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I'd have been hoarse within a month."

Downton Abbey watching continues. We watched the season three finale last night.

I wish poor Edith could catch a break. As much as she might like her editor, I don't know if she's willing to embark on a relationship with a married man with whom she could never have an acknowledged relationship. At least we are far enough into the 20th century that I believe his wife is genuinely ill rather than being shunted off into an asylum for being inconvenient.

Tom is doing so well. He has come so far from where he started in the show.

I sincerely hope that being near Charlie is good for Ethel and not just the cause of more heartache.

I still don't feel sorry for Thomas. Poor Bates. No act of kindness goes unpunished. Now they'll never be rid of Thomas. Of course, if Thomas takes this opportunity to be grateful and stop being an ass, maybe I'll change my mind about him.

Matthew and Mary are so adorable in this episode. Everything is finally going so well for everyone in the family. Naturally, I accidentally spoiled myself that Matthew is about to die.


I sincerely don't know if I can keep watching it with him gone. I mean, there will be three more seasons to go after that. What will happen to Isabelle? To have your son survive a war and then lose him in such a mundane way. *sniffles* Oh well, don't tell me what happens, but do tell me if you think the last half of the show lives up the first. Is it still as good with Matthew gone?

In other news, [personal profile] executrix sent me an awesome package: two pairs of fleece lined leggings, a Wilkie Collins book, and a gorgeous red shirt (literally off her back). Exec, that red shirt does indeed look a bombshell on me. I'm going to try to get some pictures soon to put up. :)
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