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Let's do a silly meme.

Tell me about the episode (or book chapter) that never appeared in one of your fandoms but should have.

Here's mine.

Buffy: I always wished that Buffy's dad had showed up again after Joyce's death. I found his complete disregard of his children horrific, and while I didn't want him to be redeemed at all, I wanted him to show up at least once again so Buffy could tell him off for abandoning her.

Firefly: I would have liked a trip home for one of the crew, maybe to meet Kaylee's parents or Jayne's siblings or Mal's extensive network of female cousins.

Star Trek TNG: I really wanted more episodes with Beverly and Deanna being besties. I would have especially loved an episode where they were trapped on a planet and in survival mode or spent the episode with only each other to rely on.

What about you?

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19/7/17 00:37 (UTC)
dariaw: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] dariaw
Those would all be great!

I especially would relish Mal's cousins embarrassing him and Zoe loving it.

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19/7/17 02:08 (UTC)
executrix: (adopted)
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Well, I'm always convinced by my own headcanons even if they're contradictory, so I'm persuaded that Inara's mom was a hardware store heiress and her dad an over-the-hill Companion. Except I'm also convinced that she's a terrible snob and she's kind of embarrassed by her hick-from-the-sticks parents, who are awed but not very comfortable with her. I do think of being a Companion as a means of social mobility, like being a movie star in RL. And it's true that Katharine Hepburn and Clare Boothe and Grace Kelly were socialites, but a lot more movie stars came from working class or lower-middle-class families.

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19/7/17 13:55 (UTC)
executrix: (crazy for trying)
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Being a Companion is a lot of work! So if you come from the upper crust and your grandma can arrange a marriage with Richo McPlutocrat, you might prefer that to working for a living. Whereas if otherwise you'd be working a tofu shop or having a small rice farm and marry the least unattractive of the fifteen guys you ever meet in your life, being a Companion is a step up.

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19/7/17 02:02 (UTC)
karmageddon: (Default)
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I have no ideas tonight but I enjoyed reading these.

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19/7/17 03:02 (UTC)
musyc: Bobby Singer from Supernatural, animated icon captioned "awesome" (Supernatural: Bobby awesome)
Posted by [personal profile] musyc
Leverage: MEET NANA.

Or Supernatural, more episodes from other POVs. Weekend at Bobby's is probably my favorite episode of all time. (Crowley? Cas? Jo? Kevin? MOAR.)

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19/7/17 03:20 (UTC)
sholio: Peter and Neal from White Collar - Neal's hand on Peter's shoulder (WhiteCollar-Neal hand on Peter's shoulde)
Posted by [personal profile] sholio
The Firefly going-home episode sounds amazing. I'd love to have gotten something like that.

The White Collar cast used to talk in interviews about two dream episodes they would like to do as actors, one of which was a road trip episode, and the other was a bottle episode that was just Peter and Neal stuck in an elevator, vault, or something of that nature for the entire episode. I will always be sad and annoyed that the show was too in love with its heist-of-the-week formula to ever do either of these.

Flash is still ongoing so some of my dream episodes might yet happen, but one of them has been made impossible by canon developments. I *really* wanted an episode in which two particular characters who can't stand each other were forced to work together and develop a grudging respect for each other, and I'll never get that now because one of them is dead.

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19/7/17 13:51 (UTC)
executrix: (aletheia)
Posted by [personal profile] executrix
I'm actually sort of surprised there was no bottle episode of White Collar--it's a traditional end-of-season tactic when the budget is running out!

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19/7/17 10:04 (UTC)
kerkevik_2014: (I Can't Believe It's Not Canon!)
Posted by [personal profile] kerkevik_2014
There was a continuation where we got to see a bit of Jayne's backstory and visited Kaylee's parents. Not sure if it's still up, but I have what was produced printed up somewhere. I will try to find it for you if you want.

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19/7/17 11:32 (UTC)
china_shop: Neal, Peter and Elizabeth smiling (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] china_shop
Thank you for this meme! <3 <3 <3

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21/7/17 03:16 (UTC)
archersangel: (hufflepuff sheep)
Posted by [personal profile] archersangel
i agree with your buffy one.

for mine; i wanted a Q episode of ENT. one with guinan who's sort of wandering around, stuff happens & someone suggest that she should be a bartender because she's good at listening to people's troubles. i wanted trip & reed to share quarters for some reason and drive each other up the wall a la the odd couple.

i really wanted a musical episode of stargate:sg-1.

for the original ghostbusters i wanted to see the interview process of the people who came in before winston (judging by janine bored reading of the qualifications, he was at least the 200th person) and janine complaining to the guys about "every crank, weirdo & nut job in the five boroughs" coming in. and someone, maybe ray, suggest that she use her best judgment and her introducing the applicant to the guys is the code for she thinks this one is ok. winston is the first (reasonably) sane (she think you have to a little crazy to want the job) person to ask about the job.

i want to see something about that 18 month, or so, gap in time between star wars: an new hope & the empire strikes back. that comment han bad about running into a bounty hunter seemed interesting. i think some novel(s) covered it, but i want to see it.

what could be an interesting meme; what chapter of a book or episode (or even season) of a tv show to you (the general you) wish never happened


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