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[personal profile] fingalsanteater asked me: so I just met McKay in Sg-1 and I recognized he was a main character in SGA (which I'm waiting to watch until after SG-1, though I might start it after season 7) and one half of the main pairing for the fandom. But, OMG, he was such a dick. I'm assuming he gets better (he does open up a bit the next time he's around, but he's still pretty awful and I'm so glad Sam told him she hated him because she was echoing my sentiments exactly). So, does he get... better? What is it about the McShep pairing that draws you? [link]

My answer got a bit long. :)

These tl;dr move in herds )

What do y'all think? What unlikable characters have you come to love? Is there anyone you can't bring yourself to like even when everyone else has jumped on board? Tell me why I'm wrong and Rodney sucks, whatever. LOL
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1. What date range do we think Elizabeth Weir attended graduate school for her Master's and Ph.D.? This is relevant to my fic writing interests.

2. I wrote Old Clothing (The Riddikulus Remix) based on Astrogirl's lovely ficlet in which Snape's mother dresses him in her clothes when he is young because she's afraid to use magic to repair his clothing and they're too poor to afford replacements. Usually I take the tonal shift or POV shift approach to remixing, but this time I took the time shift approach and tied in the canon incident in which we actually see Snape dressed in women's clothing (Neville's Riddikulus spell to banish the boggart). I hope I did her original ficlet justice.

3. We had a deeply advantageous weekend professionally. Looks like I'm going to be organizing a conference for next year, and Josh was elected treasurer of a regional organization. Also, the papers we presented were among the best. :)

4. Penny Dreadful is pretty freaking awesome. Two episodes in, and I'm hooked. Timothy Dalton has aged to perfection. *swoons*
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I meant to finish writing this in time for Meta Month of May or my own recent Stargate Extravaganza, but the lethargy of pregnancy got to me. :) Thankfully, newborns don’t do much more than eat, sleep, and poop, so I’ve had plenty of downtime for writing since my younger daughter has been born.

I don’t think it’s a secret that Jennifer Keller and her canonical romantic relationship with Rodney McKay are roundly disliked by a significant portion of SGA fandom. I like her character very much, and I’ve always been puzzled by many of the reasons I’ve seen given for that dislike. Since the Keller antipathy is pretty inextricably tied up with antipathy for the McKeller ship, I want to address a couple of the most commonly given reasons I’ve seen given that Keller is bad for McKay and by extension just bad news in general. I’ll close out with a brief discussion of one aspect of the accusation that Keller is a Mary Sue.

Herein lies roughly 2300 words in defense of Jennifer Keller )

So to recap, I don’t understand some of the criticism of Keller’s character, and this is my take on the specific critiques that don’t, in my opinion, have a canonical basis.
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Y'all, I had forgotten how much I love this show, and how full it is of teamy goodness and close friendships.

Jennifer Keller rocks just as much as I remember her doing on the first watch. "The Missing" is such a fantastic episode for a lot of reasons but mostly because I love the way Keller's character is portrayed. I love that she's not a badass. I love that she's a competent and gifted doctor and that she possesses the sense of adventure and bravery required to leave her home planet and serve on a dangerous expedition in another galaxy but that those qualities don't translate to badass. We already have so many extraordinarily gifted badasses on the show--Ronon and Teyla and Sheppard (all covered with sexy bruises and knife wounds from which he almost instantly recovers LOL) and even McKay (whose brains are definitely a kind of badassery)--and since a great deal of the expedition is composed of people who are not soldiers and have minimal combat training, it's really nice to have a character with realistic limitations. Jennifer's afraid (OMG, that scene right before they take her out of the cage to be tortured and she starts crying--Jewel Staite knocks that out of the park), and she isn't a fighter, but she's not dead weight either, and she's willing to stand up for what she believes in, even to Teyla. I also really like Teyla's irritation with Jennifer; she's used to being surrounded by the other badasses after all, not coaching one of us regular Joes through a life and death situation. I also like her fierce desire to protect Jennifer, and the respect Jennifer earns from her during the ordeal. Just a great episode all around.

I'm also finding some wonderful nuances to Ronon on this watch--all things I noticed before but which are leaving me with the warm fuzzies. For all that he is gruff and uncouth and stoic and tight-lipped--Ronan the Barbarian, as McKay might say--Ronon is remarkably and nakedly emotionally open. When he cares about someone, he says it and shows it. When he's sad or hurting, he does the same thing. I'm thinking about his farewell to Elizabeth as she's dying on the operating table and the way he hugs Carson when Carson kills the Wraith that hunted him and the way he congratulates Teyla about the baby and leads her by the hand to the infirmary and the way he invites himself along to Sheppard's dad's funeral.

I love Sam so much, and I wish the show had been able to utilize her to her full potential. It sucks that she gets so little episode time. My favorite moment so far is when she tells Ellis if he ever speaks to anyone else in her command the way he just spoke to Rodney that he won't be welcome on Atlantis (and I imagine Caldwell is behind him going, "Dude, you better recognize" and shaking his head).

What else, what else?

I want to write fic! I want to write fic about John knowing that his face was the last thing Kate saw in her dreams before she died. I want to write an epic Kate/Teyla romance. I want to write Repli!Team on ass-kicking adventures. I want Ronon and Carson to fall in love!!!!!

I'm also looking for some new fic to read. I've been through my recs and done some looking about on Wraithbait and on AO3; not finding a great deal of new-to-me fic, though. Anybody got any good SGA recs from the past year or so? Any pairing, any subject matter (although I do love a long read and anything sad is pretty much a bullet-proof kink for me).
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I've started rewatching Stargate Atlantis with Emma, and I am struck all over again by how much I love this show. Probably because it's a spin-off of an already established series, SGA starts really strong and just continues to get better. I've only seen most of the early season episodes one time, and so watching them a second time is revealing all over again all sorts of little nuances. For instance, I made my SGA fic debut with a series of fics featuring Bates/Kavanagh; I know the show portrays both characters pretty negatively. We're supposed to think Bates is a hard liner, that he's more interested in military goals than the civilian pursuit of peace, that he dislikes John merely because Sumner had done so, that he's racist and xenophobic because he suspects the Athosians of selling them out to the Wraith. And yet, his objections aren't unreasonable. Somehow the Wraith are being alerted to their presence when they go through the Gate, and as much as the Atlantis expedition might want to trust the Athosians, like any group of people, the Athosians must contain some some examples of moral turpitude. Regarding Kavanagh, as much as I love Elizabeth (and lord do I love that woman, hard hard hard hard, the love it knows no bounds), she's totally out of line in the way she treats him in "Thirty-Eight Minutes," his debut episode. Kavanagh suggests that in trying to save the stuck jumper, they risk blowing up the gate and killing everyone on Atlantis. To me, this is a reasonable objection to make. Possibly they could begin evacuating personnel to the mainland or to space in the jumpers or even to the outer extremities of the city to try to minimize casualties. But Elizabeth treats him as if he's making the suggestion only in the interests of self-preservation. Also, her threat to just chuck him through the gate to an uninhabited world, while clearly one she would never follow through with, is extremely inappropriate.

I also caught a little bit of the SPN episode "Playthings" earlier today and was reminded of how good the early seasons of SPN were. The show used to be legitimately scary. I miss those days. :( I forgot to watch the last two episodes of this season's SPN, and I don't have a pressing desire to catch up.

Josh and I watched Super 8 last night. Very enjoyable movie with a great cast of kids. I like that the movie is situated in time very clearly but very subtly. There's no heavy reliance on period specific music or an over-abundance of powder blue eye shadow; in fact, the main clue that we're in the 80s comes from the fact that all the kids are allowed to roam around unsupervised for hours. The girl in this movie is a doppelganger for a young Ginny Weasley. I kept waiting for a British accent to slip out. LOL I would definitely recommend this movie.

Speaking of JJ Abrams' movies, I'm pretty stoked that he's going to direct the next Star Wars movie. I know that many fans question having him at the helm, but at the very least, there's no way he can screw up the franchise any worse than Lucas himself did with the prequels.
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So, I'm feeling talky and I don't have the time and/or sobriety to put together a cogent meta piece. *jazz hands*

In lieu of that, here's a couple talking points.

1. I'm putting this one outside the cut because most of y'all don't give a toss about SGU and the rest of the Gateverse is old news. [ profile] ariadne83 and I were talking about the recent coup staged by the civilians on Destiny and it struck me that whatever faults a viewer may find with this show (and I'd not deny that it's got 'em), one thing it gets abso-fricking-lutely perfect is the depiction of the tension between the military and the civilian contingents of the Stargate program. Neither SG-1 or SGA ever really deal with that issue in a way that I find satisfying. SGA makes the token nod now and again, mostly through Caldwell or Ellis glowering at Elizabeth/Sam, and of course the international expedition and the IOA are evidence of that tension. But if SGA deals with the conflicting goals of military and civilian parties at all, it's in terms of a one-off episode and it's never the focus of an entire episode. SG-1 explores the issue in a little more depth, but on that show the tension is framed wholly in terms of the singular, and very personal relationship between two men--Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill. It's compelling as all get out and some kickass character work, but it's not a thing that SG-1 extrapolates much further than those two men. SGU has made that tension central from the get-go, part of the backdrop--the white noise, if you will--of every single episode, and I really freaking like it. So....if you're watching SGU, what do you think about the way the show is articulating that tension? If you're not, what do you think about the way the rest of the Gateverse handled it? What would you have liked to see in terms of an episode or story arc?

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INSTA REC: Poker Face by [ profile] crysothemis; SGA vid; McShep; a thousand squealy hearts

So, here's the thing. All my friends are big ole nerds. The larping, csa-ing, vampire the masquerading, totally memorized every line in LoTR kind. And naturally they are all gaga over SGA. Last week at volleyball, my friend Mert lamented the end of SGA and when I mentioned that I could totally rec her some fanfic if she wanted to keep the torch alive, she said, "I've run across some of that where everybody's doing it with everybody else and it's just so ridiculous." I jumped on my gen bandwagon and promised her that there's more to fandom than just the AWESOMEASS PORN and I think she halfway believed me. But then she threw me for a loop. "It's always John and Rodney and I just don't get that," she says. So I found myself trying to explain the McShep to someone who owns a pair of slash goggles and is currently focusing them on Rodney and Radek but does not get the McShep subtext at all.

I found myself saying things like, "But, but in that episode with the little girl, they're like totally married," or "He calls for John the whole episode," or "Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeammmm!" and that was not working.

Y'all know me. I NOTP. A good writer can make me believe anything and the more novel and interesting the pairing, the happier a Lorraine I be. Bring me your Teyla/Jeannie, your Sheppard/Caldwell, your OMG Dean Winchester/Rodney McKay. *rubs hands together gleefully* I do not require subtext to write a pairing; see my Bates/Kavanagh epic. But sometimes, man, the subtext hits me in the face. I will admit that I didn't see the John/Rodney subtext until around season three and of course now that I've seen it, it's woven its little insidious tendrils into the first two seasons as well.

So here's my question to you guys: If you had to explain in a maximum of ten examples why John and Rodney *could be* [notice the conditional there; not ARE, but COULD BE; I ran out of tinfoil today] doing it behind the scenes, what would you choose? Elucidate the subtext for me in easy to regurgitate bullet points please.

Incidentally, does this happen to you guys a lot? Do you find yourself explaining to your friends why Sam and Dean are totally doing it or Buffy and Faith or Kaylee and Jayne and they're all, WTF? What do you do? Do you meet a lot of resistance? Horror stories? Successes?
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Episode reviews for "Vegas" and "Enemy at the Gates" forthcoming but for now, a little lament for SGA.

I'm sad. I will miss this show. I will miss the anticipation of knowing that a new episode is coming out next Friday. I will miss scrutinizing every trailer and commercial, trying to figure out what's going to happen next. I will miss the fannish speculation as we collectively bite our nails and wait for the next revelation, the next character insight, the next thing that comes out of nowhere.

I'd never been involved with a fandom whose canon wasn't closed before SGA and SPN. (The exception is Firefly, but I didn't get into the fandom until after the show was over and the movie was a one shot deal. I loved the excitement leading up to the movie, but the experience wasn't the same as being in SGA for three whole seasons while the show was airing.) I'm going to miss very much the idea that next week will bring something new, perhaps something surprising. Of course, we will make the new. We will make the surprising. We, together, will make SGA better than it ever was onscreen. And I'm grateful for that.

But I'll miss hearing that music. And I'll miss seeing Sheppard's hair and Rodney's eye roll and Ronon's ever-increasingly ridiculous wig. I'll miss the jolt of pleasure when Caldwell shows up and the fervent hope that maybe they'll bring Elizabeth back one last time.

It's weird ending this post because it isn't a goodbye. SGA isn't *over* for me, not by a long shot. I mean, dude! I still have the final fic in the epic Bates/Kavanagh Dataverse to write. LOL
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This fic started out with this line of dialogue I wrote mainly to be silly: "I've always loved this particular Wagner piece," Caldwell says and leans out over the balcony, light from the east Pier reflecting majestically off his bald pate. (Source) [ profile] ariadne83 and I started comment tagging, and very quickly, the fic stopped being something we were writing for laughs and morphed into what I think is more of a character study of both men than anything else. Thus the good ship Woolwell began its maiden voyage.

I have no idea if any of you guys are interested in this or not, but I'd like to preserve for myself some of the meta thinking we did when pairing these two.

Woolsey meta )

[ profile] ariadne83, let me know if there's anything you'd like to add to this post. :)
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I have a question.

A few days ago, I read the delightfully funny The Awful Truth by [ profile] blade_girl. The rec in which I found the story states: I rec this one with a caveat to slash fans - as a fan of both slash and gen, I must tell you this story contains apparently slashy elements, but is ultimately gen (regardless of the author's notes); and may prove unsatisfying to a slasher. That being said, I find it a plausible, positive, and touching take on the characters and their friendship.) I found this description intriguing and it was pretty much the impetus for me reading the story. The notes for the story itself state: A slash story AND a gen story at the same time. I can’t explain that without giving away the ending, so I ask you to read regardless of your preference. Both the writer of this story and at least one reader of the story (and I assume probably more) seem to think that labeling this fic as slash is problematic.

So my question is the following: what makes a slash fic?

SPOILERS for The Awful Truth )
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I am ready to write the next installment of my Bates/Kavanagh series, but I don't know where to start.

I'm endeavoring to make these fics as canonically plausible as possible and the last fic ends with an allusion to "Critical Mass." I could either begin the fic in the middle of "Critical Mass" or after Kavanagh is already back in the Milky Way in the aftermath of that episode. I can't decide which is preferable. In some ways I think that a discussion of that episode from Kavanagh's perspective is important to his character; in others, I think that him interacting with Bates as soon as possible (and reflecting back on, or perhaps even telling Bates about what happened in "CM" rather than writing the experience directly) is the way to go.

Those of you who have read the first two pieces (and those of you who haven't!), what's your advice? FYI, I have at least one (possibly two) fics planned after this one that will deal with the events of "Midway" and "My Dad Died and all I got was this Lousy Replicator."
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I am a little disappointed.

And a little annoyed.

In no small part at myself, but also at fandom at large.

And so I come to you, dear friends who are wiser than me, for advice.

I dropped the ball on the last [ profile] sga_talk discussion. This whole new assistant professor, teaching five classes, QEP, SACS, why yes you have to finish your Ph.D. right now or we won't give you tenure gig is a little exhausting. And stressing. And I forgot to do a reminder post for this last discussion. And I forgot to drum up participation once I saw that I was, again, the only commenter. And I forgot to assign a new piece to read for the 1st of September.

So, yes. Culpability, I own you.

But here's the thing, y'all. Here's the thing.

I think [ profile] sga_talk is awesome for a lot of reasons. I love to write. I am a writer. I become a better writer when I talk with other people about writing. And I like having a structured place to do this. I love to read. I am a reader. I have made reading and nattering on about it to other people my life's profession. I love literary analysis of fanfic. I also love reading outside of my comfort zone. I have so little time to hunt for fic now that I pretty much exclusively read the flist or large challenges like Big Bang. I find the good stuff through [ profile] sga_talk that I would never find otherwise. I also like to meet people and I have met through [ profile] sga_talk some really cool people with interesting ideas about SGA and writing and fandom. I think [ profile] sga_talk is poised to be a vital segment of fandom.

And yet, it saddens me that I have to beg and grovel for participation in what other fans say over and over again that they want.

Believe me when I say that I understand there are obstacles to participating in a comm of this nature. RL is in the way; you have no time to read this week; you hate the featured pairing; you vowed never to read amnesia fic again; you're too wrapped up in Big Bang. All valid reasons not to participate.

But a significant portion of fandom says over and over again that it wants constructive criticism. A significant portion of fandom says over and over again that it thinks of fanfic as having the same kind of value and interest as published works and that it wants literary analysis of fannish works. And yet, in a comm with 69 members, I can count on only four other people besides myself and [ profile] lyrstzha to regularly comment.

So what am I doing wrong? What am I not getting?

And while I am showing my ass, as we say in the South, let me also make this complaint. Why oh why is it that we fans criticize again and again the source material for giving short shrift to women and fanfic for doing the same; why is it that we lament the representation of women and of queer female relationships both in our source texts and in the fannish works we create but when it comes time to read and talk about femslash, everybody disappears? Even in its honeymoon phase when participation in [ profile] sga_talk was at its highest, the femslash selections received the fewest comments. This makes me angry, particularly since there is an AWESOME and truly unique femslash fic sitting in [ profile] sga_talk right now that no one but myself has commented on.

I am having a really hard time reconciling what I think I hear fandom say that it wants and needs and what fandom actually ends up doing.

So, help me, y'all. I think [ profile] sga_talk can be an amazing community, but I don't know how to get it to that point. What can I do (besides, oh, getting my head out of my ass and doing my modly duties like I'm supposed to; *is embarrassed*)? What are your suggestions?
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I am 500 words into a Dean/Cadman story that has been sitting on my harddrive for forever now and I'm wondering:

If Cadman were being all badass and showing off, how long would she take to field strip and reassemble a P-90?

As I do not routinely take apart machine guns, I have no idea how long this would take and don't want to suggest some impossible amount of time.

Also, I have an opening vignette and one other scene in mind, but any suggestions or prompts for a Dean/Cadman story would be welcome.

Oh, oh, oh yes. And I think I might want a Laura Cadman icon. Have you guys seen any black and white ones?
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I am a fool and did not tape "The Last Man," so of course my brain has been eaten by a giant fic endeavor that had me taking every spare second at work to scribble down ideas and pretending that my allergies were acting up when I made myself cry. *sigh*

Wikipedia was helpful, but questions remain.

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So I'm writing this thing and I wanna ask you guys to be sure.

On SGA, unless a person has left his comm open, he has to press a button to respond to a call on his radio. Correct? With the headset units, this button is somewhere in the ear region, right? Would one term doing so "pushing the send button?" Ahahahaha. That can't be right. Can it? What would you call doing that?

This is VERY IMPORTANT. Porn cannot happen unless I discover the answers.

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I was gonna post this essay anyway, but after last night’s episode I especially feel the need to shout to the world how much I love this character. (No season 4 spoilers)

I’ve noticed in some of the SGA slash I’ve read lately that Elizabeth is, not exactly demonized, but portrayed in a rather unflattering light. I hesitate to call what I’ve read character bashing; this is nothing like the Buffy-bashing I remember from certain Spander fics wherein Buffy is the most homophobic human being ever to roam the earth who tries to use her brute strength to beat the gay out of Xander. But these negative portrayals of Elizabeth still make me uncomfortable. And I’m not the only one noticing them; I mentioned my discomfort to a fannish friend who remarked that she had found the same characterization of Elizabeth in fic (though those characterizations are much closer to her personal vision of Elizabeth than mine). I realize that characterization is open to interpretation. I also realize that not everyone—even reasonable, rational, intelligent, superfun people—will like the same characters. However, who I’ve been reading lately is not the Elizabeth Weir I unabashedly love. So let me introduce you to her.

My Elizabeth Weir )
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So, is there a huge disconnect between the kinds of stories you fantasize for your favorite characters and the kinds of stories you actually write for them? Because the answer for me is YES! Even if I have fantasized a story in excrutiating detail (which is how I fantasize--excrutiatingly. My fantasies come equipped with bathroom breaks for all and long expositiony bits that explain what everyone had for dinner and just how long that drive from Cheyenne Mt. to the HoJo is), I most likely will not write that story down for public consumption. I tend to actually write stories that interest me on an intellectual level rather than a sexual one. I want to *read* stories that are like the ones I fantasize, but I don't often write them.

Here's an example.

In which Lorraine wears her shamed, yet turned on face )

I would read the hell out of this story and feedback it and rec it on my journal and love it and name it George. But I have no compulsion to write it. I think that's because the act of writing de-eroticizes the scenario for me. It turns it from this situation that I think is hot into SOMETHING I AM TRYING TO GET RIGHT. You know what I mean? I want the characterization to be spot on and the dialogue to ring true and the language to be interesting and vital in the pieces I write. Translating something that turns me on into a product that I want to share with you guys takes me out of my comfort zone in terms of writing.

What about y'all? Am I alone in this?

ETA: I almost never get turned on or scared or saddened by the things I write. It's almost as if they don't affect me on an emotional level at all. (The only exception being "Thanatopsis" for which I bawled during the entire four hour period of time it took me to write it). I get the feeling this makes me a weirdo.

Also, where is all the Sheppard/Caldwell? *whines*
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Has anyone else noticed the relative ease with which the verses of Stargate and Supernatural could coexist? Let’s say for a moment that the events of both series inhabit the same world; then the following is possible:

1. Demons are actually some form of Goa’uld in which the symbiote has learned to become incorporeal (through technology or some genetic mutation or whatnot). Think about it; most of Earth’s theology and mythology is actually based on aliens and their intervention anyway in the Stargate verse. SPN demons are very much like the Goa’uld; they parasitically inhabit a human body and then although the host remains, its consciousness is pushed to the backburner, allowing the demon to commit atrocities the host would never consider.

2. Vampires are actually the ten thousand year evolution of the Wraith. When the Ancients came through the Gate to the Milky Way, some intrepid scientist brought Wraith DNA or some piece of Wraith technology with her and voila, vampires.

3. The YED is interested in Sam because he has the ATA gene; so do all the other psychic children. We know from SGA that Ancients who were close to ascension developed powers like telekinesis and healing and mind-reading. Sounds a little like the psychic kids’ abilities, doesn’t it? Maybe when the YED feeds Sam his blood, he’s doing something to speed up his evolutionary process in order to allow those abilities to manifest. This would also explain why he’s not interested in Dean (he doesn’t have the gene) and why Mary seems to know him; she has the gene, too.

4. Now I can’t really explain ghosts in terms of Stargate, although you could do something with ascension or phasing or technology that traps people between states of existence. But I think it’s okay for ghosts to just be ghosts if aliens are just gonna be aliens.

5. How much fun would it be for Dean and Cameron to interact? Or Sam and Daniel? Or Dean and Sheppard? Or Ronon and Dean? Or Teyla and Sam? Or Papa Winchester and General Hammond? More fun than I can say here, I think.

Somebody needs to write this crossover. Please! If you know of a good SPN/Stargate Xover, let me know. I’ve only encountered one so far, an amazingly hot PWP where Rodney meets Dean, and I’d love to read something long and plotty.
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Why, yes, I am writing Ronon/Rodney sexing and was wondering if Rodney is most likely to be uncircumcised or cut. Plz to be helping me with that? :)

Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending by [ profile] helenish McShep Adult Oh, I love this story. The dialogue is so pitch perfect, snappy wonderful lines that I would desperately love to hear the characters saying on screen. I also happen to be fond of fics in which the action hinges on misunderstanding and this is a prime example of that. It's such delicious fun watching the two of them flounder, each thinking he can read the other and failing so miserably.

Double Occupancy by Isis McShep Adult Much like Cadman and Rodney in "Duet," John and Rodney are trapped together inside Rodney's body. I very much enjoy the way this experience allows them to understand each other better. I also like how bereft they feel once they are restored to their own bodies; it's a very interesting look at how it might feel to be that close to another person and how devastating it might be once that connection is severed.

Intersections by Kaneko McShep Adult This fic sets McShep against the backdrop of Antarctica and it is exquisite. The language here is so lovely, so evocative, so sense oriented. I love the way it imagines a relationship between them that doesn't form through surviving space vampires and crazy wanna-be Soviets but rather centers on a very different kind of survival. What happens when we choose to really live rather than merely surviving our existance? I think this is one of the best pieces in this fandom. So well crafted.

Necessary Things by [ profile] minnow1212 Gen, PG After "The Seige," Atlantis is rather short on music and Rodney enlists John's help to obtain the contents of Kavanaugh's ipod. What I love most about this fic is the sharp character insights, the way we learn so much about Rodney through his approach to music, the way we learn so much about John through his willingness to endure something distasteful to make his teammate happy. This is a quiet fic in which nothing much happens, which is another way of saying that it focuses very much on characterization.


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