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1. Josh's doctor thinks he's having stomach spasms, so he started him on a medicine that seems to be working. He goes for a follow-up next week.

2. I have beauty recs and anti-recs. In the rec category, Micellar Water. I think the one I'm using is Garnier but I don't think the brand really matters. I end up having to wash my face multiple times a day because of the gym, but didn't feel like it was really a good idea to use my face wash every time. I love the micellar water to wash my face later in the day; gentle, takes eye makeup right off, don't even have to rinse after. Second rec, Garnier Skin Active Clearly Brighter Overnight Leave on Peel. It's gentle enough to use every night, isn't drying, drugstore price, and I saw a difference in my skin after one use.

In the anti-rec category, Urban Decay eyeliner. I liked it the first couple of times I used it, but then it stopped gliding and being soft, and it sharpened so horribly that I ended up throwing it away. I love their eye primer and will sing its praises all day long, but the eyeliner really did not work for me.

3. Emma has been on a school trip to DC. She comes home tomorrow. I have really missed her.
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1. So, I have some pics of my new haircut. I feel like they don't truly capture the awesomeness of it; it looks so much better in motion than it does in a static picture. I am very pleased with it, though.

pictures of my hair )

2. I've been playing around with my new Leuchturrm.

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3. Almost done with season 1 of Dollhouse. OMG, we are loving it! Review soon. Probably finish season 1 tomorrow. Thank you so much for loaning it to us, [personal profile] executrix.
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1. I got my hair cut and I really like it. I have zero desire to wear anything but pjs or to put on makeup this weekend, so I'll take a fancy picture on Monday. I didn't take one on Friday because I also got my eyebrows done, and I always look like I have face herpes after a waxing. LOL She didn't have enough time to really change the color since I sprung the whole I want a drastically different cut and color on her at the last second, but she went a shade lighter and did a few highlights. Next haircut I'm going red with a variety of red highlights.

2. Our wedding anniversary was Friday. 16 years. Feels both like five minutes and my entire life. So glad I found someone like Josh to share my life with.

3. Also late Thursday night, early Friday morning, someone stole my debit card number (probably on Thursday when I was driving back from MS; I got gas at some podunk gas station at the pump outside, and I bet that's when it got stolen). They managed to get $600 before they got cut off, so it could have been much worse. I did all the stuff with the bank, so I expect to get reimbursed soon.

4. Mom and I went shopping. I got five pairs of pj pants which may not sound exciting, but I've been wearing pj pants that are 3 sizes too big for me, and it feels glorious to wear pjs that fit properly. I also got two dresses and two cardigans, one of them short sleeved. It was an excellent haul.

5. I also had an epiphany about my relationship with my parents that I'm not ready to post about yet. I'm either super relieved or super pissed off (maybe it's just gotta be both?), and I can't decide what I want to be yet. LOL

6. I hit 153! I am now officially not overweight according to the BMI chart. It's an arbitrary milestone, but it amuses me.
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1. I received my letters from the Letter Writing Challenge! I got a fantastic letter from [personal profile] leesa_perrie all about her childhood pet rabbit along with some cool butterfly stickers that I am absolutely not allowing Fiona to have. I also got a wonderful letter from [personal profile] teaotter, which is a tour of her bookshelves, along with this gorgeous card. I hope to start hearing soon from my fellow challenge participants about their correspondence.

2. Shopping for birthday gifts for two RL friends who share the same birthday went well today. We'll have a little party on Sunday night right before we watch Downton Abbey.

3. Emma ran much better at her race yesterday. Her time was faster, but she also just looked different when she was running--less sluggish and more fierce than earlier in the season. She was really pleased with herself, and so was I. Fiona told her, "I'm so proud of you. You run very fast."

4. I enjoyed NCIS this week. SPOILERS )

5. A review of the Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The primers I've used before are silicone based, I think, and operate on the same principle as icing a cake: you can cover up any imperfections in the surface of the cake by spreading on the icing. These primers make your skin have a soft, velvety texture. The Urban Decay primer has a totally different texture. It's rough and tacky almost. Rather than your shadow sliding on, it instantly sticks. The primer works; my eyeshadow lasts and doesn't crease. But it took some getting used to because I generally blend my eyeshadow, and shadow just stays on where you put it. You can't really blend it into another color or do a slow fade upwards if that makes any sense (not without applying a whole lot more shadow than I want to, at any rate). So, I give it an 87/100.
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1. Yesterday was pretty awful for my mom and dad. Mom was driving him to his chemo appointment, and he suddenly passed out and started throwing up while he was unconscious. So they got to spend the day in the ER. He didn't have a stroke or heart attack. They think he had a vasovagal response which is apparently not a big deal (except for how my mom was certain he was dying and now she is unwilling to leave him alone for even a second; she's talking about getting some kind of continuous monitor for him to wear and not going to things because she doesn't want to leave him alone, and I get it, I do, I do, but she is going to burn out spectacularly if she lives at this height of anxiety for long). I wish I wasn't so far away. I feel very guilty about that.

2. I got a package of perfume from [personal profile] theora! Whoooo! I hope all my packages made it safely to their new homes.

3. I bought some makeup from Ulta, and it arrived a couple days ago. I've purchased from Sephora before and had really good experiences with them, but I was suckered in by how many free gift with purchase options there are on Ulta. Word of warning if you buy from them: they charge you for the purchase before it ships (even though the website says it only charges once something ships) and your order will say "processing" for far longer than you think it should before it actually ships. That being said, I am super pleased with what I got. I got the Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eye Primer and an Urban Decay eye pencil in a gorgeous purple (I've been wanting a purple eyeliner but ended up not caring for the Mary Kay one I got from mother-in-law; not purple enough) which came with a free gift of a small version of the Urban Decay Original Eye Primer and an Urban Decay eye shadow in a really flattering peachy pink. I also got the Smashbox Photo Finish Face primer which came with a free gift of a travel size version, a tiny lip gloss (which looks terrible on me but not so bad on Emma who doesn't want it; I think I'm going to see if the Sunday night crowd is interested), and a makeup bag. The Smashbox Face Primer is amazing, y'all. I had been using Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer (a good product for a good price), and the Smashbox is like diamonds next to Clinique's CZ. It is so soft and luxurious feeling. I really, really like it. Solid recs for everything I bought except the eyeliner because I haven't worn it yet. I liked the feeling of the lip gloss, just not the color. Ulta also sent me samples of Clinique Foaming Sonic Soap which is intended for use with their facial scrub brush system, but I just used my hands and really liked it. They also sent me a CC cream sample that I tossed because it was way too dark for me.

4. We have been watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights and just finished the first season. Don't spoil me, please! I have somehow remained entirely unspoiled for anything that happens. I am really, really liking the show. The clothes and house porn alone are an amazing draw. And I love the characters so much. I love all the downstairs people except for O'Brien and Thomas (OMG, what horrific people). And I love all the upstairs people, too. I started out with a strong dislike of Mary that has slowly turned to solid love, and Edith is so nasty sometimes but I can totally see why she feels driven to behave the way she does. I can't wait to see where the show goes. I am hoping so much for a Bates/Anna romance. I am shipping it hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. Hard.

5. I am really proud of myself. I got back into the gym this week and have been every day. Now to keep up the momentum!
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First, an enthusiastic rec for Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Fine to Medium Hair. I've spent the past decade or more getting my eyebrows and my upper lip waxed fairly regularly. In the past few months, though, my skin has gotten so dry that waxing my upper lip has been more trouble than it's worth, creating irritation that lasts for much longer than it should. So I tried using this depilatory cream and am extremely pleased. In six minutes, my lip was hair free without an ounce of discomfort. (Of course, I then had to stop myself from slathering my whole face in it because, as I reminded myself, even Eva Green has tiny little baby hairs on her forehead and she is the most beautiful woman in the world.)

On to perfume! I did a little stats work today and discovered that I have tested 77 BPAL, 17 Chanel, 8 Guerlain, 3 Dior, and 12 assorted scents to date. I'm no Luca Turin, but that seems an impressive number of trials to me.

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[personal profile] executrix just sent me a wonderful package of books I can use to prepare for my spring course. Yay! Thank you so much, sweetie. *hugs*

Josh and I watched Crimson Peak a couple nights ago and really liked it. I already knew everything that would happen; I read the wikipedia summary when it came out because I was afraid it would be too scary for me. LOL I have to say that I did shut my eyes for a couple of the ghosts but for the most part, I was not scared by the movie.

Oh, my lord the clothes porn is awesome. Jessica Chastain in that blood red dress buttoned up to her neck and in that green velvet gown that covered every inch of her. *fans face* She's like Jessica Rabbit and Cruella DeVille had a baby. And that scene where she's running up and down the stairs with all that voluminous, gauzy fabric billowing about her is an epic visual. I like Mia Wasikowska's clothes far less, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to; she's dressed like a child, with naivety and bows and puffy sleeves (crikey, those sleeves), and Jessica Chastain is dressed like a woman. A foxy, conniving woman. LOL I did wonder at the colors they put Mia in; all those hideous oranges and yellows. At one point her hair is resplendently brassy with reflected tones. I wonder if those colors are period accurate for clothing.

The visuals overall are stunning, that glorious crumbling house with the hole in the ceiling. Such a fun send-up of gothic tropes. Well worth a watch.

Ems and I went shopping today. I took advantage of the Lancome gift with purchase and got some moisturizer with SPF. My skin is so dry that I use this really thick old lady night cream all the time, but a dear friend has been having cancerous lesions removed for the past months which reminded me that just because I don't deliberately tan and I always wear sunscreen to swim or work outside does not mean that I am not exposing myself to harmful sun damage. I also got a pair of awesome mules for $14 at DSW. Score! We had lunch at Carrabba's which has a shit ton of gluten free items on the menu; I had chicken smothered in goat cheese and sundried tomatoes alongside a cucumber and tomato salad. Yum.

I got some bad news from my parents today. My mom told me a few months ago that my dad hasn't been feeling well lately, maybe for as long as a year. He doesn't have energy and just feels like generalized meh. I responded that it sounds like he's depressed; after all, he quit coming to visit us with mom, etc. She said she didn't think it was that but that he actually has a physical problem. Well, this week he told her that his symptoms have progressed to shortness of breath and chest pain during exertion. He's having a variety of heart tests tomorrow and Friday. I told him tonight that if something is wrong with his heart it's a shame he hasn't had the fun of wrecking it; he is incredibly physically active, isn't anything approaching overweight, has good cholesterol and blood pressure, and doesn't drink or smoke. If something is wrong with him, I'm a bit worried about myself especially given the bad reaction I had to the anesthesia after the endoscopy; if Mr. Healthy can have a heart problem, it's clearly genetic, and I am not living nearly so abstemiously. I also feel guilty because I haven't talked to my parents since we visited them in June when my dad pissed me off. Josh says I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do. *sigh*
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I got an awesome package from Executrix! Books (including a cookbook I have already put to use; brussel sprouts and potato hash FTW!), a dress, a gorgeous red pullover which goes into immediate rotation, plus a Smith's rosebud salve trifecta (original rose, minted rose, and strawberry).

Smith's rosebud salve is one of the uncredited wonders of the world. It's so good for chapped lips and chapped skin and for rubbing into your nail beds.

Thank you so much, sweetie. :)

We've started watching Daredevil (so that's who Foggy and Matt are; okay; hey Vampire Jessica). Two episodes in and loving it.

Josh and I have decided that Gibbs, Matt, and Dean Winchester should form a special unit devoted specifically to children saving.

Super excite for Walking Dead on Sunday. Taking Emma to see Hail Caesar on Monday since they have a holiday.
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Y'all, I have found the best face cream ever. I love expensive face creams. I tend to favor Lancome in this regard, although I like several of Estee Lauder's products as well. When she last visited, my mom brought me some Olay Regenerist face wash and cream, and within ONE USE! ONE USE! I saw a dramatic difference in my skin. I had started to break out around my mouth (thank you for that, hormones), and it cleared up the break-outs overnight. My skin also feels softer and tighter and looks brighter. I would recommend this product to anyone (with one caveat; my skin tends to be normal/dry, and I don't know how this would work with oily skin; it's not super emollient like some of my Lancome For Ancient Crones creams, so IDK).

I would now like to bitch a bit about Emma's school. I am so freaking tired of projects. I do not remember doing projects like this in school (and, yes, I know I escaped all the bullshittery caused by No Child Left Behind and am grateful). I can remember making posters and dioramas, but we made them in school and they were always tied to instruction. I never remember needing my parents help to do my homework EVER. Emma has to make a model of a volcano, and at least this time the project is tied to something they're actually learning in class (unlike, say, the science fair project they are required to do), but I have no interest in spending my afternoon building a model of a volcano.

Also, Emma's friend had an idea to start an art club and enlisted Emma's help in planning it and asking the art teacher to sponsor them. The art teacher agreed, but decided only 15 students from 4-5 grade can participate and they have to compete for the 15 slots by drawing a picture that will be judged. I am going to be hot if my kid ends up unable to participate in the club she helped plan. WHY IS PARENTING SO ENRAGING? LOL Somebody needs to write a book about that. Seriously, OMG, You Will Always Want to Strangle People by Lunabee34.
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1. True Blood is rocking this season. I do not at all watch for the Sookie, but drunk!Sook I could watch all the live long day. I am adoring the Bill/Eric bromance and Evil!Detective Stabler. Who else is watching? Thoughts?

2. New favorite fingernail polish: Essie Watermelon. Dries fast, perfect pinkish-red, just like a watermelon.

Spoilers for Alien franchise )

4. Rec me some Avengers stories please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bats eyelashes* Especially ones with Darcy but really any Avengers. I love them all.

5. Has anybody seen Spiderman? Worth it? Emma loved the Avengers. Is Spidey comparable re: violence and level of scary?
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I got a fabulous new cut and color. She put beautiful red highlights underneath the top layer of hair so that every time I move, the red peeks through the dark brunette. :) Today feels like a reverse!birthday. :)

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In the interest of throwing away pieces of paper in piles around the house, lists for me!

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