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Media Consumed

1. Into the Badlands finale!

Let's dispense with the meh to begin with. I am annoyed that Veil is dead. I mean, yes, it is totally badass that she pulls a John McClane and that she gets to be the one who kills Quinn. But her death is completely unnecessary.

I am also confused by how Baije got the book. The last we saw it, the Widow had it, and we weren't shown him pilfering it back. Also, they took him captive and didn't search him? Where was he hiding the book and the compass? In his robot stomach compartment?

I did like many things about this episode. The fight scenes were awesome. Man, this is a beautiful show. So glad that Tilda survived. I really liked her goodbye to Waldo, and I loved that her girl came to rescue her from prison. Really liked MK calling the Widow out on her bullshit, and I'm very pleased Baije and Lydia survived.

I'm guessing the next season will be about Asra contacting them. I wonder if it really will be a utopic escape or if the point will be to deflate the dream.

2. Gotham was really good this week.

I could watch Nygma and Penguin's uneasy truce for literally a million episodes. So funny and bittersweet. We could have had murder boyfriends, y'all.

I love Bullock so hard.

I knew that Bruce locking away his pain over his parents' death would be a bad idea. I mean, Batman is a big ole ball of angst. He can't lose that or he becomes not!Batman.

Alfred stabbing the Court of Owls Lady through the hand was so awesome. I love him so much. Loved the way he instantly believed Selena that the clone wasn't Bruce.

I'm glad they finally had Lee do something. I mean, I think it's a little unbelievable that all Jim Gordon's girlfriends turn evil, but okay. I wonder if the HarLEE Quinn theory I've seen floated for her will be true. I'm excited to see Morena Baccarin play a bad guy.

3. Lucifer was also really good.

Maze hurt my heart. At least Lucifer finally got the message that he really does have the power to hurt her. And their completely uninterrupted public showdown was hilarious.

Poor Linda. I feel so bad for her, but Maze always keeps her promises. She'll be alright.

I guess Mom really won't be sleeping with Dan anymore. "This metal plate on my stomach is for your protection, Dan. Do not remove it." LOL

I was super disappointed with Chloe's haute couture outfit. I mean, that actress is beautiful. She'd be gorgeous in overalls and a straw hat. But she looked like she was cosplaying Stevie Nicks. It also seemed like a weirdly young outfit for her to be wearing. I'd have loved to see her in Mom's dress.

Also, Amenadiel is the beloved one. Yay! That was such a sweet moment.