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So, I wrote some stuff for the Day of DS9 Commentfic Fest.


"Excuse me?" Rodney says. "I didn't realize the laws of physics don't apply in this dimension. I'll just be over here doing the real math."

Jadzia rolls her eyes and leaves Rodney to his calculations. She looks more amused than anything else, so John figures Rodney's safe from the wrath of Worf. For now at least.

Rodney shoves the Bajoran equivalent of a granola bar into his mouth and then talks through the crumbs that spray his console. "She has always been my favorite DS9 character, Sheppard, but if she tells me one more time that the jumper's hyperdrive is the most inelegant construction she's ever seen, I'm switching my allegiance to Quark. Where does she get off being so smugly superior, anyway?"

"Buddy, I'm going to pretend you didn't just ask that. Also lay off the character stuff." John stretches out in the chair across from Rodney's workstation. "That is a conversation I'm not prepared to have with these people."

Rodney waves his hands. "Yes, yes. No telling the natives we QT'ed here ala Dan Simmons. Now go play Dabo and drink some blood wine. I know you've been dying to quote Rules of Acquisition at the barkeep and wish Major Kira Peldor joy."

John grins. "I could do that."

When John gets to Quark's, the doctor and Chief O'Brien are playing darts. Dr. Bashir hits the bullseye every time, and O'Brien inches closer to the dartboard when he thinks the doc isn't looking.

John bellies up to the bar and grins at Quark. Quarks grins back, and his teeth are way pointier and scarier than they ever looked on John's TV. "Colonel Sheppard, is it?" Quark says. "What are you drinking today?"

They have a healthy bank of credits on the station. Apparently, the seven crates of tava beans they were carrying back to Atlantis when they got sucked into a rogue (and Gateless! Gateless!; sometimes John still wakes to the echoes of Rodney's screams) wormhole are worth quite a bit of capital in the Alpha Quadrant.

"Blood wine," John says.

Quark eyes him. "Are you sure? It's not a drink for the faint-hearted." John just raises an eyebrow, and Quark says, "Okay, then. Don't say I didn't warn you," and pours John a tall mug of deeply red wine.

John is already regretting his order by the time Quark uncorks the cask and he can smell the irony, salty sweetness of the drink--sort of like someone pointed a severed artery at a cabernet with undertones of chocolate and cherry. And really, what the hell was he expecting anyway? It's called blood wine. With the blood. And the wine. John takes a tentative sip and is pleasantly surprised at what he tastes. It's like salted caramel. Sounds gross, but totally yay in the execution.

(to be continued)

Jadzia(Emony)/Leonard Mccoy

Jadzia doesn't mean to disobey Benjamin, truly she doesn't, but if he gets to finagle an autograph from James Tiberius Kirk himself, she's sure as hell not missing the opportunity to say hello to Lennie. Emony kept in touch with him for awhile even after he got married, but he stopped answering her hails when things got rocky between him and Jocelyn and Audrid didn't care to resume the correspondence when she Joined with Dax.

Jadzia remembers how kind Lennie was under that gruff exterior, how funny and sarcastic, and those hands. Five hosts later and she still has dreams about those hands.

The sickbay is almost laughably primitive, but Jadzia's certain Julian would spend hours lovingly examining every instrument and console if Benjamin would let him. Julian can be a bit annoying at times with his gusto for frontier medicine, but Jadzia can see the attraction. That Lennie saved so many lives and is recorded in the annals of Starfleet history as the physician who pioneered the greatest number of lifesaving treatments during his career with only the technology Jadzia sees before her is more than impressive. It's astonishing. And also a little humbling.

Lennie is treating an officer for a massive shiner and treating him to a little Southern charm while doing so.

"What the hell were you thinking, Ensign?" Lennie jams the hypospray viciously into the crewman's neck, and Jadzia suppresses a giggle. Same old Lennie. "You're lucky that Klingon didn't take off your whole head. Damn fool. You're dismissed."

The ensign snaps to attention and then hightails it out of sickbay faster than Jadzia would believe possible. Once he's gone, Lennie's attention turns to her.

Jadzia's thought about this moment. She can't pretend to be a crew member. Lennie's in charge of physicals for new arrivals. He'll know better than anyone else that she doesn't belong. So she decides to tell him the truth. Or part of it anyway.

"Hey, Lennie," Jadzia says. He looks at her suspiciously, and she soldiers on before he can raise some sort of alarm. "No I'm not part of your crew, and no I'm not supposed to be here. But I don't mean you any harm. I just wanted to see how you're doing."

Lennie white knuckles the hypospray in his hand and takes a step towards her. "Who the hell are you?"

"You knew me as Emony Dax. We drank mint juleps on the balcony at City Grocery and walked around and around the Square for hours and you first kissed me at midnight on Faulkner's grave."

Lennie lowers the hypospray. "Emony? What are you doing here? Why are you impersonating a Starfleet officer?"

"It's Jazia actually. Emony was Dax's third host. I'm Dax's eighth. And I'm not impersonating an officer. I'm a Lieutenant Commander." Jadzia waits for the math to sink in.

"That means...."

"That means that I'm not supposed to be talking to you at all, but I couldn't resist."

Lennie still looks suspicious, but that's pretty much his default expression.

"Emony worried about you. She thought of you often and hoped that you had found some kind of happiness after you and Jocelyn divorced. She missed talking to you, Lennie. I guess I just wanted to see for myself that you're alright."

"So Starfleet's greenlighting time travel for personal reasons now?"

"No. I'm here for another reason. Right now I'm just satisfying a century's worth of curiosity. It always felt like we had unfinished business between us."

"Why are you here?" Lennie stretches a hand out toward the wall comm and then pauses before activating it. "How do I know you are who you say you are?"

"I can't tell you why I'm here. That would violate the Temporal Prime Directive." Lennie raises his eyebrows, and Jadzia remembers the directive hasn't been implemented yet. "Actually talking to you at all as myself violates the Temporal Prime Directive, but as the crew of this ship is in large part to blame for its creation, I think the universe can deal. As far as my identity, you took Emony to Rowan Oak after dark and snuck her into the grounds with the help of a friend who worked there. We made love in the grass with your coat underneath us and the fireflies as thick as stars in the sky. Emony was very flexible. In fact you said you'd never seen anyone able to put her..."

"Okay." Lennie raises his hand. "I believe you." The tips of his ears are pink.

Jadzia needs to leave. Benjamin expects her in the next ten minutes, and she can't afford for him to come looking for her. She steps closer to Lennie and cups his face in both her hands. "Are you happy, Lennie?"

Lennie closes his eyes for a minute as if he's taking an inventory and then he smiles that smile that first attracted Emony's attention, this wicked slice of a grin that grabs Jadzia in the gut and makes her wish they had more time to become reacquainted. "Yeah. I'm happy."

"That's all I needed to know," Jadzia says, and then she kisses him, licks into his mouth until he fists his hands in her uniform and presses her back into the medi-bed. He tastes just like she remembers, makes that sweet little sound in the back of his throat just like she remembers. Jadzia pulls away and straightens her uniform. "Take care of yourself, Lennie," she says and leaves sickbay before she's guilty of violating more than the Temporal Prime Directive.

Mardah-centric gen

"I cannot believe that after everything we've been through, after everything the Cardassians have taken from us, you're willingly going to Terok Nor as a comfort woman for the people who destroyed Bajor." Sarjeno's voice is quiet, flat, emotionless. It's the same voice she used to tell Mardah that their parents were dead.

"I'm not a comfort woman," Mardah tries, but Sarjeno talks over her as if she hasn't even spoken.

"You watched Raina dragged from her tent by those bastards, her children still clinging to her skirts. You watched her slit her throat on a rock rather than be forced to fuck a Cardassian. Even one. And now you're choosing that life deliberately. I don't even know what to say to you, Mardah." Sarjeno refuses to look Mardah, her eyes resolutely fixed on the Teachings of Vedik Melor she holds open in her lap.

Mardah says, "You seem to be doing just fine for all that."

Sarjeno turns the page, her lips moving in prayer.

"I have no intentions of sleeping with Cardassians, sister. I've been hired as a dabo girl at Quark's bar. I'll spin a dabo wheel, carry drinks to patrons, and smile at the customers. That's all." Mardah crosses the room and closes the Teachings with a muffled clap. "Quark has access to educational files--biology, comparative literature, chemistry, and he's giving me access as part of my contract. The Occupation is almost over, Sarjeno." Mardah kneels down, forces her sister to look her in the face. "Soon the treaty will be ratified, and Bajor will be ours again. I want to be part of that new Bajor. A useful part."

Sarjeno turns away, her chin tucked against her shoulder, tears spilling down her scarred cheeks.

"I'll write," Mardah says. "Give Koran my love." Then Mardah walks out of the village she's lived in for the past sixteen years and all the way to the transportion point in Rakantha Province. When the shuttle comes, its running lights temporarily blind her, and instead of Bajor, all Mardah sees from her window on the short flight to Terok Nor is the red and green afterimage of Saliur's fields, Weoct's shanty, the dome of the temple that faces the embarkation point.


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