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Legacy (The No Reason Remix); SPN; Mary before Dean is born

Precious Things; SPN John locks the most important things away

I couldn't read a lot of the SPN fics because I quit watching the show and wasn't even sure what the fic was talking about. :(

This concludes my reading of Remix. I actually got through the whole archive this time! Whooooo! I know I missed some gems, so I'm looking forward to the reveal.
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I still have SPN and X-Men 1st Class to read; maybe I can get through them before the reveals. :)

Tears Like Diamonds on the Ground (The "Someone to Carry You" Remix); Tonks in Auror training with Mad-Eye Moody as her mentor

Step after Step; Madam Pince/Madam Hooch; this is spectacularly good; my favorite story so far

And all we need of hell (The "sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead" Remix); in which Ginny is a stone cold badass

Whip Therapy (Naming the Problem Remix; Ginny/Harry; Ginny/Millicent; this is exquisitely done; What if Ginny doesn't really want to marry Harry, not really?

Crucio (The Test of Loyalty Remix); what makes Peter turn to the Dark side?

I Walk, I Trust, With Open Eyes; Narcissa and Draco while Lucius is in Azkaban; continuing my love of fic about mothers and motherhood
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Cutting for Stone (The Mason's Ballad); ST:DS9; Miles & Julian; implied Miles/Julian/Keiko; the show practically invites us to believe that Miles and Julian are madly in love with each other; I love fic where that love doesn't sideline Keiko

Quark's Day (The Noh-Jay Remix); ST:DS9; Nog and Jake on DS9 after the Dominion Occupation has been defeated; one of the best TV friendships ever depicted so beautifully here

Hallmark Moment (Here in the Morning Remix); ST:Reboot; Joanna McCoy; time travel and timelines and angst

Professional Jealousy (The Black Propaganda Remix); SGA; McShep; Rodney really hates Neil Degrasse Tyson. LOL

Alchemical Solution (Swish and Flick Remix); SGA/HP fusion; the team bonds in the Room of Requirement
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Good Girl (the People are Talking Remix); BtVS; always bet on a Slayer; Slayers throughout the ages; cool format

To See the End Days Coming (The Waiting with the Dead Remix); Chronicles of Narnia; The Problem of Susan; *sniffle*

It's Hard Out There for a Princess (The Princess Peony Pavane); Chronicles of Narnia; Outsider POV; I love fic where the heroes are revealed to be not quite as perfect as believed

Not Yet Known (The Inconvenient Soulmates Remix; New Girl; Cece and Schmidt are soul mates; surprisingly angsty

Howl When We're Apart (This One's for the Girls Remix); GoT; Arya and Sansa reunited

Live for Just These Twenty Years (the wolves in sheep's clothing remix); GoT; what if Bran went to foster with the Greyjoys or Cersei with the Starks? Lovely, lovely AUs for multiple characters; this is beautifully done
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And this year, I'm actually going to read all the stories in the archive that interest me instead of just petering out halfway through. So there!

First up, Conversations with the Dead (The "Conversations with Yourself" Remix) is the remix of a story I wrote about Draco talking with Moaning Myrtle during HBP. Whoever wrote this remix is an absolute genius. It's from Snape's perspective, and he is an example of that ever-elusive canon!Snape that so rarely makes his way into fanfic (my own included. Snape is hard LOL). So many lines in this fic are completely quotable; I'd have to C&P the whole thing. I can't wait until the reveals because I want to read everything this person has written.

Other Recs:

It's a Special Kind of Thing; Angel the Series; Angel-centric gen; Liam as a boy learning about the confluence of pleasure and sin

Half a Phoenix (The Out of the Past and into the Future Remix); Avatar: tLAB; Zuko's daughter visits her grandfather and it is glorious

Any Ending that May Seem to Come; Dark Is Rising; Will and Jane's daughter after both her parents have died--so bittersweet (is there any such other way to write a DIR fic?); lovely lovely
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Now that Remix has been live for a million years, I can finally get around to posting a link to my story and linking you guys to the awesome remix that was written for me.

I wrote Poker Face (the she can read you remix). It's ST:TNG Deanna-centric gen, and I strongly recommend that you read the fabulous ficlet on which it is based before you read the story.

TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel wrote the fantastic Apple Candy (the fools rush in remix) which I think is absolutely wonderful. The story is Kirk/Spock/Uhura and rated PG-13ish. I love the wry humor and the bigger role given to Bones in the remix. This remix is much more fun of a read than my original which skews a bit more to the angsty. Once again, I feel like I won remix. :)
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I promise I will now stop making up for months of not posting regularly. Well, after I make a post talking about my own Remix. And post the last batch of Remix recs. LOL

Trek Reboot and SPN )
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I finished these just before the reveal! I got hung up on S; I still have Trek Reboot and SPN to finish. :)

Star Trek Reboot

Like a Rolling Stone (The Metamorphic Remix)
Gaila-centric gen; non-con; Adult
I love this backstory for Gaila and the way that her own journey to Starfleet is in some small way tied to Spock's. Lovely fleshing out of a minor character.

A History of Handcrafts (Because a Sweater Equals Love)
Amanda/Sarek, Kirk/Gaila, Uhura/Spock; Adult
This made me tear up in the best way. Way to make explicit that what knits crew and family together is love. Also, apparently, yarn. And does Gaila ever stop being awesome? No, she does not.

whether they saw heaven or land (the shipwrecked sailor remix)
Kirk/Bones; PG-13
This is a remix of P3's pirates in space AU, and it is glorious. Terribly funny and witty with dialogue that just zings off the page. Excellent read.

Stars in My Pocket
Kirk/Bones; PG-13
A lovely burgeoning Academy romance. *loves*

Rocket Science (Earth Girls Aren't Easy Remix)
Gaila/Sulu, Chekov/OFC, implied Gaila/Sulu/Chekov; Adult
How is a 17 year old boy genius trapped on a starship ever to get laid? With a solid mission plan and the help of his two best friends, of course. :) Fun read with a moment of poignancy that really resonates.


Bird Watching (The Lofty Pigeon Remix)
Radek-centric gen; PG
Radek and Elizabeth visit a planet that uses homing pigeons. Nice meaningful look at a hobby that is used as a joke in canon.

Dear John (WIP remix)
McShep; PG
As he's coming down from Wraith enzyme, Rodney writes John a letter. I love the way this skirts the line between a lot of different emotions--Rodney is funny in this letter and witty and scathing and flippant and horrified and so very vulnerable. I love the way Anon screencapped an actual letter and I love all the marginalia.
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I bookmarked all of these last night before the reveal--that totally counts as under the wire, right? Sadly, I did not make it all the way through the archive before the reveal--I've still got Buffy, Firefly, and SPN to read.

Serenity, Ats, HP, Good Omens )
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Never Put My Hope (the Second Generation Masters of Our Destiny remix)
TOS; Pike/Number One
You should read [ profile] bosette's original fic, Bring the Mountain To first. This fic is gorgeous, striking, the best kind of world building and mythos-making. In this fic, the crew of the Enterprise is stuck on Talos, animals in the zoo of a far more advanced race. And drawing liberally from Judeo-Christian (but mostly Hebrew) sources, Number One kicks ass and takes names. This is a story about rebuilding a society from the ground up, about making new rules and negotiating new truths, about the death of Gods. Anon Remixer's fic is about the fallout, and it is freaking awesome.

The Moment of Our Greatness Flickers (The Love Is A Losing Hand Remix)
TOS or nu!Trek
This is the story of the end of McCoy's marriage.

There is Joy in Repetition (But Sometimes You Have to Break Routine Extended Remix)
Christine Chapel is a FRELLING BADASS, and I love it love it love it love it. Really nice character insights and commentary on heroism and command.

Pipe Dreams (The Marzipan in Your Pie Plate Megamix)
This is so disturbing and dark and creepy, all while being more than a little funny. What lengths do you go to to keep the people you love and what does it say about you that you can't let go?
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Ancient History (Stale Coffee Grinds Mix)
Lorne-centric Gen
I love this, love it. Because I always think of Lorne as being the perfect 2IC, the perfect counterpoint to Sheppard, but of course Atlantis and the SGC are very different from each other. I love that Lorne has to adapt.

Water and the Weight of It (Athosian Remastered)
Teyla-centric gen
Oh, yes yes yes. Character study of the highest order.

Flipside (The Red Sox Remix)
Ronon-centric gen
I really like this version of Ronon. He's much wiser and more self-aware than he seems in canon to me. This story is funny but also wistful and a tad bittersweet.

Mary, Melusine, Mary, Medea (The Life as a Spinning Wheel Remix)
McShep (but really this is gen)
This is one creepy ass story, in all its ambiguity. I want to say that it reads dreamy and stark at the same time which is ridiculous as those descriptors should be mutually exclusive of each other, but they both fit. I don't find a lot of horror in fandom that works for me, but this is genuinely terrifying.

Too Good (the YKIOK,IJNMK remix)
McShep; Adult
I love the original story so hard; in it, Rodney thinks John is into BDSM and John thinks Rodney is into it, and that epic misunderstanding has them both doing things they don't want. In this remix, Rodney's the one who is trying desperately to be what John wants. It's hurty, but in a good way. I am a huge fan of fic in which everything is not, actually, puppies and roses and shiny, shiny unicorns. I love fics in which relationships are hard work and I love that, while Rodney fucks up, John isn't blameless either. I love that Rodney's vanilla is no more villified than John's kink.
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Star Trek of various ilk

Confessions of a Q; Gen
Oh, man. This weaves together the canons of TOS and TNG through the seamless and ingenious use of the Q Continuum. Guaranteed to make you smile.

The Loudest Noise (affannato, affettuoso, agitato); Gaila and Uhura Gen
This is a remix of one of [ profile] possibly_thrice's Trek fics, so the original material was amazing to begin with. This remix is solid gold, y'all. Amazing world building, amazing characterization of Uhura and Gaila, amazing insight into what it must mean to learn to communicate with an ever increasing number of beings who are so very little like you.

Free, Freefalling (The Home Is Wherever I'm With You Remix); Chekov gen
Nu!Chekov is so painfully young, so exquisite in his rawness. Lovely character study.

Medical Leave (the Brain Bleach remix)
Told from McCoy's POV, this is really funny and lighthearted. Good times.

Not your Daddy's Starfleet (The Through a Mirror Mix)
Ouch. And Yay! This is a very fucked up Kirk who desperately wants to hurt himself and is using all available resources to do so. And while I usually backbutton out of daddy!kink faster than a jackrabbit over a hollow log, I totally dig the multiplicity of layers of dirty!bad!wrong it carries in this fic.

The One Constant
Oh, Anon Remixer, you win at Remix for life. This fic reimagines the original as an RPF fic written by a Castiel fangirl someone in the Trekverse. Such a cool idea. THIS STORY WINS A SHINY PONY!
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Somebody wrote The Things They Carried (The He Ain't Heavy Remix), a remix of my SPN fic The Things They Carried, for this year's Remix. This fic is such a neat spin on the remix concept--rather than taking my story and shifting tone or POV, my Remixer wrote something entirely new that seems to have organically risen from the theme of my story. The remix is set between seasons three and four, but it has all these wonderful allusions to "Swan Song" running through it; don't worry, if you haven't seen the season 5 finale, you won't be spoiled by reading this fic. But you have seen, *heart in throat*, Anon Remixer makes it hurt so good. I LOVE MY REMIX!!!


Okay, my remix is in a fandom in which I have already copiously written. First three people to correctly guess which fic is mine get five hundred word fics of their own, made to order!

Also, on a whiny note, my Swan Song coda feels forlorn. It needs some love. /shameless pandering
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Remix is live and some shiny individual [ profile] amara_m wrote the most amazing Remix of Thanatopsis (SPN; Sam/Dean; Adult). The writing of this story remains the most visceral and emotional writing experience of my life. I was driving from Oxford to Hattiesburg, MS (somewhere between 300-350 miles) with my young child and I just got hit by this idea. Smack in the face, almost as if I could audibly hear words being spoken. "Roadkill" had just aired and I couldn't get that idea out of my mind--the ghost who doesn't know she's a ghost, who's caught in this endless cycle of confusion and misundertanding and longing. I'm driving and I don't want to stop but the words are coming and Emma is sleeping and if I stop she might wake up and I'd really rather drive with her sleeping because I'm alone. There's a pile of napkins in the console (this is what mothers do; we collect napkins) so I start writing on the napkins (WHILE DRIVING! LIKE A DUMBASS!) and then I start crying because I am making myself SO SAD! So that by the time I get to my folks, I have like twenty napkins covered in fic and my face is all puffy. I told them Ira Glass was airing a very emotional story; I'm not sure they bought it. Or that they knew who Ira Glass is, but I digress.

[ profile] amara_m has written thanatopsis (The Little Things Remix), and it is glorious. I believe fervently that remix is not for the original author; it is for the remixee to remix as ze will, but that being said, oh is this story for me. I adore this fic and let me tell you why.

When I think of remix, this is exactly the sort of story I picture. )
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I have been podficced! This makes me incredibly ecstatic. [ profile] mixed_reviews recorded my DH story "Waist Deep and Sinking" HERE. Go listen. I am awesome. *grin*

Come My Way by [ profile] candle_beck; SPN; Sam/Dean; Adult
I have the feeling I am going to articulate this poorly, but you know how sometimes stories in fandom feel like they belong to a particular era of writing within the fandom even if they were actually written earlier or later? I think that some of the best writing in SPN came from the first season of the show and this feels very much like a story that was written in season one. A very lovely Wincest first time fic.

Homeless Hit A Bit Close (the These Rags of Memory remix) by [ profile] tabaqui; SPN remix; gen
I love this unflinching look at what it must have meant to grow up Winchester, and the privation that both boys were surely subject to as a result. More than most authors I know in fandom, [ profile] tabaqui has a real gift for illuminating the way class issues mold the characters she writes about and this fic is no exception.

Down to the River (Ain't no More Second Guessing remix) by [ profile] essenceofmain; SPN remix; Sam/Dean; Adult
I adore fic that plays with the time loop of "Mystery Spot." I love that canon itself shows us a Sam who is raw and ragged and pushed to the edges of sanity and I love that we as fanficcers can take that characterization and drop poor Sammy over the edge. This is short, but brutally so, like a backhand across the cheekbone.

This Dark Shroud Hides a Face Beneath it (Underside Remix) by [ profile] subterrain; SPN remix; Dean/OMCs; Adult; Warnings for underaged sex
The summary of this fic reads: these are the things Dean does for his family. *shivers* Dean in this story is so vulnerable, using the only capital he has (his body) to get what he and Sam need to survive. This is a bleak, bleak read.

Buildings and Bridges (the rockabye remix) by [ profile] zooey_glass04; SPN remix; Sam/Dean; Adult
Sam and Dean build a treehouse when they are children and that treehouse comes to symbolize all the things they can never say out loud to each other. I love the way the fic is structured around this tangible symbol of their love.

Handlebars by [ profile] flummery; Dr. Who vid
The very first time I heard this song on the radio I shut it off before the artist was even halfway through the first verse. The song annoyed me. I couldn't stand it. But someone on the flist linked to this vid and I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the way the lyrics and the images shown in this vid interact. I don't even watch Dr. Who and I can tell how powerful this vid is.

Never as Bad as Anticipated Until it Is by [ profile] bluflamingo; SGA Big Bang; John/Mitchell; Adult
I like this pairing. I like it a lot. I think it has such potential to generate an interesting dynamic between the characters. I am very intrigued by the notion of a Cam Mitchell in charge of Atlantis and I love the way this fic handles the relationship between John and Rodney.

Push Until it Holds by [ profile] zillah975; SGA Big Bang; John/Ronon; Adult
Again, I like this pairing. I like it a lot. And again, I like the way the relationship between John and Rodney is handled. I like that Rodney pursues John because he feels that he ought to; I love how desperately he tries to make something work between them. And I love how fragile Ronon is in the piece, how stoic, how enduring, how weary.

Two Untitled SG-1 Fic Snippets by [ profile] 6beforelunch
I love both of these, but the second in particular. What happens to Jonas after the Ori take his planet? This, nothing but this, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.
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Shifting Reality (Best Imitation of Myself Remix) SGA; McShep; Adult
This is meta fic at its finest; this is who we are and what we do as fans distilled into this version of John Sheppard. These are the characters that we strip away to their very bones just to see what makes them tick. These are the characters that we move like pieces in a chess game, sometimes sweeping the board with one hand and playing a different game entirely. And this story--this story is something like the fallout. (Some of my tutoring students recently read "Six Characters in Search of an Author" and this piece reminds me muchly of that.)

Stitches and Scars (the Sewn Up Tight Remix) SPN; Sam/Dean; PG
The premise of this story is very simple: Sam gets hurt on a hunt and it kinda freaks Dean's shit out. But the depths of this piece are belied by that simple description. The dialogue feels warm and real to me and the progression of their feelings for each other very organic. I love seeing Sam through Dean's eyes--the utter joy he can feel at the tiniest things Sam does or says--but what I love even more is when little brother steps up to the plate and lets us see just what he thinks of Dean.

The ACME Judgment Company (Uncloseted Remix) M*A*S*H; Hawkeye/BJ; Hawkeye/F; Adult
I did not have to wait for Yuletide for M*A*S*H fic! Yay! This is so very well done. I love the outside perspective on Hawkeye and BJ and the unit at large. Really excellent read.
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I've been through the Remix comm (and wow did I not realize that Remix was so huge!) and clicked on everything I thought might appeal, but as there are so many entries and I got eye-swimmy trying to navigate through them all, I know I missed something or several. Which is why I can't wait for the reveal, because then I'll know what you guys wrote if I missed it. (Well, that and I can finally post the first rule-breaky remix story I wrote.)

Four times Sam leaves and one that he stays (Heading toward the light remix) SPN; gen; PG-13
This is the remix of my fic, "Four Times Dean Watched Sam Die (and one that he didn't)," and I absolutely love it. My fic consists of four drabbles and a sentence. It isn't long at all and there is so much room to play around with what I wrote. All the drabbles are from Dean's POV and my remixer opened that up and wrote each vignette from a different perspective. The way s/he rewrites the first section in particular affects me in the sobby way you all know I love so well. What's interesting to me is the way that the third drabble remains consistent between both stories, like an anchor, and that the opening and ending sections veer away from the original. One section in this fic is drastically different from the way I'd envisioned it when I was writing it (the funeral scene), but I really love that my remixer took things in a direction I hadn't anticipated. Thank you, unnanmed Remixer, for doing such awesome things with my story.

I'm Just a Bill (the Right to Remain Rough 'n Ready Remix) SPN; John/Dean and implied Sam/Dean; parental incest; Adult
Holy freaking crap. *swallows* This is a piece of sheer genius here. The language is fantastically, gloriously sharp; read too deeply and you will get cut, my dears. I had my heart in my throat the entire read. Even if daddycest is not your bag, this is exquisite. Dean's are Mary's eyes plus a toothache. I mean, damn, that's some good shit.

Breathe on Sister (They Pass Me By Remix) SPN; Henricksen; PG
I love Henricksen's character; I love that even before he gets all intimate with a cloud of black smoke, the man knows that the pieces of the Winchester puzzle do not add up to the picture he wants so desperately to believe. The fic is about those slivers of doubt.

Non Sequitur (the Keep the Car Running Remix) SPN; Sam/Dean; R
Oh dear lord is there a thing that Lorraine loves more than a Sammy standing at the crossroads and taking charge? Dean's interior monologue is perfect and his perceptions of Sam are all the reasons I love this fandom. I cannot imagine you being disappointed by this read.

Pegasus Literature 101 (Pass/Fail Remix) SGA; McShep; PG-13
Speaking of genius, take a look at this one, folks. I am so insanely jealous that this is not the piece I wrote. LOL For most of the remixes, I have not gone and read the original story; I've been reading the remixes as standalones, which yes, is made entirely of fail, as I know that's not what this exercise is about. The pieces work in concert. But, *flails* I am so busy right now that I just can't. This piece really makes me want to read the original to see just how the two stories work together. The Atlantis expedition bonds over the Great Books of Pegasus and it kicks ass.

And a handful more anon. HLOTS calls.

(Also, still getting feedback. *boggles* Yay!)


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