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1. Josh, Emma, and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 this week and loved it. I think I even liked it more than the first one.

I didn't like the soundtrack for this one as well as the first one, but that's just a personal preference and not a statement about the quality of the music.

This movie focused on a couple tropes that I really like: the idea that a character doesn't really want what she's been striving to obtain and the idea that the character has already had what she wants all along. Couple that with family of choice, and I'm a sucker.

I suspected that Peter's dad was going to be a letdown for him, but I was genuinely surprised that he was a villain. I suppose the name Ego should have been a big enough clue. LOL I love the moment when he just casually confesses that he deliberately killed Peter's mom, the stars literally go out of Peter's eyes, and Peter starts wailing on his dad. In many ways, Peter's choice here reminded me of Riker's dilemma in TNG when Q offers him membership in the club. Who doesn't want to live forever? Who doesn't want to be all-powerful? I mean, I think it's arguable that even if Peter had happily jumped on the bandwagon that Ego would have offed him eventually anyway, but Peter's moment of temptation ends when he sees Ego for what he truly is.

I like that the team is still not cohesive at the beginning of this film. These are damaged and abrasive people, and I think TV and movies err far too often on the side of showing us groups that think of themselves as family way too quickly. I'm glad they still have some kinks to iron out, and I'm glad that they all eventually realize that their bickering is indicative (among other things) of familial relationships developing (Rocket and Peter jockeying for power and control like brothers, Drax as the uncle with no filter who embarrasses everyone at dinner, etc).

I very much liked that Nebula and Gamorra are able to repair their relationship somewhat. My heart hurt imagining two little girls, both trying desperately to stay alive as they're tortured, Gamorra focused entirely on the surviving part and Nebula misunderstanding that as Gamorra rejecting her. Of course it's not going to occur to a child to deliberately lose a few times to spread the limb removal around a bit; that's a very adult kind of sacrifice, but I completely understand Nebula's anger and resentment.

I was most surprised by Rocket in this movie. In some ways, I think he's the character who gets the most development. When he and Yondu connect and recognize that they are self-destructive in the same ways (and also that they yearn for acceptance in the same ways), that is one of the most powerful moments of the whole movie. When you consider that all this is accomplished with voice acting and CGI, Rocket's character arc becomes even more amazing.

OMG, Yondu! What to say about Yondu? That he cares about Peter was clear from the first movie. That Peter cares for him is clear. That their relationship is dysfunctional in many ways is also clear. I love that Yondu clearly states that he deliberately saved Peter, that he saw Peter's siblings being murdered and didn't want that for Peter. I also love that he clearly states that he was teaching Peter what he needed to survive. Without Yondu's training, Peter wouldn't be a Guardian. And I can't tell you how much I cried when he died to save Peter. I'm tearing up just typing this. It's a small thing, but when Peter jokingly compares Yondu to Mary Poppins and then changes his mind and uses that to tell Yondu how much he loves him, *my heart my heart*. I love that Rocket contacts Yondu's Ravager buddies so that Yondu can get the send-off he deserves.

While everybody else is finding a family, Yondu's first mate is busy losing his. :( He loses all his crewmates from his friends to the assholes like TaserFace, and he loses his captain, too. I love that at the end, he's been absorbed into the group and there are hints that he can find a family with the Guardians.

I like that Drax gets more development in this movie. He is often the source of humor, but his character gets more depth than that. We get to see how much the loss of his family still hurts him. We also get to see him befriending someone and then saving her life, and even though it's played for a joke, Drax is depicted as someone who looks beyond superficial differences to someone's true character.

Other things what I loved: Baby Groot, gold people with bonus Ben Browder (OMG that gold lady was so freaking gorgeous), the humor (little moments like the gold people rolling out the carpet and it getting stuck).

I'm left with this question: Is Peter normal now? If he held the Infinity Stone now would he burn up? Ego tells him that without the existence of this light he'll be just like any other person, but I don't know what that means. The way I want to take it is that it means that Peter can't live forever or be a god and create worlds because there's no light left to fuel that enterprise, but he's still got some Extra to him from being part celestial. He could still hold the Infinity Stone briefly like before. What do y'all think?

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I really love the movie too. Saw it a few weeks ago, might need to see it again after reading this post, which is basically a list of all the things I loved about it. <3

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I loved this - and yeah, agreed with everything you said. The funeral even made me tear up a bit!

Not sure what I think about Peter now - I think yeah, he's still human+, because I think that's in his DNA or whatever rather than from the planet.

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I'm so glad you liked it! I agree with all of what you said! I adored this movie so much (families of choice, gruff mentors reluctantly bonding with their equally reluctant adopted sorta-kids, and people choosing the flawed real world over a utopian fantasy are all big iddy buttons of mine, and the combination of humor and heartfelt feelings has always my kryptonite). It got me fannish about the MCU for the first time in years, and I think it's one of my two favorite movies in the whole franchise (Winter Soldier being the other one, as incredibly different as that one was). I've already seen it twice and may end up seeing it a third time.

It's a small thing, but when Peter jokingly compares Yondu to Mary Poppins and then changes his mind and uses that to tell Yondu how much he loves him, *my heart my heart*.

Ahhhhh! I loved that scene! I love how despite this movie never actually using the word "love" (at least in the sense of characters directly saying it to each other), it's really a movie that's about love in all its different forms, and contains so many different instances of characters saying "I love you" in various creative/funny/heartbreaking ways: besides that one, other favorites include "I just wanted my sister!" "I'm not leaving without him ... I'm not leaving without you." "If you ever tell anyone [I danced with you], I'll kill you", and of course "He may have been your father, but he wasn't your daddy" -- aaaaugh help THE FEELS.

I assumed Peter was ordinary mortal at the end of the movie now that the planet is gone, but now that I'm thinking about it, I think people could tell he was biologically different (isn't there a line or two about that in the first movie, that his biological makeup is something weird?) so he might definitely still have something extra hanging around. I would love to see that explored in fic, if nothing else.
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Is it okay if people only have movie knowledge and no comics knowledge?

It is 10000% okay! :D I have only the vaguest passing knowledge of the comics, and I don't really like comics Peter all that much (whereas he is one of my absolute faves in the movies, sweet dorky Hufflepuff that he is) so no worries on that front. :D

I think I am going to try to see it a THIRD time before its run ends! If I do that it'll only be the third movie I've ever done that for (the other ones were Sixth Sense and Winter Soldier).

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Is the child harm stuff really explicit?

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Thank you for fleshing that out for me; much appreciated.

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Ugh I love this movie so much! And I cried like a baby over Nebula and Gamorra


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