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Josh, Emma, and I got to hang out with [ profile] crazydiamondsue, her husband, and their son last night on their way back to OK from Disney World. I love Sue to death, and it was great to see her and her family again. :)

I got a card from [ profile] talitha78 today. <3

Here are the wonderful stories I was given for Christmas this year:

Seven and a Half Cents by [personal profile] executrix
Inara/OFC, Simon/Jayne
Exec is aces at writing a true caper fic. She always comes up with fun and interesting jobs for the crew, and this fic is no exception to the rule. The voices ring so true in this story, making it a pleasure to read from beginning to end. An Exec story is always a wonderful mix of humor and cutting commentary with shrewd character observations. What makes this so special to me is that she wrote the story for me when she realized I'd gone out on the Yuletide pinch hit list. *sniffle* Seriously awesome friendage going on there.

Something Thicker than Water by [personal profile] hwc
Harry Potter
Dudley contacts Harry after years of silence, and with some trepidation, Harry decides to meet with Dudley at his home. I love that this story focuses on the ways that the Dursley's mistreatment of Harry shaped both Harry and Dudley. I love that Dudley is redeemed in a believable way that bodes well for a future relationship between him and Harry. I especially love that HWC wrote such a nuanced and complex story for me on such short notice. <3

For Yuletide, I received Feminine Bravery .
Golden Girls
I am so impressed with this story, especially since it was written on such short notice as a pinch hit. I can tell the author really spent some time thinking about what I like in a fic. It's canon compliant, slotting neatly into the space after an episode. It showcases the fearlessness that the women of the show so routinely displayed, and is a wonderful demonstration of how vital and interesting wonderful life can be after 60. Excellent gift and one more jewel in the embarrassment of riches I received this year.
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This Will Always Be My Home by ManticoreEscapee
This vid features a shot from every single episode of DS9 and reminds me exactly why I love this Trek franchise the best.

Not Alone by LariGevaerd
I just watched the episode where Tony tells Ziva she's not alone as she goes to bury her father. This vid feels like that moment but stretched out for the whole team. I love family of choice, *hard*, and this vid showcases that family dynamic.


Never Morning Wore by Blue Moony
Remus/Ron; adult; long
In the aftermath of Hermione's death, Ron despairs. This is a deeply angsty fic, which y'all know I love, so don't go looking for a happy ending.

An Amiable Hock by [personal profile] executrix
Simon/Inara; Adult but not explicit; short
Executrix has a gift for witty dialogue, and this fic is no exception. One of my favorite lines: Simon knew he would never be seventeen again. He was growing to believe he would never be twenty-seven, ever, so he felt all the more disposed to take advantage of whatever declining sexual powers remained to him. I also appreciate this story for the sharp character insights.

No Kidding by [ profile] pir8fancier
McShep, Keller/McKay; Adult; long
John has a surprise!kid, and she sets Atlantis on it's head. I love kid fic, but you don't come across a lot where the kid's basically grown. I like surly, teenage Sheplet, and I love the way that she changes everything between John and Rodney.

Captain Trips Is Not the Name of an Air Force Officer by [ profile] infinimato
SGA/SG-1 fusion with Stephen King's The Stand
What if some of our favorite Gateverse characters survived the superflu and converged on Boulder. I wish this had more than just the two parts. It's a fascinating idea.
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Not really gonna rec these properly because I've been staring at this folder for months trying to get the energy to make the rec-set. LOL

Trek Reboot

We Live in Detail series by black_eyedgirl

Only Good for Legends by leupagus

at the going down of the sun by Dee
mostly gen; Spock/Uhura

On a Day Like This by oxymoronic


Families by sophiegrace
Kira-centric gen

Skinny Dipping on Risa by chesari


Dudley Redeemed stories

Rogation by wemyss

After the Storm by eruditefics

The Boy Who Fell by busaikko
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

From Dursley 'Til Dawn by wwmrsweasleydo
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

Other HP

For the Public Good

Life in Kind by Sansa
I think this is Harry/Snape

Little Red Courgette
Harry/Draco; <3

Night Watch by Mia Ugly
pretty sure this is Snarry


The White Road by Perverse_Idyll

The Sleeper Awakes by Snorkfics
Percy-centric gen

There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) by anguis_1

Sick and Tired of What to say (No One Listens Anyway) by Perpetual Motion

and the walls came tumbling down by alecto
Harry/Crabbe; not cracky; sad


Ten Thousand Miles by mimblexwimble
*sobby sob sob*


The Raggedy Edge
Sam/Jack; crossover with Firefly


Who Needs Enemies by the anonsisters; DS9

Wicked Game by obsessive24; BSG; Dee-centric

Suddenly I See by purplefringe; Firefly; Kaylee and Inara

Improper Dancing by marycrawford
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100 Things Crowley Would Do Before the World Ended by [ profile] Shewhoguards; Good Omens; long; PG
Just like all the best fics centered around Azriphale and Crowley, this one is funny, more than a little heartbreaking, and pretty much entirely about how this duo needs each other.

Cut and Fucking Paste by [ profile] crimsonclad Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; short; R for language
This is really funny and a nice take on the whole "mindmeld opens up possibilties" for Kirk trope.

Light Unshone by [ profile] liadan14 HP; Charlie/Draco; Adult; Medium
After the war, the Weasleys are grieving, Draco's trying to survive, and somehow Draco and Charlie find a way to make life after Voldemort work at a dragon preserve in the Scottish Highlands.

Close Enough by Helenish; HP; Harry/Ron; Adult; long
Nobody writes HP like Helenish. I wish Helenish wrote HP all the time. There is so very little Harry/Ron out there (which shocked me to my very bones when I first started dipping my toes in the HP waters), and this is such a fine example of how amazing that pairing can be. This is set after the War and features a relatively fucked up Harry and clueless Ron.

Careful Where You Touch by [personal profile] dira; SG-1; Sam/Vala; PG; short
Vala understands the rules that govern how she and Sam must behave in public, but the secrecy is sometimes painful. Vala and Sam come out to the team. Yay, teamfic!

If You're Quick, For a Kick, You Can Pick Up a Christening by [personal profile] executrix; Firefly; Mal/Simon; medium
This is wedding fic as only Exec could write it, laugh out loud funny and deeply sweet. Wash shrugged. “Good things get better, bad get worse. Wait, I think I meant that in reverse. If you have problems, it doesn’t take them away. And there are special separate problems. There was that whole you could set your watch by Mal getting hysterical thing, but I guess he can’t make a thing out of it considering that he’s marrying you. I guess if you do make an honest man out of him, that could be a problem, unless you have some smart vocational ideas?” Simon shook his head. “I can recommend the married state heartily,” Wash said. “I mean, when you first came here, I didn’t think of you as someone I’d want to spend the rest of my life with, but then, I’m not the one who has to. Also, when you’re married, they can’t make you testify against your…against the person you’re married to.”

Froodian Slip by [personal profile] executrix; Firefly/Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy XOVER; short
I've never read Hitchhiker's Guide, and this fic makes me wish I had because I know this story would be even more awesome. Exec has a gift for character voices and this fic is no exception. If you want some wry humor, this is the fic for you.

Stealth Nanny McPhee by [personal profile] ariadne; H50; Steve/Danny; short
I don't even watch this show and I'm in love with this story. If you like sweet and happy with awesome dialogue, you won't be disappointed.
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Vid Recs

Internet is For Porn by 6845Cheshire; Voyager
This is very silly. I think I am secretly an 8 year old because this cracks me up.

Whedonverse Women--So What by Valamd
This is just what it says on the tin, Whedonverse women kicking ass and taking names. I like the way this vid revels even in the villains, the way it acknowledges how awesome ALL the ladies of the Jossverse are. From Harmony to Saffron to Faith to Lilah--yay! I hesitate to call this vid redemptive because I don't think it's about excusing or redeeming any of these characters but rather glorying in them as they are. Pun intended.

Slytherins: Riding Dirty by AccioBook7
I have a very special relationship with this song in that I find it endearingly ridiculous and cannot help but sing along. This video contains high quality footage (which, sadly, I often find not to be the case with Star Trek and HP vids on Youtube; some of the cleverest vids I've seen are virtually unwatchable because the footage quality is so poor, which is a shame), really tight editing, and is a fun watch.

Songs I've Been Listening To

Peggy Sang the Blues by Frank Turner Thanks for pointing me to this, [personal profile] likeadeuce

Illusion by VNV Nation Very Joy Divisiony and a total earworm for me

Ghost Town by First Aid Kit Ethereal voices, beautifully shot video
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in a shadowed forest by [ profile] possibly_thrice; Good Omens; long; PG-13; pairings not listed by the reccer
Who wants to read the best Good Omens fic of ever? You do! P3 is probably the writer in fandom I am most jealous of. Everything she writes is absolutely pitch perfect in every way. The dialogue is always spot on; you can hear the characters speaking their lines as you read. The language is always gorgeous--beautiful imagery and turns of phrase, lovely detail, description so fine that you are immediately placed in the setting. I cannot think of another writer in fandom who so consistently turns out writing for which I can think of no descriptor but perfect. So this is what happens on the day the world ends, and it is by turns hilarious, haunting, cutting, heartbreaking, and full of wonder. Much like the story on which it is based. I feel like the runner ought to be sliding into home here, but I just want to reiterate how much I love P3's writing. From Discworld to Good Omens to Star Trek 2009, everything she writes is fascinating and interesting and achingly, achingly beautiful.

Syndicated Sci-Fi Show by [ profile] cluadiapriscus; SG-1/SPN XOVER; Gen; PG; long
In the midst of "Changing Channels," the brothers Winchester find themselves on another planet with SG-1. This is really funny (and at times poignant). Because Sam and Dean think this is just another crappy and fake TV show they've fallen into, they can provide interesting commentary on the plotholes and general cheesiness our beloved show sometimes devolves into.

'Verse War Z Day 1: Firefly and 'Verse War Z Day 2: Sleeping Beauty by [ profile] lyrstzha; Multifandom project
Lyr is doing this thing where she's bringing the zombie apocalypse down on all her fandoms, and it is glorious. The Sleeping Beauty one in particular is very finely done; I love Lyr's wry humor and the way she shows that what begins in even the deepest of love can be twisted and perverted to other ends.
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Just about every day, I take a look around lj and think, "I get to hang around these people for free? Wow." I am surrounded by some of the smartest, funniest, most clever people--and let me not forget, kindest and most generous while I'm at it. Sometimes it boggles my mind that so many exceptionally good writers are just one mouse click away from me at all times. Y'all make me feel lucky and grateful. Here's what a handful of you have been up to lately.

Famous Brown Raincoat by [ profile] executrix; Firefly; Mal/Zoe; Wash/Zoe; PG-13
Among executrix's many gifts is the ability to tell a hell of a backstory. I love this picture of Zoe and Mal following the war, of the minutiae of the lives of two people putting themselves back together. I love Zoe's voice here--how plainspoken and unapologetic she is even as she's apologizing. And mostly I love that River gets to save them all this time.

Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About by [ profile] ariadne83; SG-1; Cam/Sam but mostly gen; PG-13
Ariadne is one of the most thoughtful and insightful writers I've ever read. Her understanding of character motivation is unparalleled, and she has a way of spooling out tiny plot points in canon to the far-reaching consequences that escape me sometimes as a viewer. This is the story of how Cam and Sam's marriage fails, and they learn to be friends. The voices are amazing here (Lorne in particular brings a grin to my face), and the end is pretty much the definition of perfect.

In Imitation of Apples by [ profile] possibly_thrice; Good Omens/Trek Reboot XOVER; Chekov-centric gen; PG
P3 is a genius, pure and simple. To call her a wordsmith somehow reduces the magic she makes to mere craft, and believe me, y'all--the way she puts words together goes far beyond the limitations of craft. I think she's the most evocative, sensual writer I've ever read anywhere, not just fandom. Her fic just begs to be read aloud (by Alan Rickman LOL). Sometimes I get chillbumps when I read her work; I *always* get jealous. In this fic, Chekov meets Azriphale and Crowley and it is GLORIOUS!

Apocalypses I Have Known by [ profile] lyrstzha; Non-fiction
I love Lyr's stories. I love the way she sees the Buffyverse, the way she writes the ensemble cast of Firefly, the way she lets me imagine Dean interacting with the world of Babylon 5, but I never love her writing so much as when she's writing about herself. This piece is, in a word, exquisite.

Absumption by [ profile] drsquidlove; Voyager; Paris/Janeway; Adult
This fic does not fit the category of lately, but thanks to the timelessness of the internet, it's as new to me as if it was written yesterday. I was introduced to the Doctor through hir Buffy fic (specifically Giles/Xander), and I was struck by hir skill with characterization and plotting. The Doctor tells a damn good story. So when I discovered that the Doc had written Voyager fic, I was pretty much beside myself with joy. This is a riff on the episode "Timeless," and it is just as angsty and heartrending as you might imagine. The depiction of grief and shock in the wake of the accident is particularly fine.

vid recs

9/10/10 12:15
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If I Had You by Adam Lambert
I love this song. Love it. Earworm to the max. But why is Adam Lambert having a party in the woods behind my house? Why did he borrow Janeway's wig for the occasion? *flaily hands*

Wesley Windon Price by deebrenton; Jossverse; Wes-centric
Oh gods it hurt my fingers to type that. *shakes them out* If we overlook the gross misspelling of Wes's name, this is pretty much a kickass vid. It's Wesley at his most ridiculous (and endearing).

Brokeback Enterprise by Tranchera; TNG; Picard/Wesley
Oh, yes. you read that pairing right. This is such a cleverly edited vid; the audio clips are very well-chosen to form a compelling narrative about a forbidden love affair. This should be a parody (the title even says so!), but it isn't funny in the least. This reminds me so much of that fic where Picard is in love with *all* the Crushers. I especially love the final image of Picard staring at his reflection in a viewport, both for its resonance with the imagery of the film and for its inherent impact.

Everlong by Bullwinkle520; Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock/Uhura
Oh what a glorious tangle this is. Each of them wanting the others and Kirk looking in from the outside, always. Love the quick cuts between images near the end of the vid, the kind of building frenetic energy there. Well done.

Muppet Show by Badger33; Star Trek Voyager
Voyager does the Muppet Show. Short and silly.

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by reaper333x2
Oh, man. This artist sounds like Beck and Jack White had a baby. *loves* This is the quintessential Firefly song to the degree that I can image the writer mainlining the show and then thinking, "That would make a great song!" The footage quality is high, the editing tight, and the narrative well constructed. Nice.
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I've had these bookmarked for ages:

Impressions in the Dust (Nothing Left But History Remix) by mariana_oconnor; HP; Remus/Sirius
This is that sort of amazing fic that gives you chills and makes your jaw drop and you instantly want to read it again because you know there's more there to unpack. This about facade and artifice, about power, about identity, about *history* as an entity. I also love the framing narrative--excerpts from a history textbook.

Something from Nothing (the Gratitude Sings in Me Chorale) by Laura; Firefly; River-centric gen
River says thank you to Mal. *clutches fic to chest* The best part is when River tells Mal that his words make him stupid, not his doing; with most people it's the other way around. Not much plot to go 'round here, but plenty of character insight to sink your teeth into.

Until the Light Was Gone (the Frozen Earth Remix) by xaara; Firefly; River-centric gen
I'm gonna be straight up with y'all. I kinda have no idea what's happening in this fic. But I'm cool with that because it's absolutely gorgeous. Such rich, evocative language. Such beautiful prose.

Until You Hold Again (the Only Life Remix) by jazzfic; Firefly; Mal/Wash/Zoe
Wash is captured and when he gets back, things on Serenity change. I really don't want to give very much away about this fic because I think to reveal to much is to diminish the dramatic impact. Really nice work.

Ignorance Isn't Bliss (the Id Vs. the Superego Overdub by Bridgh; BtVS; Buffy/Giles; warnings for non-con
This is creepy. Really creepy and sinister, with one of those endings that surprise you. As much as Buffy is a creepazoid here, it's Willow that chills me to the bone.

Naked (The Wishing You Were Here Remix) by Deidr1; BtVS; Xander/Dawn
I have a soft spot for Xander/Dawn. The surrogate brother, age differential thing is just hinky enough to make it seem subversive. I love Dawn's voice here and all the people who are in bed with them.
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I bookmarked all of these last night before the reveal--that totally counts as under the wire, right? Sadly, I did not make it all the way through the archive before the reveal--I've still got Buffy, Firefly, and SPN to read.

Serenity, Ats, HP, Good Omens )
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A fic to anyone who places that song lyric without the aid of Google!

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration
I'm not sure that my love for this vid can be textually rendered. Thank you, thank you, Autotune for making my day a special one. Also, mad props to fiddle playing!Thomas Jefferson.

The Man they Call Jayne
It's Jayne! It's fun. Yay! (Anybody else think they've identified a Ting Tings inspiration?)

Dead Poets
This song is goose-bump inducing under any circumstances, but couple it with this source text and pretty much the best cover outside of Jeff Buckley, and what you get is transcendent.

You Fill Up My Senses
TOS; Kirk/Spock
Okay, yes, this is kinda of the cheesiest song ever, but OMG this vid is so well-crafted and full of LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Srsly. Makes a Lorraine!heart go yay!

Anything McKay can do, Carter can do better
Do I need to say anything else? *beams*
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Harry Potter

Origins of Myth by Arsenic; Draco/Ron; Adult; depictions of prostitution
I almost never like first person fanfic, but this is a notable exception. Draco has been abandoned by his family and the Death Eaters in China, wandless and penniless, and left to shift for himself. Reading as Draco breaks and then finds strength and a kind of purpose in life again is satisfying enough, but then Arsenic lets Ron find Draco and bring him home and it's beyond satisfying.

Help Wanted: God and Executioner by pir8fancier; Snape/Harry; Adult
This seems to me a very plausible look at what the War might be like if it dragged on and on and Snape managed to play double agent for the duration. I love very much the cosmic game of chess that Harry bitterly plays, the prayers he sends up to a god he's certain isn't listening: At the next battle I promise to hex six Death Eaters. If I fail, you can have Seamus but not Hermione or Ron. If I only get five Death Eaters, then Ginny will be hurt, maybe blinded, but not killed, and Seamus still dies.

The Courtship of Harry Potter by Diana Williams; Snape/Harry; Harry is in his last year at Hogwarts; Adult
This is the best kind of ridiculous--the eat it up with a spoon and don't forget the cherry on top, please kind. The wizarding world apparently has a custom in which 17 year old boys are mentored by older wizards and expected to provide sexual favors in return. Naturally. Snape and a Lockheart knock-off both court Harry. Of course. Fun times.

Dance Partners by DementorDelta; Harry/Snape; Adult
This is a nice amnesia plot, nothing too heavy. Harry wakes up and believes he's still in school although many years have passed and he's in a relationship with Snape that he can't understand.

Hollow by Auctra Sinistra; Harry/Snape; Adult
Although parts of this aren't very plausible plotwise to me when closely examined, the writing is good and I very much buy the characterizations. Enjoyable read about the aftermath of a war in which Snape is presumed dead and a traitor. What happens when he shows up very much alive?

Consanguinity by Jay Tryfanstone; Harry/Snape; PG
Okay, so there are two drabble-ish pieces that precede this fic but OH DEAR GOD DON'T READ THEM. They are pretty awful and frankly I don't know why I clicked to the third installment after reading the first two. I'm glad I did though because this is one of the most clever and delightful fics I've ever read. All you need to know from the first parts is that the war is over and Death Eaters are being publicly executed. Harry interrupts Snape's execution and winds up with him as his ward. This fic is told entirely from outsider POV and it is pretty much a textbook example of how to do that perfectly. The observations these Muggle characters make about Snape and Harry and the wizarding world are amazing. I love that everything isn't spelled out for the reader. A lot of Snape and Harry's past is left in the dark and that makes the story even richer.


Hot n'Cold by Perkins127; SG-1; Daniel/Cameron
This is just fun. Nothing overly ambitious or earth-shattering but nice warm Camiel (ahahahahahahahah I slay myself) fuzzies.

Kissing You by Snuffle007; Brokeback Mountain
This song is just amazingly beautiful all on it's own, and it's application to this story is so achingly, hurtingly beautiful.

Johnny Depp Song by MiracleTear; Pirates of the Carribean
This is just so funny. The song is hilarious. I can't believe I'd never heard this before.

All These Things I've Done by cnstrikesback; Firefly

Harry Potter/Firefly Crossover video by badaudrey
The quality of the footage in this vid is not great, but I think you should give it a chance anyway. It really cleverly integrates these two worlds and makes me believe that River is at Hogwarts. Fascinating stuff.
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Hurricane by [ profile] laurashapiro; Farscape/BSG XOver
This vid is fantastic. Like squee in your pants fantastic. It's hot and sweet and sexy and a little bit raw just like Starbuck and Aeryn. I think the thing I like about it most are the alternating shots of Starbuck and Aeryn making the same gestures, the same movements. Really nice. Excellent song too. It's by Joan Osbourne and while I've always enjoyed "What if God Were One of Us?" I had never listened to any of her other music. This song surprised me. It doesn't sound like that at all.

The Test by [ profile] heresluck; Trek Reboot
When Ariadne pointed this vid out to me, she said, "It's like your fic Inextricable brought to life." And it is. Except this vid is much more hopeful than that fic. Incredibly well done.

Trek Reboot

Academic Discourse by [ profile] seriousfic; Gaila-centric gen

Just a Thing by [ profile] possibly_thrice; Kirk Sr/Winona/Pike


A Choriambic Progression by Mairead Triste and Aristide; Harry/Snape; Adult
I love love love the Harry voice in this and the narrative voice in general. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Courtship Rituals by Meri; Harry/Snape; Adult
This is a cliche and a half and I totally love it. I am a sucker for forced marriage fic in all its resplendent glory and this is certainly a resplendent example.

Conduits of Sorcery by Penumbra; Harry/Snape, Snape/Lucius; Adult
Despite the fic's unfortunate title, it's an engaging read that features an intriguing use of tattooing, Lucius Malfoy in all his git-itude, and a mystery that will surprise you in its conclusion.

Two Lockets by Sinick and Acid; Harry/Snape, Snape/Regulus; Adult
If you're interested in the craft of world building, in the intricate layering of all those small details that make a world real and vital and tangible to the reader--look no further. The way that magic and magical objects are used in this story is clever, poignant and flat out cool. The characterizations are wonderful and all in all it's just a damn good story. Go. Read. Even if you hate the Harry Snape pairing, I think you'd be hard pressed not to find this story enjoyable.

Rapture by Mia Ugly; Snape/Harry, Harry/Ginny; Adult
This is a time travel fic and it's very cleverly done. Harry goes back in time, but the catch is that he can't reveal future information. His urgency to do so and his increasing despair really resonate with me.

Imaginis by Leela; Harry/Snape; Adult
Snape owns a bookstore! Harry is an Auror. Regulus the portrait is a meddler! This fic is pretty much fun times all around. :)


The Full Monty by [ profile] executrix; Kaylee/Minor Male Character; Adult
Exec writes a Kaylee who is sensual and takes joy in her body but who is also innocent and sweet and endearing. In this fic, Kaylee gets to have herself a right fine time and so does the sherriff and so do we.
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I was at conference in Atlanta this weekend delivering a presentation on teaching in learning communities, and for the week before that, I was running myself ragged preparing the presentation as well as writing my entry for [ profile] maleslashminis which is why I have neglected until now to rec this wonderful story.

Unacknowledged Poets is [ profile] executrix's fusion of the worlds of Blake's Seven and Firefly. Unfortunately, you do need a passing familiarity with Blake's Seven in order to appreciate just how truly brilliant this piece is, but hey. All that means is that you get to put another notch on your fandom bedpost, right?

Fusions are such interesting beasts and much more difficult to write than crossovers, IMHO. With a fusion, it's not so much that you have to marry the mechanics of each universe or invent scenarios in which the characters of each could plausibly interact as that you have to convince me that these worlds are THE SAME WORLD and always have been, which is sutbly different.

This story is a particularly fine example that hinges on the similarity of a major plot point from both universes. It's excellently characterized with the attention to rich detail that I've come to expect from [ profile] executrix. And besides, what's not to love about a story where River and Orac are BFF or Servalan gets her much deserved comeuppance?

Cut for Story Spoilers )

Go read, all. I think you'll enjoy this as much as I did.
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Cheating the Other Guy by [ profile] friendshipper; Teyla and Sam-centric gen
There is not enough fic with these ladies to suit me. :) Sholio's got the voices down perfectly, and there's such a lovely humor to this.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda by [ profile] liketheriver; Team Gen
I love outsider POV; I love lower decks!fic; I love some good team fic (and, oh, how much do I love that learning about Slater's team is really learning about Sheppard's team) and I love watching the new wave and the original expedition share their unique and different perspectives on Atlantis. This is also a refreshingly frank and open version of Sheppard. I'm crying just a little bit in fic joy as a re-skim to write the recap. *sniffle*

My Father Before Me by Telleer; McShep; kidfic
This is a different sort of kidfic and a different sort of McShep as well. The story starts off slowly and builds suspense, but the reveal is worth the wait. If you like to wallow in angst the way I do, this is the story for you. SO SAD. *SOBS*

Lost in Translation by [ profile] khriskin
Very, very cool poem about Pegasus cultures

Supernatural and CW RPF

The Coming of Wisdom with Time by [ profile] longsufferingly; J2
The five pages of comments is probably fair indication that I don't really *need* to rec this to you guys, LOL, but on the off chance you haven't read, this is J2 Anne of Green Gables. It has everything! The slate and the lake of shining waters and the cordial whiskey and Chad as a bosom friend penis friend comrade in arms. *loves*


Mission Impossible by [ profile] executrix; Angel, Connor
Because I have the most awesome friends in the whole world, they write me ANGEL/CONNOR CURTAIN FIC OMG. Well okay. Of a sort. *dies laughing*


Sea-kitten by [ profile] executrix; Simon/Fess Higgins; Kaylee/OMC
I absolutely love Exec's eye for details and the character grace notes she strews like confetti through everything she writes.


One Night Fandoms: a Tribute to Yuletide by [ profile] thingswithwings and [ profile] eruthros; Vid
Normally I detest dling vids; hate it, hate it. I wanna watch them streaming. I almost never watch a vid that you have to dl unless all you guys go on and on about it. I'm glad I dled this one because it truly encapsulates the joy of Yuletide.
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See You in Hell by [ profile] parenthetical; Gen; PG-13
Bela tells Dean she'll see him in hell. This is one way that might have happened. Short, sharp and hurty read.

Fauxfilk to the tune of Lola by [ profile] executrix
Well, I'd left Hell just the week before,
And I'd never kissed an angel before.

The Air Moves in to Fill the Spaces Where My Body's Been by [ profile] britomart_is; Sam/Dean; Adult
Oh, oh, OH! This is so exquisitely OUCH. And I love it. I have a huge thing for Sam getting off vicariously through girls Dean sleeps with (as we can tell from the stories I have written about it) and this is a glorious example. The voyeurism aspect adds an additional layer of delicious here.

But Not For Us by [ profile] iamstealthyone; Gen; G
This is 100 words of exactly YES. I don't there's a more accurate way of describing the way this fic encapsulates what I want most from this season.

Someday Everything is Gonna Be Smooth Like a Rhapsody by [ profile] with_a_kayRPF Jared/Jensen; Adult
In this AU, Jared and Jensen are high school BFFs who slowly realize their relationship means more to them both. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

When You Care Enough to Hit Send by [ profile] with_a_kay; RPF Jared/Jensen, Mike/Tom; Adult
This link takes you to the master post for this fic. I suggest that you read the entries in chronological order. This means you need to click back to the master post for each fic as the fics are internally linked according to post date NOT chronology. In this AU, Jensen and Jared meet in college and FALL IN LOVEOMG! I love the relationship between Mike and Tom in this one. They are so my favorite supporting cast.


The Music and the Mirror by [ profile] executrix; Wash-centric gen; PG
I love Exec's caper fics and this is no exception. Wash is very funny in this piece, natch, and the lengths the crew must go to in order to even begin the job are hilarious.


Why the Daedalus is a Gundum, Whose Castmember's Sister Starred on Atlantis, or What David Hewlett has to do with InuYasha by [ profile] shusu
This is picspam of the most delightful variety. I had no idea that so many of the people involved with SGA were also involved with anime in some capacity.

Laughter by Khriskin; Kate Heightmeyer-centric gen; G
This drabble-length character study is a really nuanced and sensitive look at what it must mean to be the shrink for the Atlantis expedition.

Five Kisses that Never Happened by [ profile] fiercelydreamed; gen, Elizabeth/Radek, Cadman/Keller, and OT4
This is by turns heartbreaking, sweet and funny. The first one had me sobbing, the last had me smiling while sobbing, and all the intervening vignettes took me through a gamut of emotions. Lovely.

Supplemental Education by [ profile] liketheriver; Gen; Adult language
Torren learns some colorful metaphors from the Team. Hilarity ensues. I think this fic very accurately captures just how funny it is when a kid swears and how a parent must struggle with being exasperated and amused by a child's antics. LOVE

They Grew a City From the Sea by [ profile] hellpenguin; Gen; G
This is the myth of Atlantis millenia in the future--this is our group of intrepid explorers stylized down to archetypes, their motivations blurred and misunderstood through the passing of time. This is seriously cool.
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I feel so disconnected from lj right now. I'm having a really hard time negotiating my time; I need to be working on my dissertation, but I haven't really been able to successfully schedule time for it yet and I don't have the kind of time I want to write fic or read your fic or OMG *call* you guys. And Friday was just a bust; I spent the better part of an hour with a pair of tweezers trying to remove a scrap of paper from a copier. I now can enter a life of crime for I have burned off my fingertips on the innards of a Xerox machine. So, I miss y'all! Hopefully I will adjust soon and get into a routine again.

So, recs.

Meta post on gender in WALL-E by [ profile] frankincensy
This post was made ages ago and I intended to link to it then, but it has languished in my bookmarks.

Full Tilt Boogie by [ profile] hansbekhart and [ profile] essenceofmain; SPN; Sam/Michael/Dean; Adult
This story was written for Big Bang and is rather ambitious. It's about the hunter legacy, how the hunt is learned, and what it means to be the newbie on the block. It's about Sam and Dean and the secrets they keep and it's about introducing another person into that mix. It's also a really cool casefile set in a creepy ass hotel I'd love to see a version of on the show.

Last Stop Chicagoland by [ profile] phaballa; SPN; RPF; J2; Adult
I don't buy the underlying premise of this Big Bang fic (that Jared and Jensen can live together and have children together without the press knowing), but if I suspend my disbelief on that one score, then this fic is an exquisite portrait of marriage and of the way relationships change and are re-negotiated after children. I love especially that Jared and Jensen aren't always *happy* in this piece. Sometimes married life is boring and tedious or full of resentment; I like that acknowledgemnt.

If it wasn't for you meddling kids by [ profile] trollprincess; SPN; RPF; J2; Adult
What if superheroes were real? What if most celebrities were superheroes? What if Rosenbaum were the gayest of them all? This is just funny and sweetly sexy.

Urban Legend by [ profile] executrix; Firefly; Inara/OMC; Adult
One of Exec's strengths is worldbuilding and I love that she makes Inara's backstory a murky web of political intrigues. We know so little about the 'verse and Exec gives it such interesting flesh in this piece.
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First off--INSTA REC! I have been so swamped with faculty orientation that I haven't even left her feedback yet, but you guys have to read [ profile] executrix's My White Knight. The story is Mal/Simon, PG-13, and Firefly meets The Music Man. I know Exec has been really stoked about this story as she was writing it, and just a paragraph in, you see why. It's great reads.

Emma started kindergarten. Have a picture. )

In other news, starting a career is tiring and confusing. LOL I sort of feel as if I've been thrown into the deep end of the pool to a certain extent. This is true of every new job, I know. I felt that way as a Grad Instructor and I certainly felt that way at Security Check (may their names be damned forever more!) and I know that the overwhelmed, "OMG! WHAT DO I DO? AAAAACK!" will pass. And probably more quickly than I think.

But right now, it's a lot to deal with. Just filling out the paperwork (PPO or HMO? Do I need short term or long term disability insurance or both? Tax forms, dowhat?) is head-ache inducing.

Another thing that's interesting to me is how different this job seems from the faculty side of things. My mom has been a professor for nearly forty years. I grew up on a university campus and I've been at Ole Miss for seven years. I thought I knew academia. But it's surprising how different it feels on this side of the table, how much MORE is going on that I just wasn't aware of as a grad instructor, how many more facets to the job there are. I am psyched because this job is going to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but also a little anxious because, well, I'm me. Ha! I'm already worried about my professional development and performance evaluations and I haven't even performed. *g*

There's another thing that I'll post about later because I want to lock it. Not a big thing, just a thing you guys need to help me figure out. I have such success with flist intervention. You guys rock.

So, some recs? Yes?

[ profile] thelastgoodname made some kick ass icons on the subject of reading. Check them out. [ profile] executrix also made me an awesome TLGN bookclub one that I will be unveiling at our next joint read.

Target Practice by [ profile] aurora_novarum; SG-1; Sam and Teal'c gen
This is early season fic, before the team was Team. It's hard to remember sometimes that there was once a time when they didn't all know each other like the backs of their own hands, when they were still learning about each other and each other's cultures. This fic is an excellent reminder.
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I'm going through all my rec posts, retagging, for I am lame and originally did such in the most asinine way, and I'm rediscovering all these awesome fics that I want to share again with you guys.

So, let's make a meme. You have to distill your fandom(s) into three fics, the three fics that best represent what this fandom means to you--its potential, its power, the reason you keep coming back again and again to these characters--the three fics that define what this fandom means to you. And, for good measure, throw in a fic of your own. Which of your own fics do you think best captures what it is you love about the particular fandom?

As for me:


Nice Shirt by [ profile] glossing; Xander/Oz; Adult
I have probably re-read this story more than any other in any fandom since I got on this train. I keep coming back to it for its quiet, for the way it feels absolutely true and right without being showy or gimmicky. I love this fic for its nods to canonicity; there is nothing here that could not have happened during commercial breaks. This is not an AU, or a fic in which the reader must suspend her disbelief. The sex here is powerful--transformative--while at the same time making both Xander and Oz more themselves. This is the glorious mix of the hopeful and the hurty we all strive for when we write; this is the piece that makes me wish most of all that I'd been in on the ground floor of the Buffyverse fandom. That I'd been there from the beginning with all the rest of you, making these characters over into something new and yet achingly familiar.

Sweet, Sour, and Sweet Again (the Monster at the End of this Book Remix) by [ profile] wisdomeagle; Fred and Cordy gen; PG
This piece is brilliantly constructed. I'm mad for clever narratives and this is certainly a fic that plays with narrative and highlights our complicity as readers in the narrative arc. This is the fic that reminds me that the characters we write love and die and are born and are hurt and feel joy because WE MAKE THEM DO SO. This is meta fic at its absolute finest. This is the fic that defines for me who we are and what we do when we say, "What if . . . ."

In the Bleak Midwinter by [ profile] annakovsky; Xander/Dawn; PG-13
This is the fic I come back to, again and again, when I want to remember that after the screen fades to black in "Chosen," these characters keep living. They still have so much life left; they're just children; that end is a beginning more than anything else. This is a holiday fic, which y'all should know by now Lorraine is a sucker for any day, and it's such a wonderful renegotiation of the roles we saw play out canonically. This is beautiful and *real* and it hurts like a deep breath on a very cold day.

Something Elemental by [ profile] lunabee34; Faith/Buffy; Adult
This is the first fic I wrote in which I really understood what I wanted my fic *to do.* This is when I first realized that canonicity would always interest me in a way that the AU never could, when I first realized that what happens that we aren't privy to is often much more interesting than what we do see. This is also the most Jossian thing I think I've written; it's pretty much a bitchslap and poignant as hell.


Decor by [ profile] executrix; Simon/Inara; Adult
This is the finest example of using a sexual encounter as a truncated character study that I can recall. This is deliciously hot, yes, but it is also a very finely wrought examination of both Simon and Inara, who they are, what makes them tick. This is the fic that reminds me that sex is always a vehicle for characterization, that it is another window through which we discover who we, and who *they*, are.

Camp as a Row of Little Pink Tents by [ profile] mosca; Jayne/Mal; Adult
Oh, man. This fic is the first cross-dressing fic I ever read and I started off right because this is a primer for how to write drag. It's so bizarre to me, even now, the way that men in drag should be feminized, should somehow read as less-than-men, and somehow end up hyper masculinized. I love the way that drag serves to emphasize and exaggerate exactly what it seems to erase and this is a wonderful example. I think that [ profile] mosca has a gift for both the voices of this verse and subtle characterization. This is not to be missed.

Righteousness by [ profile] lyrstzha; Early/Operative; Adult
This is the fic that made me truly realize what fic was capable of. That we could take these bare bones of canon and make them over with wholly new flesh. This felt dangerous and subversive and strangely *right* on the first read, and it still does so now, years later. This is the fic that hit home to me that nothing is off-limits, that we are barred only by the boundaries of our imaginations, and that often what seems most implausible on the surface contains a wealth of insight beneath.

Rumpelstiltskin by [ profile] lunabee34 Regan Tam gen; PG-13
This begins my fascination with mothers in fic and also taking a terribly unlikeable character and making her sympathetic. I am drawn to characters on the fringe--those who are so essential in the way they form and inform the main characters we dote on so much but who dwell in the shadows themselves. Those who we see largely through the comments others make about them. I find writing Firefly difficult; this is why I only wrote three proper fics in the fandom, but this is the one of which I am most proud.


Old Soldiers Die Hard by [ profile] friendshipper; Gen; PG
I come to fanfic for a lot of things--to be turned on, to cry (oh gods yes to cry), to be surprised, to laugh, to experience again the friendship I see these characters sharing onscreen. This fic fits into the final category. I love John and Rodney smut, don't get me wrong, but there's something incredibly satisfying about exploring their relationship in a strictly platonic sense. I love the deep and immutable bond between them here. I love that John never ever for a goddamn second gives up on Rodney. This is the fic that I come back to when I need to be reminded that above and beyond and before anything else, John and Rodney are friends.

Pegasus Literature 101 (the Pass/Fail Remix) by [ profile] busaikko; John/Rodney; PG
I'm gonna use [ profile] thelastgoodname's words here, because yea verily she said it best: Yeah, that's pretty much it -- The John Sheppard Book Club [the orginal fic] is a light, fluffy romantic comedy/character study that plays with flirting and romance and life through literature (just like The Jane Austen Book Club). Pegasus Literature 101, as I read it, is about the value of literature as a tool to understand cultures, both your own and other people's, and about translation and fully understanding other people's lives and values and points of view (or not being able to -- as when Miko's has to get rid of the better translation setting). It's also about politics, and making choices (The Betrayal of Ptar sounds like a fabulous way to imagine and understand what life is like under the Wraith -- because life under the Wraith is not actually All About the Wraith), and dealing with those choices for decades and centuries afterwards. And I love the note about why the Athosians don't have much literature -- because they couldn't bring it with them. Yep. So, moving outside the world of the story to an analytic frame of the fandom and the show: Book Club is the prototypical slash romance story -- excellent, and sweet, and light and fluffy and the entire story is in service of the sex. (I don't think this is a bad thing; I feel odd having to make that disclaimer, because I shouldn't have to.) Literature 101 is essentially a critique of SGA, and fandom's appreciation for the light and fluffy at the expense of the dark and difficult (I mean critique in the analytic sense, not in the critical sense). Where Book Club accepts at face value the isolated and protected world of Earthers on Atlatis (not only are they importing their food across two galaxies, but they're importing their entertainment, too), Literature 101 probes that aspect of canon, and pushes it to a very uncomfortable place: John doesn't actually understand Pegasus very well (he didn't even realize what the betrayal of Ptar was), because none of the Earthers understand Pegasus very well. But he's trying. And more than that, Teyla and Ronon, despite having some things in common, aren't from the same world, either, so everyone is coming together without any common ground except that they want to learn, they want to understand.

Fell in Love With a Girl by [ profile] 01100100; Teyla/Kate; Adult
This is exquisite. This is femslash at its finest. This is the kind of exploration of Teyla's character and culture that I wish the show had the balls to make. I come away from this piece with my heart full; I am smiling and I am happy because I feel how much Teyla cares for Kate and for her team. This is the best love letter to Atlantis, to these characters who we spend so much time inhabitating, that I've read in quite some time.

Incomplete Data Set by [ profile] lunabee34; Bates/Kavanagh; Adult
Again with the unlikeable characters and the canonicity and the characters on the fringe. This was one of the first pieces I wrote in this fandom, and I keep coming back to it again and again; there's a sequel now and two more parts in the planning and I find it very satisfying to flesh out these characters that we see so very little of on screen.


What Cannot Be Unlearned by [ profile] causeways; Sam/Dean; PG-13
This is like Sam’s love poem to Dean, the love poem he can never say aloud but has instead written in the smile on his face, the sweat on the curve of his spine, the heat rising in waves off an endless empty highway. I don’t think I can say enough good things about the way this fic makes me feel, which is the point, right? That’s why we all write, isn’t it? Because we want someone else to feel, deep down in her gut, this thing we also feel. I come away from this piece feeling like I’ve been made privy to something sacred. This is the ultimate Sam fic for me--one that doesn't deny his relationship with Jess or all the reasons he left Dean behind, but one that also revels in all the reasons he came back, in all the ways that Dean is everything he's ever needed. For some unfathomable reason, this fic is still on a single page of comments when it should be a fandom classic. Go. Comment. Make that better.

Firecrotch (or that time when the Winchester Boys Banged Lindsay Lohan) by [ profile] dramaphile; Sam/Lindsay/Dean; Adult
This is the threesome gold standard with a dash of RPF thrown in for good measure. Lindsay's voice is superb here--just as I imagine her in all her vapid glory--and the Wincesty longings wash over the het sex like watercolor. I love reading the boys use Lindsay as the vehicle through which they express their desire for each other. This is my favorite example of a fic where Sam and Dean want each other and use someone else as a conduit because they aren't ready to open up to each other in that way just yet.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death (he kindly stopped for me) by [ profile] kroki_refur; Gen; Adult
One of the things I love tremendously about the SPN fandom is its ability to make with the funny while still saying something vital and interesting and important about these characters and the ways they interact with each other. This is ostensibly crack; Sam and Dean cannot die. Over and over again, the piano falls, and over and over again they survive. The ways in which they die and their responses to their deaths are hilarious. Until they're not. There's so much here in the interstices between the jokes that I defy you to read this and not come away with your heart in your throat.

Thanatopsis by [ profile] lunabee34; Sam/Dean; Adult
This hurt me to write. Really hurt me in a way that no piece had before or has since. I am not an emotional writer; it's almost a mechanical process for me. I want it to be *right,* to sound *right.* My own writing almost never turns me on or makes me sad or deeply amuses me, even if it strikes other that way. This? This broke me. This hurt me. Writing this piece was an enormously cathartic exercise. It's difficult to describe. It's not really an episode tag, but it was heavily inspired by "Roadkill," a sort of reworking of that concept in terms of Sam and Dean.


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