start back on the 14th. He is much improved, and his first physical therapy appt is on Thursday.

Trip was good. Josh's mom is definitely struggling with memory issues. She got screened this summer, but as I feared, she went to her regular GP who she's known for years, and he didn't think anything was wrong with her. She's extremely intelligent and charismatic, and I just don't think he could be objective enough to ferret out the issue. She also went alone because none of us could be there. Sister-in-law was also at her parents for that week, and she agrees that we need to move forward with trying to get her diagnosed. SIL is getting married in October, and they are footing the bill and doing all the planning for it, so I suspect MIL's issues will wait until after then, and I don't blame her at all. Let's get the wedding over with, and then deal with it. Unfortunately, much of the onus will fall on SIL. She agrees with me that it's not my place to bring it up but to be supportive, and Josh's parents will react to this discussion better from her than from him. SIL is the golden child and less likely to be dismissed.

2. Fiona has cavities. I am so distraught. Emma has never had cavities. We took her to her first dentist appt yesterday, and she has several cavities. I thought it would just be a pro-forma visit. So Josh is running her up to Macon this morning to a pediatric dentist to get the ball rolling on that. *sigh*

3. Naturally, we depleted the HSA mid-July. LOL Let us not discuss how much that mouth guard costs. *boggles* At least fillings are relatively inexpensive.

4. I am starting to reintroduce problem foods today! I begin with onions. I'm going to eat onions for the next two weeks and see if they screw me up. Wish me luck, my friends. Next on the agenda: apples.
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1. Emma's baby fan musings crack me up. Yesterday, she told me she hates incest pairings (although she has to admit it makes a great deal of sense for SPN), and that while people should be able to write what they want, they should do it away from her. LOL I told her that's why God made the back button. She also told me she doesn't get why people ship pairings that don't have a lot of subtext or canonical support, especially the characters that don't interact in canon. She has gotten waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay into Undertale--as in Undertale is all she's been able to talk about for what seems like our entire lives at this point--and she cited some examples from that video game. I told her she'd have to just take my word for it that those stories can be a lot of fun.

She told me she's not really looking for fanfic right now because she'd probably have to wade through too many fics written by 11 year olds with horrible SPAG.

And then she closed by telling me that one time she accidentally found some drawings of skeleton porn where they had ectoplasm genitals which is the funniest thing ever.

2. Downton Abbey watch continues. spoilers )

3. Fiona's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be four!!!!!!!

4. I am exhausted in the last two weeks, like way more than usual. My energy levels have been good for awhile, and I'm wondering if my thyroid levels have dropped. I hesitate to move up my August 31 endocrinologist appointment; I've done so every year for the past three years when I've had worsening symptoms, and the tests have always come back with a "Nah, not sick enough for us to do anything" verdict. I'm on the verge of starting my period, so I'm wondering if that's a factor. If I don't start to feel better in the next week, I guess I will up the appointment. I just feel so beat, and working out is a chore. :( This is definitely not normal.

5. I am done teaching for the semester! Whoooo! Grades are turned in, and now all I have to do is relax and work on the novel.
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1. The organization I'm president of had its annual conference yesterday, and Josh and I have done pretty much all the conference planning and coordination for the past three years. I always get so nervous on the day of the conference, but everything went off without a hitch (well, except for the three presenters who didn't bother to show; I am totally starting a blacklist of people who do that shit and not accepting their paper proposals in the future; so unprofessional).

We always struggle with what to do on conference day because it's held on a campus an hour from where we live; we need to be there at 8 and we need to pick the kids up from school before the conference is over, which causes logistics problems. In past years, we've taken separate cars so Josh could drop kids off at school and leave the conference early to pick them up. This year, Emma was out of school because she's exempt from her exams. So a friend graciously volunteered to drop off and pick up Fiona, and Emma volunteered to stay with Fi and put her to bed, etc. I was so impressed with her! We got home and she had fed Fiona, given her a bath, and was starting to put her to bed. Everyone was happy and smiling. Emma had even washed a load of clothes, emptied the dishwasher and started to fill it back up again. I am so grateful for her, I can't even tell ya.

Josh is vice president which means he's supposed to be president next year, but nobody wanted to be vice president, so the board voted to keep me as president and Josh as vice president for one more year. Yay? *sigh* LOL So I've got at least two more years of planning this conference ahead of me.

2. Reviews of last week's Gotham:

spoilers )

3. Reviews of the last two weeks of Lucifer:

spoilers )
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1. Gotham is back! SPOILERS )

2. Downton Abbey watch continues. SPOILERS )

3. I got the sweetest letter from [personal profile] kaleecat and a sweet card and picture of L. from [personal profile] zulu and [personal profile] bell. L. is the cutest little man ever.

4. Sometimes parenting is awesome. Fiona is having her little graduation from daycare in a couple weeks, and they've taught her the cutest song. "I'm a little graduate. Aren't you proud of me?" Adorable.

5. I had started just riding the bike so I could read the whole time I'm exercising, but I decided I needed to start running again, too. The bike doesn't engage my core much or my arms at all, so I've gone back to running two miles or so and then following that with the bike.
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1. Josh's doctor thinks he's having stomach spasms, so he started him on a medicine that seems to be working. He goes for a follow-up next week.

2. I have beauty recs and anti-recs. In the rec category, Micellar Water. I think the one I'm using is Garnier but I don't think the brand really matters. I end up having to wash my face multiple times a day because of the gym, but didn't feel like it was really a good idea to use my face wash every time. I love the micellar water to wash my face later in the day; gentle, takes eye makeup right off, don't even have to rinse after. Second rec, Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Overnight Leave on Peel. It's gentle enough to use every night, isn't drying, drugstore price, and I saw a difference in my skin after one use.

In the anti-rec category, Urban Decay eyeliner. I liked it the first couple of times I used it, but then it stopped gliding and being soft, and it sharpened so horribly that I ended up throwing it away. I love their eye primer and will sing its praises all day long, but the eyeliner really did not work for me.

3. Emma has been on a school trip to DC. She comes home tomorrow. I have really missed her.
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1. I've started doing some planning/writing for my Autoimmune Memoir, and I realized that I have the hardest time writing in past tense now because I write all my fanfic in present tense. Would it be weird to read a memoir in present tense? Should I force the past tense until it becomes comfortable again? What do y'all think?

2. There's a new comm, [community profile] bujo, that some of you may be interested in. It's about bullet journaling which I have pretty much decided is not for me, but I enjoy reading about all things journal/planner related.

I wish there was an active comm for all different kinds of journaling, planners, to-do list lovers, etc. I feel like the answer is to make a new one (but lordy do I not want to mod anything right now; of course, it could just be largely unmoderated) or to try to revive [community profile] paperjournals. What do y'all think? Which seems more likely to succeed? Any interest in an all-encompassing journal/planner comm?

3. We are all so sick. Waaaaaah. Josh was out the first two days of this week. He frequently and randomly has bouts of vomiting/diarrhea that we can't explain. For the longest time, I really didn't think much of it and assumed they were anxiety related. Now, though, I worry that some underlying condition is causing these episodes, so he's started the process of figuring out a diagnosis. Ultrasound and X-Rays tomorrow!

Emma's cold is lingering.

Fiona has . . . something. Doc thinks it's bacterial but not quite sure. So she's on antibiotics. If she doesn't improve by the morning, I'll take her back.

This is my greatest shame as a mom, but situations where the kids have to miss school always bring out the selfish beast in me. I had so much work I wanted to do today, alack.

Of course, I am sick now, too. I almost never get colds, so when I do, they feel pretty debilitating. Bleck. Which means I can stop whining about missing work today because I feel so shitty, I probably wouldn't have gotten as much done as I want anyway. LOL
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1. Emma was sick for one night and felt tired and puny the next day, but then she was fine.

2. I was sick Christmas Day and the next but now am also fine.

3. Came home to more cards from [personal profile] lyr and [ profile] kaleecat. Yay!

4. I ran on the ground, OMG! I didn't think I could do that, but I did! The first day I tried running, I alternated running and walking, but last night I ran continuously for two miles without stopping. Whooooo! I am super ready to get back into the gym and work out hard. I wasn't able to exercise the two days I was sick, and it was hard to fit in the time the other days because we were so busy.

5. Y'all, I am in a size 12. I cannot believe it. I had a gift card to Talbot's from my MIL and there's an outlet in Gulfport, so I got three pairs of beautiful pants for 19.99 each. I tried on the 14s first because that's what I'd been wearing at the beginning of December, and they were too big. I loved everything I received for Christmas, but that was really my favorite Christmas happy. :)

6. I got an awesome Yuletide gift: Retirement Might Be a Myth, and Bullet Holes Suck (According to John McClane). Loved revisiting my fandom days of yore with this McClane/Farrell fic. Check it out, everybody.

7. I wrote three fics this year for Yuletide: one treat and my main assignment are in the same fandom and another treat is in a book fandom and the only fic for that work. Correct guessers entitled to a drabble.

8. Dad is doing really well. This second kind of chemotherapy is kicking cancer's ass. I was so encouraged to see how good he's feeling.
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1. I am just so pleased with myself my friends. cut for talk of weight loss )

2. I have discovered Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They cost a little more than a hundred dollars a pair which seemed ludicrous to me, and then I tried them on. When I reach my goal, I am buying these jeans. They look like a million dollars and feel so damn good. Wow. Highly recommended.

3. I took Emma to get a proper bra fitting yesterday. She's in a 32 D, bless her heart. I had hoped she would get to spend less money on bras than I have to, but alas. At least Wacoal has so many beautiful styles.

4. If you've not yet tried Noosa Yoghurt, you totally should. It's so good, y'all. I just had some blackberry serrano and it was divine (genuinely spicy with great blackberry flavor).

5. Saw the doc about possible interstitial cystitis and my knees. Going next week for an X-Ray and should hear next week from a urologist about a referral. Of course, now I feel pretty good LOL. I don't know if that's because I eliminated all the triggers and my bladder has healed or what. I wonder if part of the issue has been psychological, that I was shunting my anxiety about my dad's cancer, and Josh's employment situation and everything else onto this issue and obsessing about it too much. IDK I want to talk to the doc about other possibilities beside IC and about how to/if I can add some of the foods back that I cut out. Regardless, I'm going to continue to eliminate carbonation and caffeine. I find that those ended up being less onerous to stop than I had feared (and were costing me the most); I do want to add back citrus, tomato and chocolate if I can.
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1. I received my letters from the Letter Writing Challenge! I got a fantastic letter from [personal profile] leesa_perrie all about her childhood pet rabbit along with some cool butterfly stickers that I am absolutely not allowing Fiona to have. I also got a wonderful letter from [personal profile] teaotter, which is a tour of her bookshelves, along with this gorgeous card. I hope to start hearing soon from my fellow challenge participants about their correspondence.

2. Shopping for birthday gifts for two RL friends who share the same birthday went well today. We'll have a little party on Sunday night right before we watch Downton Abbey.

3. Emma ran much better at her race yesterday. Her time was faster, but she also just looked different when she was running--less sluggish and more fierce than earlier in the season. She was really pleased with herself, and so was I. Fiona told her, "I'm so proud of you. You run very fast."

4. I enjoyed NCIS this week. SPOILERS )

5. A review of the Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The primers I've used before are silicone based, I think, and operate on the same principle as icing a cake: you can cover up any imperfections in the surface of the cake by spreading on the icing. These primers make your skin have a soft, velvety texture. The Urban Decay primer has a totally different texture. It's rough and tacky almost. Rather than your shadow sliding on, it instantly sticks. The primer works; my eyeshadow lasts and doesn't crease. But it took some getting used to because I generally blend my eyeshadow, and shadow just stays on where you put it. You can't really blend it into another color or do a slow fade upwards if that makes any sense (not without applying a whole lot more shadow than I want to, at any rate). So, I give it an 87/100.
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1. The time, it is upon us. I am contemplating the following for offer/request in Yuletide:

Imperial Radch
Jane Eyre
Mrs. Todd's Shortcut
Poems (Poe)
Tiffany Aching series
Wuthering Heights
The Yellow Wallpaper
Live Free or Die Hard
Jessica Jones
Penny Dreadful

2. I often read my network page, and I happened across someone whose dad has just been diagnosed with the same cancer as my dad. Would it be weird to reach out? It feels like it might be weird.

3. I did a little research about puberty and athletic performance in girls, and looks like puberty does often mean a decrease in running performance for a variety of reasons. I am relieved because I had started to worry that maybe something was wrong. If she can just stick with it, Emma should come out the other side alright.

4. I am done with my tagging project. Whoooooo! I realized about halfway through that I had missed a few things in the beginning years (for example, I didn't start tagging for music until I was well into the project), but I'll be damned if I go back through the whole thing again. It's as good as it's going to get. LOL

5. We watched Die Hard 2 yesterday. It is not nearly as good a movie as the first one for a couple of reasons. First, the villain is in a remote location and rarely interacts with McClane. One of the joys of Die Hard is that Hans Gruber is such a charismatic villain. He's in the same physical location with McClane for the whole movie; they're playing cat and mouse; they're talking on the walkie talkies. That's entirely absent from the sequel. The stakes also don't feel as high as they did in the first movie. I don't have a clear sense of who this general is and why he's such hot shit that so many people are willing to give up their careers for him. Plus, something about Hans Gruber manhandling Holly makes me worry about her in a way that her circling the airport endlessly never could (even if Gruber shooting her and her plane falling out of the sky make her equally dead). I like that Team Villain and Team Good Guys are multi-racial in both movies. Not much for the ladies to do in either of these movies although I would argue that Holly gets a good role and gets to play more than a victim in both. Josh and I about died at the end of the sequel, though, where McClane wanders around hollering, "Holly!" We both said, "Stella!" at the same time. It was more than a bit ridiculous.

6. Downton Abbey watching continues. SPOILERS )
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1. I cannot believe that I didn't post a movie review of Live Free or Die Hard in my journal. *boggles* I've gotten half-way through 2015 in my tagging project, and I suddenly realized that I didn't remember reading a Die Hard movie review. I went back through painstakingly, and sure enough, I never reviewed the movie. I am shocked. I had so much fun writing and reading in that fandom; I can't believe I didn't review the movie. The first Die Hard has been on like every five minutes this month, so I watched it with Emma. It's a great movie, but I think Live Free or Die Hard is the best of the franchise. Die Hard revolutionized the action movie genre. It becomes a movie which the action movies to follow emulate and then later try to subvert. Die Hard is earnest; it's got some humor, but that's not foregrounded in the movie. McClane is also allowed to be vulnerable in the first movie in a way that is totally endearing. Live Free or Die Hard, though, is just magic. It's such a meta movie. It's so funny, and it makes such splendid fun of itself--constantly scrutinizing and reveling in what makes an action movie and an action hero. It's also got genuine pathos, just enough to give the movie depth. Love it, love it, love it.

2. I got a full body mole scan and have been pronounced cancer free! The dermatologist also cut open these two little places on my face, one under each eye. They're basically whiteheads, but I've had them for years and years, so she was unable to just squeeze them out. She gave me a cream to put on them which should get rid of them in time. For now, though, I look like I have prison tattoos, a drop of blood under each eye. LOL

3. Dad seems to be doing a bit better, having a bit of an upswing in mental and physical health. *crosses fingers that it will last*

4. Fi got sick, had a cold like a normal child, and did not get pneumonia. Hallelujah, I think her lungs have gotten strong enough that we're not going to be in the ER every five seconds this year.

5. Emma's run times are much slower this year than last year despite practicing more diligently on the off season and going to more official practices than were held in the spring season. I wonder if her growing (getting taller, center of gravity changing, etc) could be affecting her performance. Thoughts? I might ask on that bodies in motion comm.
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Emma got her braces off today! Whooooooooo!

Retainers are way different now than they were twenty years ago; now they're like those Invis-Align braces rather than a thing that sticks to the roof of your mouth. Emma will have to wear hers all the time until November, and then she gets to just wear it at night. Of course, nothing is quite that easy LOL. I have to contact the dentist so that Emma's teensy, weensy little canine teeth can be padded with faux tooth stuff until they are the size of Real Teeth at which point we'll have to have another retainer made.

We went to Books-a-Million and she got a book by Dan and Phil, her favorite Youtube sensations, and then ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. We also got everything she needs for her Halloween costume (Gerard Way in his yellow mask and red hair for the Danger Days album).

Life is pretty good.
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Friday, Midday Music on NPR was playing sci-fi and fantasy music in honor of Dragon Con, so I got to rock out to the Imperial March when I was heading to town to shop. :)

I took Emma shopping yesterday for more track clothes (she has finally reached the point where she really needs to wear a sports bra), and I bought us both Harry Potter and Cursed Child.

I loved it! )

I know several of you read and reviewed it, but I can't remember who. Link me up?
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So, we don't generally deal with the normal teenage stuff with Emma. She doesn't want to dress provocatively. She isn't boy or girl crazy. She is insistent that she is still a kid who wants to do kid stuff. She helps with her sister, does her chores, does well in school, and is in general none of the cliches of a teenager. Okay, she gets a little smart sometimes, but that's more a case of the apple not falling far from the tree.


Yesterday, she burst out of her room in a tizzy exclaiming that My Chemical Romance is getting back together and her life is complete. She literally pranced about the house with a shit-eating grin on her face for the next eleven billion hours until she went to sleep. She taught Fiona to say the band name and the band members names' and told her she couldn't listen to the music because it would hurt her ears. Fiona proceeded to say each of these things twelve million distinct times until she went to sleep.

Today, I went up on campus for about four hours to get some work done. When I came home, she was in her room sobbing because, "It was all a hoax! They put out that video on Twitter and updated their Facebook, and it was all lies! Lies!"

I, ah, didn't know what to do.

I tried talking to her about where she'd initially gotten her information and the difference between official sources and getting whipped up into a fangirl frenzy, and she lipped back at me like I don't know fandom from my own asshole. She calmed down a little and apologized but then decided the best way to power through her grief was to plan her Halloween costume which is an alter-ego of Gerard Way wearing some kind of mask. So, okay. She's been a firebat and Legolas for Halloween before; this is not a child who colors between the lines. This is A-okay with me.

But then she got mad when I told her she can't die her hair Kool-Aid red (school rules). Then she got even angrier when I started talking through some ways that we could cheaply recreate the hoodie Sir Way is wearing in her inspiration photograph. That led to a discussion of cosplay and the difference between trying to faithfully replicate a look and creating a look inspired by the original. THEN, oh then, my friends, when I told her I'd consider buying her an official hoodie (not the same one in the picture; it's not for sale) she was super upset that the one she really wants is no longer for sale. She kept saying, "We can just buy a black hoodie somewhere and you can put a decal on it, Mom." She did not say the, "You dumbass cow part," aloud.

So *jazz hands*

How you doing?
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1. I think I have neglected to mention here that Fiona is now fully potty trained. She's been pee-pee potty trained for more than a year now (been well over a year since she peed in her pants overnight, always pees in the potty during the day). She is going on three weeks pooping in the potty every day! It's done, my friends!!!!!!! She's been wearing panties at all times for a week now, and she is so proud of herself. No more pullups! No more pooping in them! I feel like she's graduated high school or something. This is huge and momentous. Whooooooo!

2. A friend gave me an Amazon gift card, and all my goodies have arrived, including Wayne Hoffman's novella An Older Man (the sequel to Hard) and some new ink cartridges for my Smiggle.

3. [personal profile] executrix sent me a book about perfume which has spurred me to go through and organize my stash and update my masterlist to reflect new acquisitions. I went through a period where I wasn't testing perfume or even wearing it much, but now I feel inspired again, so expect to see more perfume posts soon.

4. I am super stoked to have found a bunch of gluten free frozen meals. I went online and searched the websites of different frozen meal companies for gf offerings and took the list with me because it's just too hard to stand with the door open in the freezer section and pick up each individual box and search the label. When I tried that last shopping trip, I only found one gf frozen meal that wasn't in the tiny little gf section. This time, I went with a list of at least thirty meals and came home with about ten that look really good. Yay!
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Josh has been gone since Wednesday; he'll be back on Monday. Emma is away at a friend's birthday party sleepover. Fiona has been asleep for three hours. I can only watch so much back to back Bluebloods reruns and read so much very very bad fanfic in which Oliver Wood tricks Harry Potter into shagging him because Ginny Weasley paid him to (although I suspect more of both will be occurring later tonight). Talk to me, my friends!

I'm up for talking about anything but potential topics of conversation include

Game of Thrones
Harry Potter
Star Trek
Star Wars
Supernatural (the rewatch with Emma continues; we're in season 7)
food, the eating and cooking thereof
fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry

ETA: WTF, PBS? I appear to be watching Ramsay Bolton and Gandalf the Grey in a terrible sitcom with a laugh track. *boggles*
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Well, it was a mixed bag my friends.

On the plus side, travel was great: no delays, minimal construction, and Fi travels like a champ now. We did narrowly miss being involved in an accident. Several car lengths ahead of us two cars had a terrible collision, and in trying to stop in time, the eighteen wheeler next to us burned the rubber all off its back tires in a plume of smoke; I thought it was going to lose a tire and turn over or jackknife, so I ended up braking into the median, but all was well.

Also good: I reconnected with my childhood BFF (first grade through first year of college) and we had a blast catching up. I think we are going to be a part of each other's lives again, and I am so happy about that. Plus she has all the best gossip about everybody we went to school with since she still lives in the area we grew up in. In addition, I got to see Josh's BFF from high school who became my BFF in college along with his wife and kiddos.

Bestest: I got a card in the mail and an e-card from [ profile] kaleecat! I got well wishes from [ profile] trobadora, [ profile] decynthus, and [ profile] timespirit. I got some pretty rad birthday gifts from various and sundry.

On the negative side: on the way there, we accidentally stopped some place where I couldn't eat anything, and I ended up having to eat some lunch meat and cheese roll ups in the car while everybody else had delicious food. The route we take home goes through the ass end of Alabama where there is genuinely nothing for freaking ever, not even gas stations for miles and miles and miles, and since we change time zones, that often affects where we can eat too. I anticipated a problem and packed the lunch meat and cheese for that very reason, but it was still pretty disheartening. On the way back, Josh told me he found a place that had gluten free options, but when we got there, it was clear the servers didn't really understand what gluten was and the kitchen confirmed that their chicken wasn't gluten free, so I had to eat a salad (arugula, mozzarella, avocado, tomato) with lemon squeezed on top instead of dressing. It was a really good salad and I was okay with it, but Josh was all embarrassed and upset because he didn't realize that unless places have a dedicated gluten free menu, having gluten free options generally means a salad with no protein or dressing. I think this is the moment that he realized that we're basically confined to eating at places like Applebees or O'Charleys unless we do a lot of research and are prepared to go out of our way.

Also negative: the night before my birthday, my dad was a total asshole, hollering at me and being a jerk, and it came out of nowhere. It really upset me and hurt my feelings, and I'm re-evaluating my interactions with my parents as I do from time to time. *sigh* My dad has anger issues which are bolstered in very negative ways by his evangelical faith; after all, he is the avatar of god in the household. No one ever calls him on his shit, ever, and I have zero memories of him every apologizing to me about anything although my memories of him hollering at me unjustifiably are legion. In fact, Saturday night when he lost his shit, he was reading his Bible. This is not the good kind of irony, my friends.

Anyway, Josh is heading out of town on Wednesday for five days in Michigan for a conference, so tomorrow is incredibly busy: dentist appt for Ems, chiropractor appt for Josh, cross country for Ems, washing clothes, and packing for Josh. Whew. I don't know when I'll catch up on Game of Thrones and the Penny Dreadful finale.
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1. All grades have been turned in, and my duties for this semester conclude! Yay! I was more magnanimous than I usually am, too. I don't know if I should feel good or bad about that. LOL

2. My endoscopy is tomorrow morning, and I am getting really nervous. I know intellectually that it is a very minor procedure that will be fine, but anesthesia really wigs me out as does the thought of something going down my throat. I am so glad the girls don't have to have this done; I would be a basket case worrying about them.

3. We've been watching The Man in the High Castle, which I've enjoyed so far, except that in the second episode we get SPOILERS )

4. I am taking Emma out of school on Thursday to see Civil War. I am sitting on my hands not to click on any of your reviews. I can't wait!

5. I've been re-reading a lot of Steve/Tony MCU fics that I had previously recced (once I emerged from the Darcy Lewis rabbit-hole I spent the past month happily traversing). One big series I really enjoyed on the first read does not hold up for me although Devildoll's Semaphore is as delightful now as it was on the first read (I do so love me a well-executed OC, especially when that OC is an octogenarian who can drink Thor under the table.). It's always so interesting to me to go back and read fic that I enjoyed in the early days of a fandom, say the first sixth months to a year, and see if it still holds up for me and why.
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1. Fi is sick but not desperately so (lungs completely clear, no sign of pneumonia). This is the first time we've had to keep her out of daycare since December, and I have high hopes we'll be able to send her back tomorrow. Ems has been a little under the weather, mostly just tired rather than anything else, but Josh says she seemed better this morning. Last night I developed a splitting headache that seems to be sinus related, and I am starting to feel kinda bad. Boooooo. Josh seems okay; he got sick yesterday giving blood because the nurse talked him into the kind of donation where they take something out of the blood and then put it back in. So he got the distinct pleasure of puking all over the donation van in front of our students. He's fine today, though.

2. My grandmother is in the hospital for some sort of heart irregularity.

3. Emma has been talking for months now about having a crush on a girl at school, and yesterday she told me the girl admitted she likes Emma back. Emma was radiant. It is adorable. And I am ashamed to admit that my second thought following being happy for her was to be worried for her. I don't want her to be bullied. :( She's already been bullied once this year for telling her classmates not to say the word fag and for saying she thinks gay people should be allowed to get married. Fortunately, it was short lived and seems to have entirely blown over, but she was so despondent when it happened. Whoever she wants to date, we will back her play, always and forever; we support her 100%, but this is a cesspool of the worst kind of Republican, fundamentalist, evangelical conservatism on offer in the South, and I just worry about her. *sigh*

4. We are getting so close to the end of Jessica Jones. Can't wait to finish it so I can post all the squee.

5. I tried dipping my toe back into MCU but am having trouble finding what I want to read. I have pretty much negative interest in Steve/Bucky, but it's just pages and pages of that on the AO3. Anybody have any rare pairings recs? The best of Darcy-centric fic? Jane? Anything Thor that isn't Thor/Loki?


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