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Parasite (Parasitology, #1)Parasite by Mira Grant

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I really enjoyed this book. I like the way Grant uses snippets of interviews, video recordings, and manuscripts along with first person narration to tell the story. I always love a story about a huge, potentially evil corporation that may or may not be ushering in the apocalypse. Most of all, I really like stories about the idea that the way we manipulate the world around us has the potential to harm us (whether that's through our technology, our medical treatments, our use of chemicals and plastics, etc.). I don't necessarily think the specific thing that happens in the book is very plausible (which isn't a criticism; I just don't think we're ever going to have a zombie apocalypse of any kind, for example; that doesn't mean I don't enjoy those kinds of stories), but I think the central premise of the book is very plausible--that when we alter nature radically we court severe consequences. I very much liked the narrator of the story and figuring out along with her what exactly had happened to her. Also, given the way that Grant writes the parents in Newsflesh, I'm starting to wonder if parents who can't connect with their children and who tend to exploit them in some way is A Thing in her writing.

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