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1. [personal profile] havocthecat told me how she makes ginger tea, so today I bought a knob of fresh ginger, chopped it up, and steeped it in hot water. Delicious tea!

2. The Great Towel Search of 2017 concluded with the purchase of Fieldcrest towels from Target. I bought half of the towels in a dark gray and the other half in a lighter gray. I washed and dried them before use; they haven't shed any fibers at all. They are super soft, and the color is very rich. They are not quite as absorbent as my 20 year old towels, but how could they be? I think once we've washed and dried them a dozen times, they'll be just about perfect, and they're just fine now.

3. Downton Abbey watch is plugging along. The episode after Matthew's death was a brutal as I thought it would be. Isabelle's grief was almost too much to watch. "What does a widowed woman become when her only child dies? She's not a mother anymore. She's not anything really." Oh, my heart. Mrs. Hughes helping her to find a way to live again was so wonderful. Mary's grief was also so terrible to see. I loved Tom and Carson helping to bring her out of it. And Thomas redeemed himself to some degree by saving Lady Sybbie from that wretched nanny, even if he had no idea she really was mistreating her.

Second episode of the season: Mary being named Matthew's heir was such a lovely gesture, and I have to admit that I am seriously loving every time the family gangs up on Lord Grantham for being a paternalistic asshole. LOL I am worried that Edith's relationship is going to meet with some terrible end, which sucks, because I really like this editor guy. He seems to genuinely love her very much. Edith has really taken over as the clotheshorse of the show. I am besotted with everything she wears. Anna and Bates are just about too precious to live. I love Bates' scheme for getting money to Molsley, who is becoming very dear to me. He tries so hard, and he gets thwarted at every turn. I keep trying to like Thomas, and he keeps just being a meddling dick. Blaming Anna for the destruction of Lady Grantham's clothes is a looooooow blow. I love Tom's glee at Mary's involvement in managing the estate. I know it's not going to happen, but I am really starting to ship them hard. I'm also liking Rose more the more often I see her.

4. I'm about a third of the way through Wilkie Collins's The Dead Secret and loving it. He's such a good writer. Also started Kate Chopin's The Awakening which I've only read once and long ago.

5. Josh saw the gastroenterologist today. He's scheduled for an endoscopy in two weeks. He also saw an allergist who tested him for all the allergies. No food allergies (and she said what's going on with him doesn't sound like a food allergy anyway because those almost invariably present with hives and swelling and redness and trouble breathing, etc, and he's had zero of those symptoms), but he does have a pretty severe dust mite allergy. So he'll start getting allergy shots to take care of that in a couple weeks; doc says this should help his general health overall and keep him from getting so many colds and respiratory stuff, so that's good. I really hope we'll have an answer from the endoscopy rather than needing to do additional tests. Josh is really worried that they just won't find anything, and he'll have to find some way to live with this. But for now, optimism!

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18/2/17 03:51 (UTC)
monanotlisa: Diana as Diana Prince in glasses and a hat, lifting the rim of the latter rakishly. HOT! (Default)
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Fingers crossed!

You can also work against the dust mites from inception, so there's that; I do much better in anti-mite mattresses, pillows, etc., and with my air filter my postnasal drip is almost gone (yes, every comment of mine is a rollicking party of appetizing facts ;).

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18/2/17 05:48 (UTC)
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Fingers crossed hard for Josh!

Yay for new towels and tasty ginger tea. *^^*

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18/2/17 13:57 (UTC)
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Posted by [personal profile] cathexys
Here's hoping. All the good vibes y'all's way!!!!


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