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1. Into the Badlands finale! SPOILERS )

2. Gotham was really good this week. SPOILERS )

3. Lucifer was also really good. SPOILERS )
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1. Gotham is such a fun show. I am enjoying the hell out of this season. SPOILERS )

2. So glad Lucifer is back! I love this show so hard. SPOILERS )

3. Into the Badlands is almost done for this season. I have to tell you how much I appreciate the color palette of this show. After years of SPN and Angel (the last season of which was so dark that I often couldn't make out what was happening on screen) and shows like Gotham which are shot in blue and slate grey and black, I love watching a show that is saturated with vibrant and rich color. Last night's episode in particular was really pretty. SPOILERS )

4. Downton Abbey watch continues after a bit of a hiatus for us all to travel and conduct concerts and etc. SPOILERS )

5. I got a bathing suit! It's a size 10! It's a little snug under the arms, but bathing suits always stretch out a little if you swim regularly, so I don't think that will last long. I will post a picture soon. :)

6. I am finally done with this semester. Yay! Now I can start getting my class ready for this summer. I'm also going to do the responsible thing and get my classes ready for fall now so that I have nothing to do in that week leading up to fall semester beginning again. *nods decisively*

I have big plans for a productive summer. I want to go to the gym every day, swim most days, and have dedicated time to read books for pleasure, work on my class, and write.

This past semester teaching the senior level class was so wonderful. I've been teaching freshman and sophomore classes for more than a decade now, and while I truly do enjoy teaching those classes, they aren't really challenging anymore. The senior class was challenging; it was overwhelming; I had to be constantly reading, and I was constantly learning new things, and I felt so vital and alive and fucking good at my job. I think finally getting back into reading for pleasure helped with this, too. I'm reading all these Byatt novels which are full of the joy of writing and scholarship and talking with people about ideas and the glory of learning things, and I have felt brimful of intellectual energy, and I don't want to lose this feeling. I want to keep the momentum up. My chair said that I will probably get another senior level class next spring, so I want to try my best to keep this feeling stoked in the interim.
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1. I mean, I think his influence on American music (and global music, probably) is undeniable although I cannot offer any compelling supporting evidence as I know virtually nothing about music. But the Nobel for literature? Don't we have enough awesome writers writing what is indisputably literature to go through before we start expanding the definition of literature? I expected to see everybody posting about this, and no one has yet. I want to know what you think, my friends (especially [personal profile] likeadeuce who does have music knowledge).

2. I went to MS this weekend to see Dad. He was doing really well, having his best weekend since he started treatment. He had some tests done today; if the treatments aren't working well enough, he'll go out to Dallas to have a stem cell transplant. Obviously, we'd like for the treatment to be working well enough that he can finish up at home without having to spend a month in the hospital two states away, but how awesome that he has more options if this first one isn't working as well as they'd like. They have a good support network; somebody called or came over every few hours like clockwork while I was there to do or bring them stuff. I feel really good about how he's doing and how they're being supported. I'm tired as shit because it's about 15 hours round trip if you don't stop for lunch, but it was good to visit with them.

3. So much TV to review:

Gotham )

Lucifer )


Blue Bloods )
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I was not at all surprised when the show was cancelled almost immediately after news that Stana Katic was not returning. Yes, the show may be called Castle, and I suppose Castle is the protagonist, but the show was always about Castle and Beckett and their relationship. IMHO, there's no Castle without Beckett, so I'm very glad they didn't try to slog through a season with her dead or disappeared.


I know they said they shot two endings. I am dying to know what the other ending was, and google is failing me. Anybody know?
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1. All grades have been turned in, and my duties for this semester conclude! Yay! I was more magnanimous than I usually am, too. I don't know if I should feel good or bad about that. LOL

2. My endoscopy is tomorrow morning, and I am getting really nervous. I know intellectually that it is a very minor procedure that will be fine, but anesthesia really wigs me out as does the thought of something going down my throat. I am so glad the girls don't have to have this done; I would be a basket case worrying about them.

3. We've been watching The Man in the High Castle, which I've enjoyed so far, except that in the second episode we get SPOILERS )

4. I am taking Emma out of school on Thursday to see Civil War. I am sitting on my hands not to click on any of your reviews. I can't wait!

5. I've been re-reading a lot of Steve/Tony MCU fics that I had previously recced (once I emerged from the Darcy Lewis rabbit-hole I spent the past month happily traversing). One big series I really enjoyed on the first read does not hold up for me although Devildoll's Semaphore is as delightful now as it was on the first read (I do so love me a well-executed OC, especially when that OC is an octogenarian who can drink Thor under the table.). It's always so interesting to me to go back and read fic that I enjoyed in the early days of a fandom, say the first sixth months to a year, and see if it still holds up for me and why.
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1. Whooooooooooo, Castle. Thank you, baby Jesus in your golden diapers. You have restored my joy in this show with this episode. *happy sigh*

2. Today, Fiona and I had this exchange.

Me, saying goodbye to Emma as I dropped her off at school, "Have a good day, Embalina!"
Fiona, "We say good bye to Emma, Embalina. She Embalina. Embalina. Embalina. You say Embalina. Embalina."
I have stopped typing the number of times she says this.
Me, "I'm Momalina. You're Fionalina. Daddy is Daddalina."
Fiona, "No."
Me, "Okay. Is he Dadders?"
Fiona, "No."
Me, ?
Fiona, "Daddy is a walrus."

3. Lucifer is awesome. Didn't read the comic so I have no adaptation issues. I love sexy and canonically bisexual Lucifer. I love his crazy eyes. I love the freaking music (although this last episode didn't quite deliver). I love how beautiful everyone is. I love that Lucifer is freaking Sookie Stackhouse.

4. Some of Josh's people have money. Like town building money. We're going to a wedding in March. I have been assured by the bride that it's just formal not black tie. Cocktail it is, but eeeeeeeeeeep.

5. Tell me something, y'all.
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Independence Day is getting a sequel.. Whoooooo! (link goes to trailer) I was 17 when the original movie came out, and I saw it on July 4th, and it was one of the best movie-going experiences I have ever had. The crowd was super into it and interactive and cheering, and every damn time it comes on TNT, I tear up when Bill Pullman makes that speech to the troops. Sequel looks good.

In other trailer news, the new Star Trek movie has a trailer. It's a bit hard to tell what the movie is about, but it looks fun. I'll definitely be watching.

I watched Amy Schumer's Trainwreck a couple nights ago with a girlfriend. SPOILERS )

Who else is watching Into the Badlands? They snookered me in when they refused to show the trailer for the upcoming Walking Dead until the first commercial break of Into the Badlands. WHICH WAS THIRTY MINUTES INTO THE FREAKING EPISODE, MY FRIENDS. But the marketing division clearly knows its business because that's all it took to hook me.


In other excellent news, Fi went back to daycare today and had herself a fine time. I am deeply relieved.

Cross your fingers for Josh tomorrow.
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We finished Psych earlier this week. On the whole, I really enjoyed the show; it is one of the most consistently funny shows I've ever watched, and I really enjoyed the friendship between Gus and Shawn. I think the final season was the weakest but that the final episode was really strong. Spoilers )

I also have a theory about Sunday's Walking Dead concerning Enid. Spoilers )
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I love you, too, Stephen.

Because I'm red hot like pizza supper.

What a way to end a show, Mr. Colbert. Thanks for nearly a decade of satire and fun.

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Talk to me about stuff, my friends. I am boooooored.

We could talk about Psych and how it pretty much is a perfect show and how I am sitting on my hands so I don't go looking for fic that will surely spoil me.

We could talk about how I am re-reading The Mortal Instruments series so I can read the final book and how I still think it's pretty awesomesauce. Yes. I know. But it really is.

Or we could talk about how one would go about commenting on an anonmeme like FFA. I read it every night but I've never commented. How do you go about replying to comments? Refresh every thread you commented in ad nauseum? Track the thread and log out and use email notifications?

Ask me a question. Tell me a lie. IDK

What's up? :)
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1. I noticed tonight that the line about an inch down in a Solo cup marks 12 oz.

2. I have started reading Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin, and it is fabulous. It reminds me a great deal of Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad--very meta-textual, very fourth wall-breaky. I am always so pleased when the women who get to say very little (Or nothing in Lavinia's case) are given a story. Highly, highly recommended. I could drown in UKLG's words no matter the subject, so perhaps I am a bit biased.

3. Josh and I watched The Perfect Host on Netflix the other night, and it was such a fun movie. First off, it was an hour and a half long. Don't get me wrong. I want some movies to be epic. But on the whole, I lament the demise of the hour and a half movie. It's the perfect length of time for a weeknight movie. I don't want to watch a three hour movie after Ems goes to bed at nine. I want something that puts me going to bed before midnight. I also think that the shorter form makes in many cases for tighter storytelling and a lack of extraneous bits. This movie stars Niles Crane LOL and it's one of those where I don't want to say much at all about the plot except for the basic premise is that a bank robber takes refuge at Niles's house immediately after he commits his crime. Highly entertaining and unpredictable with lovely black humor.

4. Josh and I watched the first episode of Psych, and it was fantastic, unbelievably good; pretty much zero pilot pains. Josh and I both literally LOL'ed multiple times. We're holding off on watching any more until Ems gets back from her grandparents. We both agree that this is a show she will enjoy. I hope like hell this show has a fandom; I find that the comedies are less likely to have much of a fandom which makes me sad. I probably won't go looking until we're done with the show.

What've y'all been up to?
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1. Favourite Christmas episodes of tv shows. :) for [personal profile] aryas_zehral

This actually ended up being more difficult for me to answer than I thought it would be. I can't think of many Christmas episodes of TV just off the top of my head. I liked this year's NCIS Christmas episode (I am a sucker for sick kids OMG). My favorite Christmas movies are White Christmas and Holiday Inn, and my favorite Christmas story is "The Gift of the Magi." Makes me tear up every time I read it. My favorite Christmas song is "Some Children See Him" sung by Andy Williams, and I am the target audience for every holiday commercial ever made. Those coffee commercials where people come home for Christmas slay me. The commercial this year where the couple decorates their elderly neighbor's house for Christmas brings me to tears.

2. Your favourite Farscape episode or moment. :-) for [personal profile] china_shop

This, in contrast, is an easy question to answer. My hands-down absolute favorite moment in the show and miniseries is SPOILERS )

3. Best/wackiest/most memorable story about grad school for [personal profile] zulu

We started grad school in the fall of 2001, and so I had been teaching for a matter of a few weeks when 9/11 happened. At this time, Josh and I did not watch the news and you couldn't really check the news on the internet at that point and we didn't listen to NPR unless we were in the car, so we slept in late as usual and went onto campus. Everything was so quiet and still and people were huddled together or talking on their phones, and it was just weird. We knew instantly something was wrong. I went into my office, and my office-mate told me what had happened. We went home; I think classes were cancelled for that day (I can't remember) and watched the planes crash into the Towers over and over again for hours. I had a student that semester who quit coming to class and tried to give me the excuse that he was a journalist who was needed to cover the terrorist tragedy. Talk about an utter lack of sympathy for that bullshit.

I got pregnant with my first daughter in the second semester of grad school. I was deeply, horribly sick the entire time I was pregnant with her. This led to me throwing up pretty much everywhere in Oxford; behind every bush, in every parking lot, in the trashcans of every building on campus. It was awesome to overhear the wife of one of my professors say at a social gathering how pitiful it is that the female students get so drunk, and so early in the day even. She then recounted the story of what I recognized as pregnant me throwing up in the parking lot of Blockbuster as an example of this issue. LOL

And for an even three, my undergraduate classes in English were pretty light on the theory. I'm certain that theory was informing what my professors chose to teach us and how they did so, but I didn't read any Lacan or Foucoult or learn anything about the different theoretical schools. Our first semester in grad school, we all had to take an intro to theory class that exposed us to the most important theory at that time as well as a history of the discipline of English as taught in America. Fascinating class (even if it remains the most contact I've really had with theory; a lot of the older profs at Ole Miss at that time were more into close reading and historical readings than anything else, and so I'm really weak in that area to this day; I'm totally cool with that, though; while I find some theory useful for understanding literature, I find a lot of it obfuscating and clearly something somebody wrote to get tenure rather than because it added anything to the discipline LOL; I accept that I may be alone in this feeling, fellow profs on the flist). There was this one girl in the class who just got more and more upset as the class wore on, and one day she just stood up, announced "Fuck this" and flounced on out the door never to be seen again. I have never seen anyone implode like that before. It was bizarre. We still have the book of Lovecraft poetry Josh had borrowed from her and could not return on our shelf.
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Y'all, Google tells me that Homeland has been picked up for another season, but I wish tonight's episode had been the series finale. This was kinda some perfect TV.


What did y'all think?
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just some disconnected thoughts.

1. As soon as we got to Mississippi, Fiona started getting sick again, like really sick. We got her back home, and as I suspected, a double ear infection this time. She also has a terrible cough, and I'm worried about her developing pneumonia. Emma had pneumonia twice before she was two, and it sucked hard. Mostly I'm just annoyed because we're going to have to go through months of this shit before they'll put tubes in her ears. I had to have them in mine 30 something years ago (back when you had to stay overnight in the hospital instead of the two hour outpatient business they do now), so did my little brother, and so did Emma. In my humble Mommy opinion, Fiona needs them too, and I understand they don't want to do surgery on infants willynilly, but we're just going to go through ear infection after ear infection until Fiona gets them. *sigh*

2. We watched Search for Spock yesterday and Wrath of Khan today, and I got all weepy thinking about what good friends the bridge crew of the Enterprise are, and how I don't think I have more than one or two people who'd risk everything to climb the steps of Mount Seleya for me, much less a whole room full of them. I was commenting in Fandomsecrets tonight that on first watch, I really didn't like Buffy season 6 because it hurt to watch my heroes behave badly and their friendships fracture. I think that's because I came into Buffy with a decidedly Star Trek frame of mind. LOL There's bad guys, but they're never your friends. And I have grown to love moral ambiguity and heroes who make bad decisions and everything that BattleStar Galactica does so well, but I adore with my whole being the kinds of friendships we get in Star Trek, the kind of firendship in which people literally move heaven and earth for each other. I'm getting all choked up again.

3. So I watched this past week's episode of Agents of SHIELD because Gibbs wasn't on, and overall I thought it was okay. I think my viewing certainly suffered from coming into it so many episodes in. I had one major quibble though. spoilers )

4. Josh wants to know if any of you have a Roku and whether we should get the HD or non-HD one.
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1. I watch a lot of Frasier in the mornings while Feefers and I are hanging out, and I am amused by the way the show handles the pregnancy of the actress who plays Daphne. They don't put her in these bizarre tent-like clothes or hide her behind potted plants or shoot her only from the waist up. They dress her and shoot her normally while making these cracks about the weight she's gaining; they send her off to the spa once she gets close to her due date, and Niles tells Roz that Daphne has had a fabulous time at the spa; she's lost 9 lbs 12 oz and will be home soon. What a wonderful bit of fourth wall breakage.

2. Gimme your fancy dinner party recipes. Appetizers, drinks, the works. Lorraine is entertaining this Christmas.

3. I am loving NCIS. SPOILERS )


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