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Oh, man. These last two episodes have been magnificent. So many people are complaining about the pacing, and I don't know what they're on about. I am so so happy to get some movement forward on these story arcs.

Episode 2

Arya is going North! She's reintroduced to Nymeria who elects not to go with her. I'm sure we'll see Nymeria gnawing on some white walkers though. Arya reunites with Hot Pie! He is certain to be killed as he unwisely announces that he's a survivor. :(

Sansa is ruler of the North in John's absence! Whooo! Love Brienne's little smile.

"Touch my sister, and I'll kill you myself." Oh, yes, please.

Absolutely love Asha and Ellaria flirting.

Missandei and Grey Worm finally get it on!

"Be a dragon." Oh, how I love the Queen of Thorns.

I adore that Sam goes ahead and tries to heal Ser Jorah and that he's doing it for Mormont. I don't know if GRRM named him as a deliberate homage, but Samwell Tarley is certainly the Samwise Gamgee of this series. Such deep courage. Since Jaime is all cozying up to Sam's dad, I suspect that prefigures a showdown between father and son.

I like that both Sansa and Jon see Tyrion as a good person.

Cersei's speech about Dany reminded me so much of the way Republicans talk about people from other nations in today's political climate. The way she reframed the killing of the masters at Slaver's Bay and called on her audience's racism and xenophobia would not be out of place in the current administration. Cersei's black arrow will most certainly kill at least one of the dragons. :(

Of course, Euron destroys Asha's fleet. At least she's still alive. I really hope that Theon can find some way to redeem himself in his own eyes. I don't care what the others think of him; I want him to find some peace for himself.

Episode 3

Oh, man. I am so delighted. So, so delighted. I cannot wait until Jon and Dany find out they're kin. Clearly, surviving the dragon will be the proof Dany needs because who's going to believe Bran, bless his little weirdo heart, without some proof.

"She's starting to let on." Hell, yeah, she is. Go, Sansa, being a kickass and thoughtful ruler.

"This is Jon Snow." I love that Jon and Ser Davos just have zero bullshit in them. Like none.

"You look a lot better at brooding than I do." Love Tyrion and Jon's rapport.

Cersei's revenge was pretty awesome.

"A comfortable familiar monster like my sister." I forget the context in which this is said, but I love that the cracks are finally starting to become too prominent to spackle over for Jaime. That sex scene was definitely a call-back to the one in the Sept, just with Jaime reluctant this time. Loved that the ladies in waiting have adopted Cersei's pixie cut.

Sansa and Bran are reunited! Poor Bran. From the first book, I have wanted him to escape losing himself as the three-eyed raven, but he's already mostly gone.

"I just started feeling better." Ha, ha. "I read the book and followed the instructions." Oh, Samwell. *beams*

I absolutely love that Tyrion gets them into Casterly Rock through the sewers. He has always been so underestimated.

Olenna's last scene was masterful. I will miss her character so much. I'm glad the truth is out about Joffrey's death. I wonder what Jaime and Cersei will think now that they know Tyrion and Sansa had nothing to do with his death.

I can't believe we only have three more episodes!

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I agree -- I was so frustrated with the last two books and their slow pacing; I'm not going to complain about rapid pacing here . . . just wish we were getting the whole final season in one go.


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