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NOTE: If you are looking for something specific, the dreamwidth version of my journal is a better bet than the livejournal version. I have cleaned up html errors from early days and extensively rehauled tags for better searching on the dreamwidth version only.

FANFIC MASTERLIST: These are listed in order of their post dates within each fandom. All fic has also been posted to AO3.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the fic has been remixed.


Only Happy When It Rains Darcy/Jane

So Not Ever Gonna Happen in Canon Phil/Clint; mpreg; big bang length


Bread and Butterfly Fred backstory; inspired by BPAL's Bread and Butterfly


Untitled Starbuck/Anders ficlet


Roomies Spike/Xander Adult When Spike returns to Sunnydale after getting his soul back, Xander befriends him.

A Functional Level of Abnormality Spike/Xander Adult Xander's no longer a demon magnet. Spike notices. This was written for the Batpack's Valentine's Day Challenge--first kiss. The story takes place immediately after the season 4 episode "Something Blue" and goes swiftly AU.

Shadowlands Spike/Xander Adult This fic takes place post-Chosen and picks up immediately after the Ats ep "Damage." I played with the timeline a little. Here, about a year has passed between the destruction of Sunnydale and Andrew's visit to L.A. Xander hears that Spike is alive and comes to see for himself.

You Do Something To Me Spike/Angel Adult This is set season 5 Ats. In this story, Angel is the one Spike comes to for help when he begins to disappear.

Five Things that Never Happened to Willow Rosenburg Adult Pairings: Willow/Xander, Willow/Spike, Willow/Oz, Willow/Tara

Curling Like Pink Teacups Anya/Xander Adult This fic deals with abortion.

Something Elemental Buffy/Faith Adult This takes place during season four when Faith is in a coma; Buffy begins to share Faith's dreams.

Eidolon Xander/Willow Adult This ficlet takes place during season three when they are fluking.

Untitled Buffy/Anya PG-13ish Anya wants her bachelorette party to be really special.

Buffy/Xander; 10, 000 words; Adult: An Outline This is an outline for a BtVS future fic that I will sadly never write.

Untitled Buffy/Angel Adult Drabble What was Buffy thinking when Angel bit her?

Last Kiss Meme Drabbles Buffy/Riley, Buffy/Faith

This is not a love story Spander, mentions of canonical het pairings, non-con; a revisit to the first OTP

The Soft Darkness, the Dreamless Sleep Xander/Ben; Adult

catching things and eating their insides Graham/Riley; Adult; angst

That Jayne/Giles XOVER Thingie
and the world cracked open Giles/Jayne Firefly Crossover; PG

haven in a heartless world Giles/Jayne Firefly Crossover; PG-13

Incantation Tara Maclay backstory; inspired by BPAL's Incantation


Coming Home Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult; 2779 words; Matt's not that guy.

Untitled PWP Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult; panties kink

This, Undone; Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult; 1610 words; angst

Waist Deep and Sinking Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult; 1500 words; Matt has PTSD and McClane is all grabby hands

New Paths to Helicon, Pt. 2, or How Matt Farrell Finally Got into John McClane's Levis Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult; 2038 words; very silly

Occam Never Met John McClane Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult; shaving kink

The One Where Matt Farrell Is Most Certainly Not Sleeping With John McClane (not even a little) Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult


Billy/Penny fix-it fic; the one where I shame myself by singing. Aloud.


Not Your Standard Tennessee Waltz Crichton/Chiana/Aeryn


Touched, or Eight Fragments Inara-centric gen PG-13ish This fic examines the ways in which Inara touches each of Serenity's crew.

Five Rather Nasty and Sadistic Things that Never Happened to Simon Tam Simon-centric Gen Adult

Rumpelstiltskin Regan Tam-centric Gen PG-13ish pre-series

Last Kiss Meme Drabble River/Jubal Early Gen

Last Kiss Meme Drabble Kaylee/Inara

Untitled Drabble-ish Thing Simon-centric; post-BDM; Simon/Kaylee implied

That Jayne/Giles XOVER Thingie
and the world cracked open Giles/Jayne Firefly Crossover; PG

haven in a heartless world Giles/Jayne Firefly Crossover; PG-13

Stowaway AU of Bushwhacked; horror; character death

Nanshe Inara/Nandi backstory; inspired by BPAL's Nanshe


Normal Petunia-centric Gen PG-13ish Petunia thinks about motherhood

An Almost Story Snape/James Potter PG-13ish If I was going to write the story of how James Potter broke Snape's heart, this is how it would go.

*Conversations With the Dead Draco-centric Gen PG-13ish This is a short ficlet set during the time in which Draco is working on the cabinet in the Room of Requirement. Draco talks to Moaning Myrtle.

Five Things Hedwig Knows that Harry Potter Does Not Gen PG-13ish Hedwig knows many secrets, some of which are amusing and others of which are heartbreaking.

Regret: 5 Kisses Deathly Hallows spoilers Adult This is a series of five drabbles that features Dumbledore/Grindelwald, Harry/Hermione, Remus/Tonks, Fred/George, and Harry and his mother (in a non-sexual way)

Be One Flesh Lucius/Narcissa; Adult; kink warnings (bondage, delayed orgasm, spanking, rimming); PWP

These Violent Delights Lucius/Bellatrix; Adult; PWP

Rent Boy Draco: An Almost Story Harry/Draco; Adult

Beauty; Narcissa on her wedding day; inspired by Kate Spade's Beauty

Fistverse co-written with [ profile] thelastgoodname; all stories Ron/Hermione/Draco with elements of sexualized violence unless otherwise indicated
Five Times Hermione Granger Punched Draco Malfoy
Five Times Draco Malfoy Took it in the Face From One H. Granger
Fist Meets Face (The Ron Weasley Remix)
Sucker Punch (The Matriarch Mashup


Chrysalis Weir-centric gen; PG-13ish; 550 words; a meditation on "Before I Sleep."

Survival John/Elizabeth; Adult; 549 words; set during "The Seige."

Incomplete Data Set Bates/Kavanagh; Adult; 2004 words; spoilers for the first season

Experimental Phase Bates/Kavanagh; Adult; 2431 spoilers through "Beachhead" and "Outcast"

Sensory John/Rodney; Adult; spoilers through "The Hive." This is a series of five drabbles on the subject of what it means to be a member of a team.

Artistry Lorne/Ronon Adult Once Lorne's artistic gift becomes common knowledge, Ronon asks him to draw a new tattoo.

Silence Weir/Teyla Adult ficlet; girls rimming each other

Once When I Was Dying Rodney/Ronon, Adult, 1935 words; loosely follows the events of the first few episodes of season 3.

Five Things John Does When Rodney Dies McShep; PG; 500 words

Desert in My Mouth Ronon-centric gen in which Ronon reclaims his voice; PG; 849 words

Infinity Adult; various pairings; drabble set that explores a variety of alternatives for the expedition; 1400 words

Five Stages of Grief; Elizabeth-centric gen; PG; series of five drabbles from John, Rodney, Teyla and Elizabeth's POVs concerning the events of the first two episodes of season 4

Untitled ficlets McShep genderswap femslash (Adult); Lorne/Parrish

Genius McShep; Adult; Rodney's response to his own brilliance is inappropriate erections.

Here Comes the Sun Elizabeth/Teyla; double drabble; song lyric inspired

5 Dreams: A Doppelganger fic; 500 words; Radek, Miko, Laura, Elizabeth, Chuck POVs

Through the Rabbit Hole SPN/SGA crossover; PG-13; Gen; 3,341 words

Sparring Sam/Ronon; 1290 words; Adult

Hot Fuss Dean/Laura Cadman; Adult; 1500 words

Rites of Passage Keller-centric gen; 990 words; PG; episode tag for "The Missing"

Amnesia: A Quick Breakdown McShep; 1848 words; Adult; In which Rodney makes many lists

McShep for Beginners 971 words; PG; homage to Kelly Link

Indispensable McShep; PG-13; 731 words; episode tag for "Miller's Crossing"

Redux; Rodney/Katie, Rodney/John; Adult; 2,498 words; "This Mortal Coil" tag; Just how many times have the teams' minds been wiped?

April 1st in the City of the Ancients John/Rodney; Adult; 1700 words; April Fool's Day in Atantis

And this the life I gave for you McShep and Rodney/Keller; PG-13; 3626 words; fills in the blanks of "The Last Man"

Of the Spotless Mind McShep; Adult; 2309 words; inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Soul is Dead that Slumbers Weir-centric gen; G; set of five drabbles that explores what happened to Elizabeth after "Lifeline"

Men of Integrity cowritten with [ profile] ariadne83; Woolsey/Caldwell; Adult; 2995 words

Vegas Coda double drabble; John-centric gen

Slip McShep; cross-dressing; Adult; for [ profile] sga_flashfic's Wish Fulfillment challenge

Ravenous One way Lucius Lovin leaves this mortal coil; gen

Pegasus: Five Coping Mechanisms Five drabbles from Ford, Teyla, Ronon, Radek, and Rodney's POVs; for [ profile] sga_flashfic's Coping Mechanism Challenge

If You Wish Upon a Star This is a set of five vignettes from the POV of various Genii that focuses on the coping mechanism of fantasy; for [ profile] sga_flashfic's Coping Mechanism Challenge

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History Kate Heightmeyer, Elizabeth Weir, Miko Kusanagi, Laura Cadman, Teyla Emmagan; a re-telling of "The Return, Pts. 1-2"

Hurt/Comfort McShep; PG; acrostic; for [ profile] sga_flashfic's H/C Challenge

Interstitial McShep; Rish; post-canon

Untitled fusion with SGA Teyla/Uhurah; Teyla is the Vulcan science officer of the USS Atlantis

Untitled Woolsey ficlet What going through the Gate means to Woolsey

saw her bathing on the roof Elizabeth/John; voyeurism; for [ profile] sparktober

but a walking shadow Elizabeth/John; angst; John rescues nanite!Elizabeth from the space gate; for [ profile] sparktober

Three Kisses Elizabeth/John; for [ profile] sparktober

Untitled DS9/SGA XOVER Rodney and Jadzia

The One Where They Put on a Play; Elizabeth/John; for [ profile] sparktober

Quicksilver in the Hand; coauthored with [personal profile] ariadne83; Brendan Gall/Rodney McKay; adult; 25k

Longing; Woosley/Sheppard ficlet; unrequited feelings

The Measure of Your Touch (the mortal coil remix); John/Cam; After Sheppard dies, Cam is convinced he's still hanging around.


This Precarious Object, the Body; Gen; series of five drabbles from Daniel, Cam, Vala, Orlin, and Sam's perspectives.

Five Times Vala Mal Doran Told Rather Less Than the Whole Truth Vala-centric gen; Adult; backstory; 4137 words

Stargate Continuum: a Study in Lists Gen; PG; Just what it says on the tin

Five Children Daniel and Hathor Never Had Daniel/Hathor; PG; implied non-con; set of five drabbles

Loose Ends: Joseph Faxon Joseph Faxon/OMC; what happens to him when he's left behind with the Aschen?

Lost in Translation; Jack/Daniel; fade to black; humor

Antony Daniel Jackson gen; takes place during Summit; inspired by BPAL's Antony

Through the Storm Jack/Daniel; established relationship

The Measure of Your Touch (the mortal coil remix); John/Cam; After Sheppard dies, Cam is convinced he's still hanging around.

Togar Certainly Left That Out of the Manual; Jack/Daniel; This is an AU version of "Urgo."

A Feast for King Arkhan, First of His Name; Jack/Daniel; A brief romantic interlude that happens in the interval between SG-1's defeat of Ares and their trip back to earth carrying bouquets of flowers.


Eli Wallace, Intergalactic Man of Mystery Pure crack for the pilot


Erosion Sam/Dean Adult Dean feels like he's slowly drowning. Spoilers through "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things."

Five Songs Dean Winchester Will Never Cop to Secretly Loving Adult 5 vignettes, one of which is Dean/Cassies, one of which is Dean/Sam

Possession Evil!Sam/Dean Adult Non-con and angst

5 Times Sam Winchester Was Utterly, Completely Wrong Adult 5 vignettes, one of which is Sam/Jess and one of which is Sam/Dean

Walk in my Shadow Dean/OFC Adult In this fic, Dean is possessed by the yellow eyed demon and intent on claiming the psychic children for his own.

Dr. Badass Gets Laid Dean/Ash Adult There's a lust demon and a drinking game and references to vitamin deficiency. LOL Warning: adult content! Gratutious internal monologues! Misuse of a donut! Completely cracktastic.

*Thanatopsis Sam/Dean Adult Warning: character death. I still feel that this is the best piece I've ever written.

Seeing Things Ava-centric gen PG-13ish This goes AU from the end of "Devil's Trap." What if Ava dreams about the Winchesters long before "Hunted?"

*The Things They Carried Gen PG-13ish This is a series of six drabbles from the perspectives of Ellen, Jo, Bobby, John, Dean and Sam. The fic was inspired by Tim O'Brien's novel of the same name.

Memory Sam/Dean Adult (Second part linked at the top of this post) Sam discovers a machine that allows him to view Dean's memories; he's surprised at what he finds.

This is the Goat of the Apocalypse Gen Sam and Dean meet Phil, the Goat of the Apocalypse. Utter crack

A Meditation on Children Gen PG-13ish This is a series of four drabbles on the subject of children from Dean, John, Bobby, and the YED's perspectives.

Vicarious Sam/Dean (also Dean/OFCs, Dean/OMC and Sam/OFC) Adult This is Sam watching Dean with other people and wanting to be those other people and despairing over the unrequitedness of his life. So, um, yeah. Not happy.

road signs along the nighttime highway Gen PG-13ish This is a set of six drabbles from Dean, John, Gordon, Ash, Cassie, and Sam's perspectives on the content of their dreams.

Once Upon a Time in Prison Gen PG-13ish Spoilers for "Fulsom Prison Blues" Little slices of prison life from Sam's perspective

Everything Sam Knows About Agent Henricksen, He Learned From Joss Whedon Gen PG-13ish The situation with Henricksen will eventually come to a head. Here are five possibilities from Sam's POV. Spoilers through "Folsom Prison Blues."

*4 Times Dean Watched Sam Die (and one that he didn't) Gen, Adult, Warning: Character Death, 412 words

Love's Austere and Lonely Offices John/Dean, Adult, Warning: father/son incest, 712 words, set pre-series but not underaged!Dean

*And You Will Know Her By the Trail of Dead Ava-centric gen; PG-13ish; spoilers through 2.21. What happens to Ava during her months of captivity?

Death: a Triptych Adult This is a collection of three vignettes--one from Sam's perspective, one from Dean's, and one from John's. Spoilers through 2.22. The middle vignette is Ellen/Dean, but I don't think of this as a shippy fic.

Coming Undone Ava/Lily Adult This is an alternate version of the season 2 finale and rather dark.

Go Fetch the String and the Wire Sam/Dean Adult Set after AHBL2. Sam swears he'll spend the next year saving Dean; this is what he does.

The Mystery of Proud Typewriter Sam/Dean Adult Set between the second and third seasons, this fic puts the brothers on a literary casefile while also dealing with Dean's death sentence.

What's in a Name? Wincest drabble; silly; Adult

Do it Like This; Wincest; Adult; 1066 words; PWP

Untitled ficlet Sam/Dean (adult); Sam discovers Dean reading slash fanfic

Through the Rabbit Hole SPN/SGA crossover; PG-13; Gen; 3,341 words

Sparring Sam/Ronon; 1290 words; Adult

Hot Fuss Dean/Laura Cadman; Adult; 1500 words

Trifurcated Sam/Ruby/Dean; Adult; 1598; begins pretty much the second the screen goes dark in "Jus in Bello"

Damned Dean-centric gen; R for language; 869 words; spoilers through "No Rest for the Wicked"

Untitled gen SPN/His Dark Materials XOVER

Untitled Jo Harvelle ficlet This is the way you wash your hair.....

Like bees, their lives consumed by the sting they give Gen; Castiel, Ruby and Azazel on the nature of possession

the things which I have seen I now can see no more Pamela-centric gen based on "Death Takes a Holiday"

the face that pins you with its double gaze Wincest; Adult; set just after "Bloody Mary"

And we are here as on a darkling plain Gen; 3 vignettes from Gabriel, Dean and Ellen's POVs; set just after AAH

Continuing to Live Swan Song coda; gen


Second Star To the Right and Straight On 'Til Morning Spock-centric gen

Inextricable Kirk/Spock!Prime

Mend Kirk/McCoy; Adult

Chain of Command Kirk/McCoy; Adult

*Apple Candy Kirk/Uhura/Spock; Adult

Untitled fusion with SGA Teyla/Uhurah; Teyla is the Vulcan science officer of the USS Atlantis

The Undiscovered Country Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy


Untitled DS9/TOS XOVER Jadzia(Emony)/Leonard


Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Drabble sequence from Neelix, Seven, B'Elanna, Tuvok, and Harry's POVs


Untitled Ficlet Worf/Jadzia, coffee

Untitled DS9/SGA XOVER Rodney and Jadzia

Untitled DS9/TOS XOVER Jadzia(Emony)/Leonard

Untitled DS9 ficlet Mardah-centric gen

Juke Joint Leonard McCoy/Emony Dax in Oxford MS; inspired by BPAL's Juke Joint


The Eternal Rocks Beneath CW RPS; Jared/Jensen, Chad/Sophia, Sandy/Chad Lindberg, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Samantha Ferris, Chris/Steve; Adult; just over 6000 words

Jared Padalecki, #1 Jerk; CW RPS; Jared/Jensen; Chad; Misha Collins; Adult; 1673 words

Parley Jamie/Adam Mythbusters slash


A bit of untitled silliness that includes personal memoir excerpts interspersed with BtVS, Firely, Spongebob, Charmed, and Star Trek vignettes.

Loss E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial drabble

through the veil gen SPN/His Dark Materials XOVER

Memento Mori Golden Girls ficlet; Rose helps Blanche prepare for her funeral

Second Chances Golden Girls ficlet; Blanche/OFC, Blanche/George, Blanche/Dorothy

Untitled Original Ficlet about colonists on a new planet


The Buffybot and Mr. Gordo Save the World (Ozymandias Remix); BtVS; gen; PG-13; original by [ profile] married_n_mich and [ profile] shinodabear

The Last Seduction (the multiplicity remix); Ats; Lilah/Faith; Adult; original by [ profile] married_n_mich

Five things Sam never knew about Jessica (the family business remix) [SPN; Jessica-centric gen]; original by [ profile] clex_monkie89

An Existential Crisis [the retcon remix] SPN; Azazel-centric gen; original by [ profile] gladdecease

A Kiss to Build a Dream On (the Something Blue Remix) Buffy/Spike, Xander/Anya; PG; Willow cannot remove the My Will Be Done from "Something Blue"

Poker Face (the she can read you remix); DS9; Deanna-centric gen

Old Clothing (The Riddikulus Remix); HP; Snape backstory; gen

The Measure of Your Touch (the mortal coil remix); John/Cam; After Sheppard dies, Cam is convinced he's still hanging around.


Life in the Subjunctive Dead Poet's Society; A fork in the road: five double drabbles

To Turn a Life Around Dr. Horrible; Moist-centric gen

The One Where Matt Farrell Is Most Certainly Not Sleeping With John McClane (not even a little) Live Free or Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; Adult

The Life That Is Waiting; DS9; Cassidy/Ben; post-series

The Measure of a Man; DS9; Garak/Damar; Garak/Ziyal; Damar/OFC

Outside the Box; The Girl in the Box by Ouida Sebestyen; Gen; five things that never happened to Jackie after she was abducted

Happily Ever After; Newsflesh; Georgia/Shaun

The Good Children; Fear the Walking Dead; This is an AU version of the season finale, "The Good Man"; gen

Seeing; Minority Report TV; Lara/Agatha; After Blomfeld's death, Lara and the Pre-Cogs have to make new lives for themselves. Along the way, Agatha sees visions that she refuses to share with Lara.

His Brother's Keeper; Lucifer; gen; Three vignettes about the relationship between Lucifer and Amenadiel from childhood through the current season of the show.

how far away the stars seem (and how far is our first kiss); Lucifer/Amenadiel; “Let me get this straight,” Lucifer says to his brother’s back. “You think you’re to blame for my fall? You think, what, you kissed me seven times literally a billion years ago and that ruined me for all of eternity?”

The Yellow Wallpaper (the spinning jennie remix); The Yellow Wallpaper; This is a treat for tekuates whose prompts included a version of the story where the supernatural aspects are actually happening.

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30/4/07 03:22 (UTC)
ext_56709: (Vogon Poetry Kills)
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woot!!! Just what I was needing - great stuff.

btw I am having problems with the webpage - I keep stopping webdesign to read your fic. So, sorry for any delays. ;p

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30/4/07 03:31 (UTC)
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Heeee. Glad you're finding the list useful.

I keep stopping webdesign to read your fic.

You say the sweetest things.



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19/12/07 04:59 (UTC)
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Your story or fanart has been nominated at the Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards. If you would like the story (or fanart) to be nominated, please let me know. Information on the nomination is listed below. I will not list it without a reply from you.

Also, please check the username and URL listed below and let me know if I need to make any changes.

* Something Elemental (Lorraine) * Adult Fic
Author's email or LJ user name: [info]lunabee34
Nominate For: Faith

Michelle --

I accept the nomination

21/12/07 04:01 (UTC)
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Oh, wow. How exciting. Thanks for letting me know.

Re: I accept the nomination

21/12/07 04:06 (UTC)
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You're welcome. And thank you for accepting.


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11/5/08 23:19 (UTC)
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That would be amazing.

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Amazing is good :) but I'm a little confused as to which part of this post you are referring.


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4/9/08 08:09 (UTC)
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Thanks for all the fabulous recs! Remember my comment a long time ago about since when did people start McClane/Farrell? Well watch this especially 3.20min into it.

I now understand.

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4/9/08 08:11 (UTC)
Posted by (Anonymous)
actually make that 3.14

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5/9/08 01:49 (UTC)
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OMG I had not seen this.


Thanks for the link

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5/7/09 18:55 (UTC)
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I got over here via Brad's LJ and followed your link to your Buffy fic.

I've just finished reading Chapter 1 of Roomies and have to let you know how much I'm loving it.

And great minds think alike - I've long been wanting to get Spike and Wilde together; it will be good to read your take on it. Maybe then I won't have to bother *g*.

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9/7/09 21:16 (UTC)
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Thank you so much! I am so excited that you're enjoying my Buffy fic.

Sorry I didn't respond to you sooner; I was out of town without internet. Eeeep!

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Don't worry at the non-immediate reply. I've been totally wrapped up in Torchwood all week. Having a total eppy at the moment!

But, yeah, enjoying it lots.

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Posted by [identity profile]
Hi! You've been nominated at the Spock/Uhura Awards ( over at [ profile] spock_uhura! Come check out the nominees list ( and see if you have to choose between two of your works to compete! ;) CONGRATULATIONS!

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No bother whatsoever. :)

Thank you so much for letting me know that I was nominated. Yay! I'll head right over.

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You've been Nominated at The Absence of Light Awards!

This message is to inform you that you've been nominated at [ profile] absence_oflight.

All nominations MUST be accepted by March 21. To do so, please respond to this comment. You only have to respond once per round, (in the event that you receive this message more than once for multiple nominations). We ask you to post a link ( back to us, however this is not required to win.

Your nominations: The Soft Darkness, The Dreamless Sleep for Best Slash/Femmeslash

And if you want to say thanks, why not spread the love and nominate ( someone else?
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Oh, wow. Thank you so much for letting me know. I am very honored to be included. :)
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Thanks for accepting so promptly! Best of luck to you!

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Image ( (

You won an award in the very last round at [ profile] absence_oflight. You can go here ( to pick up your banner and to see who else won.

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Oh, wow!!! Thank you so much for letting me know (in such a sparkly way! *beams*)
Posted by [identity profile]
You're very welcome! Congratulations!

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User [ profile] duonoaikouka referenced to your post from Five Things John Does When Rodney Dies by LunaBee (PG) ( saying: [...] Gen: Slash Warning: character death Author on LJ:   Author's Website: Fic listing on LJ [...]

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10/1/17 03:04 (UTC)
alatefeline: Painting of a cat asleep on a book. (Default)
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Ooooh you make SHINY things.

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10/1/17 03:08 (UTC)
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You're welcome.


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