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1. Thank you all so much for your thoughts on handling the situation with Josh's mom (who appears to be having increasing memory issues and confusion). I talked with Josh's sister, who saw his mom immediately after us, and she said that she noticed the same symptoms and that they are worse than they have been. She also said that Josh's mom organically brought up the issue with her, admitted that she might have a problem, and agreed to be evaluated by a doctor. Sister also talked to Josh's dad who admitted he's noticed symptoms as well and agreed to talk to Josh's mom. Sister is going to follow up with a call this week and try if she can to be present for the evaluation (which may not be possible because she doesn't live in the same state). I am so so relieved about the way this has progressed. I get irritated sometimes with Josh's mom (like for the way she sleeps so late; my parents would never drive eight hours to see me and then spend so much of the time they're here not interacting with us), and I was worried I was conflating my irritation with recognizing a real problem. I was glad to have corroboration of my observations. I was also glad that Gran didn't get angry and was able to admit there might be a problem. I made sure to tell Sister that managing this is not her sole responsibility, that nobody is dumping the problem on her, and that Josh and I want to be as involved and helpful as possible. So, we'll see. Josh is pretty sad. It's a scary thing to contemplate.

2. I went swimming yesterday and today! It was glorious. The water was perfectly cool and the sun perfectly warm. I swam 20 laps each day. My new summer schedule is to take the girls to school, cardio + weights, work, swim. I was productive as shit yesterday and today! I love it! I feel mighty and invincible. Whoooo!

3. I am so pleased that NCIS did not SPOILERS )

4. You know what I need? An exercise icon. It could be some equipment or something. Or a character working out. IDK If somebody wanted to make me one or point me at some existing ones, I would be ecstatic. *bats eyelashes*
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1. Downton Abbey watch continues. SPOILERS )

2. I have been enjoying The Walking Dead so much more now that we've gotten past the "must establish Rick's manpain" portion of the season. SPOILERS )

3. NCIS just did an episode where someone has cancer, and it pissed me off. Everyone keeps telling the patient to keep fighting and not to give up, and I don't think that's always good advice. A person has the right to decide she doesn't want to do X horrible thing that may not work. Also, they dangled an experimental drug trial in front of her like a miracle cure, and that is just not the way it works. First off, you might not qualify for the trial, you might end up in the placebo group, and the drug might not even work or it might have terrible side effects (give you a different kind of cancer or make your kidneys explode, who knows?). Bah.

4. Emma and I finished season 1 of Dollhouse and loved it. SPOILERS )
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1. For Yuletide this year, I wrote how far away the stars seem (and how far is our first kiss), a Lucifer/Amenadiel fic in the Lucifer fandom. I originally intended it to fulfill my assignment and then realized halfway in that unasked for sibling incest in an exchange fest is not a cool move. LOL I disliked in the show the way that Lucifer reacted to the reveal that Amenadiel is losing his powers, specifically that his glorious wings are ruined. I wanted Lucifer to be more horrified, more sympathetic, and offer some comfort. So that's the story I wrote for Treat #1.

For my recipient, I wrote His Brother's Keeper, which is Lucifer and Amenadiel gen that looks at them in childhood and then again once Lucifer is on earth. In this story, I wanted to explore those sibling dynamics without sexytimes and also include Uriel.

Treat #2 is The Yellow Wallpaper (the spinning jennie remix). I had a really fun time with the prompt, which asked for a story in which the supernatural elements of the original are really happening instead of being merely psychological manifestations of the narrator's mental state. So I wrote a ghost story from Jennie's perspective.

2. Downton Abbey watch continues. spoilers )

3. Dirk Gently: spoilers )

4. NCIS and Bull: spoilers )
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Reviews of the last two weeks of Gotham: spoilers )

Reviews of the last two episodes of Lucifer: spoilers )

Reviews of the past two weeks of NCIS and NCIS:NOLA: spoilers )

Review of Dirk Gently: spoilers )
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1. cut for talk of weight loss )

2. So I didn't post about this, but in August I went to the doctor because I thought I had a UTI or a bladder infection or something. I was completely infection free but the doctor suggested I might have interstitial cystitis (IC)--at which point, I'm sure she thought she was treating a lunatic because I started uncontrollably crying, told her she could pry the fizzy water out of my cold dead hands, and pretty much left while she made jazz hands and went WTF at the nursing staff. I had a friend years ago who has this disease, and it's miserable. It is one of those catch-all diseases, no real diagnostic test or anything, and the treatment is through eliminating triggers in the diet: no carbonation, caffeine, artificial sugar, chocolate, citrus, tomato, spicy stuff, acidic stuff, fruit juice. And I looked at my doctor and I thought, "You know, I gave up gluten and it kinda sucked for a bit, but I'm pretty much over it, and now you want me to give up my fizzy water?" I don't know why the fizzy water is the straw that broke the camel's back, but it is. I drink tons of the stuff all throughout each day because I hate water. Well, I've come to the conclusion that she may be right. :( So I gave up all my fizzy water a couple days ago and my chocolate and replaced my morning baby coke with tea. I'm hoping if I give up carbonation, chocolate, and artificial sugar (which I only had in my morning coke) and if I only have one small caffeinated drink per day that I won't have to give up the other things. I have seen some improvement, so *cross your fingers.* Financially, it's not a bad idea to give up the fizzy water anyway. Tap water is free! *sigh*

3. reviews of NCIS, NOLA, and Bull )
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1. I mean, I think his influence on American music (and global music, probably) is undeniable although I cannot offer any compelling supporting evidence as I know virtually nothing about music. But the Nobel for literature? Don't we have enough awesome writers writing what is indisputably literature to go through before we start expanding the definition of literature? I expected to see everybody posting about this, and no one has yet. I want to know what you think, my friends (especially [personal profile] likeadeuce who does have music knowledge).

2. I went to MS this weekend to see Dad. He was doing really well, having his best weekend since he started treatment. He had some tests done today; if the treatments aren't working well enough, he'll go out to Dallas to have a stem cell transplant. Obviously, we'd like for the treatment to be working well enough that he can finish up at home without having to spend a month in the hospital two states away, but how awesome that he has more options if this first one isn't working as well as they'd like. They have a good support network; somebody called or came over every few hours like clockwork while I was there to do or bring them stuff. I feel really good about how he's doing and how they're being supported. I'm tired as shit because it's about 15 hours round trip if you don't stop for lunch, but it was good to visit with them.

3. So much TV to review:

Gotham )

Lucifer )


Blue Bloods )
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1. I received my letters from the Letter Writing Challenge! I got a fantastic letter from [personal profile] leesa_perrie all about her childhood pet rabbit along with some cool butterfly stickers that I am absolutely not allowing Fiona to have. I also got a wonderful letter from [personal profile] teaotter, which is a tour of her bookshelves, along with this gorgeous card. I hope to start hearing soon from my fellow challenge participants about their correspondence.

2. Shopping for birthday gifts for two RL friends who share the same birthday went well today. We'll have a little party on Sunday night right before we watch Downton Abbey.

3. Emma ran much better at her race yesterday. Her time was faster, but she also just looked different when she was running--less sluggish and more fierce than earlier in the season. She was really pleased with herself, and so was I. Fiona told her, "I'm so proud of you. You run very fast."

4. I enjoyed NCIS this week. SPOILERS )

5. A review of the Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The primers I've used before are silicone based, I think, and operate on the same principle as icing a cake: you can cover up any imperfections in the surface of the cake by spreading on the icing. These primers make your skin have a soft, velvety texture. The Urban Decay primer has a totally different texture. It's rough and tacky almost. Rather than your shadow sliding on, it instantly sticks. The primer works; my eyeshadow lasts and doesn't crease. But it took some getting used to because I generally blend my eyeshadow, and shadow just stays on where you put it. You can't really blend it into another color or do a slow fade upwards if that makes any sense (not without applying a whole lot more shadow than I want to, at any rate). So, I give it an 87/100.
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spoilers )

As an aside, I saw that in the vegan gumbo mix, they had some eggplant, clearly to stand in for the meat. We made the eggplant bacon from the cookbook Exec sent me last week, and while it was tasty, that eggplant could only have tasted like bacon to someone who hadn't eaten meat in thirty years. LOL
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That was one of the most depressing episodes of TV I have ever watched, surpassed only by the episode of Bones where the kid dies of bone cancer.

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NCIS, spoilers for the new episodes of both flavors )

Brief note on Fear the Walking Dead: I love Kim Dickens. I think she is a fabulous actor; I love her in Deadwood and Treme; she's got the chops. But I hate the way they've got her portraying Madison. Her stoic personality is not working for me; it reads more flat than anything else.

Brief note on pedagogy: My friend told me that her son's graduate professor last spring would reveal Game of Thrones spoilers if his students slacked off or did poorly on assignments. That cracks me up.
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and I watched some of it.

NCIS, original flavor )


And now for a perhaps controversial opinion based on watching the movie trailers for Everest.

Y'all, I am full of empathy and sympathy and compassion for people in terrible circumstances. I do not wish tragedy on anyone. I don't think people who climb mountains deserve harrowing circumstances and death.

However, my empathy and sympathy is mitigated by the extremely well-known dangers of climbing such mountains. To climb Everest is to court death, intimately. I do not understand why any person would do such a thing, especially a person with a significant other and/or children (especially children). It seems super-dee-duper (to quote Barney) selfish with a side order of aggrandizement to undertake such a risk just for the sake of being able to say you did so. No, Captain Kirk, because it's there does not work for me as an explanation.
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Why, NCIS, why?



I also really like what they're doing on NCIS:NOLA. Looks like they're setting up a multi-episode (at least) bad guy, which I like, and I also like the way that they're teasing out the details of what happened with Pride's father. Anybody else think SPOILERS )?
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I am going to post about tonight's episode of NCIS outside of a spoiler cut because I really want to talk about the underlying issue in the episode, and I fear a spoiler cut would limit the number of you who participate in the conversation. Pretty sure it's just me and [personal profile] spikedluv holding down the Gibbs fort up in here. Please keep in mind the ten years of scrupulous spoiler cutting for decades old episodes of Blakes Seven or Star Trek: The Original Series and love me anyway. The spoilers really only refer to information revealed in the preview anyway.


I've known since I was a little girl that helping people in an accident can be dangerous for those helping. My mom is a nurse, and she's stopped multiple times to help people who have been in car accidents. You probably all remember the most recent time that happened a couple summers ago now when we were right behind a horrific car accident, and mom stopped to help but the driver died while she was attempting to save him. Mom keeps surgical gloves in her van in case she has to stop to help someone. But she was always really upfront that people sometimes sue doctors and nurses who aid them during accidents that occur outside hospital settings with the implication that these lawsuits are often malicious and not deserved.

Tonight's episode was about a Navy medic who witnesses an accident, is able to save the lives of two of the three victims, and then is arrested and prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. I think the episode was definitely a PSA of sorts because if what Gibbs says is true--that Army, Air Force, and Navy medics all receive the same training but only Army and Air Force medics leave the service EMT Basic certified--then this is clearly a problem that needs to be rectified. (If the character had been a former Army or Air Force medic, she would not have been charged with a crime because she'd have been certified EMT basic.)

It also brought other issues to the fore for me that I've never considered, which is probably weird since I've thought about my mother's potential legal liability in helping accident victims before. Just how far does this practicing medicine without a license charge extend? Does it only apply to extreme or invasive measures like inserting a tracheotomy (which is done in the episode)? If I bandage up somebody's wound or apply pressure to stop bleeding, am I criminally liable if she dies? Do we really have laws that compel us to watch people die in accidents rather than try to save them or is NCIS exaggerating a problem for dramatic effect?
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1. I watch a lot of Frasier in the mornings while Feefers and I are hanging out, and I am amused by the way the show handles the pregnancy of the actress who plays Daphne. They don't put her in these bizarre tent-like clothes or hide her behind potted plants or shoot her only from the waist up. They dress her and shoot her normally while making these cracks about the weight she's gaining; they send her off to the spa once she gets close to her due date, and Niles tells Roz that Daphne has had a fabulous time at the spa; she's lost 9 lbs 12 oz and will be home soon. What a wonderful bit of fourth wall breakage.

2. Gimme your fancy dinner party recipes. Appetizers, drinks, the works. Lorraine is entertaining this Christmas.

3. I am loving NCIS. SPOILERS )
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1. I am teaching Wuthering Heights this semester. I love teaching this novel. I've taught it more frequently than any other text in my career, and even though I've re-read it more often than probably any other novel, I always find something new every time. Man, I love my job! Josh has never read WH, so I have extracted a promise from him to read it so we can talk about it. I've been struck on this re-read by how modern the horror elements seem to me. Much of the violence and abuse and horror in the text is glossed over; the narrators don't call attention to it but rather treat it as a matter of course, as a background element. I'll just be reading along and all of sudden, I'll go, "Wait! He just tried to saw off a ghost kid's hand on a broken window!" or "He just shoved a knife blade. into. her. mouth. OMG." None of these moments are belabored but they slowly add up to create a feeling of terror. It feels analogous to creating a painting a layer at a time with one faint wash of color on top of another until the end product is quite vivid and striking. And what I mean by modern is that this novel seems to treat abuse and abusers much differently than most of the Victorian novels I've read. It is way more concerned with motive and psychology than a lot of books from the era, and it seems to have a much more current take on what constitutes abuse. I know that the frank violence of the novel was pretty shocking when it was published; it was the HBO of the mid-19th century! LOL Anyway, I love this book. That's pretty much the crux of it, I guess.

2. What are the cool things that you want for Christmas that I should also want for Christmas?

3. Did anybody watch NCIS? It seemed to start weird to me. Instead of the usual black and white opener, it started with Abby and McGee talking in the lab about colors. I know the station prob only clipped off like 30 seconds, but what happened in the beginning?
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My Best Physical Feature

Clearly my smart ass.

Now that we're done with that inanity, have some other stuff.

1. I am finishing and turning in my tenure packet tomorrow. If you pray, say a prayer for me please. If you send out good vibes, I'll take some of those. If you do neither, take a sec and ask the universe to look upon me kindly. I appreciate it, folks.

2. Mortal Instruments SPOILERS )

3. NCIS )


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