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Still LifeStill Life by A.S. Byatt

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It continues following Frederica Potter as she goes to Cambridge as well as the other members of her family. The backdrop of this novel is Alexander writing a play about Van Gogh, and it's full of excerpts of Van Gogh's letters and discussions of his paintings. I also love the way Elizabeth David is mentioned several times throughout this text; her cookbooks are such a joy to read, almost like novels themselves. Still Life deals with the fallout of the events of the first novel in a very satisfying way and leaves me eager to begin the next book in the series.

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Grief is all over these books, especially grieving mothers for lost sons. There's also way more child harm in this second book than I expected. None that's part of the actual plot, more child harm that is talked about that Daniel comes across in the course of his job as a priest.

I started suspecting that Stephanie was going to die because she's not present in the prologue of either book, and she did. :( She was electrocuted reaching behind her refrigerator. When I was a kid, a teenager that went to the local high school died that way. He dropped something behind a freezer and reached back there to get it, and it electrocuted him. Anyway, I was sad for Stephanie to die.

I continue to love Frederica Potter fiercely. She wants so desperately to know and learn and be allowed to do what she wants in the way that all the young men she knows are going to be allowed to do what they want.

I love all the characters really. Marcus figures out how to live in the world, Daniel gets thrown out of his world entirely, and Alexander possibly becomes a father. It's complicated. LOL

Very excited to start reading the next one.

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7/5/17 03:41 (UTC)
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STEPHANIE NOOOOOOOO! I was so gobsmacked by that.

I started suspecting that Stephanie was going to die because she's not present in the prologue of either book

Heh, very perceptive!

Is the next one Babel Tower? I'll be interested to know what you think. I had a harder time getting into that one.

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7/5/17 22:38 (UTC)
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Heh heh, oh just wait. Man I mightily resented the meta-story for a while, but it comes together beautifully in about the last third of the book.

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8/5/17 00:20 (UTC)
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It's really well-done. I was very very moved by the end of the book. LOL, my Goodreads status updates are probably still available if you want to see them after you finish. I used to do them nearly page by page! It was fun.


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