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1. The students have asked me to be the faculty advisor for the Anime Club. I am going to decline. I feel bad for saying no, but I cannot go up to campus one day every week and watch anime with them for three hours (EVERY WEEK), and I am not going to supervise lock-ins. Um, ever. So, I'm flattered they asked me (this is what I get for talking about Dragonball Z and Inuyasha with my World Lit 1 class), but I am not prepared for that kind of time commitment.

2. This is Fiona's second week of school. We got a note sent home last week that she had hit a kid while standing in line. Why? we asked her. Because it was time to go, and he wouldn't move. Yesterday, I got a call from the school because Fiona has pinched a kid who tried to usurp her turn at the smart table. At least we don't have to worry about her having Emma's problem with being assertive. *jazz hands*

3. I got a letter from [profile] kayleecat. I love getting unexpected correspondence. :)

4. GoT finale on Sunday! Yay! I have to get my reviews typed up for the last two episodes before it airs. brief, spoilery speculation )

5. Academical people who do book reviews, how do you get that process started? Do you just cold email a publisher or something? How does that work? I'd like to do some reviews, I think.
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1. The organization I'm president of had its annual conference yesterday, and Josh and I have done pretty much all the conference planning and coordination for the past three years. I always get so nervous on the day of the conference, but everything went off without a hitch (well, except for the three presenters who didn't bother to show; I am totally starting a blacklist of people who do that shit and not accepting their paper proposals in the future; so unprofessional).

We always struggle with what to do on conference day because it's held on a campus an hour from where we live; we need to be there at 8 and we need to pick the kids up from school before the conference is over, which causes logistics problems. In past years, we've taken separate cars so Josh could drop kids off at school and leave the conference early to pick them up. This year, Emma was out of school because she's exempt from her exams. So a friend graciously volunteered to drop off and pick up Fiona, and Emma volunteered to stay with Fi and put her to bed, etc. I was so impressed with her! We got home and she had fed Fiona, given her a bath, and was starting to put her to bed. Everyone was happy and smiling. Emma had even washed a load of clothes, emptied the dishwasher and started to fill it back up again. I am so grateful for her, I can't even tell ya.

Josh is vice president which means he's supposed to be president next year, but nobody wanted to be vice president, so the board voted to keep me as president and Josh as vice president for one more year. Yay? *sigh* LOL So I've got at least two more years of planning this conference ahead of me.

2. Reviews of last week's Gotham:

spoilers )

3. Reviews of the last two weeks of Lucifer:

spoilers )
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1. Gotham is such a fun show. I am enjoying the hell out of this season. SPOILERS )

2. So glad Lucifer is back! I love this show so hard. SPOILERS )

3. Into the Badlands is almost done for this season. I have to tell you how much I appreciate the color palette of this show. After years of SPN and Angel (the last season of which was so dark that I often couldn't make out what was happening on screen) and shows like Gotham which are shot in blue and slate grey and black, I love watching a show that is saturated with vibrant and rich color. Last night's episode in particular was really pretty. SPOILERS )

4. Downton Abbey watch continues after a bit of a hiatus for us all to travel and conduct concerts and etc. SPOILERS )

5. I got a bathing suit! It's a size 10! It's a little snug under the arms, but bathing suits always stretch out a little if you swim regularly, so I don't think that will last long. I will post a picture soon. :)

6. I am finally done with this semester. Yay! Now I can start getting my class ready for this summer. I'm also going to do the responsible thing and get my classes ready for fall now so that I have nothing to do in that week leading up to fall semester beginning again. *nods decisively*

I have big plans for a productive summer. I want to go to the gym every day, swim most days, and have dedicated time to read books for pleasure, work on my class, and write.

This past semester teaching the senior level class was so wonderful. I've been teaching freshman and sophomore classes for more than a decade now, and while I truly do enjoy teaching those classes, they aren't really challenging anymore. The senior class was challenging; it was overwhelming; I had to be constantly reading, and I was constantly learning new things, and I felt so vital and alive and fucking good at my job. I think finally getting back into reading for pleasure helped with this, too. I'm reading all these Byatt novels which are full of the joy of writing and scholarship and talking with people about ideas and the glory of learning things, and I have felt brimful of intellectual energy, and I don't want to lose this feeling. I want to keep the momentum up. My chair said that I will probably get another senior level class next spring, so I want to try my best to keep this feeling stoked in the interim.
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1. Josh had his endoscopy/colonoscopy yesterday. Everything went fine, and the doctor saw nothing immediately apparently wrong. Now we have to wait on the biopsies. On the one hand, I am thrilled that nothing is immediately apparently wrong. On the other, I am envisioning a drawn out process in which we may not even be able to figure out what the problem is. *sigh* I want a tricorder, dammit, and I want it now.

2. I have been reading like my old self again! It's wonderful! I read all of The Girl with All the Gifts yesterday, just devoured it in one go like Lorraine of Yore. And then I read some random poetry (oh, Anne Sexton, Transformations is such a glorious, glorious work; thank you for it). Feels nice.

3. I cleared a bunch of work stuff off my plate this past week, and I intend to get everything caught up and squared away over this upcoming week which is spring break. I wrote the forward to the next edition of the peer-reviewed journal attached to the academic org I'm president of this year; that was fun. I also went through and changed the pagination on almost all of my notes for 1102 as the text I'm teaching from went to a new edition; that was much less fun.

4. I've been writing on my autoimmune disorder memoir! I actually have an idea for the shape of the thing, and I've been putting down words. I still can't seem to get the hang of writing on it every day, but I am writing on it.

5. My Leuchtturm1917 arrived! It is beautiful, and it smells delicious just like [personal profile] elfin said it would. I did the title page with mandala corners and a quote from Margaret Atwood's "Spelling."

 photo 0304171022.jpg
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1. So, I had the idea to chop up mint and freeze it in ice cubes to flavor my water. 100% WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. I had good intentions; mint is fairly perishable, and I was trying to think of a way to avoid having to frequently purchase it and/or wasting spoiled mint. What did not occur to me is that when the ice cube melts, I am left with a glass full of tiny mint particles that makes drinking water kinda difficult. I do like the way the water tastes, though, so I think I might experiment with freezing a whole leaf per ice cube to avoid this issue.

2. Gluten free bread is almost always frozen, and slices are a pain to get apart. Pro-tip: when you get home from the store, the bread will be a bit soft and the slices come apart much more easily. At this point, take the whole loaf apart and separate with parchment paper. Then when you refreeze, nothing is stuck together!

3. We were told that pretty soon financial aid (as in federal, nothing our school is deciding) is going to dictate which classes students can take, as in it will not pay for courses that are not part of a student's declared program of study. So, there you have it--the federally mandated end of intellectual curiosity. I mean, I realize that given our economy and the rising cost of higher education, students have been indulging their intellectual curiosity less and less anyway. Who can justify paying for a class that doesn't count for her program of study? I get that. But it feels different for the federal government to specify which classes students can and can't take. :(
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1. [personal profile] antares_dw made beautiful cover art for my J/D Ficathon story. You can see it HERE. *squee* Very few times have I been given art for a story, so this is extra special. :)

2. Josh has logged into both his online classes and reports that they don't look as scary as he thought they might. Yay! I think getting a couple weeks under his belt will help him become more confident.

3. How sad are you that [community profile] paperjournals is a defunct community? Not as sad as I am. This looks like it was a really cool comm in its heyday; lots of posts of beautiful journals, pages inside journals, journal projects. I have recently gotten super into looking for planners, notebooks, fountain pens, paper suitable for fountain pen use, etc., online and would love to play around in a comm devoted to that. Some of the people posting there were super creative. If anybody wants to talk paper goods, pens, pencils, art supplies, etc., I am happy to have that conversation (although I will politely not get it if you wax enthusiastic about the washi tape).

4. Although we've already had two weeks of department meetings, committee meetings, and the mad rush to get syallabi and online components finalized, today was the first day back at school, and I am so glad for it. I've been ready to get back to a regular work week since June. I am one of those people who do not do terribly well with a lot of downtime. Lacking a regular schedule is not good for my mental health and allows me to indulge my worst habits. I am excited about the start of the semester, looking forward to my classes, and really optimistic about getting a lot of work done. In the past few years, I've been teaching two classes online and two in the classroom; this has allowed me to arrange my schedule where I only have to be on campus three days a week. While fun in many ways, this schedule is not conducive to me getting much beyond what I need to do for teaching accomplished. This semester, I'm on campus four days a week and think I will be much more productive for it. I've got a senior level class to prep for and some publications to get out there; it'll be time to apply for full professor before I know it.

5. A friend's post about her relationship with her parents has got me thinking about mine. I don't know if you guys remember my post from earlier in the summer where my dad yelled at me, but he and mom really hurt my feelings. After we left their house, I didn't speak to them for weeks, and pretty much the next time we talked was for them to tell me that dad was sick and getting tests to figure out what was wrong. So I feel this futile mixture of guilty for being angry at him and not speaking to him since he's sick and really angry because he never acknowledged hurting my feelings, will never acknowledge hurting my feelings or apologize for it, and will probably do the same thing again at which point I get to decide if the man potentially dying of cancer gets a get-out-of-jail-free card for being an ass or if I want to press the point of how treating your grown daughter like that is Not Acceptable. I also had a realization about that incident which made me even angrier about it; what set off the tirade was (no lie) that Josh and I did not agree with Mom and Dad that Mark Hamill looks deformed in the closing shot of TFA. That led to Dad hollering about how Josh had been so ugly to Mom all weekend and talking down to her (he had not), and I realized today that right before we watched the movie, Mom had been reading the paper and she started talking about that kid that was attacked by an alligator at Disney. I asked her politely a couple times to stop talking about it because I have serious issues with child death and I get caught in thought loops where I can't stop thinking about it. I had been having intrusive thoughts about this situation the whole car trip down after hearing NPR reporting and had trouble sleeping the night before because I couldn't stop thinking about it. She. Would. Not. Stop. Talking. About. It. Finally, Josh snapped at her and asked her to please stop talking about it in a Not Nice Tone of Voice. *shakes head* I can't imagine continuing to talk about something after my child told me it was harming her.

6. In other parental news, Josh's mom had a nice ER visit last week. She did not have a heart attack, but she had something called acute coronary syndrome which was not explained to her beyond, "You did not have a heart attack." She had a heart cath and had no blockages (which yay). They also did not set her up with a follow-up with a cardiologist. So she's getting that taken care of this week so she can figure out what happened to her and how to proceed from here.
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My recipient did write a letter and it is fantastic and inspiring, and in an unprecedented Yuletide miracle, I am almost done with my story. *glee* Who is this Lorraine, and what have you done with the original? LOL I still have to type up what I've handwritten and rewatch part of canon to confirm small details, but this puppy is largely done. I am extremely pleased with myself.

I am going to try to write some treats this year (Minority Report is definitely on the list) as well as finish up fic I owe people for being unbelievably awesome to me. What fandoms do y'all think I should try to treat?

In other unprecedented news, Faculty Senate was only 50 minutes this morning (seriously, this is mind boggling). I also had an excellent lunch with a colleague I am excited about cultivating a friendship with. She accepted our invitation to dinner in a few weeks as did the chair of our department and some other colleagues who are fast friends. I am so looking forward to hosting a dinner party. We used to frequently do so before Fi entered the picture, and I really miss it. We're going to do gumbo (Josh makes excellent, excellent gumbo) and potato salad with appetizers and cocktails first. I'll probably go easy on myself and just do a nice charcuterie plate instead of trying to cook something because the hour before everyone arrives will have been spent putting Fi to bed.

But I get to pick out which dishes to use! And the crystal! And linens and little cocktail napkins! OMG, that's my favorite part--polishing my salt cellar spoons and getting out the soup tureen and picking out the table runner. *dreamy sigh* I adore a beautiful table so freaking much.

What's going on with y'all? Talk to me, friends. :)
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As I am the only one of you with a two year old (I think), I hope that reference passes blessedly over your heads. :)

The conference I have been planning went off without a hitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent all last night on the verge of throwing up because I was so afraid something would go wrong, but it looked great and the food was good and the tech didn't break and my chair and the president of the college were there and complimentary (whoooooo!) and my idea for plant centerpieces that then turned into door prizes went over extremely well. We had really cool bags and some seriously nice swag (Don't worry; I have handwritten thank you notes to everyfuckingbody who even breathed in the vicinity of this project). *beams* We made a teensy profit, even. And I got voted the vice president of the association based on this awesomeness which will turn into the presidency the year after.

And now it's all over, and I can start working on next year.


*pours glass of wine*


(Who wants to talk about Penny Dreadful? GoT? Mother's Day fine dining in Decatur? All the money we just spent in Savannah? I would be willing to talk about these things.)
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1. I was supposed to up my daily step count to 13,000 on the 9th, but that was our spring break, so I only managed to meet that goal for the first three days of the week. I decided not to worry so much about my count for the remainder of the week because I wanted to actually enjoy being on spring break (which for me involves a great deal of lounging around). I did manage to walk 10,000 steps or more the rest of the week, though, so win! CUT FOR TALK OF WEIGHT LOSS )

2. My perfume samples have arrived from Surrender to Chance! Emma and I have a pact that I won’t test scents without her, so I have resorted to uncapping the vial of Comme des Garcons Black every chance I get and sniffing my fingers surreptitiously for hours afterwards. OMG, y’all, I can’t wait to get this on my skin. On my fingers, at least, it smells like salt and vetiver and the most amazing incense and leather like I’ve always wanted a “leather” perfume to smell like but never has before. I haven’t been this excited about a perfume since I uncapped Chanel Sycomore. I really, really hope this smells as amazing on me as I want it to. *glee glee glee*

3. Josh and I are coordinating a conference and we rock. We are doing amazing work, my friends, which we are cementing by hand writing thank you notes to everyone who helps us because Lorraine is no fool. :) We also each got glowing work evaluations and today received notice that our institution will be upgraded to university status come July. In a few months, I will be a tenured Associate Professor of English at a four year research institution! Keep your fingers crossed for Josh as he’ll go up for tenure in the fall. I think things are looking good, but it’s always nerve wracking.

4. Today, Fiona and I were playing outside and she started petting this cat statue we have on the doorstep. And then she said while grinning like a loon (OMG, if I had gotten a video, we’d be internet famous right now): Soft kitty, warm kitty, wittle ball fur, happy kitty, seepy kitty, purr purr purr purr purr (lots of purrs).
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1. We are 100% student loan free! We finally paid off Josh's final student loan this week! Yay! I am eternally grateful that I did not have any student loans and that Josh's were not extremely large (I don't remember the exact total, but 20,000 or less, probably less, all together). If I'd had loans as well, we'd still be looking at a decade or more of repayment.

2. On Monday, I upped my step goal to 11,000 a day and have met that goal every day since. In two weeks, I'll up it again to 12,000, and that's when things will get interesting. As long as I go to the gym every day, the 10,000-11,000 range is not hard to hit. I was frequently walking around 11,000 when my goal was just 10,000. But 12,000 plus is either going to require me to be at the gym for longer than an hour or for me to sneak in bits of exercise elsewhere. I may have to actually use the stairs instead of the elevator. :/ I almost always take the elevator because of my knees and because I'm really unsteady on stairs and genuinely fear falling (which I last did, *TWICE*, when I was pregnant with Fiona), but ever since someone years ago who went to the gym at the same time I did made a snarky comment about why I would take the elevator if I was trying to get in shape, I fear people are judging me for my elevator use. Anyway, we'll see how challenging 12,000 is when we get there. My ultimate goal is 15,000 a day, but I don't know how sustainable that will be over time.

3. I was wearing Chanel Coromandel earlier this week, and Josh had a perfume swoon. He kept trying to get up in my neck and sniff me like he was auditioning for a part in a werewolf soulbond AU. I suppose this makes up for his inexplicable and utter distaste for BPAL's Bewitched, which Emma and I both loved--glorious blackberries and sage. Really, really pretty.

4. I contacted a scholar in my field whose work I have admired for 15 years now for some help in acquiring a special edition of a journal and have heard nothing back. I'm not surprised, but I am a little disappointed. Dear Scholar, There's like less than 20 of us who have ever written about this author and only about five who are doing so regularly. I had kinda hoped we would have a professional relationship someday, so I really hope you're just on sabbatical. No Love, Lorraine
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Before I tell you about a perfume I've smelled recently, I'm going to rant at you for a minute about K-12 language arts instruction in the U.S.

to read makes our speaking English good )

To cleanse our palates, I will now share with you what I think of Robert Piquet Bandit. Fragrantica says, Bandit is a classic "chypre" with dark animal notes and aggressive leather accord. It also lists smoke, white flowers, and vetiver as notes. I have written in my notebook that an unidentified website (probably the Robert Piquet site, which is down right now so I can't check) elaborates on the floral notes, listing neroli, orange, ylang ylang, jasmine, and tuberose.

I think aggressive is a very good word for this perfume. It's too much for me. It smells exactly like cigarette smoke and strong leather. It's green; I get the vetiver with a kind of mentholated zing behind it. I also detect a hint of gasoline (why do so many things smell like gasoline to me? *wails* Like, really and truly, just like gasoline), and the flowers are so faint, they're barely detectable to me.

I'm glad I smelled this, but it's not for me. :)

Trades and Freebies )
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1. What date range do we think Elizabeth Weir attended graduate school for her Master's and Ph.D.? This is relevant to my fic writing interests.

2. I wrote Old Clothing (The Riddikulus Remix) based on Astrogirl's lovely ficlet in which Snape's mother dresses him in her clothes when he is young because she's afraid to use magic to repair his clothing and they're too poor to afford replacements. Usually I take the tonal shift or POV shift approach to remixing, but this time I took the time shift approach and tied in the canon incident in which we actually see Snape dressed in women's clothing (Neville's Riddikulus spell to banish the boggart). I hope I did her original ficlet justice.

3. We had a deeply advantageous weekend professionally. Looks like I'm going to be organizing a conference for next year, and Josh was elected treasurer of a regional organization. Also, the papers we presented were among the best. :)

4. Penny Dreadful is pretty freaking awesome. Two episodes in, and I'm hooked. Timothy Dalton has aged to perfection. *swoons*
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1. I have known for a week now, but I was asked to keep the results confidential until official announcements were made; I didn't post anything here because I know several people I know in RL read this journal, and I wanted to respect that confidentiality. So, without further adieu....


2. My BPAL package arrived today, and I got four frimps! Juke Joint, Bread and Butterfly, Endymion, and Thy Godfather's Present. I did not expect such bounty. Yay!!!! Emma is being so adorable about trying the perfumes with me. I let her pick which one we'd try first, and she chose Incantation. I am waiting for her to finish her shower (with scentless products! OMG, I want to smish her all up; she's copying me because I was wearing Aveda Stress Fix today and I want to sniff on a blank canvas) so we can get started. Yay for mother-daughter perfume bonding time!

3. Ems and I got to see Winter Soldier today and all the squee, my friends. I will be posting a review later when I get a chance to write one up. I very carefully sat on my hands and did not read anything anyone posted about this movie. If you posted a review or some meta, will you please link me to it so I can read now? I can't remember who all posted about the movie. :)

4. People are giving me things! [personal profile] sallymn made me some awesome perfume icons and [personal profile] musyc is sending me an imp of Croquet. <3

5. Finally, Fiona is no longer ill. She has been down at the mouth (oh so literally; the scamp is cutting 6 freaking teeth all at once; she has 8 teeth in her mouth OMG) all week, and we had to keep her out of daycare for two days because of the fever. It really, really sucks not having any family close. Josh and I both have had to miss too much work this semester because of Feefers being sick. :( But today she is back to herself, all grins and cooing and trying to climb on top of everything. Yay for happy and healthy babies!!!!
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My Best Physical Feature

Clearly my smart ass.

Now that we're done with that inanity, have some other stuff.

1. I am finishing and turning in my tenure packet tomorrow. If you pray, say a prayer for me please. If you send out good vibes, I'll take some of those. If you do neither, take a sec and ask the universe to look upon me kindly. I appreciate it, folks.

2. Mortal Instruments SPOILERS )

3. NCIS )
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I got back from Oxford yesterday after successfully defending my dissertation! I am now Dr. Lorraine, She Who May Read Fanfiction Guiltlessly All the Live-Long Day! LOL

I had to make the trip by myself, which was fine except for the crushing boredom of being alone in Oxford for two days while it rained. I realized on this trip that Oxford is no place for someone without a lot of disposable income or her doctor's permission to drink. LOL The rain prevented activities like walking around the Square (which is probably for the best as I always want to buy everything) or campus for the most part, and if I wasn't pregnant, I'd probably have parked myself in a bar and nursed a drink and talked to the townies for hours. Alas, instead I parked myself in the Super 8 and watched approximately four million hours of Frasier while waiting for the defense to roll around. Note to self: you get what you pay for; Super 8, you are dead to me.

I got very nervous before the defense, but once it started, I calmed down and the whole thing felt more like a conversation between friends than it did a grilling. My committee has all gotten very old in my absence. They're all in their seventies, and I think I made the right decision to go physically to Oxford for the defense rather than doing it by phone conference. These people (with the exception of the outside reader) comprised my MA committee as well, so they've been around my entire graduate student career, and it was very gratifying to see how proud they are of me and how much they feel that my success reflects positively on them.

I got zero criticism on the dissertation. No, "here's a flaw in your logic" or "what about this thing you left out?" Everyone was very complimentary, particularly on the writing style, and I left that room feeling like a million dollars--a very tired and hungry million dollars. LOL

One question I was asked during the defense that really gave me pause was about why I chose to dedicate my academic career to Ouida. Everyone already knew the most obvious answer. I was assigned to be my director's research assistant in my first semester of grad school and she was working on a book about Ouida. I fell in love with the author in the course of helping my director put this book together, and the practical side of me also thought it would be a shame not to put the extensive research and reading I'd done for this project into a second use. Also, Ouida hasn't been scholarshipped to death and there's plenty room to write about her without feeling like I'd be writing yet another diss on Faulkner or whoever. But that isn't what Dr. K. was asking me. He told me that he'd lost his father when he was a boy and that he'd chosen in part to write a dissertation about Boswell and Johnson because that search for a father figure resonated with him. He told me he had a friend in graduate school who was a little person who struggled with feeling as if she were grotesque, and she chose to focus on the grotesque for her Ph.D. work. What Dr. K. wanted to know is what draws me to Ouida beyond any practical concerns. What about her resonates with me on a psychological level? What answer am I looking for in her work? I realized that what draws me to her work is very connected to who I am as a fan, particularly a writer and reader of fanfiction. Ouida's books are melodramatic and filled with lush emotion (much like the fic I tend to spend most of my time reading), but they are also subversive and take place somewhere in those interstices between what happened in real Victorian people's lives and the ideal trajectories their lives were mean to move along (much like the fic I spend most of my time writing, fic that subverts canon while remaining canonically plausible). She also writes novels with extremely heavy slashy subtexts and lots of triangulation of desire. I didn't expect to come away from this experience with something new to think about (besides how to turn this monster into a book), but I'm glad I did.

So, to recap: starting in fall 2013 you will all have to address me as Associate Professor Dr. Lorraine forevermore. LOL

Thanks for all the cheerleading and well wishes along the way. I could not have completed this degree without the support of my friends, both online and off.

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Y'all, kinda squeeing out over here.

My dissertation defense date is set for April 11th. Yay, yay, yay I am almost done with this damn degree!

I will get a raise when I'm done (although whether that will apply for the academic year beginning fall 2013 or fall 2014 is unclear since I won't be able to "prove" I earned the degree until this summer). I will get an additional raise beginning this fall for sure because I was promoted to Associate Professor effective fall 2013!

It finally feels like all the hard work and the struggle and the anxiety and the diarrhea is paying off and being rewarded in a tangible way. I don't have words for how awesome that is. :)

Hug me, y'all! Share the joy!
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1. I got promoted at work! Associate Professor Lunabee at your service. :)

2. I finished my Yuletide story last night. Gonna let it sit for most of the day, do one last edit, and upload. Whew.

3. I have one AO3 invite to share. First come, first served.

4. We took Emma out of school a wee tad early to see the 2-D The Hobbit.

I'm about to commit some heresy here. Please step ten feet to the right to avoid being struck by Nerd Lightning )
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1. I know I haven't been around much, but it's been really hard getting back into the groove of things around here. :( I had a panic attack yesterday at the most inopportune time; I know everyone at work thought I had lost my mind, possibly because I had. I keep reminding myself that I kept it together emotionally for more than two weeks during which my husband almost died twice. Whatever I've suppressed has got to come out somehow. I just wish it hadn't chosen to erupt at registration. LOL

2. I got my first nail art! I am besotted.

toes )

3. I have grown weary of that certain breed of amateur critic who decides not to like things simply because they are popular. You don't get cool points in my book for only watching things on Criterion Collection that are directed by dead French men. Popular (or mainstream) doesn't equal bad. After all, almost everybody likes ice cream. That's because it tastes freaking awesome. I get that there's a certain ego boost people like this get from bemoaning the demise of cinema or music or literature; it's an attempt to make themselves sound smarter than they are or more discerning. But, come on, naysayers. Avengers is a very smartly written, directed, and acted movie. Pooh-poohing the Joss only makes you look like a turd.

4. We watched Chronicle last night and enjoyed. I thought it did a good job of making the protagonists sympathetic and likable, and even though it was mostly filmed on handheld cameras, it did not descend into Blair Witch-esque nausea inducing shaky cam. It's a quick movie, too, which is a plus.

5. I have gotten goodies in the mail! Nathan and Elizabeth sent us 5 lbs of country cured bacon. We have a bacon club. It's a thing. I also got an amazing birthday package of books from [personal profile] executrix. Whoooooooooo! Josh got himself a PlayStation 3 for Father's Day and bought Little Big Planet to play with Emma. Everyone is happy. :)
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I have been scarce for the past while, y'all, but I have good news. :)

In the past fourteen days, I have written 48 pages on my dissertation, had a conference proposal accepted, and lost 6 lbs (well that took more like 3 weeks LOL). I'm teaching two ten week classes that meet for the final time next Wednesday. Six extra hours a week to write for the rest of the semester! Yay!

I might just make friends with 2012 after all.


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