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1. [personal profile] antares_dw made beautiful cover art for my J/D Ficathon story. You can see it HERE. *squee* Very few times have I been given art for a story, so this is extra special. :)

2. Josh has logged into both his online classes and reports that they don't look as scary as he thought they might. Yay! I think getting a couple weeks under his belt will help him become more confident.

3. How sad are you that [community profile] paperjournals is a defunct community? Not as sad as I am. This looks like it was a really cool comm in its heyday; lots of posts of beautiful journals, pages inside journals, journal projects. I have recently gotten super into looking for planners, notebooks, fountain pens, paper suitable for fountain pen use, etc., online and would love to play around in a comm devoted to that. Some of the people posting there were super creative. If anybody wants to talk paper goods, pens, pencils, art supplies, etc., I am happy to have that conversation (although I will politely not get it if you wax enthusiastic about the washi tape).

4. Although we've already had two weeks of department meetings, committee meetings, and the mad rush to get syallabi and online components finalized, today was the first day back at school, and I am so glad for it. I've been ready to get back to a regular work week since June. I am one of those people who do not do terribly well with a lot of downtime. Lacking a regular schedule is not good for my mental health and allows me to indulge my worst habits. I am excited about the start of the semester, looking forward to my classes, and really optimistic about getting a lot of work done. In the past few years, I've been teaching two classes online and two in the classroom; this has allowed me to arrange my schedule where I only have to be on campus three days a week. While fun in many ways, this schedule is not conducive to me getting much beyond what I need to do for teaching accomplished. This semester, I'm on campus four days a week and think I will be much more productive for it. I've got a senior level class to prep for and some publications to get out there; it'll be time to apply for full professor before I know it.

5. A friend's post about her relationship with her parents has got me thinking about mine. I don't know if you guys remember my post from earlier in the summer where my dad yelled at me, but he and mom really hurt my feelings. After we left their house, I didn't speak to them for weeks, and pretty much the next time we talked was for them to tell me that dad was sick and getting tests to figure out what was wrong. So I feel this futile mixture of guilty for being angry at him and not speaking to him since he's sick and really angry because he never acknowledged hurting my feelings, will never acknowledge hurting my feelings or apologize for it, and will probably do the same thing again at which point I get to decide if the man potentially dying of cancer gets a get-out-of-jail-free card for being an ass or if I want to press the point of how treating your grown daughter like that is Not Acceptable. I also had a realization about that incident which made me even angrier about it; what set off the tirade was (no lie) that Josh and I did not agree with Mom and Dad that Mark Hamill looks deformed in the closing shot of TFA. That led to Dad hollering about how Josh had been so ugly to Mom all weekend and talking down to her (he had not), and I realized today that right before we watched the movie, Mom had been reading the paper and she started talking about that kid that was attacked by an alligator at Disney. I asked her politely a couple times to stop talking about it because I have serious issues with child death and I get caught in thought loops where I can't stop thinking about it. I had been having intrusive thoughts about this situation the whole car trip down after hearing NPR reporting and had trouble sleeping the night before because I couldn't stop thinking about it. She. Would. Not. Stop. Talking. About. It. Finally, Josh snapped at her and asked her to please stop talking about it in a Not Nice Tone of Voice. *shakes head* I can't imagine continuing to talk about something after my child told me it was harming her.

6. In other parental news, Josh's mom had a nice ER visit last week. She did not have a heart attack, but she had something called acute coronary syndrome which was not explained to her beyond, "You did not have a heart attack." She had a heart cath and had no blockages (which yay). They also did not set her up with a follow-up with a cardiologist. So she's getting that taken care of this week so she can figure out what happened to her and how to proceed from here.
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I just got a package from [personal profile] executrix filled with gluten free pasta, adorable notebooks, and a book about Victorian ideas of masculinity. Whoooooo! Thank you, sweetie. It was a real pick-me-up. That Kate Spade notebook is to die for.

In perfume news, we've tested three perfumes since the last post.


In a couple of weeks, I'm going to make a swaps/giveaway post, so you might want to check out my Masterlist post to see if there's anything you're interested in swapping for or otherwise taking off my hands. I'll be adding more to the pile, I'm sure, as I continue to test until the end of the month.
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I just got the most amazing double package from [personal profile] executrix: one filled with gluten free stuff to fix for my mom when she visits at the end of this month, and the other filled with clothes and perfume and the cutest tiny notebook.

I do not know what I did in another life to deserve such a good friend, but I am certain it involved resuscitating kittens or fostering orphaned sloth babies.

What an amazing pick-me-up for a shitty week.

Fi seems to be slowly getting better. Josh's mom came through surgery just fine. The week is slated to end better than it began.

*hugs to every single one of you*
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Some lovely someone(s) has been nominating my stories for the SunnyD Awards and for the No Rest for the Wicked Awards. I have been very anxious about Fi, and that's been a bright spot in the past few days for me. Many, many thanks, Mystery Nominator!

Fi went to daycare today; she doesn't seem any worse. I am crossing my fingers so tightly they are cramping that she will not get any worse.

I had a lot of fun learning about your collections and tea preferences, so let's do something along those lines again.

Tell me all about your

1. Favorite animal
2. Favorite historical figure
3. Favorite terrible movie
4. Favorite item of home decor
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I got the most amazing package from [personal profile] executrix full of tiny notebooks and lip balm and perfume! I am so blown away by your generosity, my friend. You really brightened my day. Thank you.

TNT is playing like four hours of Supernatural every week day, and Emma has been watching. Watching her watch the show has been hilarious. She is such a little fangirl. "OMG, Mom, everybody Sam ever gets close to dies!" *wail* "Dean is so cute. He's the cutest." *dreamy sigh* "What's wrong with Sam's hair?" LOL "Their daddy did what?"

*pets her*

It's the distilled essence of being in that fandom when those first seasons were airing.
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The kiddo has perked up. Yay! Definite improvement.

I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow (after being told by my regular doctor that they couldn't see me at all this week; WTF, doctor? I am so done with that practice for many reasons; so then I had to call around and beg doctors to take me on as a new patient; why is that such a humiliating and nerve racking process? *sigh*), so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon myself.

One thing that has made me feel better is that [personal profile] executrix sent me a glorious package with a scarf knitted (or crocheted, I often can't tell the difference) of different panels of fawn colored and brown yarn. So pretty. Also, a funky cool necklace made of Mardi Gras beads and Christmas ornaments that I immediately draped around a lamp so that the Christmas balls hand down around the edge like a fringe. I love it. Thank you, sweetie.
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I am a lucky gal.

[ profile] decynthus sent me the most precious little bottle of Eau de Rochas that she offered to me out of the blue. So sweet. :)

[personal profile] teaotter frimped me to the eleventy millionth degree when we swapped some perfumes. And tucked a little sliver sample of Satsuma soap in the package as well for added awesomeness. *happy sigh* Y'all know I'd live in the bath if possible. I'll be posting about that haul soon; Ems and I have had fun trying them.

And [personal profile] executrix sent me the most thoughtfully curated package of tiny notebooks (OMG, it's like a sickness; I have never met a tiny notebook I didn't want to clutch to my ample bosom), lip balm, and perfume--a sample of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible, a sample of Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte, some articles on perfume history, and some magazine samples. :)

And even so, what makes you all the best people I know has very little to do with the awesome material gifts you've given me over the years and more to do with your kindness and your support and all the wonderful conversations we've had over the past ten years.

Many, many hugs, my people. :) <3
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1. I have known for a week now, but I was asked to keep the results confidential until official announcements were made; I didn't post anything here because I know several people I know in RL read this journal, and I wanted to respect that confidentiality. So, without further adieu....


2. My BPAL package arrived today, and I got four frimps! Juke Joint, Bread and Butterfly, Endymion, and Thy Godfather's Present. I did not expect such bounty. Yay!!!! Emma is being so adorable about trying the perfumes with me. I let her pick which one we'd try first, and she chose Incantation. I am waiting for her to finish her shower (with scentless products! OMG, I want to smish her all up; she's copying me because I was wearing Aveda Stress Fix today and I want to sniff on a blank canvas) so we can get started. Yay for mother-daughter perfume bonding time!

3. Ems and I got to see Winter Soldier today and all the squee, my friends. I will be posting a review later when I get a chance to write one up. I very carefully sat on my hands and did not read anything anyone posted about this movie. If you posted a review or some meta, will you please link me to it so I can read now? I can't remember who all posted about the movie. :)

4. People are giving me things! [personal profile] sallymn made me some awesome perfume icons and [personal profile] musyc is sending me an imp of Croquet. <3

5. Finally, Fiona is no longer ill. She has been down at the mouth (oh so literally; the scamp is cutting 6 freaking teeth all at once; she has 8 teeth in her mouth OMG) all week, and we had to keep her out of daycare for two days because of the fever. It really, really sucks not having any family close. Josh and I both have had to miss too much work this semester because of Feefers being sick. :( But today she is back to herself, all grins and cooing and trying to climb on top of everything. Yay for happy and healthy babies!!!!
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Thanks to everyone who sent me cards: [ profile] kaleecat, [ profile] sweet_exile, [ profile] altyronsmaker, and [ profile] lyrstzha.

Thanks to [personal profile] ariadne83 and [personal profile] executrix for the holiday packages.

Have a picture of Fiona enjoying the stuffed toy Ariadne sent her. )

[personal profile] agentcthulhu gave me 200 DW points; whoooo! :)

And I was also the recipient of some pretty freaking awesome fic written by [personal profile] executrix, [personal profile] hwc, and my mystery Yuletide writer. Rec post coming up soon!

Everyone reading this post has helped to make 2013 good for me. Thank you all for your friendship, and I look forward to another year of the same.
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1. I know I haven't been around much, but it's been really hard getting back into the groove of things around here. :( I had a panic attack yesterday at the most inopportune time; I know everyone at work thought I had lost my mind, possibly because I had. I keep reminding myself that I kept it together emotionally for more than two weeks during which my husband almost died twice. Whatever I've suppressed has got to come out somehow. I just wish it hadn't chosen to erupt at registration. LOL

2. I got my first nail art! I am besotted.

toes )

3. I have grown weary of that certain breed of amateur critic who decides not to like things simply because they are popular. You don't get cool points in my book for only watching things on Criterion Collection that are directed by dead French men. Popular (or mainstream) doesn't equal bad. After all, almost everybody likes ice cream. That's because it tastes freaking awesome. I get that there's a certain ego boost people like this get from bemoaning the demise of cinema or music or literature; it's an attempt to make themselves sound smarter than they are or more discerning. But, come on, naysayers. Avengers is a very smartly written, directed, and acted movie. Pooh-poohing the Joss only makes you look like a turd.

4. We watched Chronicle last night and enjoyed. I thought it did a good job of making the protagonists sympathetic and likable, and even though it was mostly filmed on handheld cameras, it did not descend into Blair Witch-esque nausea inducing shaky cam. It's a quick movie, too, which is a plus.

5. I have gotten goodies in the mail! Nathan and Elizabeth sent us 5 lbs of country cured bacon. We have a bacon club. It's a thing. I also got an amazing birthday package of books from [personal profile] executrix. Whoooooooooo! Josh got himself a PlayStation 3 for Father's Day and bought Little Big Planet to play with Emma. Everyone is happy. :)
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1. I got linked to on an academic blog! As [personal profile] lunabee34 so it can't go on my vita, but yayness. Here's the link: Writing Sandcastles Versus Playing in Sandboxes: The Writing Life in the Twenty-First Century by Alex Jenkins.

2. Sitting at 52 pages right now on the current chapter of the dissertation. I didn't write last week because I had to write a conference paper and an article for publication. Nose to the grindstone again tomorrow.

3. Even though I went to school at Ole Miss, I'd never read much Barry Hannah. A colleague who considered him a close friend and mentor gave me a couple short stories. I read one of them, and while I didn't care for it all that much, I am considering changing the title of this journal to "Hoisting the nipplements of my wayout enhooterment" as a consequence. Thoughts?

Who wants to talk about

a. last night's Game of Thrones
b. Inuyasha
c. Friedman's Magister series (still in the middle of the first book)
d. what anime we should watch next with Emma once Inuyasha is over
e. Bridesmaids (watched and kinda went meh)
f. 21 Jump Street
g. the best you read this week
h. other stuff


And, scene.


26/2/12 15:24
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[personal profile] ariadne83 gave me a dragon with which to eradicate injustice in the world. I'm calling her Clementine, and later today we have an appointment at Kroger with the hooligans who decided a laser light show give away was awesomesauce. What are they giving away? I.Do.Not.Know. But a million people are willing to stand in line for it and be blinded with laser lights, apparently.

Happy Oscars, everyone! As per usual, I have only seen one or two of the big nommed movies, and my most favorite movies of the year are ignored (nothing for the Harry Potter actors, really? DH Part 1 was kind of a perfect movie), but that's okay. I'm in it for the montages anyway. :)
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1. [ profile] shannon730 knitted me the most awesome items--two sock monkey hats for the toddler twins of our BFFs and a gorgeous sleep sack, diaper cover, hat combo for a friend's newborn. Pictures forthcoming. Excellent work, y'all. I'm just waiting for Shannon to open her Etsy store. :)

2. [ profile] kaleecat sent me a glass heart for V-Day. *loves*

3. One of my ficlets has been podficced as part of Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II. *huge ass grin* Go listen to stories about awesome ladies.

4. Signups for [community profile] month_of_meta are open HERE. I am really excited. I'm going to be writing about Fannish Trajectories: Isolation, a Sense of Disconnection from Fandom, and How We Deal
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One of my older stories, Five Things That Never Happened to Simon Tam, has gotten a lot of attention the last week. Kudos out the wazoo. I haven't written a lot of fic in the last years, and it's really gratifying that people are still reading those older stories.

Some reccage!

The Best Revenge and its sequel The Best Revenge: The Time of the Basilisk by Arsinoe de Blassinville
HP; Snape/OC; Harry-centric gen; LOOOOOOONG
This is a great sub-genre example of those smart and independent Harry stories I was talking about awhile ago. Here, Snape discovers Harry's Hogwarts letter before it is delivered (Cupboard Under the Stairs? Buzzah?), and he and Minerva intervene. I love this story. It doesn't deny Snape's foibles but allows him to be much more of a well rounded person than the series ever did. I also really enjoy the take on Voldemort in this story. Very plotty, nice character insights and commentary on canon.

Birth of the Serpent King by Kiera Marcos
HP; Harry/Draco; medium
Here, smart and independent Harry is enabled by Draco and Narcissa Malfoy, Lucius having given his life to save Harry's during the TriWizard Tournament. Lots of lovely world building here. The Malfoys introduce Harry to all the wizarding heritage that Dumbledore has kept secret from Harry. This is totally a "Harry is chock full to the brim of awesome power" stories, but I was thorougly delighted with it.

We Belong Series by MJ2007
HP; George/OC; super long yet never long enough :(
This links you to the author's profile page on; the series is accessible from there. OMG, [personal profile] kaleecat, I love you forever for linking me to this story because this story is exactly the kind of story that hits all my kinks HARD!!! Now, I know what some of you are going to say. It's super OC heavy. Lots of OCs. But they are cool OCs. I care about them. And they do not ever supplant canon characters but rather support them. I LOVE GEORGE WEASLEY! I LOVE RON WEASLEY! I LOVE GEORGE WEASLEY! I LOVE ALL WEASLEYS! WEASLEYS! This fic made me cry pretty much constantly, equally from joy and angst. It is now one of my favorites of ever. Ever. Ever. The basic premise is that Fred Weasley had a son he never knew about; now that he is dead, George must take on the role of parenthood.
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I have been podficced! This makes me incredibly ecstatic. [ profile] mixed_reviews recorded my DH story "Waist Deep and Sinking" HERE. Go listen. I am awesome. *grin*

Come My Way by [ profile] candle_beck; SPN; Sam/Dean; Adult
I have the feeling I am going to articulate this poorly, but you know how sometimes stories in fandom feel like they belong to a particular era of writing within the fandom even if they were actually written earlier or later? I think that some of the best writing in SPN came from the first season of the show and this feels very much like a story that was written in season one. A very lovely Wincest first time fic.

Homeless Hit A Bit Close (the These Rags of Memory remix) by [ profile] tabaqui; SPN remix; gen
I love this unflinching look at what it must have meant to grow up Winchester, and the privation that both boys were surely subject to as a result. More than most authors I know in fandom, [ profile] tabaqui has a real gift for illuminating the way class issues mold the characters she writes about and this fic is no exception.

Down to the River (Ain't no More Second Guessing remix) by [ profile] essenceofmain; SPN remix; Sam/Dean; Adult
I adore fic that plays with the time loop of "Mystery Spot." I love that canon itself shows us a Sam who is raw and ragged and pushed to the edges of sanity and I love that we as fanficcers can take that characterization and drop poor Sammy over the edge. This is short, but brutally so, like a backhand across the cheekbone.

This Dark Shroud Hides a Face Beneath it (Underside Remix) by [ profile] subterrain; SPN remix; Dean/OMCs; Adult; Warnings for underaged sex
The summary of this fic reads: these are the things Dean does for his family. *shivers* Dean in this story is so vulnerable, using the only capital he has (his body) to get what he and Sam need to survive. This is a bleak, bleak read.

Buildings and Bridges (the rockabye remix) by [ profile] zooey_glass04; SPN remix; Sam/Dean; Adult
Sam and Dean build a treehouse when they are children and that treehouse comes to symbolize all the things they can never say out loud to each other. I love the way the fic is structured around this tangible symbol of their love.

Handlebars by [ profile] flummery; Dr. Who vid
The very first time I heard this song on the radio I shut it off before the artist was even halfway through the first verse. The song annoyed me. I couldn't stand it. But someone on the flist linked to this vid and I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the way the lyrics and the images shown in this vid interact. I don't even watch Dr. Who and I can tell how powerful this vid is.

Never as Bad as Anticipated Until it Is by [ profile] bluflamingo; SGA Big Bang; John/Mitchell; Adult
I like this pairing. I like it a lot. I think it has such potential to generate an interesting dynamic between the characters. I am very intrigued by the notion of a Cam Mitchell in charge of Atlantis and I love the way this fic handles the relationship between John and Rodney.

Push Until it Holds by [ profile] zillah975; SGA Big Bang; John/Ronon; Adult
Again, I like this pairing. I like it a lot. And again, I like the way the relationship between John and Rodney is handled. I like that Rodney pursues John because he feels that he ought to; I love how desperately he tries to make something work between them. And I love how fragile Ronon is in the piece, how stoic, how enduring, how weary.

Two Untitled SG-1 Fic Snippets by [ profile] 6beforelunch
I love both of these, but the second in particular. What happens to Jonas after the Ori take his planet? This, nothing but this, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.
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Major self pimpage here, but Shadowlands just won Runner-up for Best Spander in this round of the Shades of Grey Awards. Thanks so much for my beeeeeyoutiful plaque, [ profile] shannon730. Also congrats to [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] riani1, [ profile] tgray, [ profile] darkhavens, [ profile] secondverse and all the other fabulous winners.

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Fic nom

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Shadowlands was nominated in the White Knight Awards. Yay! Everyone go vote for your faves. Plenty of amazing people are nommed, including [ profile] claudia6913, [ profile] lit_gal, [ profile] glossing, [ profile] stoptocheer, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] reremouse, [ profile] nashmaveric, [ profile] virtualpersonal, [ profile] entrenous88, Esmeralda, Jackson, etc. But most of all [ profile] chocgood84 who is the darlin'est Brad around!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] chocgood84!!!! Hope it's a great one.

And guess what? My darlin' [ profile] jjjean65 sent me porn in the mail all the way from Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, not all of it's porny. There's some music videos, a movie called "Celluloid Closet," and some really hilarious foreign commercials too. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna take me forever to get through it all and that makes me so damn happy.
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Squeeeeee!!!!!! My darlin' [ profile] sukibluefiction chose me for this week's snog-fest at [ profile] big_snog_weekly. Thanks, luv!, Lorraine is thinking dirty thoughts. Well, actually, that's not out of the ordinary. *g*


11/4/05 23:00
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A little shameless self-love here.... *g*

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