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1. Dealing with my interstitial cystitis is going okay. I did a very strict elimination diet in December that I hope to never have to do again. Between the celiac and the IC, the number of foods I was allowed to eat (that were appetizing) was vanishingly small. I think some measure of physical discomfort is worth not having to eat like that. But in the last couple weeks I have started to add foods back: onions, yogurt, apples, sour cream, chocolate. I keep adding something every few days. Yesterday I ate sour cream and chocolate (which I knew as I was doing it I should just have done one), and then I forgot to take the prelief until after I ate, so I don't know exactly what's up there. I'll probably have to take it easy for a couple days.

I have started taking aloe vera and marshmallow root, and Josh found me this stuff called Prelief that you take as you eat that neutralizes the acid in your food. I discovered that sex and the menstrual cycle can also trigger IC (which is so damn depressing), and I think I am just going to have to deal with a fairly constant low level of discomfort if I want to live any kind of a normal life. I've only been taking these things for a short time, though, so hopefully their effects will build over time.

I started taking one drug for IC and quit taking it because it made me too sleepy during the day. I declined to take the other drug they use for IC because they don't know how it works (WTF!) and it has terrible potential side effects.

2. I am continuing to lose weight. cut for talk of weight loss )

3. Meeting my reading goals! Already read 3 books this year.
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1. So, I had the idea to chop up mint and freeze it in ice cubes to flavor my water. 100% WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. I had good intentions; mint is fairly perishable, and I was trying to think of a way to avoid having to frequently purchase it and/or wasting spoiled mint. What did not occur to me is that when the ice cube melts, I am left with a glass full of tiny mint particles that makes drinking water kinda difficult. I do like the way the water tastes, though, so I think I might experiment with freezing a whole leaf per ice cube to avoid this issue.

2. Gluten free bread is almost always frozen, and slices are a pain to get apart. Pro-tip: when you get home from the store, the bread will be a bit soft and the slices come apart much more easily. At this point, take the whole loaf apart and separate with parchment paper. Then when you refreeze, nothing is stuck together!

3. We were told that pretty soon financial aid (as in federal, nothing our school is deciding) is going to dictate which classes students can take, as in it will not pay for courses that are not part of a student's declared program of study. So, there you have it--the federally mandated end of intellectual curiosity. I mean, I realize that given our economy and the rising cost of higher education, students have been indulging their intellectual curiosity less and less anyway. Who can justify paying for a class that doesn't count for her program of study? I get that. But it feels different for the federal government to specify which classes students can and can't take. :(
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1. cut for talk of weight loss )

2. I don't think I mentioned that my missing period got found. I went eight weeks without a period and then I had a really, really horrible one to make up for the one I skipped. LOL

3. I am such a bad mod. I mailed off my letters for the Letter Writing Challenge today. *headdesk* They had to be postmarked today, so I shall not ban myself from future participation in my own challenge LOL but way to procrastinate, Lorraine. I had a lot of fun writing the letters, though, and got to use some cute stationery. I can't wait to start hearing from people as they receive their correspondence.

4. Gotta go sign up for Yuletide. I've got my requests down, but now I need to figure what I'm offering. Is there a way to tell what people have requested? I've been looking at the letters spreadsheet but not everybody writes a letter.
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1. I got the best package from [ profile] decynthus today! She made me all these cool fandom magnets with multiple picture options so I can switch them out when I want to. My favorites are one of Tyrion that says "I drink wine and I know things," another one that says Lyanna Mormont for President, a photo of the TOS crew on the bridge (*sniffle*), and one of River Tam that says "my food is problematic." LOL I have the best friends. Thank you so much, sweetie.

2. In random autoimmune disorder news, I don't know exactly when this started happening but it's been since we lived here, so sometime in the last eight years, I started getting this rash on my chest and jawline. It wasn't really visible, maybe slightly red, but nothing anyone would notice if I didn't scratch it. It would appear randomly and for no reason I could discern. Turns out this is a almost certainly a celiac thing or even a Hashimoto's thing. Lots of people with both report rashes that get better or go away entirely when they go gluten free. I haven't had the rash since I went gluten free. Over the last couple of days, it's started to appear again, and I couldn't figure out why. I haven't eaten in a restaurant in weeks. Well, son-of-a-bitch the ibuprofen I've been taking over the last three days has gluten in it. Aaaaaarrrgh! Why is gluten in everything OMG?

3. I fell twice pretty spectacularly at the beginning of this month, the second time banging myself up pretty badly, and now my arthritis is acting up pretty terribly in my knee. Boo and hiss.

4. Don't forget to sign up for the Letter Writing Challenge!
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We just got back from a week in MS; we stayed with Josh's parents but were able to visit one day with mine, too. It was a good trip, but food was a little nerve racking. I don't think my mother-in-law really understood what eating gluten free means even though we talked about it several times before I got there. When we arrived at dinner time, she basically had nothing I could eat and kept trying to offer me a bun for my sausage or saying she wanted to pick up fried chicken for one of the meals or make an apple pie. I think she finally got it after we went shopping together the next day for food for the week and I showed her what to look for. I made sure Josh and I cooked the meal for mom and dad but it was very frustrating and tedious because mom's so sensitive, we couldn't use a lot of the dishes and implements we had on hand (plastic, wood, non-stick); I hate having to deal with cooking for mom at mother-in-law's house because there's so many potential contamination traps.

My dad probably has cancer. They have ruled out all of the easily treatable problems like pernicious anemia and internal bleeding and moved on to testing him for all kinds of horrible cancers like leukemia and multiple myeloma. We should have some results from those tests the beginning of next week. Dad seems upset but positive and optimistic. My mom is devastated, probably because she's a nurse and has seen too many worst case scenarios. So, nothing's for certain yet, but this is not looking good.

I was able to distract myself by watching most of the DNC. I don't usually post about politics, but I am definitely with her. I voted for Hillary when she ran against Obama in the primary and will vote for her again this November. I am annoyed at the way that the media, even outlets like NPR, are covering her acceptance speech. I thought it was a great speech that told us about who she is and where she came from (I had no idea about her mother's background) and gives context for all the advocacy work she's done throughout her career. Her list of accomplishments is so impressive. I also thought she did a good job of contrasting her experience and her reputation with Trump's. I genuinely do not understand why anyone on the planet would vote for him although I know many people who will. He is not a Christian. Everything he says and does runs counter to the values Christians say they hold dear. He is angry and flippant about the degree of power he hopes to achieve. I am terrified he will be our next president.
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[personal profile] executrix just sent me a wonderful package of books I can use to prepare for my spring course. Yay! Thank you so much, sweetie. *hugs*

Josh and I watched Crimson Peak a couple nights ago and really liked it. I already knew everything that would happen; I read the wikipedia summary when it came out because I was afraid it would be too scary for me. LOL I have to say that I did shut my eyes for a couple of the ghosts but for the most part, I was not scared by the movie.

Oh, my lord the clothes porn is awesome. Jessica Chastain in that blood red dress buttoned up to her neck and in that green velvet gown that covered every inch of her. *fans face* She's like Jessica Rabbit and Cruella DeVille had a baby. And that scene where she's running up and down the stairs with all that voluminous, gauzy fabric billowing about her is an epic visual. I like Mia Wasikowska's clothes far less, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to; she's dressed like a child, with naivety and bows and puffy sleeves (crikey, those sleeves), and Jessica Chastain is dressed like a woman. A foxy, conniving woman. LOL I did wonder at the colors they put Mia in; all those hideous oranges and yellows. At one point her hair is resplendently brassy with reflected tones. I wonder if those colors are period accurate for clothing.

The visuals overall are stunning, that glorious crumbling house with the hole in the ceiling. Such a fun send-up of gothic tropes. Well worth a watch.

Ems and I went shopping today. I took advantage of the Lancome gift with purchase and got some moisturizer with SPF. My skin is so dry that I use this really thick old lady night cream all the time, but a dear friend has been having cancerous lesions removed for the past months which reminded me that just because I don't deliberately tan and I always wear sunscreen to swim or work outside does not mean that I am not exposing myself to harmful sun damage. I also got a pair of awesome mules for $14 at DSW. Score! We had lunch at Carrabba's which has a shit ton of gluten free items on the menu; I had chicken smothered in goat cheese and sundried tomatoes alongside a cucumber and tomato salad. Yum.

I got some bad news from my parents today. My mom told me a few months ago that my dad hasn't been feeling well lately, maybe for as long as a year. He doesn't have energy and just feels like generalized meh. I responded that it sounds like he's depressed; after all, he quit coming to visit us with mom, etc. She said she didn't think it was that but that he actually has a physical problem. Well, this week he told her that his symptoms have progressed to shortness of breath and chest pain during exertion. He's having a variety of heart tests tomorrow and Friday. I told him tonight that if something is wrong with his heart it's a shame he hasn't had the fun of wrecking it; he is incredibly physically active, isn't anything approaching overweight, has good cholesterol and blood pressure, and doesn't drink or smoke. If something is wrong with him, I'm a bit worried about myself especially given the bad reaction I had to the anesthesia after the endoscopy; if Mr. Healthy can have a heart problem, it's clearly genetic, and I am not living nearly so abstemiously. I also feel guilty because I haven't talked to my parents since we visited them in June when my dad pissed me off. Josh says I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do. *sigh*
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1. I think I have neglected to mention here that Fiona is now fully potty trained. She's been pee-pee potty trained for more than a year now (been well over a year since she peed in her pants overnight, always pees in the potty during the day). She is going on three weeks pooping in the potty every day! It's done, my friends!!!!!!! She's been wearing panties at all times for a week now, and she is so proud of herself. No more pullups! No more pooping in them! I feel like she's graduated high school or something. This is huge and momentous. Whooooooo!

2. A friend gave me an Amazon gift card, and all my goodies have arrived, including Wayne Hoffman's novella An Older Man (the sequel to Hard) and some new ink cartridges for my Smiggle.

3. [personal profile] executrix sent me a book about perfume which has spurred me to go through and organize my stash and update my masterlist to reflect new acquisitions. I went through a period where I wasn't testing perfume or even wearing it much, but now I feel inspired again, so expect to see more perfume posts soon.

4. I am super stoked to have found a bunch of gluten free frozen meals. I went online and searched the websites of different frozen meal companies for gf offerings and took the list with me because it's just too hard to stand with the door open in the freezer section and pick up each individual box and search the label. When I tried that last shopping trip, I only found one gf frozen meal that wasn't in the tiny little gf section. This time, I went with a list of at least thirty meals and came home with about ten that look really good. Yay!
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1. Several of you pointed me to some great images and other potential resources for celiac icons (thank you [personal profile] wendelah1 and [ profile] decynthus and anyone else I may be forgetting!). I realized, though, when looking at those images that I hadn't been asking for the right thing in that original request. I think I want something kind of funny and fandom related. Then I had this idea: half naked Ronon Dex with 100% gluten free across the bottom or top; or Vanessa Ives with fortunately gluten free across the bottom or top; or any delectable character labeled gluten free. *g*

2. Emma and I watched The Intern with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway last night, and it was delightful. SPOILERS )
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1. After reading Wayne Hoffman's Hard (review HERE), I decided to read his novel Sweet Like Sugar.


2. I went to Ikea in Atlanta with some friends, and we found a great restaurant with awesome gluten free options: Yeah Burger. All their sauces and meats are gluten free, they have a gluten free bun, and they do gluten free fries and onion rings. It was so wonderful to have a real burger with a bun! The restaurant is in a high end shopping area, so we went to several designer stores that we have admired from afar in Garden and Gun (a magazine about Southern culture I highly recommend even if its definition of Southern is often ridiculous).

3. In the clear and sober light of day, I am more and more pissed about the finale of Penny Dreadful. I just don't know what they were thinking with that ending. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I am *ahem* dreadfully disappointed.

4. I would love an icon I can use for celiac posts. I don't have any ideas for what it might look like or say but if anyone wants to make me one or knows where I might find one, I would be grateful.
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My dear friends, it is time for our regularly scheduled round of Lorraine Whines about Celiac.

I knew that going gluten free was not going to be magical. I knew that it wasn't despite everything I'd been reading about going gluten free curing cancer and making rainbows shine out of my ass. I knew it.

And yet, I was optimistic. So many sources told me that going gluten free was going to do everything from relieve my Hashimoto's thyroid symptoms to give me energy to allow me lose weight.

None of those things have happened (not so funnily, my thyroid symptoms started to skyrocket the second I went gluten free; I'm positive the timing is a coincidence, but within days of going gluten free, my hair started falling out in handfuls again).

spoilers for discussion of weight and eating )
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Well, it was a mixed bag my friends.

On the plus side, travel was great: no delays, minimal construction, and Fi travels like a champ now. We did narrowly miss being involved in an accident. Several car lengths ahead of us two cars had a terrible collision, and in trying to stop in time, the eighteen wheeler next to us burned the rubber all off its back tires in a plume of smoke; I thought it was going to lose a tire and turn over or jackknife, so I ended up braking into the median, but all was well.

Also good: I reconnected with my childhood BFF (first grade through first year of college) and we had a blast catching up. I think we are going to be a part of each other's lives again, and I am so happy about that. Plus she has all the best gossip about everybody we went to school with since she still lives in the area we grew up in. In addition, I got to see Josh's BFF from high school who became my BFF in college along with his wife and kiddos.

Bestest: I got a card in the mail and an e-card from [ profile] kaleecat! I got well wishes from [ profile] trobadora, [ profile] decynthus, and [ profile] timespirit. I got some pretty rad birthday gifts from various and sundry.

On the negative side: on the way there, we accidentally stopped some place where I couldn't eat anything, and I ended up having to eat some lunch meat and cheese roll ups in the car while everybody else had delicious food. The route we take home goes through the ass end of Alabama where there is genuinely nothing for freaking ever, not even gas stations for miles and miles and miles, and since we change time zones, that often affects where we can eat too. I anticipated a problem and packed the lunch meat and cheese for that very reason, but it was still pretty disheartening. On the way back, Josh told me he found a place that had gluten free options, but when we got there, it was clear the servers didn't really understand what gluten was and the kitchen confirmed that their chicken wasn't gluten free, so I had to eat a salad (arugula, mozzarella, avocado, tomato) with lemon squeezed on top instead of dressing. It was a really good salad and I was okay with it, but Josh was all embarrassed and upset because he didn't realize that unless places have a dedicated gluten free menu, having gluten free options generally means a salad with no protein or dressing. I think this is the moment that he realized that we're basically confined to eating at places like Applebees or O'Charleys unless we do a lot of research and are prepared to go out of our way.

Also negative: the night before my birthday, my dad was a total asshole, hollering at me and being a jerk, and it came out of nowhere. It really upset me and hurt my feelings, and I'm re-evaluating my interactions with my parents as I do from time to time. *sigh* My dad has anger issues which are bolstered in very negative ways by his evangelical faith; after all, he is the avatar of god in the household. No one ever calls him on his shit, ever, and I have zero memories of him every apologizing to me about anything although my memories of him hollering at me unjustifiably are legion. In fact, Saturday night when he lost his shit, he was reading his Bible. This is not the good kind of irony, my friends.

Anyway, Josh is heading out of town on Wednesday for five days in Michigan for a conference, so tomorrow is incredibly busy: dentist appt for Ems, chiropractor appt for Josh, cross country for Ems, washing clothes, and packing for Josh. Whew. I don't know when I'll catch up on Game of Thrones and the Penny Dreadful finale.
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I shall desist forthwith, but I wanted to put this down so I remembered.

Emma had a gift certificate to a local joint for being a motherfucking boss at reading (highest lexile score in the whole damn school for three years running which is every single year she's been at that school; highest of all the 6-8th graders; she also earned some ungodly amount of AR points), so we went out to eat for lunch today. I was so careful. I got a cheeseburger with all the trimmings sans bun. I got Classic Lays chips instead of fries after confirming that their fryers are indeed contaminated. And then I proceeded to squirt ketchup and mustard all over my burger without even realizing what I'd done until I'd eaten almost all of it.


Both the condiments were in those red and yellow generic diner squirt bottles, so IDK the brand, and frankly it doesn't matter since I'd eaten it. The mustard was probably okay; yellow mustard (not dijon or anything fancy which usually does have gluten) doesn't have gluten that I know of. But the ketchup could have. Many brands do. Baby Jesus in his golden diapers, it is easy to make a mistake with this shit. Damn it.

In better news, the pool was finally open and I swam for 45 minutes solid with fifteen minutes of treading water (either 20 or 24 laps; I got distracted and fucked the count; I'm not sure if we have a half-Olympic or Olympic; 33 is a mile in an Olympic size pool; I'll measure next time).
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1. I realized that I didn't leave enough outside the spoiler cut when I reviewed Hard by Wayne Hoffman. It's a novel about the gay community in NYC in the late 90s that would be right up a lot of y'all's alley.

2. I am overhauling my tags; I've been through almost all my existing tags and cleaned them up. Now I'm going to start at the beginning of my journal and make sure it's all tagged appropriately. I am giving myself permission to only do this on DW and not worry about LJ.

3. I read another book, Ragnarok: The End of the Gods by A. S. Byatt. SPOILERS )

4. I just finished my first week as gluten free, and it's been a bit of a mixed bag. When I got home from NYC, I went through the pantry, fridge, and freezer and piled on the kitchen table all the gluten containing food. Some items were not clearly marked. If a quick google search could not tell me the gluten status of the product, I put it in the pile. I did not want to spend hours on the phone with the companies who manufacture all the random jars of spices in our cupboard. Next I added the plastic dishes and implements, tupperware, melamine bowls, all the cast iron and non stick, the colanders. cut for length )
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Thank you all for your well wishes. *hugs*

I heard back from the doctor, and both the EKG and the chest XRAY were perfectly normal. The chest tightness and shortness of breath have mostly diminished, and the doctor said if I continue to have those symptoms after about a week, I should follow up with my GP. She said it is almost certainly a reaction to the anesthesia, but it could be something called costochondritis (which is basically chest wall inflammation that has no known cause and goes away on its own without treatment). When I get anxious or upset, the symptoms do get worse, so that's extra incentive to keep calm. LOL
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It is I, the celiac-haver.


I'm actually much less upset about this than I might be since I've had about eight months to get used to the idea that I probably have this disease. I've already moved through denial and anger and have settled into acceptance.

I've also had some complications since the endoscopy that have taken up all my anxiety time. I've had tightness in my chest and trouble breathing intermittently that culminated in me thinking I was dying of a heart attack pretty much all day yesterday. So I moved my follow up for the endo to today and then spent the rest of the afternoon after being told that I do indeed have celiac getting an EKG and a chest XRAY.

So, waiting on those results. The doc says this may be a very rare reaction to the anesthesia. IDK I had a heart murmur as a little kid, and this feels a lot like that. I remember feeling like I couldn't breathe, not as if my airway was obstructed, but as if the quality of each breath I took was terrible. I would make myself yawn every 30 to 90 seconds so that I could get a deep, satisfying breath. That's how I feel now. It sucks. It is making me super tired and hard to exert myself. I have to believe that if either of those tests had showed anything worthy of a hospital admit, they'd have contacted me already. *sigh*

Anyway. I am now done whining.
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1. Thanks for your well wishes, everyone. The procedure went fine, even if I still feel like I'm recovering from strep throat. LOL In a completely shocking turn of events, the doc saw no sign of celiac during the visual examination of my stomach; he's sending the biopsies off for further examination, but usually celiac damage is visible to the eye. So, I might not have celiac after all.

2. I am living in Bizarro State. After Governor Deal vetoed Georgia's version of the Religious Liberties Bill, we were all certain that he would sign the Campus Carry Bill into law. This would have been the most permissive campus carry law in the country. Somewhere between 6-8 other states have campus carry laws in place but they are very restrictive (you can't have them in the dorms or professor's offices or at sporting events or in daycares and a handful of other places). The Georgia law would have allowed concealed weapons on every part of all the USG campuses except dorms (which we all know is bullshit; on a residential campus, the students would have to bring the guns into the dorm; if they left them in their cars, cars would be broken into every five minutes and guns stolen). The only ray of light was that you have to be 21 to carry a concealed weapon, meaning that the majority of our students would not have been old enough to obtain a permit. Well, lo and behold, Governor Deal vetoed this bill, too, and wrote a lengthy and wonderful explanation of his decision that includes quotations from the Founding Fathers about why guns don't belong at schools. I am delightedly shocked. Naturally, as soon as he vetoed the bill, someone introduced another bill to permit tasers to be carried on campus. *headdesk*

3. I am really enjoying Gotham this season. SPOILERS )

4. Wow am I bored with Castle. I think I'll actually truly watch next week's episode with my whole attention rather than reading fanfic and occasionally glancing up as I've been doing this semester since it will be Beckett's last, but on the whole, I am not interested in this show anymore.


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1. All grades have been turned in, and my duties for this semester conclude! Yay! I was more magnanimous than I usually am, too. I don't know if I should feel good or bad about that. LOL

2. My endoscopy is tomorrow morning, and I am getting really nervous. I know intellectually that it is a very minor procedure that will be fine, but anesthesia really wigs me out as does the thought of something going down my throat. I am so glad the girls don't have to have this done; I would be a basket case worrying about them.

3. We've been watching The Man in the High Castle, which I've enjoyed so far, except that in the second episode we get SPOILERS )

4. I am taking Emma out of school on Thursday to see Civil War. I am sitting on my hands not to click on any of your reviews. I can't wait!

5. I've been re-reading a lot of Steve/Tony MCU fics that I had previously recced (once I emerged from the Darcy Lewis rabbit-hole I spent the past month happily traversing). One big series I really enjoyed on the first read does not hold up for me although Devildoll's Semaphore is as delightful now as it was on the first read (I do so love me a well-executed OC, especially when that OC is an octogenarian who can drink Thor under the table.). It's always so interesting to me to go back and read fic that I enjoyed in the early days of a fandom, say the first sixth months to a year, and see if it still holds up for me and why.
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1. I had bloodwork done today--thyroid and celiac panel. I wanted an actual appointment with the doc, but this will do. I should have results by Monday. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET MY THYROID BE DEAD AND THUS BE AN EXPLANATION FOR THESE BODILY SHENANIGANS.

2. I found a dress for that freaking wedding. Naturally, it's Calvin Klein. I made myself deeply sad by going to Dillard's (excellent online plus size selection, maybe a fourth of that in store) and then David's Bridal. But Macy's was awesome. I found multiple dresses that fit me. I left the store feeling awesome.

3. After we go to the wedding, I'm doing a thirty day autoimmune diet. It's crazeballs restrictive and will require a metric fuckton of planning as I will not be able to eat out or eat most of what the family is eating. After the thirty days, I'll go back to eating most of what I was eating before with some exceptions. I'll post more about that closer to time.

4. I'm also going to focus more on strength training in the coming months. Lots of good info from you guys on that front.
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I realized I forgot to update y'all on Josh's surgery and etc.

1. The surgery was Tuesday. The doctor told me that this was the most difficult surgery he'd done in years. All the tooth fragments on the bottom jaw are gone. The tooth on the top right is gone; the tooth on the top left remains. It has fused to the back molar and trying to remove it would mean probably also losing that molar. Fortunately, the TMJ pain he was having was on the side where all teeth and fragments have been removed. Cross your fingers that once he is finally 100% from the surgery, that pain will have been dealt with.

I have been making many delicious things for invalids, however. Recipes )

2. Fiona was able to go to daycare all last week. She's not "sick" anymore, but her cough got croupy, so we basically spent all last week not sleeping and listening to her cough all night and doing breathing treatments. I took her back to the doctor on Saturday morning in preparation for us being gone next week in case we could do anything about her cough. The doc basically said nothing to do because she doesn't need antibiotics, she has no fever, etc. He did give us some steroids to help suppress the cough.

We also picked up some kind of stomach virus because Fiona threw up last night and twice again today, so we can't leave for our holiday trip tomorrow. :( Cross your fingers that she doesn't throw up again, and we can head out on Tuesday.

3. Can't wait for Yuletide!!!!!!!!!!! I'm working on a third fic that is not technically a Yuletide fic since both fandoms are ineligible, but it's a gift fic, so it counts in my mind anyway. :)

4. I am trying to empower my mother and help her realize she does not have to spend the holidays with relatives who have made no effort at all to accommodate her new diet (despite nearly twenty years of her accommodating Uncle David's MSG sensitivity and Aunt Laura/Uncle David's dietary restrictions now that they have decided they are Jews for Jesus (that whole religious movement deeply disturbs me), but I fear that instead I have just made her feel worse. Everything I said is true. They are terribly selfish people I do not like and actively avoid spending time with. My dad should stand up for her. She doesn't have to hang out with them if she doesn't want to, and she doesn't need an excuse. But I think I made her mad in the way people get mad when you point out stuff they aren't willing to change. She won't ever say anything to my dad. :( She'll go down there with something she made herself in a little tupperware dish and feel super resentful (as she should!) and angry and have wasted a day of her life being sad and angry. A pox on all those assholes.
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Check out these awesome meta posts [personal profile] endeni made about Vala's character: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. I've only read the first part so far, but this is really thoughtful meta with tons of citations from canon--a great resource on her character.

Thanksgiving week has been awesome. Mom and Dad are home safe. She didn't get sick while she was here at all, not even a weensy tummy rumble. Whooooo! And now I know exactly what to get her for Christmas (she's got to get rid of so many of her dishes, which frankly I think the tupperware that's older than me deserves a proper burial anyway). She just kept thanking me for being so attentive to detail and saying how comfortable she felt here and how grateful she was that I was willing to accommodate her new diet, and it all just broke my heart a little. I mean, what was I going to do? Poison my own mother? Sheesh.

Fi did so much playing outside yesterday that when Josh was doing her breathing treatment last night, she fell asleep. And then we couldn't wake her up to give her a bath or brush her teeth or give her any of her other medicine. LOL She slept through us putting on her pajamas and then slept for 13 hours straight. The very first thing she said to me this morning when I opened her door was, "Now I can run again!"

How has everyone else's week been?


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