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1. My friend brought over two dip pens and a wild assortment of ink last night, and we had an ink testing party. It was really fun testing different inks; Emma had a good time, too. Worst name for an ink ever: Baby Lips. LOL

2. I'm going shopping today! Project Wardrobe is afoot. I hope I come back with arms laden with packages. LOL I'm on particular look out for dresses, skirts, a bathing suit, and *gasp* shorts. I haven't worn shorts in like 15 years, but I'm considering it.

3. The book I'm reading right now, The Lies of Locke Lamora, is awesome. I would love to watch the HBO series of this book. It's a little over 700 pages, so it's taking me longer to read than the rest of the books I've read recently, but so worth it. And when I'm done, there's two more!

4. Dollhouse fic is almost entirely crossovers and fusions. Very little straight up fic about the show.

5. One more week of class and then finals. I cannot adequately express my joy. LOL The grading will be brutal, but then my time is my own. Whooooooooooo!

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21/4/17 13:12 (UTC)
havocthecat: the lady of shalott (Default)
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What is Project Wardrobe again?

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21/4/17 15:56 (UTC)
executrix: (new souls)
Posted by [personal profile] executrix
Yard sale season is now in Spring Training and should kick off soon--let me know your wish list & current and anticipated sizes.

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22/4/17 02:29 (UTC)
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Raincoats are not impossible to find on my rounds! Plz provide more info about your raincoaty tastes tho. And TIA for the goodies!

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23/4/17 14:26 (UTC)
executrix: (bbc)
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I am astonished! I would have bet anything that people in warm climates always have raincoats because, well, it rains there but they wouldn't necessarily have winter coats.

There seems to be a Thing now of truncated trench coats--I saw one the other day in bright green which would look just precious on you but, of course, it was not for sale, somebody was *wearing* it.

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23/4/17 14:34 (UTC)
executrix: (lady soul)
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A classic beige trenchcoat is also useful for job interviews because it's an upper middle class shibboleth.

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21/4/17 16:54 (UTC)
umadoshi: (hands full of books)
Posted by [personal profile] umadoshi
I hope the shopping goes/went well! *fingers crossed*

The Lies of Locke Lamora (and I think the next two books) is on my TBR bookcase! So many people love it. I really need to get to it.

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21/4/17 17:15 (UTC)
wendelah1: woman holding shopping bags (shopping)
Posted by [personal profile] wendelah1
Have fun!

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22/4/17 01:27 (UTC)
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Oooh, ink testing sounds fun.

W00t, new duds! Have fun shopping for clothes!

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22/4/17 16:46 (UTC)
monanotlisa: (victor dollface - dollhouse)
Posted by [personal profile] monanotlisa
Yeah, I remember Dollhouse not being a fic-y fandom -- good quality of what there was, though!


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