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So, one of the consequences of the massive tag project I'm doing is that I keep finding stuff that I don't remember anything about. Usually it's a post about an event I can't recall or one where I mention someone and I have no idea who that person is anymore.

However, this post from 2010 is just bizarre. It's a private post, which is how I used to write a lot of my entries, especially if I was going to have to stop writing in the middle and go somewhere or do something. I'd post what I had privately and come back and finish it later. I've been doing lots of deleting of the private rough draft versions of posts in this tag project.

As far as I can tell, though, I never finished writing this post or posted it anywhere. It's formatted really strangely, almost as if I was going to be giving a presentation with someone else. IDK what I could have written this for or where I posted it if I ever did. If anybody recognizes this, please let me know.

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Occam's Razor by [ profile] joanwilder; HP; Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus; long; Adult
This is an extremely interesting fic in which Harry and Draco find Snape's portrait and develop a relationship with the slain potion's master. Very cool use of canonical magic and a nice look at wizarding portraits and how they function. Also hot.

Memorium by Aesop; HP; gen; long
Wow. This is one of those fantastic stories that examine a part of canon we take for granted--of course, Muggles are Obliviated when they come in contact with the wizarding world, both for their protection and the safety of magic users. What if that isn't true, though. What if in addition to being grossly unethical, Obliviation is also highly dangerous? Can't recommend this one highly enough.

Repetition is a Form of Change by [ profile] DoctorSyntax; HP; Percy/Oliver, Percy/Neville; medium
I really like stories that humanize Percy, that look for explanations for his behavior beyond, "Percy is a berk." The deep rift between Percy and his family is not so easily overcome, and this fic just aches.

She's got no future (just a life to endure) by [ profile] mosca; True Blood; Pam/Jessica; Adult; short
Oh, hells yes. This is extremely awesome, maybe the most awesome thing of ever. Pam and Jessica together is like an unstoppable force of hotness. Many lovely character insights.

Thwarted by a Mystical Puzzle by [personal profile] afewsmallrepairs; HP/Good Omens XOVER; Luna-centric; short
This fic imagines Luna as a second Anti-Christ. *loves*

Crazydiamondsue's Epic List of Buffy Meta recs
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So, LOGO has been replaying BtVS, and I've been coming home at lunch and watching while I eat my sandwich. I had an epiphany last week, which I know you're all dying to hear:

I have never understood why Jenny Calendar doesn't tell Angel that the consequence of a moment of true happiness is losing his soul. I've always read her as exacerbating the conditions under which she dies; if only she were honest with Giles & Co., Angel's transformation could be prevented. In fact, I always had this vague, nebulous idea in the back of my mind that the Gypsies who originally cursed Angel should have told him what would happen if he got a little too warm and fuzzy.

Then it occurred to me--the Gypsies don't tell Angel about the happiness clause of his curse because he would have immediately tried to use that to lose his soul again and return to a state in which he wasn't overwhelmed with guilt and emotional pain. Duh. (Although part of me is amused by the idea of writing a fic where recently-souled!Angel tries so hard to be happy and just keeps reverting to Broody McForehead Rat-Eater LOL)

And yet, while I understand why they don't tell him the sitch initially, as time passes, keeping Angel out of the loop makes less and less sense. The happiness clause isn't an effective punishment if he's not aware of it. If Angel knows he'll become the monster he once was through a moment of true happiness, then he's gonna gloom it up. Once he's firmly ensconced as a white hat, knowledge of the happiness clause is actually a more effective punishment than merely having his soul. (And what the Gypsies did to Angel is always presented in terms of punishment for him, both in the flashbacks we get of the incident and from Jenny Calendar's perspective.) It would make him constantly afraid he might become Angelus again, and it would drive him away from seeking any kind of pleasure or companionship. He'd be even more miserable and tortured than ever. I don't know that Joss Whedon could have found a wig to express that emotional state though.

So by the time we get to Ms. Calendar, whose sole purpose in Sunnydale is to monitor the whole Angel situation, I still don't understand why she doesn't tell Angel what's the what. Leaving him in the dark is dangerous and leads to more bloodshed. Are we supposed to assume that the motivation for giving Angel his soul back is solely revenge driven and not preventative?

So yes, a million years late to the party on this one. LOL
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It's a lazy, rainy night, and I'm thinking about BtVS. I'm thinking about the Buffyverse because some kind soul recced one of my stories from last year in [ profile] buffyversetop5, and that got me to thinking about [ profile] maleslashminis and how much I really enjoyed participating in that comm last year. I also happened to catch a few episodes of the show on LOGO this week--events all conspiring to make me very nostalgic for my first fandom.

One of the things I liked so much about [ profile] maleslashminis was that it forced me to be really creative and think about canon in new and interesting ways. I'd never have written Ben/Xander on my own or Giles/Jayne or even Graham/Riley. I liked the uncertain nature of the request, the fact that I never knew exactly what my recipient was going to want from a story. I miss that comm. *sniffle*

I met most of you guys in Buffy fandom, and most of you have mostly moved on, I think. We all occasionally foray back into the old stomping grounds, but I think most of us concentrate most of our fannish efforts in other places at this point.

So, I'm wondering--if you're ever nostalgic like me, what's the Buffyverse story that got away? The one you always meant to write but didn't? The one you always wanted to write but didn't think you could? The one you think that time and distance makes nearly impossible to write now? The story you always wanted to read but never found?

I suppose I am asking for writing prompts in a way, but even more than that, I am endlessly fascinated by the stories that we hold close to our hearts but never quite manage to commit to paper. Also, bored now, and talking good. :)
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So, you wanna know a little something something about the Buffyverse? Then look ye no further than [ profile] crazydiamondsue's Buffyverse Meta List of Epic Proportions. Guaranteed to keep you busy until the cows come home for their daily beatings.
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I am undergoing a Buffyverse Renaissance. I've been reading (and in many cases re-reading) fic, watching the show and trying my hand at writing in this sandbox after a pretty long hiatus.

So. Spike as the Master of Sunnydale. Spike as a Master Vampyre.

I don't buy it.

I've been reading fic where Spike has all this money and all this power and all the demons on the Hellmouth tremble when he blows smoke up their skirts, and this other fic full of complicated and faintly ludicrous vampire politics and ritual and posturing and here's the thing.

Some of this I like in moderation even though we get zero canonical evidence for pretty much all of it (Spike is broke; we see this over and over again. Spike pisses off demons left and right; he's a poor planner; he's just as likely to be running away from the demon loan sharks as he is pouring them concrete shoes.) Fanfic is, after all, in many ways about giving us a different perspective on the characters we know and love. So the fic where Spike actually has a fair amount of dosh squirreled away and he just doesn't want the Scoobs to know? I can get behind that. The fic where Spike's been around long enough that he's networked with a fair amount of demons and can get himself out of a spot of trouble that way? I can buy that. The fic where Spike and Angel like to bite each other? I can always get behind that. (Also beside it and underneath)

But I am one of those people who prefers most of the fic she reads to be canon compliant and I just don't see any evidence for Spike (or Angel) as Master vampires. Sure, he clearly can command minions. We see him doing so. But being a Master vampire is about the power, right? It's about control. It's about an end game. And I don't think that's Spike. I don't think power matters to him. He wants to do what he wants to do and bugger all any interference, but he's not after true power and he never has been. He's after life in all it's permutations--blood and sex and a bit of violence. Spike wants to have fun. Being a Master is like being Mayor--all that fricking red tape. That's not the Spike I see when I watch the show.

[Caveat: thank God we all see different characters when we watch or else this whole fanfic thing would be way more boring! Dissenting opinions welcome.]
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Really great insight on Angel's character by [ profile] fractal_bat

The Lord Don't Close a Door Less he Opens a Window by [ profile] executrix Firefly: Kaylee/Bester, Adult This was written for the Bad Sex Challenge and is a wonderful read--funny as hell, and the Kaylee voice is perfect.

And all the rest is SPN:


Justifying Sam/Dean by [ profile] monster_of_hope Essay that makes a good argument for shipping the Winchesters.


Moderation by [ profile] sevenfists Adult Also Dean/Ocs "So just leave, then, if that's what you fuckin' want to do—" Dean said, and Sam slammed his hand down on the table and yelled, "Yeah, well maybe I will," and Dean said, "Fine," and Sam said, "You fucking asshole, I hope you rot in hell," and the next thing Dean knew, it was two days later and he was driving toward the Gulf, alone in the Impala for the first time in what felt like about ten million years. Stupid Sam and his stupid—if he thought he could have his normal fucking life, he was delusional. Dean gave him three weeks tops, and then Sam would come crawling back, too guilty and vision-ridden to stay away for long.

The Forces Ranged Within us and Against Us by [ profile] musesfool Adult The narrative structure here is so lovely. It’s inspired by “Twenty-One Love Poems” by Adrienne Rich, and floating unnumbered piece works so well. Because it is unmoored from the rest of the vignettes, it really becomes commentary on them all.

Imperfectly by [ profile] zooey_glass04 Adult Oh my this is a good read. In the aftermath of a fight that leaves Sam permanently scarred, he and Dean have to relearn their relationship. This hits my h/c kink hard. The villain in this piece is particularly creepy and works very well, I think, too.

From the Fire Roads to the Interstate by [ profile] luzdeestrellas Adult Dean flips him the bird, no hands on the wheel for a second, and Sam has never felt so safe. "I think you've lost your mind, college boy," Dean says, grinning like he could spin the world on a dime, take the devil on and win. "Maybe," Sam says, and Dean guns the engine, lets the impala fly like a bullet through the dark, and Sam hums Death Cab under his breath, just loud enough to piss Dean off, and waits for the dawn to catch them.

Cherry (Or the Things You Learn about a Guy) by [ profile] lyra_wing Adult Sam discovers Dean’s tube of cherry-flavored lube, and man oh man do really freaking hot things ensue.

This is not about Love by [ profile] imoralilly Adult Dean keeps some memories close at hand so that he can keep his relationship with Sam in perspective. Lovely read.


But You Should See the Other Guy by [ profile] geminigrl11 Sam and Dean in a bar, telling tales. Really lovely fic about the bond between them. It hits him like a revelation that this is the Sam that Jess must have known, must have loved – this relaxed, confident, unfairly tall drink of water that probably would have had all the college girls eating out of palm of his hand and happy to be there, if he’d only noticed. Little Sammy’s got the mojo, Dean thinks, a little proud, a little incredulous. Drawn like a moth to flame, he winds his way to the table.

Two for Flinching and One for the Road by [ profile] kimonkey7 Sam and Dean have their own Halloween rituals that are by turns hilarious and heartbreaking. There’s a line in this fic that perfectly encapsulates every single thing I love so much about Sam and Dean and Sam/Dean. You’ll know it when you see it.

Skies Grown Darker by [ profile] parenthetical 6-chaptered fic that follows Sam and Dean in the aftermath of “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.” This is so well plotted and the voices are all so beautifully true. The emotional tenor of the story is pitch-perfect, always walking that razor-wire of loss, tension, angst, and humor. As much as I love, love the Wincest, sometimes it’s really nice to read a story that focuses on their relationship as brothers without the erotic overtones.

Step Twice Into the Same River by [ profile] smilla02 What would happen if Dean took the demon’s deal in “Crossroad Blues?” What would those ten years be like? This hurts to read. Hurts me. In an oh so good good way.
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Lorne is always described as an empath demon. What's not clear to me is whether his empathy is a condition unique only to himself or a characteristic of his demon race. Okay. Lorne is able to read information about people's lives/destinies/etc when they sing (He also seems, sometimes, to discern information about people when they're not singing, but that could be a function of his effectiveness as a counselor rather than his empathic abilities. We all remember that very special episode of TNG, right?). Music does not exist in Pylea. I wonder if it was actively banned by the Roby-Hoody guys that are running the show until Cordy becomes Princess. It would be awful hard to rule a race of people with psychic powers. I have no degree in anthropology, but I will make the sweeping statement that a culture of sentient beings which have no music whatsoever (especially when they have dancing) seems almost impossible. When Lorne does sing in Pylea, it hurts his fellow Pyleans. Is this because it takes some adjusting to be able to handle the psychic barrage that results? Or is it because Lorne is deliberately dumping psychic baggage in a painful way?

(Of course, there's probably a throwaway line in an ep somewhere that I've missed that answers this question definitively)
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To me, one of the most interesting aspects of Ats seasons 4 and 5 is that we get to see what kind of fanficcer Angel would make. Although what Angel technically does in the episodes “Deep Down” and “Awakening” is fantasize about his own life, I think the term fanfiction is applicable. I tend to think of fantasies in which the fantasizer is a character (or even memoir and autobiography*) as “fanficcing one’s own life.” In any case, fantasies in which the dreamer is a character and fanfiction are certainly similarly constructed and operate under some of the same principles. Fantasies take the canon of a dreamer’s life and create new material that builds on that framework. The fantasy might correct what the dreamer perceives as a canonical mistake (I really shouldn’t have divorced my husband; here’s what might have happened if we stayed together), explore non-canonical relationships (I know I’ve got a girlfriend, but what would it be like if I slept with my boss?), go completely AU (Me and my best friend, captured by sexy bank robbers, manage both to woo them and save the world), or cross-over (What if I suddenly got transported to Sunnydale and OMG Anya couldn’t keep her hands off me?). Like fanfic, these fantasies can run the gamut from gen to NC-17, from funny to incredibly disturbing, from plausible to pie in the sky.

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PS Someone wrote an excellent essay about season 5's mindwipe that I wanted to reference for this essay, but apparently I didn't save the post to my Memories. Anybody have any idea what essay I might be talking about. I believe I discovered it in 2005 (which doesn't necessarily mean it was written in 2005).
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1. I just saw four episodes of Angel I'd never seen before--the final two episodes of season three and the first two eps of season four. Dark!Wesley = yum. How did I not know before that he kept Justine locked up in his closet?! With a bucket?! Also, Holtz's change of heart was really interesting and unexpected for me, and I hate that he [apparently] asked Justine to kill him to trick Connor. I kept hoping that it would remain ambiguous whether he intended his death to be mistaken by Connor for a vamp attack or whether Justine took that little detail into her own hands. But, of course, Wesley reports in s4 that Holtz did it on purpose.

2. Connor/Cordy does not get any less squicky for me.

3. Why, why, why is Blake such a dumbass? And why, why, why does Jenna not get to do anything more interesting than push a button and say, "Yes, Blake?" Also, next year, I'm totally being Servalan for Halloween. I like her style. Sartorially, that is.

4. Wilkie Collins, Heart and Science: interlibrary loan it now. So, so good. Has one of the most realistic and engaging female characters I've encountered in a Victorian novel.

5. I got 70$ worth of free makeup today. Woooohoooo!

6. I also survived a meeting with the Professor from Bitch Town (despite the fact that I put my foot in it and gave her an opening to publicly deride my committee members *sigh*), finished a second piece of original fiction, dusted my house (which is huge; I never, ever dust), and starting writing about the day it rained dead baby squirrels. So, all in all, a very productive couple weeks since I talked to you all last. :)
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I was idly thinking today how much better so many things I enjoy would be if I were in charge of them--the radio for instance. 92.1 would NEVER, EVER play the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Britney Spears and those girls who evidently can't read well enough to get the weather update out without major backtracking would so get the axe.

So, in that spirit, I ask you: if you could change one canon moment (and only one!) in each of your fandoms, what would it be? This could be something monumental that would have far-reaching implications, like saving a character from death, or could be something as simple, as "please don't let Simon wear the blue corset of doom in the BDM."

Here are mine:

1. BtVS: This is a toughie. There's lotsa stuff I'd change about this show, but I think if I could only change one thing, I'd change Spike's attempted rape scene. That has always seemed OOC for him for me. I've seen plenty good fanfic writers explain it plausibly and even tried my own hand at it before, but it just reads off to me everytime I watch it.

2. Ats: Again, ack!!!! So many things to fix. Lorne doesn't shoot Lindsey. I don't care if Lindsey dies or not, but Lorne should not be the agent of his death.

3. Firefly: The entire series is about how Simon and River are family crew and everyone coming to terms with that. So when Mal tells Simon that he and River aren't crew in the BDM, it's like negating everything that comes before. I *hated* that.

4. Star Trek TOS: Please, please, please don't let Spock sing. Pretty much ever.

5. Star Trek TNG: When you are giving birth, Deanna Troi, do not look like you're having an orgasm. If it was that fun, I'd be doing it again. All the time, every day.

6. Star Trek DS9: I would not let Jadzia die. *shakes fist at Rick Berman* One more season to go, dude. You coulda worked with a girl.

So, what would you guys change?
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I've been thinking a good deal about Riley's character and his place in slash fandom after last week's [ profile] club_joss discussion of [ profile] trepkos's "Moonstruck I." He's so often cast as the villain of a Spander or Spangel piece (and not just the villain, but the Villian LOL), that I had never read a slash story in which Riley played a positive role until [ profile] emella pointed me to [ profile] eliade's Reprise.

Many of the Buffyverse fandom classics (I'm thinking [ profile] jameschick's Quantum Xander and Lazuli's Repossession) are built around the premise that Riley is really a huge, evil sadist. And I'm not saying that's wrong; I enjoyed reading both those stories very much. I think that pushing the boundaries of characterization is really what fanfic is about. For this same reason, I enjoy stories that explore Angelus equally as well as those that focus on Angel. One thing I think the Buffyverse hammers home is that we all have an inner Angelus just waiting to come out to play.

When I was watching the show, I never really felt very strongly about Riley's character; I don't like the actor all that much. He's never really pushed my buttons. But I certainly didn't hate him or anything. What I found after reading so much fanfic that cast him in a negative role is that I started to hate Riley's character unreasonably. When I found Reprise, I had to step back and think, "Now why do I hate Riley so much? He's really kinda goofy and noble." LOL

After that, I began to enjoy Riley more. I don't like Marc Blucas's execution of the character; that doesn't mean that the character isn't really complex and fascinating (guy living a double life, gives it all up for what's right, etc).

So, after that long-winded intro:
1. Riley as the slash bad guy
2. fanfic affecting character perception

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Okay, I'm wondering if being a vampire automatically damns you, especially if you get your soul restored. Angel believes that he can never redeem himself, but that's because of the bad things he did between the time he lost his soul and the time he regained it. He believes the same of Spike.

So my question is, would someone who got vamped and then got her soul restored immediately, before she'd had time to do anything gruesome be damned to hell? 'Cause if not, I dunno why all the Scoobs aren't signing up to be vamped. I mean, it's not like a soul restoration *has* to include the happiness clause; the Gypsies just did that to hurt Angel. Now that Willow's the most powerful witch like ZOMG ever, she should be able to work a spell of this kind. And who wants to die? *looks around and sees no hands* And you'd get to be all strong and Oh! Oh! Smoke. 18 packs a day and it would not kill you. *sighs dreamily*

But seriously. This sounds like a good idea to me. Perhaps I am warped.
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So I'm writing this Buffy/Faith piece and I'm really excited about it. It's really different for me--for one thing, I'm operating from a different standpoint than I do with most fic I write. Before I started writing Spander, I read it exhaustively. I was really familiar with the fanon, the stories that had been told eleventy-one times, and the opportunities for story that are underexplored before I wrote a word. Same thing for Firefly. I read everything I could get my hands on before I started writing.

I've read almost no Buffy/Faith. I've read [ profile] glossing and [ profile] thelastgoodname and [ profile] theurgy and that's it. In some ways I think that's a good thing. This then is the story I want to tell, the one I think is there, instead of the story that occurs to me after reading everyone else's story. But of course, writing this way I am running the risk of telling yet again the most told story of all time for Buffy/Faith.

And, perhaps the most important new thing--this piece has a sex scene. A pretty important one, in fact. It needs to do work, you know LOL, besides the whole erotical aspects. And you guys know how sex scenes give me fits. I find them so difficult to write. I'm worried I'll get it wrong.

So yeah. There's Lorraine's insecurities. Anyway, I need you guy's help.

1. Does anybody know where there are pictures of Buffy and Faith fighting at Faith's apt in The Graduation Part 1. I've tried googling, but with no success. I need to see what Buffy is wearing and what the lighting is like out on the balcony.

2. What canonical info are we given about Faith before she shows up in Sunnydale? Where was she born? Anything about her being Chosen, her Watcher, etc. I don't wanna create more work for anybody, so if you know the episode titles, that's cool. I can just read the transcripts myself if you don't know offhand.
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[ profile] imaginaryimages is having an interesting conversation HERE about Jossverse actors and fannish reaction to their projects outside the Jossverse.


East of the Sun, West of the 5 by [ profile] glossing Fred/Cordelia rated PG I think it's no secret by now that I really enjoy [ profile] glossing's writing *g*. She consistently uses language in new and innovative ways, and I feel like she's forever pushing the boundaries of the source material in her fic. She's such a sensual writer, focusing primarily on the tactile. I also really like the way her writing is always very very smart without being pretentious. All that being said, this fic is a joy to read. After her rescue from Pylea, Fred attempts to understand her new surroundings, surroundings that include a Cordelia that Fred finds fascinating. Change came, would always come. The brave met it, but the weak and the fearful get swallowed up in it. Because this was how her hypothesis was taking shape: Who you are makes all the difference when things change. Alice Liddell was Lewis Carroll's *beloved*; Cordelia was made princess in Pylea. And now, after her birthday, the evidence was mounting up even higher. Cordelia had seen what her life would be like without the visions. Of course she was a star -- that didn't surprise or trouble Fred in the least -- but the others were all there, too. All of them were meant to be in Cordelia's world, all of them except Fred and Lorne. The freaks.

Some Trot About Devon/Oz NC-17 Nobody writes Devon like Gloss. What was Oz doing when Sunnydale fell? This fic made me cry. It's a plausible, touching explanation for his whereabouts. He [Devon] has to wait out the rest of his shift at the store before he can get back home. Has to haul ass, smile pretty, kiss up to all the Upper East Side ladies out for bargains and a charming downtown-but-not-too-far-downtown bohemian experience, restock the tchotchkes and dust the chandeliers and the whole entire time, he knows. They're all gone. It's all gone. And he's thinking about Oz, because Oz always took this shit hard. And all of Sunnydale, that gives new meaning to hard. And shit.

The Glass will Fall Forever by [ profile] mireille719 Giles/Ethan PG I love the way the past scene in this fic is very much like the scenes we get of Willow and Tara practicing magic in BtVS. As with the lovely witches, the magic has definite erotic undertones. It's a quite well done weaving together of events from the past with a present day conversation between the two.

And I Feel Fine by [ profile] mireille719 Giles/Xander PG This is about the end of the world, the for real end of it all from which there is no escape. This will tear your heart into eensy weensy shreds.


More Than Words by [ profile] vandonovan Jayne and Inara have a conversation in which they both admit to having feelings for Mal. This fic takes place on Inara's shuttle during "Out of Gas." I think it's a quite well done imagination of what these two characters might have to say to one another in this situation.
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while watching Star Trek: the Motion Picture, they say things like, "That Cartesian duality is a total bitch," and "Did I ever tell you about our presentation on Zora Neale Hurston's Seraph on the Swanee where we identified Earl as a prototype of Wolverine?" *hearts friends*

If you like slashy icons, check out [ profile] jjjean65's new icon journal [ profile] pervy_icons. Not only is Jean a sweetpea, she finds more amazing pictures than any other icon maker I've seen.

[ profile] shannon_730 has started a new comm, [ profile] fic_search to do just that in the Buffyverse. With the volume of fic searches I see in [ profile] bloodclaim alone, I think a comm like this is certainly in order.

While talking to [ profile] hermionesviolin, I was reminded that the first bit of fanfiction I read, EVAH, was by Annie Sewell Jennings. I think I found it on All About Spike (Imagine my surprise to discover that she has a functioning lj [ profile] anniesj, with a flist of 999. Wow. *boggles* Does she just not participate in Buffyverse fandom anymore or something? I never see her linked to [ profile] su_herald. Also, adds a new dimension to the term BNF for me). In any case, it was a bit of Spuffy called Angels of the Silences. I haven't revisited this fic again since that initial reading, but I was inspired to hunt it down. It's absolutely lovely and bleak and still a damn good read, just like all her offerings on the site. I remember thinking, "People write stories about this show I love that is gone forever and ever, and they bring it to life again, and I didn't know this for why?" The second thing I read by her was her Spanderverse. This link is to the last fic in the series; I've linked it so because she's saved the parts to her mems out of order and the proper order is listed at the beginning of this post. Anyway, Spanderverse blew my mind. This was the first male slash I had read EVAH. And it was really exciting to think of these characters in my favorite show getting along in ways I hadn't really considered while I was watching the show. Thus began my nearly overwhelming Spander obsession, which has in past months been tempered by other Buffyverse pairings and a healthy dose of Firefly love. So, I'm wondering, what were your first reads in your fandoms (I know several of you have quite a few), and what affect did they have on you?
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I've been thinking about issues of faith and belief in the Jossverse lately, and this is what happens when Lorraine thinks too much. LOL This is still kinda vague and all over the place, but I'd love to hear you guys' takes on faith in these shows.


And lookit my pretty new icon! [ profile] jjjean65 made it for me. *twirls her around the room*
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[ profile] executrix posted HERE about, among other things, whether people who have more than one fandom choose them for complementarity or diversity. The only two fandoms I'm heavily involved with are BtVS/Ats and FF (and only because "That Seventies Show" doesn't exist as a fic-oriented fandom *mourns the ForHyde*), and I think in a lot of ways, FF is The Buffyverse In Space.

Joss definitely reuses character templates. Wash is Xander; Simon is a lot like Wesley; River is some combination of Fred and Dru; Kaylee is Fred; Jayne is Spike; Mal is everything I think Joss wished Angel could have been and didn't quite become. [This is not to say that there's a one-to-one correlation between the characters; for example, although they are similar, Wash and Xander are different enough that they are distinct characters.]

Joss also revisits story arcs from the Buffyverse. Can nobody have a good birthday?!?

What interests me in the similarity between these two shows is the problem is created for me as a fic writer. Because many of the characters are so similar, I find that it's really tempting to, say, just dress Wash up in Xander pants and neglect the nuanced treatment his character deserves. Does anybody else have this experience or does the similarity between the shows actually help you as a fic writer?
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I'm attempting to prepare as complete and current a bibliography on critical works written about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, and Firefly as I can. This is what I've got so far. Anybody have anything to add? Thanks in advance.

Whedonverse Bibliography )

I'm cross posting this to [ profile] fanthropology.


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