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Legacy (The No Reason Remix); SPN; Mary before Dean is born

Precious Things; SPN John locks the most important things away

I couldn't read a lot of the SPN fics because I quit watching the show and wasn't even sure what the fic was talking about. :(

This concludes my reading of Remix. I actually got through the whole archive this time! Whooooo! I know I missed some gems, so I'm looking forward to the reveal.
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1. Why am I still pregnant? *inarticulate noises of frustration* For the love of all that is holy, please to be getting out of me soon, child. LOL

2. I have been uploading all my fic to AO3, and it has been very gratifying to get kudos and comments on stories I wrote years ago. I'm trying not to just spam any particular fandom as I know it's highly annoying to click on a fandom tag and slog through a page or two of fics from the same author (especially if it's an author you don't care for). I think I've got about 80 more fics to upload.

3. I am revising my opinion of SG-1 on this rewatch with Emma. I have only seen the show through once--the early seasons via Netflix and then the final season as it aired. I had remembered the early seasons as being almost unbearably bad (the finales of both season 1-2 are clip shows? really?), but that's clearly not the case. The show is much stronger and more cohesive from the get-go than I remember it being, and I hadn't realized how many really important episodes and character arcs are portrayed in these early seasons. I've always enjoyed the show, but I'm discovering a new-found appreciation.

4. Game of Thrones Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle
This amused the hell out of me, particularly Jon Snow and Ser Jorah.

5. January Girl by [ profile] parenthetical; SPN/HP XOVER; Dean/Luna
The Tori Amos song the title comes from is perfect for Luna, and I love seeing early-era SPN Dean interact with the crew from Hogwarts. Fun read.

6. Your Baby is My Supermagnet (My Baby is Your Drug) by [ profile] unforgotten; X-Men First Class; Charles/Erik; MPREG; ~50,000 words
I am a sucker for angsty mpreg, and this fits the bill quite nicely.
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1. Y'all, kids are weird. Emma told me that the Cushmans (motorcycle enthusiasts) came to her school and handed out American flags. I asked what she did with her flag. "Oh, I took the cloth part off and gave it to Ansley and brought the stick home," she replied. Okay then. LOL

2. Look at this really cool SPN art challenge; there are some very talented artists in this fandom

3. I am planning to have a fandom renaissance in May. I will be done with the spring semester, I'll have defended my dissertation, I'll have a month before my summer class starts, and two months (fingers crossed) before Fiona makes her debut. I plan to spend the whole month writing all the fic and reading all the fic and making rec posts and meta posts and generally making a fannish nuisance of myself. LOL I suspect a fair amount of this fannish activity will be centered around SGA as we are almost done with the rewatch of the series, and I've had a fabulous time rediscovering how much I love this show. [ profile] alizarin_nyc suggested that I host some sort of fest for SGA, and I think that's a great idea. One of the things I've been lamenting is that I've already read so many of the fics that come up in my searches for new material. I'd love to have a fest to get other people writing as well as writing myself. What do y'all think? What kind of fest should I have? Would you participate if I did? I'm thinking something really low-key; no exchange or sign-up kinda thing. Some fest ideas include finishing a WIP to post, the kind of fest where people post prompts and then other people pick them up with no pressure, a riff on a flashfic comm where maybe I post weekly prompts for the month of May and people could do anything they wanted with that from a drabble to a fic to a drawing, or something else. Thoughts?
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Not really gonna rec these properly because I've been staring at this folder for months trying to get the energy to make the rec-set. LOL

Trek Reboot

We Live in Detail series by black_eyedgirl

Only Good for Legends by leupagus

at the going down of the sun by Dee
mostly gen; Spock/Uhura

On a Day Like This by oxymoronic


Families by sophiegrace
Kira-centric gen

Skinny Dipping on Risa by chesari


Dudley Redeemed stories

Rogation by wemyss

After the Storm by eruditefics

The Boy Who Fell by busaikko
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

From Dursley 'Til Dawn by wwmrsweasleydo
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

Other HP

For the Public Good

Life in Kind by Sansa
I think this is Harry/Snape

Little Red Courgette
Harry/Draco; <3

Night Watch by Mia Ugly
pretty sure this is Snarry


The White Road by Perverse_Idyll

The Sleeper Awakes by Snorkfics
Percy-centric gen

There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) by anguis_1

Sick and Tired of What to say (No One Listens Anyway) by Perpetual Motion

and the walls came tumbling down by alecto
Harry/Crabbe; not cracky; sad


Ten Thousand Miles by mimblexwimble
*sobby sob sob*


The Raggedy Edge
Sam/Jack; crossover with Firefly


Who Needs Enemies by the anonsisters; DS9

Wicked Game by obsessive24; BSG; Dee-centric

Suddenly I See by purplefringe; Firefly; Kaylee and Inara

Improper Dancing by marycrawford
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So the Story Goes by [ profile] megyal
Avengers/Die Hard XOVER; McClane/Farrell, Barton/Coulson
So, Matt starts working for Tony Stark. Guess who he runs into? *warm smishy hugs for this fic*

The Coming Storm is Gonna Be a Crazy Ride by [ profile] twistingingenue
Darcy/Clint; long; Adult
I am a sucker for Darcy/Clint, and this is a fine example of Darcy being a BAMF in a realistic way. Awesome, awesome.

Sine Metu by [ profile] galerian_ash
Expendables; Gunner Jensen/Barney Ross; short
This is a perfect gem of a story. It's funny and hot and sweet and canonically compatible, explaining some details of canon so delightfully that they've now become my personal headcanon.

And some mpreg, courtesy of that thread I started on [community profile] fandomsecrets:

Accidentally in Love by CMM
Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; looooong; Adult
Kirk gets knocked up non-sexually by Spock through the intervention of an alien god. The only problem? Spock's in love with Uhura. (Teensy bit of Uhura-bashing here; she's characterized in a way that I don't believe does justice to the character, but still an enjoyable read.)

The Shattered One by [ profile] miss_annthropic
SPN; Castiel/Dean; long
Castiel becomes pregnant as the result of asexual angel reproduction. How does he handle this pregnancy and the quest to save the world from Lucifer?

Every Judas Loved His Jesus by [ profile] croik
Avengers; Loki/Steve; Adult; long
This Loki is something else--beautifully characterized. He's sorry and angry and full of regret and shining with rage, and he just doesn't know how to stop himself. Even if you don't care for mpreg, I think this fic is worth a read for Loki's characterization alone.
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Name a fictional character and I'll tell you three reasons I wouldn't want to date them.

Getting the Hang of Thursdays by Hayseed
HP; Severus/Hermione; long
I find this story extremely disturbing and uncomfortable to read. It's a version of the Groundhog Day trope (Snape and Hermione are forced to re-live the day she dies over and over and over again), but what I think I like the best about this fic is that the author is not afraid to make difficult choices and put the characters in situations that her readers are likely to rail against.

A Marital Education by [ profile] yahtzee
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen; Elizabeth/Darcy, Jane/Bingley, other canon pairings
This is a lovely story, witty as you'd expect of Austen at her best, and also deeply human. Sometimes I think of Austen as the eroticizer of the mundane, and this fic fits right into that oeuvre. The basic premise of this story is that Elizabeth finds herself experiencing far less conjugal bliss than she'd imagined when she accepted Darcy's proposal. They work through it.

Five Have a Wonderful Time by [ profile] verity
SGA; Ronon/Sheppard/Teyla/McKay; mpreg
I love the puppy!pile Team Fics of the Gateverse, but add in mpreg a trip back through the Gate to deliver the news to Jeannie, and you've got a recipe for Lorraine love. This made me tear up in the best way.

Demented'verse by [ profile] hells_half_acre
HP/SPN XOVER; extremely and deliciously long; canon pairings
I am besotted with this series. It remains true to the canons of both sources and draws a variety of interesting parallels between the character casts. I cried some several times and also giggled and totally wish I was gonna get more. LOL

Up next, vid post! :)


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George Town, Grand Cayman by [ profile] lyrstzha
World War Z gen
I love the way Lyr's entry for Yuletide this past year perfectly mimics the narrative structure of the source text as well as the moral ambiguity of some of its characters. This is a chilling and compelling read.

Don't Hide Your Light by [ profile] laisserais
I really liked this fic. It features an unapologetically flaming Jared and a Jensen who is deeply closeted. It's been awhile since I read it, but I'm pretty sure it made me cry quite happily.

Hearthstone by [ profile] molly
Jensen is a reclusive bookshop owner, and when Jared shows up in town, the two of them gradually become more than friends. Nice build.

Fire in Her Fists by [ profile] escritoireazul
BtVS/Glee fusion; canon pairings; Lauren-centric
Read the prequel linked in the notes first. What happens when Lima goes all Sunnyhell? Also, LAUREN IS SO AWESOME OMG. AND TINA!
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I'm Your Villain by [ profile] fleshflutter; SPN; Dean/Crowley; Adult; short
This is exquisite--Dean's slow slide down the slippery slope, how necessity transforms into familiarity and even a strange and terrible kind of comfort. This is hot and more than a little disturbing and I love every word of it.

Blessed Not Lucky by [ profile] glossing; Glee; Mercedes/Quinn; PG; short
Mercedes, Quinn, and Lauren are all alone in a post-apocalyptic world. How the world ended is ambiguous, but their deep friendship and the way they rely on each other is not. *loves*

Verse War Z: Buffyverse by [ profile] lyrstzha; PG-13; Gen; short
Wow. This is brilliantly done. I don't want to give too much away, but what a very plausible way for zombies to overtake the world. This is truly chilling, and it will break your heart.

New York by [ profile] drsquidlove; Buffyverse; Xander/Giles; Adult; long
The premise of this story is that shortly after Giles leaves in season six, he gets sucked into an alternate dimension for years. Like sixteen of them. And the Scoobs just thinked he walked away. He finds his way back to Earth and a Xander who has left the game and Sunnydale far behind, so far behind that he has kids and an ex-wife and he hasn't staked a damn thing since he left Cali. This story is very emotionally satisfying with excellent character work and original characters that are compelling and interesting. Every Xander/Giles fan should read this story.

True Blood Season One Recap, True Blood Season Two Recap, True Blood Season Three Recap, True Blood Season Four Episode One Recap, True Blood Season Four Episode Two Recap by [ profile] crazydiamondsue
As these are written by our own indomitable Sue, they are naturally funny and witty and creative. In addition, Sue gets the South; she comes from Southern stock, and Oklahoma isn't that different in most of the ways that count from LA and MS and GA and the Southern places I've called home. If you love the show, you'll love these reviews. She'll review each episode after it airs, so bookmark the site.

Big Name Death Eater by Shiv; HP; Snape/Hermione; PG-13; long
I know, I know. I'm always posting that I just read my favorite HP story ever, but this time I mean it. LOL This story is hilarious, genuinely laugh out loud funny. I love the plot, I love the dialogue, I love every nuance of every paragraph. This writer has a gift for comedy and turns of phrase. Don't let the ship put you off if you are not inclined to read Hermione/Snape. This is not what I'd call a ship fic. It is, however, what I'd call a Snape fic, and I think there are plenty of you who wouldn't mind reading that. The general premise here is Snape and a group of his Death Eater cronies aren't so big on the raping and pillaging as Voldemort thinks and tend to spend most of their time downing pints in a seedy bar. LOL Brilliantly done.

The Curious Afterlife of John Sheppard by [ profile] enigmaticblue; SGA/SG-1; John/Vala; Adult; medium
This story had me at Vala, and then it kept me with Vegas!John slowly learning how to be a part of this team, how to let these people in. I want to smish them all and hug them and watch their six after reading this story.

It All Goes Away When the Sun Comes Up by [ profile] somehowunbroken; SGA/SG-1; Sheppard/Mitchell; Adult; medium
This fic is a massive dose of h/c and Atlantis!whumping. A disease has taken hold of Atlantis and more than decimated its inhabitants; those who are left are just holding on by a thread. Just what I need when I want to cry and then be comforted.

Fic Recs

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John Lithgow gives Newt Gingrich's press release the dramatic reading it deserves

Set Fire to the Rain--Thor (Thor/Loki) by [ profile] talitha78; vid
I haven't seen the movie, but I know those of you who have are gonna dig this liek whoa.

Slow Bullet (the Ellen remix) by claudiapriscus; SPN; Ellen-centric gen; PG-13; short
I love this story of Ellen coming to terms with Jo's need to hunt and with her own feelings about hunting. Excellent mother-daughter fic.

A Traveler Knows a Traveler by Mira; SGA; Radek/Ronon, Weir/Lorne; Adult; long
What a lovely fic in which Radek and Ronon slowly come together. Beautiful world building, yay for Elizabeth, and I wish it had 17 sequels.

Past & Pending by meansgirl; SGA; Lorne/Radek; Adult; long
This is an AU in which Lorne and Radek do not meet in the Stargate program. It's very sweet and very hot and hits just the right bit of angst. I do so love the rare pairs.

On This Night of All Nights by [ profile] ladyofthelog; BtVS; Willow/Kennedy; PG; short
Willow and the Scoobs celebrate the holidays. *adores fiercely*

Reparations by [ profile] saras_girl; HP; Draco/Harry; Adult; looooooooooong
An equally long and satisfying sequel is linked in the last post of the first fic. This is such lovely worldbuilding--from Harry's life at the hospital as a Healer, to Draco's work with chemically dependent Wizards, to the pureblood crap that Harry has to navigate at the Manor. This is one of the most emotionally satisfying HP stories I've read: good writing, excellent characterization, interesting plot, angst and humor. *loves*

Of Pride, Piercings, and a Particularly Profound Prurient Proficiency by Tarie; HP; Neville/Seamus; Adult; short
While there are a handful of typos and such sprinkled throughout, I really enjoyed this canon-compliant look at what the kids left behind at Hogwarts were up to while the Trio were tromping all over looking for Horcruxes. What I love most in this fic is the mix of desperation and fear and horror with friendship and love and moments of grace.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by [ profile] alixtii; Peter Pan; short
This is fabulous. Man I love what fandom does with the Peter Pan story and with Captain Hook in particular. This story is no exception.
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I promise I will now stop making up for months of not posting regularly. Well, after I make a post talking about my own Remix. And post the last batch of Remix recs. LOL

Trek Reboot and SPN )
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Road to Morning series by FaithUnbreakable; SPN/Buffy XOVER; gen; loooooooong
It's possible the author of this series will write more, but I would not call this a WIP. It's a really interesting melding of the two worlds, one in which the canon for each is largely left intact, but what makes this fic so compelling to me is the Dean-Buffy-Sam love triangle. The author flirts with both het pairings, with the notion of a triad, even to a tiny degree the propsect of Wincest, but ultimately the fic is gen and that unresolved tension is just deeeeeelicious. If none of them getting together is going to piss you off, don't read this story. If people who are attracted to each other mutually deciding not to pursue anything because they value what the three of them have together more than what any two of them could have floats your boat, then this is totally your fic.

Fieldwork by Rheanna; SGA; Ronon/Sheppard; PG; short
This is a remix of [ profile] busaikko's wonderful story in which Ronon starts emailing Sheppard's brother Dave. That story is linked in this post, and you should definitely read it first. Both stories make me grin like a loon and my heart swell three sizes in my chest for Ronon, Sheppard, and Dave.

The Matchmaker by [ profile] lavvyan; SGA; McShep (but really gen); medium; PG
The title is misleading. I thought this was going to be an arranged marriage fic or possibly a retelling of Fiddler on the Roof. No so, my friends. It is instead the story of a Rodney McKay who has been separated from his friends and forced to make a life for himself as a manufacturer of lighters on a distant planet. This is beautifully told through outsider POV, and I love every melancholy and hope-tinged word of it.

Actus Reus by [ profile] uraneia; SGA; McShep (but really gen); PG-13; medium
In this story, Lorne gets shipped out of Atlantis when the SGC finds out he's gay. Atlantis does not take the loss of its 2IC well, to put it mildly. I love love love love stories where all the expedition members band together to protect one of their own. This is chock full of teamy goodness.
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in a shadowed forest by [ profile] possibly_thrice; Good Omens; long; PG-13; pairings not listed by the reccer
Who wants to read the best Good Omens fic of ever? You do! P3 is probably the writer in fandom I am most jealous of. Everything she writes is absolutely pitch perfect in every way. The dialogue is always spot on; you can hear the characters speaking their lines as you read. The language is always gorgeous--beautiful imagery and turns of phrase, lovely detail, description so fine that you are immediately placed in the setting. I cannot think of another writer in fandom who so consistently turns out writing for which I can think of no descriptor but perfect. So this is what happens on the day the world ends, and it is by turns hilarious, haunting, cutting, heartbreaking, and full of wonder. Much like the story on which it is based. I feel like the runner ought to be sliding into home here, but I just want to reiterate how much I love P3's writing. From Discworld to Good Omens to Star Trek 2009, everything she writes is fascinating and interesting and achingly, achingly beautiful.

Syndicated Sci-Fi Show by [ profile] cluadiapriscus; SG-1/SPN XOVER; Gen; PG; long
In the midst of "Changing Channels," the brothers Winchester find themselves on another planet with SG-1. This is really funny (and at times poignant). Because Sam and Dean think this is just another crappy and fake TV show they've fallen into, they can provide interesting commentary on the plotholes and general cheesiness our beloved show sometimes devolves into.

'Verse War Z Day 1: Firefly and 'Verse War Z Day 2: Sleeping Beauty by [ profile] lyrstzha; Multifandom project
Lyr is doing this thing where she's bringing the zombie apocalypse down on all her fandoms, and it is glorious. The Sleeping Beauty one in particular is very finely done; I love Lyr's wry humor and the way she shows that what begins in even the deepest of love can be twisted and perverted to other ends.
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[ profile] counteragent made this really amazing vid, Coin Operated Boy, that got me to thinking about Sam vs. Soulless Sam. First I want to talk about the vid and what I think it's saying and then share my own (probably controversial LOL) feelings on Soulless Sam.

[ profile] counteragent gives the following summary of the vid:

Summary: I* want a coin operated boy**
*Part 1: Dean. Part 2: Dean & Fandom. Part 3: Dean & OFC
**ensouled Sam


So, after I watched this vid, I realized that my reaction to Soulless Sam seems to be the polar opposite of a lot of fandom's. I find Soulless Sam quite refreshing. Don't get me wrong. I love a rousing round of "Sam!" "Dean!" accompanied by stoically repressed sobs as much as anyone, but, man, was Sam not taking himself or anything else seriously a really nice reprieve from the metric ton of heroic manpain that usually characterizes both brothers.

Soulless Sam is funny. Really, really funny.

Soulless Sam, much like Anya in BtVS, gets to speak the uncomfortable truths that no one else wants to acknowledge, and he also forces the characters around him (and the audience) to think very carefully about the decisions they make and the potential ramifications of their choices. For example, Soulless Sam is all about the Big Picture. It's important to note that Soulless Sam is not evil. SPN didn't make that Angel/Angelus good/evil dichotomy error. Soulless Sam decides he's still a hunter, and he's still into killing the Big Bad, and he's all about the Big Picture of hunting. Soulless Sam is efficient and practical and ruthless and okay with the collateral damage that comes along with this approach to hunting. Soulless Sam takes hunting (which occurs on the microcosmic level--one town, one family touched by evil, one small human drama interrupted that the hunter tries to set to rights) and turns it into a war in which casualties are accepted and methods condoned that would be otherwise condemned. We've seen hunters like Soulless Sam already--Gordon (although he's got loads of other issues going on), the hunter that wants to kill the rougarou without exploring any other options, Grampy Campbell. And these dudes all have souls! So Soulless Sam becomes a kind of commentary on hunting and how psychologically damaging it can be for the hunter. In order to do the job, at some point the hunter has to stop caring about *one person* so much, *one family* so much, and start thinking about the many people, the many families that can be potentially saved.

Also, there was never any... )
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All Creatures by [ profile] wintercreek; Good Omens/SGA XOVER; Gen; shortish
Just how did the Ancients come up with the idea for the Wraith? Chilling and blackly humorous.

The Harry Potter kids try to talk with American accents
Tom Felton is the best at it, followed by Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. Poor Emma Watson can't do an American accent to save her life LOL.

Sympathetic Magic by shedoc; Harry Potter; Ron/Harry; Adult; Big Bang length; warnings for child abuse (not sexual in nature); mpreg by the end
So, this story starts with the Dursleys abusing (and nearly killing Harry as a result) just the way Xander's daddy taught them, but even if that's not your cuppa, I think there's a lot to enjoy in this story. Ron/Harry is the pairing that makes the most sense to me based on canon; unlike Harry/Snape or Harry/Draco, the two of them actually *like* each other and would die for each other. It's a great sadness of mine that so little of this pairing exists, and I really like the way Ron and Harry go from being friends to lovers in this story. It may get a little too "their magical love is special beyond all others" for some people's tastes by the end, but I was in just the right mood for it.

Backwards by Drake of Dross; Harry Potter; Harry/Hermione; mpreg; shortish
I absolutely love this story. Hermione accidentally gets Harry pregnant. This is a serious look at how that might change all their lives. Can I tell you how much I adore that they don't instantly decide that marriage is the answer?

Uncertain Plans by Sunny de Luca; Neville/Charlie; mpreg; medium length
This is a story I desperately wish had a sequel but from what I can tell, alas, does not. It begins en medias res with a pregnant Neville who has no idea how to tell Charlie that their summer liason has had unintended results. It's the kind of fic I long for--where Neville is keeping the pregnancy secret and everything is so confusing and uncertain, and when Charlie finds out, he's well aware that his parents will be livid and that this will be a very difficult change in their lives. I was all hormonal when I read this, so I got to drift along on a lovely little crying jag and feel sorry for poor Neville. Hit an emotional kink for me, hard.

Undone Wars by esama; Harry Potter/SGA XOVER; mostly gen but Ronon/Harry at the end; long
I love this story so much. I don't want to say much about it because I don't want to give away any of the plot points. During his time as a Runner, Ronon comes across Harry, and they travel together. One of the things I adore about this story is Ronon's concern over how dangerous it is for magicians to have to rely on wands and what he and Harry do to combat that. This is first and foremost a story about friendship and family, and I love love love it.

Charm City by [ profile] hth_the_first; Homicide/SPN XOVER; medium length; Sam/Tim; Adult
I absolutely adore this meshing of these two worlds. Basically nothing happens in this story--Sam meets Tim and wants him and has him. It's languid and a bit dreamy with wonderful character insights.
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A Stitch in Time Mansfield Park
In this fic, Edmund realizes his feelings for Fanny far too late. This is short and melancholy.

Symmetry Mansfield Park; very non-explicit sibcest
As one commenter to this fic states, who deserves a Crawford but a Crawford? LOL The dialogue here is wit at its best. *loves*

Snow and Mirrors Northanger Abbey
Northanger Abbey has long been my favorite Austen novel, and this fic does its whimsy and humor such justice. Catherine is such a fun heroine--head in the clouds and ready to see a ghost or a vampire around every gothic corner. Here, Nonny wonders, what if Catherine is right?

all over these eyes a storm is rolling over Dark is Rising
Oh man. Wow. Just wow. This story is about a Jane who remembers when others do not, a Jane full of power and potential, a Jane who is alone and yet perhaps not entirely. Such a beautiful story.

Guns'n'Neuroses Frasier/SPN XOVER
OMG, this is the best thing ever! What if Niles and Frasier discovered the truth of things that go bump in the night? Saving people, learning things, the family business--you know. LOL
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So You Want to Get a PhD in Humanities? by Allisonles
This is LOLarious, hitting all the high points of academic employment in the Humanities. Yes, my fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked English majors, you too can look forward to a career teaching in the middle of nowhere Nebraska for a salary that very nearly supports your Miller Lite habit.

STAR TREK 40th Anniversary Tribute 1966-2006 by ENTERPRISENX01
I am not ashamed to admit that this loving tour of all the treks pre-reboot makes me bawl like a baby.

Sam Needs a Haircut (mini vid) by juicy1111; SPN
Oh, Sam. *pets him* The boy's hair is just a hot mess. This made me giggle.

The Safety Dance-[Multi-fandom, Movie Dancing by shoopdancer2504
Just what it says on the tin.

Marching On by dazzleme7; HP
This is the best love letter to the Harry Potter series I think I've seen. This is about family, family of origin and family of choice, and most of the characters get a moment in the limelight (Yay, Neville and Luna! All the Fred and George bits kill me. *sniffle*) This is about solidarity and standing together and nobody really being alone. The vid uses footage from all the movies, including trailer material from Death Hallows Part 1, and the vidder has put this beautiful filter over everything that puts everything in high relief and makes all the images look very stark. It's visually beautiful to look at, I love the song, and it makes me tear up watching all the characters we so love march on toward their destiny. Basically, this is genius, pure and simple.

Star Trek Girls on Film by Boss DanMark
A parade of ladies from the original Star Trek series.
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Star Trek Voyager Summer Nights by SazzyAgain; Janeway/7
And here's a celebration of femslash so obvious my seven year old can spot it. Very fun vid.

Supernatural- Ain't no Sunshine by garfield2424
First, I love Eva Cassidy's version of the song. So haunting. I like the cuts between shots in the opening scene, and I like how whenever the brothers are in the same scene, one is immediately foregrounded and the other fades into obscurity. Even when they're together, they're alone. And then the song turns, and over the refrain of "I know, I know, I know, I know, I know," we see Sam and Dean together, talking it out, being brothers--only to have it all ripped away again.

Verb by lapillus; Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock
OMG this is kind of perfect. I think this is pretty much the gold star for reboot vids of this pairing. Such fun.
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Music I've Been Listening To

Hard Believer by First Aid Kit
I am utterly besotted with this band. I love their voices, I love the lyrics, and I really really like the staging of this video. I think you might like this one [ profile] hermionesviolin. I also really like this live version of I Met Up With the King.


You're Pitiful by Belanna42: Star Trek Voyager; Harry Kim
*dies* No really. *dies* This is poor Harry Kim's life set to Weird Al's "You're Pitiful." The vid gains momentum for me; I don't think it starts out particularly strong, but by the end, I'm literally LOLing. *pets poor sweet Harry*

Lee Adama--Shattered by BSGfan45; BSG
This is the perfect encapsulation of Lee Adama. If you had to distill this character down to less than three minutes, this is what you'd see. Perfect, perfect, perfect vid. Excellent editing, excellent song--it makes me want to start all over again and watch the whole damn thing from the beginning. I get chillbumps watching this vid.

Tenacious D--Lee (A Battlestar Galactica Tribute) by DameonAngell; BSG
So apparently, Tenacious D wrote a song called "Lee." Guess how long it took fans to make that Lee Adama? LOL Crack! Silly crack vid.

Castiel & Dean; touch my whoa-oa-oa by anaapenas; SPN
There's a reason this vid has been viewed more than 50,000 times (a really high watch count for even the best quality vids on Youtube that aren't Killa's "Closer"). It's kind of perfect. The editing is so tight, so flawless. The song is fantastic; forget you, Katy Perry! I wanna sing this with the windows rolled down. I love the way the fourth wall just kind melts at the very end of the song. This goes in my top ten vids of ever. I hate to harp on a refrain of perfection, but damn. EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH THIS VID! Thus sayeth Lorraine.

Dr. Horrible Trailer Spoof by Firefly827347; SGA
This short very cleverly reimagines Rodney McKay as Dr. Horrible. Where's this fic? I would read the hell out of it.

And finally, the inexplicable

Larry King and Ryan Seacrest sing Poker Face
I don't even... What? How? It's not even that Ryan Seacrest is as tone deaf as he is short. It's that Larry King begins like a machine gun and ends like a baby gumming his rattle. I kind of howl with laughter every time I listen to this.
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The Angst Archive: otherwise known as the archive of issues of consent
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, here it is for your perusal. A multi-fandom collection of non-con hijinks, child abuse, slavery, and OOC evilness. LOL I've been going through all the Voyager entries and, surprise! In almost every fic uploaded to this archive, Tom Paris is one half of the pairing and he's almost always the abused party. Fandom seems to have decided that his dad and Tony Harris get together every Friday to drink a few beers and swap child abuse pointers. And a prolific subset (please, spirits, let it be a subset!) of writers really, really, really get off on manipulating Chakotay's character until it's barely recognizable to me. Now, I know that happens in every fandom, but I think I can pin down what's motivating writers to create such an OOC Chakotay. In more than a few of the stories in this archive, Chakotay is either evil and sadistic and fond of making Paris pee himself or he's this emotionally immature person who is extremely possessive of Tom and prone to jealous fits and existential crises about his age when faced with Harry Kim. Oh, the guffaws. One of the stories explicitly articulated where these character changes come from; basically--how could someone as centered and peaceful and non-confrontational as Chakotay have been such a storied leader of the Maquis Resistance? Surely he's been ruthless and unscrupulous and prone to rapery all this time and just hiding it under a veneer of calm. Another factor is that because the character is presented canonically as being passive in many ways, I think writers had fun writing a Chakotay consumed by passion; what better way to validate an OTP than having this normally placid character driven to jealous rages, but only by his one true love? Also, I think some of these stories were written by kiddos who really think a man in his forties is just about over the hill. LOL Anyways, I found almost nothing in the Voyager section I liked well enough to rec, but there's tons of other fandoms represented in the archive.

Distorted Image by Mandragora; Paris/Chakotay; Adult; warnings for rape; epic novel length
This is one of the stories I did enjoy enough in the archive to want to read again. In it, Paris and Chakotay are sent into a mirror verse where Paris is sexually enslaved by MV!Chakotay. Chakotay works with the good guys (an Alliance of Bajorans and Cardassians that includes MV!Seska) to rescue him and get him back to Voyager. This is an utterly predictable story; it's clear from the outset that Tom's enslavement is going to lead to a relationship with the real Chakotay. However, this is one of those wonderful slave fics that really dwells on the horrors of the slavery part without descending into implausible and ridiculous trauma for the slave. Nice long read.

Slave by Yvette; Tuvok/Kim; Adult; consent issues
Ignore the first paragraph which is weird and unnecessary. In this fic, Harry is transported to an alternate reality where everything seems to be the same except that Vulcans own human slaves. Harry's doppelganger takes his place on our Voyager, and both of them have real problems adjusting to their new realities. This was a nice change of pairing after the all Chakotay/Paris all the time club that is this archive. I also think it's in many ways a nice character study of both Tuvok and Harry. Ultimately, what I find fascinating is the inability of the people in either reality to understand where the other is coming from.

Fighting Gravity by pantswarrior; Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock; Adult; novel length
In this story, Spock decides not to join the Enterprise on her first five-year mission. And then for reasons Kirk slowly comes to fathom, Spock is reduced to living on the streets of Earth and begging. That sounds like a really dumb premise; it's hard to envision the scenario that would lead to Spock, of all people, having to live that way. But pantswarrior pulls off this plotline with the kind of skill that makes you wonder why you ever doubted how awesome hobo Spock could be. There's a lovely amount of emotional h/c, excellent psychological insight to both characters, and an unfolding mystery that fascinated me. Wonderful read.

Stain of Silence by [ profile] brummell; HP; Harry/Draco; Adult; Big-Bang length
After the war is over, Draco serves out his sentence in Harry's house as his ward. Ginny dies, leaving Harry with their child to care for. I love this story to bitty bits. Draco's despair and his endeavor to reconstruct his identity, plus the domesticity of the fic coupled with the way that the Weasley family does not see Draco as a fit caregiver for its newest member make this a very enjoyable read.

This Irregular Breathing Thing by [ profile] monjtales; SPN Big Bang; Chuck/Zacariah non-con; Chuck/Castiel; Adult
I am so tired of Sam and Dean right now that this fic is like a breath of fresh air. Big Bang nearly kills all my SPN love. I wish they would limit participation somehow so that it's not just a million bajillion Wincest fics with minor plot variations. /rant Ahem. In this fic, Zacariah has been abusing Chuck since he became a prophet. I like the way this fic gives Chuck more agency in some ways than the show does (for instance, it explains his attempts to actually help the boys behind the scenes and why he doesn't recognize Sam and Dean when they appear on his doorstep). This is h/c all the way, and what a nicely broken Chuck. The dialogue is awesome and I love Castiel's characterization here.

With Muffled Drums by [ profile] ariadne83; SGA; established Ford/Lorne; PG
I think that [ profile] ariadne83 has the best understanding of the nuances of this show and its characters of anyone else I've met in fandom. Her attention to the subtle details makes every single thing she writes an utter (if sometimes hurty) joy to read. This is her interpretation of "The Last Man." Rodney's not the only one who's lost someone.


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