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1. Emma, Josh and I watched Suicide Squad on HBO. It was alright.

I certainly liked parts of the movie very much. I loved the aesthetic; the way everything looked was very well done. The soundtrack was stellar. The humor also worked for me.

What did not work: the pacing seemed off. The Enchantress at the end looked really silly; she kept gyrating around all weird while she was talking to them, and it was unintentionally funny. Diablo says he doesn't want to lose another family and yet at no point do we see the Squad becoming a family. It wasn't earned at that point.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie were the best things about this film.

2. Josh and I went to see Alien Covenant today. We both really liked it, but we both also really liked Prometheus so take that as your fair warning. LOL

Those first two Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver, those really scared me. I genuinely like all of them (yes, even the Joss Whedon one), but the rest don't scare me. Covenant takes it back to genuine horror for me, and not so much because of the aliens.

It deeply horrifies me that Shaw survived the worst time of her life and survived it like a bad ass, too. She set out with David who she thinks is her ally. I watched a two minute little bridge between Prometheus and Covenant that shows her rebuilding him and them bonding and him lovingly putting her into cryo and telling her that when she wakes they'll have some answers, etc. And then we find out that he experimented on her, killed her in one of the most horrible ways possible, to further his agenda of creating the perfect life form. I am so so so so disturbed by that revelation.

His last conversation with Shaw before putting her in cryo is very similar to the last conversation he has with Daniels before he puts her in cryo, and now he's got her and Tennessee and two thousand people plus plenty of embryos to experiment with.

I wondered at first why he didn't just stay where they were, and then I realized that if he continues on to the colony site, he can just message Earth and tell them to send more Happy Meals.

I think it's a cool touch that David is responsible for engineering the aliens to be the way they look/are in the first movies.

I also think that the movie is an interesting statement on forbidden knowledge. Ultimately Shaw is denied any chance to find out who seeded Earth and why because David kills them all. Granted, they're shown having outposts in Prometheus, so conceivably some of those beings might still be living somewhere, but he destroyed the most likely chance of answering the questions that Weyland and Shaw and the other humans in the series want to know. This is knowledge we can't have.

Excellent addition to the franchise.

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Will Smith and Margot Robbie were the best things about this film

100% agree! I also really enjoyed Viola Davis' take on Amanda Waller. :D


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