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1. Emma's baby fan musings crack me up. Yesterday, she told me she hates incest pairings (although she has to admit it makes a great deal of sense for SPN), and that while people should be able to write what they want, they should do it away from her. LOL I told her that's why God made the back button. She also told me she doesn't get why people ship pairings that don't have a lot of subtext or canonical support, especially the characters that don't interact in canon. She has gotten waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay into Undertale--as in Undertale is all she's been able to talk about for what seems like our entire lives at this point--and she cited some examples from that video game. I told her she'd have to just take my word for it that those stories can be a lot of fun.

She told me she's not really looking for fanfic right now because she'd probably have to wade through too many fics written by 11 year olds with horrible SPAG.

And then she closed by telling me that one time she accidentally found some drawings of skeleton porn where they had ectoplasm genitals which is the funniest thing ever.

2. Downton Abbey watch continues. Edith trying to be part of her daughter's life breaks my heart. I understand why the farmer's wife is so suspicious of Edith; she's accepted this girl as her own daughter, adopted her, and Edith is being super weird and clingy if you don't know that the girl is really her child. At this point, I don't see why the farmer's wife can't just be let in on the secret.

Lord Grantham is such an ass. Like, he has redeeming qualities, but he is such an ass, especially to Tom.

I love that Daisy is learning so well from Miss Bunting and that she's a good teacher. I remain skeptical that she's right for Tom, though. She does seem needlessly abrasive and rude.

I loved Carson saying he always wanted to be on the same side with Mrs. Hughes. *swoons*

Finally, I think Mary's plan to get away with Lord G to see if they're compatible is a great one. I hope it doesn't blow up in her face.

3. Fiona's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be four!!!!!!!

4. I am exhausted in the last two weeks, like way more than usual. My energy levels have been good for awhile, and I'm wondering if my thyroid levels have dropped. I hesitate to move up my August 31 endocrinologist appointment; I've done so every year for the past three years when I've had worsening symptoms, and the tests have always come back with a "Nah, not sick enough for us to do anything" verdict. I'm on the verge of starting my period, so I'm wondering if that's a factor. If I don't start to feel better in the next week, I guess I will up the appointment. I just feel so beat, and working out is a chore. :( This is definitely not normal.

5. I am done teaching for the semester! Whoooo! Grades are turned in, and now all I have to do is relax and work on the novel.

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23/6/17 21:11 (UTC)
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23/6/17 21:47 (UTC)
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I told her that's why God made the back button.

*cackle* Ain't that the truth. XD

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23/6/17 21:49 (UTC)
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\o/ Yay, done teaching! I still have two weeks to go - counting down the days...

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23/6/17 22:51 (UTC)
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Forgot to say over at LJ: did you see about the Downton Abbey movie? Yeah, Downton Abbey movie. FFA's wishlist includes "horrible death for Bates" and "cute boyfriend for Thomas."

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24/6/17 00:56 (UTC)
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i'm so behind on internet slang, what is "SPAG?"
Edited 24/6/17 00:57 (UTC)

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24/6/17 02:02 (UTC)
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LOL I told her that's why God made the back button.

*hearts you with a thousand hearts*

So sorry you're exhausted! :-( *hugs*

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24/6/17 02:19 (UTC)
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Congrats on the end of the semester! yay novel writing!

My 7-year-old (tomorrow) has the same birthday as your daughter.

Ectoplasm genitals: definitely the name of my future ska band.

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24/6/17 06:03 (UTC)
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Ectoplasm...genitals... o_O Um.

Happy birthday to Fiona!

*hugs* I hope your energy starts coming back now that the semester's over. And yay for being free to write!

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24/6/17 10:06 (UTC)
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First of all: yay for the end of the semester and for finding time to write - my tactic works as well.

Happy Birthday to Fiona!

And I also hope that your energy levels start coming back soon, so you can use it for the stuff you enjoy!

Oh, and can I say that I'd like to wave a banner saying "that's why God invented the back button" over large portions of fandom over in the other place *coughs*?

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25/6/17 13:09 (UTC)
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Yay for end of semester! Good luck relaxing and writing. (I hope your exhaustion eases up so you can actual do all the stuff.)

Happy Birthday to Fiona!

It's awesome that Em has a 'fandom elder' to guide her through the pitfalls so she doesn't get slammed on, say, Tumblr.

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25/6/17 14:21 (UTC)
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What is this thing called "relax"?

I am about to end Summer I and the hiring committee I'm on has almost completed its task. Now I get to decide whether I want to do some freelance or actually take some time to give my own filing cabinet and etc. the same dutiful consideration I gave to my late aunt's papers over the last year.

Skeleton porn? Oh, dear! Your daughter sounds adorable.


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