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1. I have a cold. *whines* This is particularly annoying because I can't take any medicine for it. I have yet to find cold medicine that doesn't have citric acid in it. :(

2. Writing on the novel is going really well. I'm really enjoying myself and having fun stretching my writing muscles. I'm hoping to have a rough draft done by August, but we'll see. We're doing a lot of traveling in July.

3. Lucifer finale: I was absolutely shocked that Mom hurt Linda. That really drove home how different she is from her children. I loved Amenadiel reaching inside and finding his powers again to save her. I also loved the resolution to her story arc. I was afraid that Lucifer was going to have to kill her, but instead she gets her own universe to shape as she will. I love, love, love that she is the light of creation (let there be light). I also thought it was nice that Charlotte gets to live (although she's going to be in some legal trouble LOL). I have no idea what's going on with Lucifer waking up in the desert with his wings back. Can't wait to find out.

4. Gotham finale: OMG, everything about this episode was kind of amazing. I'm sorry that Fish and Barbara are dead. I really enjoy both their characters. Of course, now that we've got Lazarus Pools in canon, who knows if they'll stay dead. I'm really glad Butch isn't dead forever as well and will come back as a new villain at some point. Loved Selina and Tabitha teaming up. Loved Lee finally going evil (Morena Baccarin is sooooooo hot). The Harvey/Jim was off the scale in this episode. Harvey loves Jim so hard. Everything about Penguin and Nygma was amazing. I love that Nygma thinks he's pulling one over on Penguin, and the whole time, Penguin's just playing him. Everyone in the house was squeeing during that scene.

And finally, for the best part ever, Alfred loves Bruce!!!!!!!! And Alfred's love for Bruce is his north star, and it brings Bruce back to himself. I cried like a million times in this episode.

I really like that for all the characters, the overarching theme is identity: who am I? who do I want to be? what am I going to stand for? what's important to me?

Those questions were addressed for all the characters, even the minor ones, in really satisfying ways.

Also, my lordy does Alexander Siddig just get hotter and hotter the older he gets.

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I don't take cold medication when I get a cold. I use my inhaler and take Mucinex. It doesn't list citric acid as an inactive ingredient.

I hope you feel better soon.

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I hope you'll feel better soon!


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