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1. For Yuletide this year, I wrote how far away the stars seem (and how far is our first kiss), a Lucifer/Amenadiel fic in the Lucifer fandom. I originally intended it to fulfill my assignment and then realized halfway in that unasked for sibling incest in an exchange fest is not a cool move. LOL I disliked in the show the way that Lucifer reacted to the reveal that Amenadiel is losing his powers, specifically that his glorious wings are ruined. I wanted Lucifer to be more horrified, more sympathetic, and offer some comfort. So that's the story I wrote for Treat #1.

For my recipient, I wrote His Brother's Keeper, which is Lucifer and Amenadiel gen that looks at them in childhood and then again once Lucifer is on earth. In this story, I wanted to explore those sibling dynamics without sexytimes and also include Uriel.

Treat #2 is The Yellow Wallpaper (the spinning jennie remix). I had a really fun time with the prompt, which asked for a story in which the supernatural elements of the original are really happening instead of being merely psychological manifestations of the narrator's mental state. So I wrote a ghost story from Jennie's perspective.

2. Downton Abbey watch continues. spoilers )

3. Dirk Gently: spoilers )

4. NCIS and Bull: spoilers )
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1. Emma was sick for one night and felt tired and puny the next day, but then she was fine.

2. I was sick Christmas Day and the next but now am also fine.

3. Came home to more cards from [personal profile] lyr and [ profile] kaleecat. Yay!

4. I ran on the ground, OMG! I didn't think I could do that, but I did! The first day I tried running, I alternated running and walking, but last night I ran continuously for two miles without stopping. Whooooo! I am super ready to get back into the gym and work out hard. I wasn't able to exercise the two days I was sick, and it was hard to fit in the time the other days because we were so busy.

5. Y'all, I am in a size 12. I cannot believe it. I had a gift card to Talbot's from my MIL and there's an outlet in Gulfport, so I got three pairs of beautiful pants for 19.99 each. I tried on the 14s first because that's what I'd been wearing at the beginning of December, and they were too big. I loved everything I received for Christmas, but that was really my favorite Christmas happy. :)

6. I got an awesome Yuletide gift: Retirement Might Be a Myth, and Bullet Holes Suck (According to John McClane). Loved revisiting my fandom days of yore with this McClane/Farrell fic. Check it out, everybody.

7. I wrote three fics this year for Yuletide: one treat and my main assignment are in the same fandom and another treat is in a book fandom and the only fic for that work. Correct guessers entitled to a drabble.

8. Dad is doing really well. This second kind of chemotherapy is kicking cancer's ass. I was so encouraged to see how good he's feeling.
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Dearest flist, do I try to write the one other Yuletide treat that caught my eye (which I saved for last because it will be the hardest to write) tonight, knowing that I must go to bed at a decent hour and that I will likely have very little time tomorrow to work on it with tomorrow being the absolute last time I will have to work on it


do I read a bunch of Hobbit fanfic?

Regardless, I haven't posted much lately beyond episode reviews of TV shows I think most of you aren't watching, so I'd love to talk to you guys tonight. Tell me what you thought of Rogue One or Westworld or the book you're reading or your New Year's Resolutions. Ask me questions. I will mostly probably tell you the truth. LOL

Let us conversate.
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1. I got the most awesome package from [personal profile] executrix. I got books and notebooks and lip balm and a purse among other treats. Thank you so much, sweetie. Your holiday happies are winging their way to you now.

2. I have gotten Christmas cards from [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] crazydiamondsue, [personal profile] spikedluv, [ profile] shannon730 [personal profile] leesa_perrie, [personal profile] sholio, and [ profile] decynthus. Thank you all so much!!!!

3. I wrote two treats in addition to my Yuletide assignment! I am super stoked. :) I still would like to write one more treat but suspect it won't happen since we're leaving on Thursday, and I've got loads to do before we're ready.

4. We saw Rogue One today. Wow. Just. Wow. I have to admit that I didn't care for the prequels; to me they detract from the original trilogy rather than adding to it. But Rogue One makes that original trilogy so much more poignant and meaningful. SPOILERS )
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1. I turned in the Yuletide story I'd been assigned scant hours before the Yuletide Assignment Deletion Debacle of '16. I'm halfway done with the Unasked For Incest version and have found someone to gift with it (which was surprisingly harder than I thought; not very many people asked for this pairing at all).

2. I started my period four days before I take my ring out which is super weird and has never happened before. *sigh* All I can guess is that losing weight and/or stress has sent my cycle out of whack.

3. I've been running five miles at a stretch in the gym. It's boring but not hard. I'm so proud of how my stamina has increased and how strong I am getting.

4. Reviews of The Walking Dead: SPOILERS )
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then you realize that unasked for sibling incest is kind of a dick move in a gift exchange?

*manic laughter*

I shall gift this story to someone else and begin again!

This reminds me of the time I had to write two stories for Remix because, of course, I picked the co-written story to remix which is against the rules. But I ended up really liking both the stories I wrote, so I hope the same will be true here.

Cross your fingers for me, my friends. I still want to write two other treats beyond this, and I hope I can manage it.
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1. cut for talk of weight loss )

2. I don't think I mentioned that my missing period got found. I went eight weeks without a period and then I had a really, really horrible one to make up for the one I skipped. LOL

3. I am such a bad mod. I mailed off my letters for the Letter Writing Challenge today. *headdesk* They had to be postmarked today, so I shall not ban myself from future participation in my own challenge LOL but way to procrastinate, Lorraine. I had a lot of fun writing the letters, though, and got to use some cute stationery. I can't wait to start hearing from people as they receive their correspondence.

4. Gotta go sign up for Yuletide. I've got my requests down, but now I need to figure what I'm offering. Is there a way to tell what people have requested? I've been looking at the letters spreadsheet but not everybody writes a letter.
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1. The time, it is upon us. I am contemplating the following for offer/request in Yuletide:

Imperial Radch
Jane Eyre
Mrs. Todd's Shortcut
Poems (Poe)
Tiffany Aching series
Wuthering Heights
The Yellow Wallpaper
Live Free or Die Hard
Jessica Jones
Penny Dreadful

2. I often read my network page, and I happened across someone whose dad has just been diagnosed with the same cancer as my dad. Would it be weird to reach out? It feels like it might be weird.

3. I did a little research about puberty and athletic performance in girls, and looks like puberty does often mean a decrease in running performance for a variety of reasons. I am relieved because I had started to worry that maybe something was wrong. If she can just stick with it, Emma should come out the other side alright.

4. I am done with my tagging project. Whoooooo! I realized about halfway through that I had missed a few things in the beginning years (for example, I didn't start tagging for music until I was well into the project), but I'll be damned if I go back through the whole thing again. It's as good as it's going to get. LOL

5. We watched Die Hard 2 yesterday. It is not nearly as good a movie as the first one for a couple of reasons. First, the villain is in a remote location and rarely interacts with McClane. One of the joys of Die Hard is that Hans Gruber is such a charismatic villain. He's in the same physical location with McClane for the whole movie; they're playing cat and mouse; they're talking on the walkie talkies. That's entirely absent from the sequel. The stakes also don't feel as high as they did in the first movie. I don't have a clear sense of who this general is and why he's such hot shit that so many people are willing to give up their careers for him. Plus, something about Hans Gruber manhandling Holly makes me worry about her in a way that her circling the airport endlessly never could (even if Gruber shooting her and her plane falling out of the sky make her equally dead). I like that Team Villain and Team Good Guys are multi-racial in both movies. Not much for the ladies to do in either of these movies although I would argue that Holly gets a good role and gets to play more than a victim in both. Josh and I about died at the end of the sequel, though, where McClane wanders around hollering, "Holly!" We both said, "Stella!" at the same time. It was more than a bit ridiculous.

6. Downton Abbey watching continues. SPOILERS )
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I realized I forgot to update y'all on Josh's surgery and etc.

1. The surgery was Tuesday. The doctor told me that this was the most difficult surgery he'd done in years. All the tooth fragments on the bottom jaw are gone. The tooth on the top right is gone; the tooth on the top left remains. It has fused to the back molar and trying to remove it would mean probably also losing that molar. Fortunately, the TMJ pain he was having was on the side where all teeth and fragments have been removed. Cross your fingers that once he is finally 100% from the surgery, that pain will have been dealt with.

I have been making many delicious things for invalids, however. Recipes )

2. Fiona was able to go to daycare all last week. She's not "sick" anymore, but her cough got croupy, so we basically spent all last week not sleeping and listening to her cough all night and doing breathing treatments. I took her back to the doctor on Saturday morning in preparation for us being gone next week in case we could do anything about her cough. The doc basically said nothing to do because she doesn't need antibiotics, she has no fever, etc. He did give us some steroids to help suppress the cough.

We also picked up some kind of stomach virus because Fiona threw up last night and twice again today, so we can't leave for our holiday trip tomorrow. :( Cross your fingers that she doesn't throw up again, and we can head out on Tuesday.

3. Can't wait for Yuletide!!!!!!!!!!! I'm working on a third fic that is not technically a Yuletide fic since both fandoms are ineligible, but it's a gift fic, so it counts in my mind anyway. :)

4. I am trying to empower my mother and help her realize she does not have to spend the holidays with relatives who have made no effort at all to accommodate her new diet (despite nearly twenty years of her accommodating Uncle David's MSG sensitivity and Aunt Laura/Uncle David's dietary restrictions now that they have decided they are Jews for Jesus (that whole religious movement deeply disturbs me), but I fear that instead I have just made her feel worse. Everything I said is true. They are terribly selfish people I do not like and actively avoid spending time with. My dad should stand up for her. She doesn't have to hang out with them if she doesn't want to, and she doesn't need an excuse. But I think I made her mad in the way people get mad when you point out stuff they aren't willing to change. She won't ever say anything to my dad. :( She'll go down there with something she made herself in a little tupperware dish and feel super resentful (as she should!) and angry and have wasted a day of her life being sad and angry. A pox on all those assholes.
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I posted a Yuletide treat for Somebody. *shifty eyes* I am rather pleased with myself, yes.

When you see it, Somebody, please forgive the title. LOL Yea, verily, I do suck at the title.
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I had the most wonderful shopping trip on Friday. Those pants that I posted about a few weeks ago don't fit me quite right; I'm keeping them but they're just a smidge too big for me to buy more pairs.

However, Friday I found a black pair and a brown pair of pants that fit me very well, and I found a coat! Specifically, this Calvin Klein peacoat in purple. I got it on super sale, too.

In other news, I am trying to think of a title for my Yuletide story. I know that titling something without awareness of the content is difficult, but any suggestions for a story that diverges from canon in a pretty significant way?
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I finished my Yuletide story! It is respectably longer than 1000 words. Whooooo. I'm going to leave it be for a few days, do a final edit, and then post that sucker.

Now I can move on to working on a story for a friend who was very kind to me; I quit working on it when school got so hectic, but now it's time to finish it.

How is everyone else doing?
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My recipient did write a letter and it is fantastic and inspiring, and in an unprecedented Yuletide miracle, I am almost done with my story. *glee* Who is this Lorraine, and what have you done with the original? LOL I still have to type up what I've handwritten and rewatch part of canon to confirm small details, but this puppy is largely done. I am extremely pleased with myself.

I am going to try to write some treats this year (Minority Report is definitely on the list) as well as finish up fic I owe people for being unbelievably awesome to me. What fandoms do y'all think I should try to treat?

In other unprecedented news, Faculty Senate was only 50 minutes this morning (seriously, this is mind boggling). I also had an excellent lunch with a colleague I am excited about cultivating a friendship with. She accepted our invitation to dinner in a few weeks as did the chair of our department and some other colleagues who are fast friends. I am so looking forward to hosting a dinner party. We used to frequently do so before Fi entered the picture, and I really miss it. We're going to do gumbo (Josh makes excellent, excellent gumbo) and potato salad with appetizers and cocktails first. I'll probably go easy on myself and just do a nice charcuterie plate instead of trying to cook something because the hour before everyone arrives will have been spent putting Fi to bed.

But I get to pick out which dishes to use! And the crystal! And linens and little cocktail napkins! OMG, that's my favorite part--polishing my salt cellar spoons and getting out the soup tureen and picking out the table runner. *dreamy sigh* I adore a beautiful table so freaking much.

What's going on with y'all? Talk to me, friends. :)
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I HAVE PURCHASED A PAIR OF PANTS! This is monumental. I am going to wear them over the next week, and if I continue to be pleased with them, I am going to buy more! Yay!

Yuletide assignments went out. I am excited. This is the first year my recipient didn't write a letter, but I'm just taking that as license to write what I want. *decisive nod*

We have been eating like kings, my friends. Tonight Josh roasted two cornish hens; he basted one in sweet soy sauce, ginger, and garlic and the other in the same plus gochujang and they were so damn good. Cornish hens are always so tender and juicy, especially if you stuff lemons up their butt before roasting. They're not expensive either; Kroger sells them in two packs for about six bucks. I sauteed mushrooms in teriyaki and ginger and served them over wild rice. Delicious!

We're watching Cowboy Bebop with Emma, and wow, was Joss Whedon clearly inspired by this when he was writing Firefly. Emma's enjoying it although not as much as other anime we've watched; I think it's not as silly and overtly funny as some of the other stuff we've watched.

We got paid, so I got to go grocery shopping today. I know most people despise grocery shopping but I love it. Hard. Walking down every aisle, looking at everything, trying new things--so much love. And my RL BFF keeps me in coupons, which is awesome.
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Yuletide letter now that I have officially signed up. Anyone care to take a look and make sure I don't sound like a dumbass or have egregious typos? :)
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I always do Yuletide wrong. I never participate in the nomination round; the one time I did, it was so disappointing not to get what I nommed through that I've stuck with just waiting until nominations are over and working from that tag set. I don't really have a tiny fandom of the heart that I'm longing for each year; I love many tiny fandoms, and there's always something I'm interested in writing and receiving in the tagset. I wish I had partcipated in the nomination round this year, though. I just assumed someone would nominate Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs and The Shepherd's Crown by Terry Pratchett since they just came out. Oh, well. You know what they say about assumptions. LOL

After going through the tag set, here's my short list of fandoms:

Die Hard
Minority Report
Southern Reach Trilogy
Earth's Children (Auel)
The Following
Fionavar Tapestry
Dwellers in the Crucible
Imperial Radch series
Jane Eyre
Jirel of Jorey
Lady Audley's Secret
The Martian (movie)
Another Period
Fear the Walking Dead

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1. I received cards from [ profile] talitha78, [personal profile] devon (+ bat stickers, yay!), [ profile] kaleecat, [personal profile] zulu (and [personal profile] bell and the blob!), [personal profile] lyr, and [ profile] crazydiamondsue (and Caza and Jonah!). Thanks, y'all.

2. For Yuletide, I wrote Happily Ever After, a Shaun/Georgia post-canon fic for Mira Grant's Newsflesh series. Once again, I was gifted with the most amazing prompt and the option to choose between fandoms to write for. I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I hope my recipient had half as much fun reading it. :)

3. I feel like the overall quality in the archive is super high this Yuletide. I have liked almost everything I've clicked on this year. Only several hundred more fics to go in 46 fandoms. (One of these days, I must abandon my scraps of paper approach to Yuletide and just bookmark them to read on AO3 like any sensible person *cough* Executrix *cough*).

4. We had a hella good Christmas haul this year. Our big item was a stand mixer. Whoooo! Emma got several DS9 action figures which has put her over the moon. :) Fiona has a baby doll. A baby doll WITH A PACY JUST LIKE HER PACY OMG IT IS A REVELATION!

5. I just finished writing my online class for the spring. Lord, that's a lot of work on the front end. It's not dissimilar to writing a textbook.

6. So, the ovarian failure test came back negative. Doesn't mean I'm not perimenopausal; just means that because I'm on birth control we don't know what the results mean. In more definitive diagnosis news, apparently I have Hashimoto's Disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid. We're still in the observing stage, so nothing to do for it now, but TAKE THAT, BODY! I KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG. HA! Urine test is still pending because I didn't have time to sit around here all day and refrigerate each pee before we left for the holidays.

7. In sad news, one of my students was murdered this past spring by another student, and the newspaper just printed an article about the circumstances of his murder, and it was really fucked up and horrible (as you might imagine) and now I feel disturbed and sad. :(
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I have finished my Yuletide story! That baby is uploaded.


I will possibly be back later with a real post. :)
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1. My BPAL order shipped! Holy vetiver, mother of all that is yummy, I cannot wait to try these out!

2. I am about halfway done with my Yuletide fic. Great prompt as ever. The Yuletide gods smile upon me, my friends. I don't know what I have done to ingratiate myself to them, but I hope it lasts forever. :)

3. Finally got around to making Christmas cards with Shutterfly (seventy five free photo cards courtesy of Pampers rewards; it pays to singlehandedly keep the diaper industry solvent!), and they are criminally adorable.

On to the meme!

[personal profile] the_rck asked: One fandom you didn't expect to love but did (or one you expected to love and didn't. Your choice).

I'll answer both. I did not expect to like Harry Potter at all. I read the first book my first year in grad school. MLA was in New Orleans that year, and I read the first book in the hotel bathtub while Josh was staying out way past his bedtime on Bourbon Street. I did not like it at all. I'd had four years of hype to listen to, and I just didn't care for the book at all and assumed that would be the end of it.

I caught the first two movies on TV later and loved them. I saw the third and subsequent movies in theater. I think I didn't actually read the books, though, until right before the last book came out, and in the lead in to the release, I read them all from the beginning. My first HP rec post is dated 2007 which substantiates this recollection.

I still like the first book the least, but HP has grown to be my go-to fandom. If I decide to read fanfic, I am more likely to read HP than any other fandom.

As far as the second question goes, I thought I was going to be head over heels into Guardians of the Galaxy fandom, and for whatever reason--inertia, busyness, etc.--I have only read like two GotG stories period. Nothing is keeping me from the fandom. I haven't disliked anything I've read or seen. IDK why I'm not more actively pursuing participating given how much I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. :(
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1. We had to give Fiona steroids last weekend because she had some awful mystery virus that had her coughing her guts up all night. The steroids kept her coughing at bay and let her get mostly well again. We gave her the medicine for three days. The last dose was a week ago, Sunday morning. As soon as we started giving it to her, she lost her little mind. She became whiny, aggressive, perplexed, confused, ate us out of house and home, and started snatching things from our hands and screaming MINE! I assumed her behavior would calm down with a day or so of discontinuing the medicine. Not so, my friends. She didn't resume normal Feefers operations until Friday. We were giving her minuscule amounts of this drugs for a really short period of time, and they fucked her shit up. I can't imagine what they must do to a grown person who is voluntarily taking copious amounts of them. *shudders* Also, we aren't doing that again unless it's absolutely necessary because that was unpleasant for everyone involved.


3. Furuba! My heart. You know, for something that I thought was going to be a really light-hearted romance, this is a deeply devastating story in which I can't truly imagine a happy ending for any of the characters. So much trauma. :(

4. I am ready for my Yuletide assignment. I thought for sure I'd be the only person offering this one thing, but I was wrong! So IDK what I shall match on now. So exciting. *jazz hands*

5. Exploration by Tamoline; Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach Trilogy
Okay, I've already recced one fic by this author in the same fandom, and I would be remiss to not to rec this one. It picks up from where the series leaves off, gives us some much longed for femslash, and captures the terroir (oh, I did it; I went there!) of the original so wonderfully. I am deeply besotted with the stories Tamoline tells in this universe, and you should go read this one so you can be too!


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