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1. My dad is not doing well. He's been feeling physically bad for the past two weeks, including one ER visit. They uploaded the latest results of blood work to the portal yesterday, and his cancer markers are rising again. This is not good news. Mom is extremely depressed; she's trying to wait to completely give in to despair until she speaks to the doctor, but she's losing her optimism.

2. I feel guilty being upset about my own health when Mom and Dad are going through something much more traumatic, but I am really bummed out. I've been having some low level twinges this past week from my IC which pisses me off because if I am giving up eating everything I truly love then I better damn well not have any IC symptoms, you know? I also had to strike another thing I'd been eating frequently because it has soy in it; well, may have soy in it. The ingredient list says something like "vegetable oil (corn, soybean or safflower"), so no way to tell for sure. *sigh* At least I'm not having any side effects from the Elmiron; I did have night sweats a couple times since I started taking it, which is annoying but not on the level of losing my hair or feeling like I have to throw up all the time. So at least there's that.

3. On a more positive note, I have replaced some of my underwear with the correct size and bought several pairs of yoga pants and a pair of pajama pants in my size. I hope to buy a few more pairs of underwear and yoga pants this weekend and close out those categories of wardrobe building. My friends and I are going shopping on the first weekend of March, and I hope to get some nice dresses at that point. I'm going to see Mom and Dad that week, and I hope Mom and I can go shopping. I'm fluctuating between 155-157 this week. If I can make it down to 154, I'm no longer overweight according to the BMI chart!

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13/2/17 00:17 (UTC)
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I'm really sorry to hear about your father, but it just isn't possible for a person who is experiencing serious health problems to shrug them off just because someone they care about is worse off.

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13/2/17 02:26 (UTC)
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Sending good thoughts to you & yours. <3

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13/2/17 03:49 (UTC)
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*gentle hugs*

Also, what [ profile] executrix said. Your dad's health issues being more severe than yours doesn't mean yours stop mattering or being difficult for you.

I hope your mom's conversation with the doctor is more encouraging than feared.

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13/2/17 16:31 (UTC)
havocthecat: the lady of shalott (Default)
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You can be upset about your own health and about your parents' health at the same time. Unfortunately, it's not a mutually exclusive worry set.

If you ever start feeling nauseated constantly, can you take any kind of ginger anything for it? Or make ginger tea? (I swear by ginger tea for my migraine-related nausea.)

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14/2/17 19:25 (UTC)
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Ooh! Maybe I can help? I go to the supermarket and I buy fresh ginger, wash it pretty well, and then I either mince it up (you could if you're handy with a knife), or grate it (you could if you're not and have a small microplane grater) into a cup of hot water or into a tea strainer to plop into the hot water and let it steep for about 5 minutes. (Then I add honey and sometimes a spoonful of lemon juice. Can you do honey? But ginger alone is still good!)

I usually just munch on the chunks of ginger, so I don't so much mind the chunks of ginger.

I started doing it because finding just-plain-ginger tea was not easily done, and I was getting really, really nauseated and queasy back when I was having huge amounts of digestive tract problems from stuff. (They have lessened somewhat, because my problems are, funny enough, only kind of tertiary when it comes to that.)

I think maybe you can order freeze-dried ginger on Amazon? But I'm pretty sure that's expensive.

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15/2/17 14:29 (UTC)
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I think this is where we really fall on the Mason/Dixon line, because hate sugar in tea, but will occasionally put honey in tea, but only hot tea. (I say this, but Mr. Havoc is a northerner through and through, and he loves sugar in all his tea, so I know I'm being silly.)

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16/2/17 09:26 (UTC)
sallymn: from a poster for Alice by Jan Svankmajer (Default)
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There is nothing wrong with worrying about your own health, you have to live with it (I do myself, though people all around me are far worse). It's hard NOT to fret and glumph about something that you simply can't escape...

And it doesn't take away one skerrick from love and concern for others, whether their problems are bigger or smaller than yours.



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