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Incipient Madness

An unwholesome smoky musk, dark and sweet, laced with Virginia tobacco, honeyed black currant, and red patchouli.

This is a limited edition, so I don't know how hard it would be to find, but it's a very good dupe for Comme des Garcons Black. The smokiness is clearly coming from birch tar (so yummy!) which is the main ingredient in Black. I like this more than I thought I would even with the sweetness of the patchouli underpinning it. Black is much nicer; IM is more astringent, not as smooth as Black, but they're very close to each other. I'm going to pass this along because even if I do like it, I'd much rather wear Black.

Fire for Thy Step-Mother's Daughters

Flaming coals, hellfire, and blackened bone.

So Josh's response to this is that it smells like nagchampa which is his response to every BPAL with patchouli or incense in it (and he's not wrong, exactly). Emma thinks it smells bitter and sawdusty. I think it does give a good impression of fire and warmth, but that the dragon's blood smells sweetly mildewy like it always does to me. Definitely not a keeper.

New Orleans

Sweet honeysuckle and jasmine with a hint of lemon and spice.

I knew this was going to be horrible on me because of the jasmine, but I soldiered on in the name of science! Jasmine just smells like sickly sweet poop to me. I could barely leave it on long enough to get much of a whiff. My friend M liked it and did not scrub hers but she said ten minutes into the drive home, it suddenly amped up to a thousand rather than fading away as it dried down. This will be going to someone who can abide jasmine LOL.


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