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1. We just spent 10 days away from home. Whew! I would normally not vacation for this long, but I had a family event planned for one weekend and a fandom event planned for the following weekend in the same area, and it didn't make sense to drive to MS, drive back to GA, and then turn right around and drive to LA in a few days. As a result, I haven't really been reading LJ/DW, so let me know if I've missed anything important. :)

2. We spent most of that ten days with my parents. It was a very good trip. Mom and Dad have a pool, so we'd swim two or three times a day. The weather was good. The girls had a blast; Fiona thought the zoo was awesome. She got to ride on a train. Dad's still lingering at the threshold of remission. He can't have the stem cell transplant unless he's got zero cancer markers, I don't think. Both he and Mom were pretty discouraged at the end of the week after he'd had chemo and gotten more test results. Not exactly sure what the treatment options are going to be now.

3. I got to have lunch with [personal profile] kaleecat at a very nice restaurant with lots of gluten free options. She passed along a big bag of books, so I know what Emma and I will be doing for the rest of the summer. :) Kalee is a good friend and excellent company, and I hope we'll get to hang out again soon.

4. Then Josh and I went to NOLA for a small gathering of fans that had been active in Buffy fandom. We stayed at the Renaissance Arts Hotel in the Warehouse District (totally recommend; really nice hotel with a rooftop pool and a great bar). Josh and I met up with some local friends and got a driving tour of the city. We ate lunch at Cochon (OMG, so good) and then we walked around the Quarter until dinner time. I got some soap that smells like vetiver at a perfume shop that makes its own scents. Dinner was at Square Roots on Magazine. The food was good but the service was slow (if very nice) and they'd run out of a bunch of stuff. Would not go again.

Then I met up with the other Buffy fans at the hotel. I didn't catch everyone's internet handle, so I won't mention everyone who was there because I don't want to use RL names. [personal profile] hermionesviolin was there, and I was really glad to see her again. I'd met [personal profile] chrisjournal and [personal profile] spiralleds before at Writercon, and it was good to see them again. And then I got to meet some new people: [personal profile] rusty_halo, [personal profile] rahirah, [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]. We had such a good time talking about fandom and fannish things.

Josh and I spent the next morning hanging out together and then we met up with people again for lunch at a place in the French Market that does gluten free and vegan good (Meals from the Heart; totally recommend).

I wish I hadn't had to leave early. I would have loved to stay longer and get to know everyone better. Hopefully, we'll do a get-together like this again next year. I'm so grateful to [personal profile] rusty_halo and the others who planned this trip.
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1. We're driving to town with Emma, and Josh and I are talking about The Princess Bride. Emma's never seen the movie, so she asks us what it's about. Josh and I look at each other and say, "True Love." Then Emma says, hand to God, "But none of that mushy kissing stuff, right?" She could not understand the gales of laughter coming from the front seat.

2. We heard "Gangnam Style" on the radio last night. You've come a long way, rural Georgia.

3. Book Club post on The Hobbit will be appearing in the next few days. Dust off your copies if you haven't already and get ready to share your thoughts on Bilbo, dragons, dwarves, and how like Dumbledore Gandalf seems in this book!

4. Conference in New Orleans was spectacular. The Hyatt Regency on Loyola is one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in. Seriously swank. I wish it hadn't been so busy (in addition to our comparatively minuscule conference, NO was also hosting the Organo Gold coffee convention--think scamtastic Mary Kay--and a water/sewage/etc convention that was set to last a whole week long), but the amenities and the atmosphere were awesome. The conference itself was fantastic (yay for coming home with actionable info! Whoooo!), and they fed us very, very well. We ate at SoBou on Chartres St. pretty close in to Canal, and it was fantastic. The restaurant just opened this summer, and the same people who run Commander's Palace opened it. We happened upon it by accident, and I'm so glad we did. The decor is out of this world beautiful. Be sure and look at the photo across the top of the site that changes out because the pictures I took can't do it justice. Once whole wall is rows and rows of apothecary glass and another is apothecary glass set sideways into a light fixture, and the restaurant itself is this awesome mixture of industrial and quirky. It reminded me a great deal of Snack Bar in Oxford, MS, both in terms of the endearing hipsters pouring drinks behind the bar and the quality of the food.

5. I have been thinking a great deal this past year about karma (in the Western-lite sense of the word). I do not believe that when we get sick or misfortune is visited on us that we are being punished by God or the universe for sinning. I was raised to believe that, and I find it a vile and damaging belief. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Many events happen randomly and seem to have no clear antecedents. And yet, I also believe strongly that you get back what you put into the world; that if you are a negative person who fills the world with negativity, that negativity will be revisited on you in some way; that if you constantly tear others down or mistreat them or live a life of cruelty, you will find yourself without friends or help when you need it most; and that if you live a life of friendship and love, you'll always have hope and kindness even in the darkest times. A petty part of me finds a great deal of comfort in believing that those people who have wronged me or the people I care about will one day (sooner or later) get some sort of cosmic backlash for that behavior, but a better part of me finds comfort in believing that when I am kind to others, I am also being kind to myself. (I have no idea if that makes any sense. It sounds better at the pre-verbal level all swirling around in my brain. LOL)
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Totally not taking the laptop. ;)

See y'all next week.

(Ariadne, I shall ponder OMGCLINTRESCUESHISBABIES! while away.)
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New Orleans was a smashing success. We got there in the early afternoon and went immediately to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

cut for tons of Ems being cute, us spending more money than we have, and descriptions of mouth-watering meals )

My latest post notwithstanding, the week at Mom and Dad's was pretty good. It's awesome to be home, though. :)

Upcoming: the birthday haul post plus the post of burning questions


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