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1. Thank you all so much for your thoughts on handling the situation with Josh's mom (who appears to be having increasing memory issues and confusion). I talked with Josh's sister, who saw his mom immediately after us, and she said that she noticed the same symptoms and that they are worse than they have been. She also said that Josh's mom organically brought up the issue with her, admitted that she might have a problem, and agreed to be evaluated by a doctor. Sister also talked to Josh's dad who admitted he's noticed symptoms as well and agreed to talk to Josh's mom. Sister is going to follow up with a call this week and try if she can to be present for the evaluation (which may not be possible because she doesn't live in the same state). I am so so relieved about the way this has progressed. I get irritated sometimes with Josh's mom (like for the way she sleeps so late; my parents would never drive eight hours to see me and then spend so much of the time they're here not interacting with us), and I was worried I was conflating my irritation with recognizing a real problem. I was glad to have corroboration of my observations. I was also glad that Gran didn't get angry and was able to admit there might be a problem. I made sure to tell Sister that managing this is not her sole responsibility, that nobody is dumping the problem on her, and that Josh and I want to be as involved and helpful as possible. So, we'll see. Josh is pretty sad. It's a scary thing to contemplate.

2. I went swimming yesterday and today! It was glorious. The water was perfectly cool and the sun perfectly warm. I swam 20 laps each day. My new summer schedule is to take the girls to school, cardio + weights, work, swim. I was productive as shit yesterday and today! I love it! I feel mighty and invincible. Whoooo!

3. I am so pleased that NCIS did not kill Delilah as I had feared from the previews but instead made her pregnant! And their wedding was adorable. I cried when Gibbs gave Tim that watch. OMG, I wish I could quit you show, but sometimes you just tug at my heartstrings in the perfect way.

4. You know what I need? An exercise icon. It could be some equipment or something. Or a character working out. IDK If somebody wanted to make me one or point me at some existing ones, I would be ecstatic. *bats eyelashes*

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16/5/17 21:17 (UTC)
monanotlisa: Diana as Diana Prince in glasses and a hat, lifting the rim of the latter rakishly. HOT! (Default)
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Exercise icon? Maybe I can find Kara or Alex on the salmon ladder; at the very least we've seen the Danvers sisters spar...and I recall Agents of SHIELD also featured some lessons, e.g. May and Skye / Daisy.

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18/5/17 10:25 (UTC)
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Sarah Lance has definitely done the salmon ladder.

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17/5/17 07:26 (UTC)
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I'm glad things went well talking to the family - it didn't sound like it was just you but it's good to know there's going to be support in place.

And good on you with the swimming!

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17/5/17 15:02 (UTC)
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If it's dementia or Alzheimer's, Josh is potentially in for a serious run of grief and anger that's not going to run its course, and same for your kids (and you, depending on how close you are to your MIL). Because the grief doesn't go away. It's hard to have a mourning process that doesn't have a concrete end, because the person is still alive. I know whereof I speak. Just. It's bad.

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18/5/17 10:39 (UTC)
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Seconding this. I went through it with my maternal grandparents but it didn't really register all that much because I was 12-14 when they died. But then I went through it with my aunt from 2001-2007 and it was incredibly painful. My aunt was in her early 60s when she died - early onset can progress rapidly.

Just know that I'm here for you, Lorraine /hugs/

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22/5/17 04:18 (UTC)
ariadne83: danny is ridic (Default)
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Yeah 80s vs 60s is very, very different. That's pretty much where we were with my grandparents vs my aunt in terms of when they got sick, and my aunt went from living alone in her own house to hospitalised to gone in six years.

I hope for Josh's sake it isn't that quick but I'm here if you need anything.

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18/5/17 04:31 (UTC)
wendelah1: woman holding a garland of hearts (garland of hearts)
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I am keeping your family in my thoughts as they navigate this difficult time. It sounds scary.

I looked around for exercise icons. Maybe one of these would work for you? At [ profile] fooish_icons: sports tag.


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