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1. The organization I'm president of had its annual conference yesterday, and Josh and I have done pretty much all the conference planning and coordination for the past three years. I always get so nervous on the day of the conference, but everything went off without a hitch (well, except for the three presenters who didn't bother to show; I am totally starting a blacklist of people who do that shit and not accepting their paper proposals in the future; so unprofessional).

We always struggle with what to do on conference day because it's held on a campus an hour from where we live; we need to be there at 8 and we need to pick the kids up from school before the conference is over, which causes logistics problems. In past years, we've taken separate cars so Josh could drop kids off at school and leave the conference early to pick them up. This year, Emma was out of school because she's exempt from her exams. So a friend graciously volunteered to drop off and pick up Fiona, and Emma volunteered to stay with Fi and put her to bed, etc. I was so impressed with her! We got home and she had fed Fiona, given her a bath, and was starting to put her to bed. Everyone was happy and smiling. Emma had even washed a load of clothes, emptied the dishwasher and started to fill it back up again. I am so grateful for her, I can't even tell ya.

Josh is vice president which means he's supposed to be president next year, but nobody wanted to be vice president, so the board voted to keep me as president and Josh as vice president for one more year. Yay? *sigh* LOL So I've got at least two more years of planning this conference ahead of me.

2. Reviews of last week's Gotham:

I absolutely loved Ivy working so hard to save Selena. I haven't gone to AO3 yet, but if that didn't spawn some Ivy/Selena, then I despair for fandom. Loved seeing Dr. Strange again. Can't wait to see Nygma and Penguin interact as they hang side by side in their cages. That's going to be awesome.

I can't figure out why nobody just tells Lee what's going on. It makes no sense for them to hide any of this from her, and she could help them. If they just told her the truth, she wouldn't be so angry and suspicious. I am really getting bored with her plot line.

3. Reviews of the last two weeks of Lucifer:

In the episode from two weeks ago, I really loved Maze deciding to show up and masquerade as Chloe's wife. As much as she doesn't understand human culture, Maze understands that she and Chloe are friends, and she's trying her absolute best to be a good one. <3

The atmosphere of that exclusive school was so fascinating to me. "Exceptional child, exhausted mom." *full body shudder* I could never imagine sending my kid to a place where the adults are that out of touch with reality. My life is too short to be in some kind of competition with rich people who don't work over the intellectual abilities of our kids.

Loved the moment where Amenadiel sees how much pain Lucifer has to access to use the sword and becomes concerned. Other moments of note: Trixie is understandably messed up after her mom's brush with death, and Lucifer's marriage was quickly annulled.

In last week's episode, we have the inimitable Timothy Omundson playing God. Sort of. He turns out to not really be God but instead convinced he's God by an artifact. That man is such a good actor--perfect comedic timing, the whole works.

Maze cracked me up the entire episode. Amenadiel showing up and perving on the doctor was hilarious. I sense that we might be seeing more of this doctor as a potential love interest for Chloe.

Linda's reaction to meeting God was perfect; I loved the little bow. LOL

I absolutely adore this show. I know it bears little relationship to the comic and is therefore probably a huge disappointment to comics fans, but since I don't know anything about the comics, I think it's pretty close to the most perfect show on TV right now. Humor that isn't sitcom humor and that is tinged with enough pathos to pull on your heartstrings is an exceedingly rare commodity on TV now.

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22/5/17 02:49 (UTC)
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Hooray for Emma!

I'm glad the conference went smoothly, other than the no-show presenters. (UGH.)

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22/5/17 15:04 (UTC)
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Yeah, when I was involved with TBC (which was a volunteer con, not a professional one) we definitely made note of people who no-show'ed and took that into account when considering whether to accept their workshops the following year (if they submitted proposals again).

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23/5/17 16:37 (UTC)
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You're pretty kickass at this parenting thing. ^_^

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24/5/17 02:14 (UTC)
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I think the awesomeness of your kids is compelling evidence.


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