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1. Favourite Christmas episodes of tv shows. :) for [personal profile] aryas_zehral

This actually ended up being more difficult for me to answer than I thought it would be. I can't think of many Christmas episodes of TV just off the top of my head. I liked this year's NCIS Christmas episode (I am a sucker for sick kids OMG). My favorite Christmas movies are White Christmas and Holiday Inn, and my favorite Christmas story is "The Gift of the Magi." Makes me tear up every time I read it. My favorite Christmas song is "Some Children See Him" sung by Andy Williams, and I am the target audience for every holiday commercial ever made. Those coffee commercials where people come home for Christmas slay me. The commercial this year where the couple decorates their elderly neighbor's house for Christmas brings me to tears.

2. Your favourite Farscape episode or moment. :-) for [personal profile] china_shop

This, in contrast, is an easy question to answer. My hands-down absolute favorite moment in the show and miniseries is SPOILERS )

3. Best/wackiest/most memorable story about grad school for [personal profile] zulu

We started grad school in the fall of 2001, and so I had been teaching for a matter of a few weeks when 9/11 happened. At this time, Josh and I did not watch the news and you couldn't really check the news on the internet at that point and we didn't listen to NPR unless we were in the car, so we slept in late as usual and went onto campus. Everything was so quiet and still and people were huddled together or talking on their phones, and it was just weird. We knew instantly something was wrong. I went into my office, and my office-mate told me what had happened. We went home; I think classes were cancelled for that day (I can't remember) and watched the planes crash into the Towers over and over again for hours. I had a student that semester who quit coming to class and tried to give me the excuse that he was a journalist who was needed to cover the terrorist tragedy. Talk about an utter lack of sympathy for that bullshit.

I got pregnant with my first daughter in the second semester of grad school. I was deeply, horribly sick the entire time I was pregnant with her. This led to me throwing up pretty much everywhere in Oxford; behind every bush, in every parking lot, in the trashcans of every building on campus. It was awesome to overhear the wife of one of my professors say at a social gathering how pitiful it is that the female students get so drunk, and so early in the day even. She then recounted the story of what I recognized as pregnant me throwing up in the parking lot of Blockbuster as an example of this issue. LOL

And for an even three, my undergraduate classes in English were pretty light on the theory. I'm certain that theory was informing what my professors chose to teach us and how they did so, but I didn't read any Lacan or Foucoult or learn anything about the different theoretical schools. Our first semester in grad school, we all had to take an intro to theory class that exposed us to the most important theory at that time as well as a history of the discipline of English as taught in America. Fascinating class (even if it remains the most contact I've really had with theory; a lot of the older profs at Ole Miss at that time were more into close reading and historical readings than anything else, and so I'm really weak in that area to this day; I'm totally cool with that, though; while I find some theory useful for understanding literature, I find a lot of it obfuscating and clearly something somebody wrote to get tenure rather than because it added anything to the discipline LOL; I accept that I may be alone in this feeling, fellow profs on the flist). There was this one girl in the class who just got more and more upset as the class wore on, and one day she just stood up, announced "Fuck this" and flounced on out the door never to be seen again. I have never seen anyone implode like that before. It was bizarre. We still have the book of Lovecraft poetry Josh had borrowed from her and could not return on our shelf.
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1. Flist!!! So so so much love y'all. Just. Thanks. So much. For making the time I spend on the internet so rewarding and fun and exciting.

2. [ profile] executrix sent me a job!!!!!!! Many hugs. Many, many hugs.

2a. [ profile] lyrstzha sent me a rose!!!! Yay! Thank you, darling.

2b. [ profile] jjjean65 sent me Ryan Adams music I have not heard before. Like four CD's worth!!!! I don't know when you mailed them, sweetie, but they got here on Valentine's Day, which is awesome.

3. "Mexico" by Jump Little Children. Love this song. Love it. I have a soft spot for songs that shout out my homestate and when he sings, "I won't let you go. Not to Mississippi, not to Tupelo," it makes me smile.

4. A couple of my friends have put out a call for papers for a volume on social ghosting. This is a seriously cool project, y'all, and they are very very very interested in papers on fanfiction or fandom or livejournal that pertain to the topic. I know there's something really cool and valuable to be said about fanfiction in terms of ghosting. (Note that my cut and paste job does not preserve their italics because I am lazy)

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As you may or may not know, I decided to drop out of the Ph.D. program and find a job back in my home town. My husband Josh has been promised a job with his corporation in Hattiesburg (a good job!) and it's been really stressful looking for a job for me. I've gotten shot down at every turn and my last paycheck is December 30 and it's all just a little overwhelming.

Tomorrow I have an interview with the Vice President for Instruction at a community college and I feel really, really good about this job.

Y'all cross your fingers, send me good vibes, pray, light a candle--whatever you do when you need to ask the spiritual realm for a little help for a friend. I really need this job.

*is terrified of screwing this up*
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1. We are now the proud owners (thank you, Cousin Joey) of this signed and numbered H. R. Geiger print: li II. It's freaking huge! Like 5' X 4' huge.

2. My colleagues and I had our panel proposoal for the Mississippi Philological Association accepted! "Social Flux in the Victorian Period: Stoker, Wilde, and Ouida"

Rec with reservations:

First Prime by Lady Ra; Teal'c/Daniel; Adult
The basic premise of this fic is that SG-1 discovers that not all Goa'uld symbiotes are destined to become evil and as a result forges a new and interesting relationship with these fledgling Goa'uld. Reservations first. Daniel is way too Stranger in a Strange Land in this fic for my taste. And I don't think the SGC would respond to the situation in the way it does in this fic; I think these Goa'uld would be considered dubious allies for a long, long, long time before they were ever allowed the kind of access and privilege they're afforded here. (Remember, Jonas and Teal'c can't leave the SGC without escorts and they save the world like every five minutes). That being said, the world building here is nothing short of amazing. This author has thought long and hard about Goa'uld culture and physiology and offered some really interesting and plausible explanations for things we see in canon that aren't explained (everybody remember the System Lords inexplicably eating Goa'ulds?). This is one of those stories I could not stop reading. I wanted to know what was going to happen next and thankfully for me, it's really long and there's a sequel linked at the end. Although Daniel and Teal'c have a relationship, this story is not so much about the sex as the plot, which (though at times a bit far fetched) is unfailingly interesting and certainly addresses many of the questions about the Goa'uld that have occurred to me as I've been watching SG-1.
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So, I've been working my way through some SGA recs, and I'm ready to ask you guys for your recs. Rec me your favorite SGA stories; I want it all--gen, slash, het, etc. I really like the McShep, but I'm getting the sense that the preponderance of fic I'm gonna run across will be in that pairing, so any non-McShep recs are especially appreciated. PLEASE SELF-PIMP! I know a lot of you on the flist write in SGA, and I've been dutifully ignoring your work because I hadn't seen the show yet. So, lay it on me.

A few recs of my own to get us started (and can ya tell I started in the h/c portion of [ profile] cathexys's recs? LOL):

Recs )

Two things that made me happy today:

I had the most lovely phone conversation with [ profile] cathexys about everything under the sun and then some, and I also got an email saying that with a little editing work, a paper I submitted has been accepted for publication! Whooo me! :)
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I finally saw Joey Lauren Adams of Chasing Amy fame. I don't get much of a chance to hit the bars, but Emily defended her thesis on Friday and we did this town right! JLA goes out a lot and all my friends have seen her in City Grocery; I'm glad Emily was with me on Friday cause I don't think I'd have recognized her on my own. Her new boyfriend is a hottie; he looks way too young for her, but maybe that's because she was dating this ancient townie dude before. LOL
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1.songstowearpantsto This site is awesome. Andrew writes songs to *your* specifications. You can request a free song (which he may or may not write depending on his mood; he appears to most often fulfill requests that are either really silly or very challenging) or haggle prices for a paid song. I found this site after watching this Supernatural vid on YouTube. Be sure to listen to "Shoot the Zombies" (I defy you not to sing this all day like a freak), "Celtic Techno Burrito," "Bow Down to My Pwnzorness I Guess," "It's too Loud," and "I am Bjork." I'm trying to think of a clever request of my own that he might honor.

2. Andy has put together a rough version of our movie! It lacks sound in some places (we gotta redub some of it) and a couple of special effects, but it's essentially done. And OMG, I am in love with myself. LOL Shocking, I know. I'm really proud of this thing y'all. It's funny and sad and there's erotic tension liek!whoa. *grins like a loon*

3. Supernatural Thursday! With a new episode! Wooooooooooo! Why is it not on yet? LOL

Y’all I have had the worst day ever. Ever I say. It began with my husband taking my keys with him accidentally to his work so that I couldn’t go teach this morning and then culminated in my dialup being so fucktarded that I couldn’t download this dissertation prospectus that I needed to edit by this afternoon; I had to drive into town and get a paper copy to edit. I had a little meltdown that may or may not have involved much screaming and also fists of rage on the mattress and walking across campus with a snotty nose. PURLEASE cheer me up. *bats eyelashes*
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1. Does anybody have a copy of Bad Company’s “Bad Company” s/he could YouSendIt me? All I can find online are live versions of the song. *bats eyelashes*

2. Forget the YED. Forget Ava’s mysterious disappearance. Heck, forget Bobby’s sure-to-be-juicy backstory. These are my burning questions: How are Sam’s abs so tan? Does he lay out on the hood of the Impala in the parking lot of the HoJo? Why are Sam and Dean not obese? They eat fries and ride around on their asses all day. Two laps around a graveyard once a week does not an exercise regimen make. Is Dean binging and purging? Is Sam abusing laxatives? Finally, do they pluck each other’s eyebrows? Cause, wow. Well groomed.

3. Padackles. It’s a verb. “Dude, I Padackled his ass 'til he saw stars, if you know what I mean.” It’s a noun. “I’ve just bejeweled this jean jacket with my handy new Padackler.” It’s a state of being. “What are you doing?” “Just Padackling, man.”

4. Tonight at the exam I proctored, a guy signed the roster as “Sam Love.” And I thought, why yes I do. LOL
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1. New icon! Lookee! *points* This is a scene from “Rumours of Death,” the absolute best episode of B7 that I’ve seen so far—Avon’s all intense and lethal and Servalan is so freaking hot tied up on that wall with bruises all over her face. Yum! “It’s an old wall. It waits.” Thank you [ profile] executrix!

2. I got two pages of comments on Thantopsis! I have never, ever gotten two pages of comments on an entry that wasn’t meta! I am so in love with myself right now. LOL

3. Some entries for my No Pressure SPN Ficathon have come in, so check those stories out. Good stuff, people, and hopefully more entries to appear by this weekend.

4. Andy put up a teaser trailer for the movie we've been shooting here: Synchronicity Teaser. I'm the chick at the very end with the longer hair, which is super specific, I know. LOL I can't actually watch it myself due to dialup. I don't think I'm in this clip much, but it's a great scene.

5. Spoilers for Shortbus )

6. Spoilers for SPN episode: Heart )
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're a couple four dics into the first season, and finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a show that my husband and I can both love with equal abandon. Probably doesn't help that the bar in "Shadow" is the one Josh and his highschool girlfriend got it on in way back when.... heh heh hehe

Sooooooo.... rec me some Sam/Dean please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] yin_again and [ profile] emella are into this fandom, so I expect good recs from you gals at least.

In other news, my film deut goes swimmingly. Today I got slammed into a table and cowered in fear from my psycho honey, in addition to making a bed fort and trying not to show too much of my ass to the director. Whooooo

PS Exec, I sincerely hope you're not diabetic
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Things that have made me a happy Lorraine:

1. [ profile] trekgirl55 gave me an autographed picture of Spike signed "To Lorraine, with Love." OMG, James Marsters loves me! I always suspected, but to have it spelled out like this in silver pen OMG OMG *g*

2. [ profile] krayat and I finished watching Ats and here is his review of the fifth season. Warmed the cockles of my heart, it did.

3. Got my first holiday card, from [ profile] chocgood84. Made my day, Brad.

4. Finally, I can reasonably and convincingly fake superficial cuts and scratches for our film! Yay! Serious wounds, not so much, but we're working on it. And Hitchcock had it right--in black and white, chocolate syrup works swimmingly for blood.
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1. I just saw four episodes of Angel I'd never seen before--the final two episodes of season three and the first two eps of season four. Dark!Wesley = yum. How did I not know before that he kept Justine locked up in his closet?! With a bucket?! Also, Holtz's change of heart was really interesting and unexpected for me, and I hate that he [apparently] asked Justine to kill him to trick Connor. I kept hoping that it would remain ambiguous whether he intended his death to be mistaken by Connor for a vamp attack or whether Justine took that little detail into her own hands. But, of course, Wesley reports in s4 that Holtz did it on purpose.

2. Connor/Cordy does not get any less squicky for me.

3. Why, why, why is Blake such a dumbass? And why, why, why does Jenna not get to do anything more interesting than push a button and say, "Yes, Blake?" Also, next year, I'm totally being Servalan for Halloween. I like her style. Sartorially, that is.

4. Wilkie Collins, Heart and Science: interlibrary loan it now. So, so good. Has one of the most realistic and engaging female characters I've encountered in a Victorian novel.

5. I got 70$ worth of free makeup today. Woooohoooo!

6. I also survived a meeting with the Professor from Bitch Town (despite the fact that I put my foot in it and gave her an opening to publicly deride my committee members *sigh*), finished a second piece of original fiction, dusted my house (which is huge; I never, ever dust), and starting writing about the day it rained dead baby squirrels. So, all in all, a very productive couple weeks since I talked to you all last. :)
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Yes, it is I, Lorraine the Obscure. Since I last posted, I have

1. been to the pawn shop and hocked a bunch of jewelry and gotten 200 dollars!!!!!! Whooooo!!!!!!! Dude totally ripped me off, but I still got way more than I expected. Plus, it wasn't even my jewelry, but some stuff that Trekgirl's mom-in-law was tossing. Yes, tossing. Alas, they did not want my weedeater.

2. been getting stuff together for a garage sale. We're talking taking pictures out of the frames so I can sell the frames garage sale. Wish me lucrative success. /invocation of Anyanka

3. updating my vita and working on my cover letter and realizing that I should have been submitting things for publication from the time I was nine instead of waiting until it's nearly too late. LOL I'm sure somebody told me, back when I was a grad student baby, that I should be continuously submitting articles, but I did not listen. And now I'm scrabbling around to fill a huge hole on my otherwise really, really good looking vita.

4. getting an intersession course for January. This winter, we shall eat. Yea verily.

5. finished a piece of original fiction! I'm getting ready to send it off for publication but I can't title the f*cker yet.

6. been to the gym everyday for three weeks in which time I have struck up an acquaintanceship with a former anorexic, broken a bicycle (that was this morning), decided that those guys *are* looking at me weird, and watched a certain MFA professor act like a prima donna over by the treadmills. Andy, you know who I'm talking about.

7. and finally, not posted any damn thing in [ profile] club_joss because I suck. I've been a bad, bad mod. Now if only I could slither around on the floor like Fiona, I'd not mind. I think I'm gonna take Exec's advice and call a six month hiatus on the comm. I still believe in the comm, but I've lost interest; I don't have the time it takes to keep it going successfully anymore. And in a bit of selfishness, I hate the thought of ceding my baby over to someone else. *sigh*
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Other than a rather bizarre ode to Ingrid Bergman a couple days ago, I know I haven't been around on lj all that much lately. This is due to a combination of actually doing the things I'm supposed to be doing (like working on my dissertation and preparing to teach class and exercising and getting articles polished up to submit for publication and so on) and having lots of social engagements. I'm still trying to figure out how to negotiate having a really full RL schedule with the time I want to spend online.

So, just in case you've been wondering,

Five Things That Have Made Me Very Happy in the Last Couple Weeks: )

Five Things that Have Right Pissed me Off Lately )

Also, is anybody else unable to copy text from the update screen of lj, or is it just something wrong with what I'm doing?
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Being only one, only one, only one, I can hardly say that your face is like milk, like the moon, like the pale dots on the sash around your midriff. Your hair was in the corner of your mouth the whole drive. But I am sorry that I didn’t stay to eat your chicken or rest my head on Carey’s shoulders, too. Next time, dance with me?
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Andy and I were looking at one of his Entertainment Weekly's and they had all the covers pertaining to Bond over the years on this issue. The cover from 1969 had a tag line about Midnight Cowboy that said, "The gay cowboy movie." Since Andy owns it, I demanded we watch.

Review of Midnight Cowboy )
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First off, we got one of the trailers (a Brokeback spoof) we made for the Firefly film up on YouTube. Here's the link: I can't watch it 'cause of my dialup, so could somebody verify that the link as I have it here works before I go put it in Writercon?

We so wanna get the movie online but we'd have to break a fifty minute movie up into 2 minute intervals for that to work with the file size limitations, which seems a suck ass way to watch it LOL

Secondly, [ profile] lyrstzha did a DVD Commentary for my story "Rumpelstiltskin." She made me sound so freaking smart. *g* One of the very wonderful things I love about writing is that so often authors do things very much not on purpose, and I loved seeing where those things happened for this piece. I'm all glowy inside.
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I got to meet the lovely creative designer (aaack, I forget her actual title) for this sex toy and furniture company called Liberator this weekend. She and her husband are Andy and Josh's good friends, so we spirited them in for his party as a surprise. She brought us this in leopard print which is tres cool. There's also great pics waiting to be iconned on this page of the site. Seriously, check this site out in depth. There's lot of cool stuff to buy, pornified instructional videos on the products, and a whole lot more.

I've seen the five things meme going around, so pick a category (colors, food, songs etc), any category and I'll tell you my top five items in that category.


13/8/06 21:11
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Been offline for the past two days while I was getting ready for the party we threw last night for [ profile] krayat. I'm now utterly and satisfyingly exhausted. Catching up on email and lj and comments tomorrow. Missed you guys. :)


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