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1. Gotham is back!

Oh, baby Bruce, you are my favorite Batman ever.

I love that Nygma spent the entire episode essentially pining for Penguin. He missed him so much he deliberately forced himself to hallucinate Penguin. That musical number was worth the price of admission.

I also loved that Lucius got to take center stage.

It's kinda sad how much more I love Gotham when Jim is off in the woods having barely any scenes.

2. Downton Abbey watch continues.

Oh, Edith. She is so strong. I cannot imagine (although I fear I may be asked to actually live in this world once again) how difficult it would be to consider having an abortion when it was so risky in terms of legality and the procedure itself being possibly dangerous. I'm really curious what will happen now that she's chosen not to have one. I wonder if she'll have a narratively convenient miscarriage.

I knew Mary and that research guy would start to get along. It's almost kissing time!

I am bored to death with Daisy and the other kitchen maid arguing over Alfred. That storyline needs to end.

Looks like Bates has put together who the rapist is.

Mrs. Hughes is so freaking badass the way she confronts the rapist. I think she might be my favorite character. Love her.

3. I got the sweetest letter from [personal profile] kaleecat and a sweet card and picture of L. from [personal profile] zulu and [personal profile] bell. L. is the cutest little man ever.

4. Sometimes parenting is awesome. Fiona is having her little graduation from daycare in a couple weeks, and they've taught her the cutest song. "I'm a little graduate. Aren't you proud of me?" Adorable.

5. I had started just riding the bike so I could read the whole time I'm exercising, but I decided I needed to start running again, too. The bike doesn't engage my core much or my arms at all, so I've gone back to running two miles or so and then following that with the bike.


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