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Fi: I'm having a baby.

Me: Oh, really?

Fi: Yes. I have a baby in my tummy.

Me: How did the baby get there?

Fi: Jalia made a baby for me. Charlie is having a baby, too. He have a boy baby.

Then we spent the afternoon with Baby Hortense stuck up my shirt and Little Pinky Six Hair stuck up her shirt. Good times.

In other news, everyone should go read Memorial by [personal profile] lyr. It's based on the premise that when Buffy books it for LA, she stays gone. As beautifully written as you'd expect from Lyrstzha and gloriously sad.
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Good Girl (the People are Talking Remix); BtVS; always bet on a Slayer; Slayers throughout the ages; cool format

To See the End Days Coming (The Waiting with the Dead Remix); Chronicles of Narnia; The Problem of Susan; *sniffle*

It's Hard Out There for a Princess (The Princess Peony Pavane); Chronicles of Narnia; Outsider POV; I love fic where the heroes are revealed to be not quite as perfect as believed

Not Yet Known (The Inconvenient Soulmates Remix; New Girl; Cece and Schmidt are soul mates; surprisingly angsty

Howl When We're Apart (This One's for the Girls Remix); GoT; Arya and Sansa reunited

Live for Just These Twenty Years (the wolves in sheep's clothing remix); GoT; what if Bran went to foster with the Greyjoys or Cersei with the Starks? Lovely, lovely AUs for multiple characters; this is beautifully done
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1. Last night before collapsing on the floor in giggles, Emma gave me a "Mother's Day" card (oh, yes, those are air quotes, my friends) she had made on behalf of Fiona and herself. The front cover reads: "You are my Stargate." The message inside reads: "We came from your loving and caring womb (though your vigina is the Stargate) and into the fresh crisp air of the outside world." *dies laughing* What do you do with that?

2. Looks like SG-1 isn't streaming anywhere anymore, including Hulu Plus. :( Emma is being an obnoxious purist and wants to watch them all in order, but I'm afraid she's just going to have to miss out on disc 4 of season one.

3. Things We Trade for Free by [ profile] jedibuttercup; SGA/BtVS XOVER; Ronon/Faith
This author writes a lot of really enjoyable Buffy crossovers, and this is no exception. Her Ronon and her Faith are excellently done, and I like that the story's a nice meaty length.

4. Another Way to Get It Done by [ profile] thrace_; SGA; Keller/Carter; fpreg
Ah, that deliciously rare beast--the female impregnates another female fic. I love how Keller and Carter deal with the pregnancy and the way it changes their relationship.


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George Town, Grand Cayman by [ profile] lyrstzha
World War Z gen
I love the way Lyr's entry for Yuletide this past year perfectly mimics the narrative structure of the source text as well as the moral ambiguity of some of its characters. This is a chilling and compelling read.

Don't Hide Your Light by [ profile] laisserais
I really liked this fic. It features an unapologetically flaming Jared and a Jensen who is deeply closeted. It's been awhile since I read it, but I'm pretty sure it made me cry quite happily.

Hearthstone by [ profile] molly
Jensen is a reclusive bookshop owner, and when Jared shows up in town, the two of them gradually become more than friends. Nice build.

Fire in Her Fists by [ profile] escritoireazul
BtVS/Glee fusion; canon pairings; Lauren-centric
Read the prequel linked in the notes first. What happens when Lima goes all Sunnyhell? Also, LAUREN IS SO AWESOME OMG. AND TINA!
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Vid Recs

Internet is For Porn by 6845Cheshire; Voyager
This is very silly. I think I am secretly an 8 year old because this cracks me up.

Whedonverse Women--So What by Valamd
This is just what it says on the tin, Whedonverse women kicking ass and taking names. I like the way this vid revels even in the villains, the way it acknowledges how awesome ALL the ladies of the Jossverse are. From Harmony to Saffron to Faith to Lilah--yay! I hesitate to call this vid redemptive because I don't think it's about excusing or redeeming any of these characters but rather glorying in them as they are. Pun intended.

Slytherins: Riding Dirty by AccioBook7
I have a very special relationship with this song in that I find it endearingly ridiculous and cannot help but sing along. This video contains high quality footage (which, sadly, I often find not to be the case with Star Trek and HP vids on Youtube; some of the cleverest vids I've seen are virtually unwatchable because the footage quality is so poor, which is a shame), really tight editing, and is a fun watch.

Songs I've Been Listening To

Peggy Sang the Blues by Frank Turner Thanks for pointing me to this, [personal profile] likeadeuce

Illusion by VNV Nation Very Joy Divisiony and a total earworm for me

Ghost Town by First Aid Kit Ethereal voices, beautifully shot video
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I'm Your Villain by [ profile] fleshflutter; SPN; Dean/Crowley; Adult; short
This is exquisite--Dean's slow slide down the slippery slope, how necessity transforms into familiarity and even a strange and terrible kind of comfort. This is hot and more than a little disturbing and I love every word of it.

Blessed Not Lucky by [ profile] glossing; Glee; Mercedes/Quinn; PG; short
Mercedes, Quinn, and Lauren are all alone in a post-apocalyptic world. How the world ended is ambiguous, but their deep friendship and the way they rely on each other is not. *loves*

Verse War Z: Buffyverse by [ profile] lyrstzha; PG-13; Gen; short
Wow. This is brilliantly done. I don't want to give too much away, but what a very plausible way for zombies to overtake the world. This is truly chilling, and it will break your heart.

New York by [ profile] drsquidlove; Buffyverse; Xander/Giles; Adult; long
The premise of this story is that shortly after Giles leaves in season six, he gets sucked into an alternate dimension for years. Like sixteen of them. And the Scoobs just thinked he walked away. He finds his way back to Earth and a Xander who has left the game and Sunnydale far behind, so far behind that he has kids and an ex-wife and he hasn't staked a damn thing since he left Cali. This story is very emotionally satisfying with excellent character work and original characters that are compelling and interesting. Every Xander/Giles fan should read this story.

True Blood Season One Recap, True Blood Season Two Recap, True Blood Season Three Recap, True Blood Season Four Episode One Recap, True Blood Season Four Episode Two Recap by [ profile] crazydiamondsue
As these are written by our own indomitable Sue, they are naturally funny and witty and creative. In addition, Sue gets the South; she comes from Southern stock, and Oklahoma isn't that different in most of the ways that count from LA and MS and GA and the Southern places I've called home. If you love the show, you'll love these reviews. She'll review each episode after it airs, so bookmark the site.

Big Name Death Eater by Shiv; HP; Snape/Hermione; PG-13; long
I know, I know. I'm always posting that I just read my favorite HP story ever, but this time I mean it. LOL This story is hilarious, genuinely laugh out loud funny. I love the plot, I love the dialogue, I love every nuance of every paragraph. This writer has a gift for comedy and turns of phrase. Don't let the ship put you off if you are not inclined to read Hermione/Snape. This is not what I'd call a ship fic. It is, however, what I'd call a Snape fic, and I think there are plenty of you who wouldn't mind reading that. The general premise here is Snape and a group of his Death Eater cronies aren't so big on the raping and pillaging as Voldemort thinks and tend to spend most of their time downing pints in a seedy bar. LOL Brilliantly done.

The Curious Afterlife of John Sheppard by [ profile] enigmaticblue; SGA/SG-1; John/Vala; Adult; medium
This story had me at Vala, and then it kept me with Vegas!John slowly learning how to be a part of this team, how to let these people in. I want to smish them all and hug them and watch their six after reading this story.

It All Goes Away When the Sun Comes Up by [ profile] somehowunbroken; SGA/SG-1; Sheppard/Mitchell; Adult; medium
This fic is a massive dose of h/c and Atlantis!whumping. A disease has taken hold of Atlantis and more than decimated its inhabitants; those who are left are just holding on by a thread. Just what I need when I want to cry and then be comforted.

Fic Recs

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John Lithgow gives Newt Gingrich's press release the dramatic reading it deserves

Set Fire to the Rain--Thor (Thor/Loki) by [ profile] talitha78; vid
I haven't seen the movie, but I know those of you who have are gonna dig this liek whoa.

Slow Bullet (the Ellen remix) by claudiapriscus; SPN; Ellen-centric gen; PG-13; short
I love this story of Ellen coming to terms with Jo's need to hunt and with her own feelings about hunting. Excellent mother-daughter fic.

A Traveler Knows a Traveler by Mira; SGA; Radek/Ronon, Weir/Lorne; Adult; long
What a lovely fic in which Radek and Ronon slowly come together. Beautiful world building, yay for Elizabeth, and I wish it had 17 sequels.

Past & Pending by meansgirl; SGA; Lorne/Radek; Adult; long
This is an AU in which Lorne and Radek do not meet in the Stargate program. It's very sweet and very hot and hits just the right bit of angst. I do so love the rare pairs.

On This Night of All Nights by [ profile] ladyofthelog; BtVS; Willow/Kennedy; PG; short
Willow and the Scoobs celebrate the holidays. *adores fiercely*

Reparations by [ profile] saras_girl; HP; Draco/Harry; Adult; looooooooooong
An equally long and satisfying sequel is linked in the last post of the first fic. This is such lovely worldbuilding--from Harry's life at the hospital as a Healer, to Draco's work with chemically dependent Wizards, to the pureblood crap that Harry has to navigate at the Manor. This is one of the most emotionally satisfying HP stories I've read: good writing, excellent characterization, interesting plot, angst and humor. *loves*

Of Pride, Piercings, and a Particularly Profound Prurient Proficiency by Tarie; HP; Neville/Seamus; Adult; short
While there are a handful of typos and such sprinkled throughout, I really enjoyed this canon-compliant look at what the kids left behind at Hogwarts were up to while the Trio were tromping all over looking for Horcruxes. What I love most in this fic is the mix of desperation and fear and horror with friendship and love and moments of grace.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by [ profile] alixtii; Peter Pan; short
This is fabulous. Man I love what fandom does with the Peter Pan story and with Captain Hook in particular. This story is no exception.
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Road to Morning series by FaithUnbreakable; SPN/Buffy XOVER; gen; loooooooong
It's possible the author of this series will write more, but I would not call this a WIP. It's a really interesting melding of the two worlds, one in which the canon for each is largely left intact, but what makes this fic so compelling to me is the Dean-Buffy-Sam love triangle. The author flirts with both het pairings, with the notion of a triad, even to a tiny degree the propsect of Wincest, but ultimately the fic is gen and that unresolved tension is just deeeeeelicious. If none of them getting together is going to piss you off, don't read this story. If people who are attracted to each other mutually deciding not to pursue anything because they value what the three of them have together more than what any two of them could have floats your boat, then this is totally your fic.

Fieldwork by Rheanna; SGA; Ronon/Sheppard; PG; short
This is a remix of [ profile] busaikko's wonderful story in which Ronon starts emailing Sheppard's brother Dave. That story is linked in this post, and you should definitely read it first. Both stories make me grin like a loon and my heart swell three sizes in my chest for Ronon, Sheppard, and Dave.

The Matchmaker by [ profile] lavvyan; SGA; McShep (but really gen); medium; PG
The title is misleading. I thought this was going to be an arranged marriage fic or possibly a retelling of Fiddler on the Roof. No so, my friends. It is instead the story of a Rodney McKay who has been separated from his friends and forced to make a life for himself as a manufacturer of lighters on a distant planet. This is beautifully told through outsider POV, and I love every melancholy and hope-tinged word of it.

Actus Reus by [ profile] uraneia; SGA; McShep (but really gen); PG-13; medium
In this story, Lorne gets shipped out of Atlantis when the SGC finds out he's gay. Atlantis does not take the loss of its 2IC well, to put it mildly. I love love love love stories where all the expedition members band together to protect one of their own. This is chock full of teamy goodness.
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Hell is Empty/Turn the World on with Your Smile by [ profile] busaikko; SGA; Sheppard, Mitchell; Adult; warnings for non-con; short
Aliens make them do it, and it screws up Sheppard and Mitchell beyond the telling. Please heed the warnings. This is a very angsty read as the two men come to terms with what they've been forced to do.

Games People Play in the Pegasus Galaxy by [ profile] busaikko; SGA; Gen; PG; short
Five vignettes centered around actual games (like chess) that really about team and yay and family. *loves*

Chances Are by Allyndra; SGA/BtVS XOVER; Xander/Rodney; Rish (maybe?); short
Rodney wakes up next to Xander Harris. And mass hilarity ensues. Or at least, I was amused. Don't miss the sequel linked at the bottom. (I wish these were longer; I could get used to a Xander on Atlantis).

Landslide by [ profile] libby_drew; HP; Harry/Draco; Adult; long
In this fic, Draco has become the groundskeeper of Hogwarts. Watching Draco fill that role is really interesting in unexpected ways, and I very much like the part that Hogwarts itself plays in the story. Draco finds himself inexplicably helping Harry, who is hiding (and trying to heal) an ill Teddy Lupin. The stakes are very high in this story, and the emotional tension is very satisfying.
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Have some music.

Rolling in the Deep by Adele Raw and scratchy and honey over whiskey. Yum.

Our Own Pretty Ways by First Aid Kit They're in the woods with their instruments and their voices. This is not produced at all. They're just this damn good.

You're Not Coming Home Tonight by First Aid Kit God, the harmony is so gorgeous on this one. This might be my favorite of theirs so far.

Have some Buffy.

A Gift of Ordinary Magic by [ profile] liz_marcs; HP/BtVS XOVER; Xander-centric; Medium
I am in awe of this story. You can't be in Buffy fandom and not know that [ profile] liz_marcs has one of the best handles on Xander's character of us all. Her Xander voice and Xander motivation and Xander insight are always impeccable and interesting, but this story, wow. This story takes her usual brilliance and kicks up a notch or two. "A Gift of Ordinary Magic" deftly weaves two universes together--one in which magic has never existed and one in which magic is dying. Both of these worlds are harsh and bleak and gifted with extraordinary grace where it is least expected. Beautiful and moving. How did it take me six years to find this fic?

Life Cycle of a Monster by [ profile] sunnyd_lite; Warren-centric; short
This is so brief but so telling in terms of the person Warren will become. Excellent character study.

Seraph by [ profile] snickfic; Spike-centric MPREG gen; looong
I have mad love for this fic. First off, how many gen MPREGs does a gal run across? The vast majority of MPREG is focused on a romantic relationship, and I love that this has nothing to do with romance or sex. Secondly, this is season four Spike to a T. He's angry at being chipped (and knocked up), he's forced to interact with and depend on his sworn enemies whom he keeps revising his opinion of (albeit grudgingly). This Spike is mean and cruel at times and he doesn't really care about the Scoobies (except when he does), and I promise you'll enjoy watching him and those around him change as his pregnancy progresses.
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If You Can Reach Me by SpuffyPr0ductions; BtVS; Buffy/Angel; Buffy/Spike
This is totally a shipper vid about how Spuffy is better than Bangel, but it's also really well made and fun to watch. I love how the footage seems to breathe to the piano melody. It's really cool visually and uses voice over from the series really effectively. And the argument that vid makes is really interesting to me--that trust and dependability (Spike) are ultimately more valuable than the overwhelming and self-obliterating passion of Love (Angel). Obviously, in this kind of vid there's a lot of judicious editing of all Spike's jackassery and a foregrounding of Angel as a dick, but I find that central premise really intriguing.

Howl by ShoopDancer2504; BtVS; Angel/Darla
It's like Florence and the Machine wrote the lyrics of this song while watching every episode of BtVS and Ats with Darla in it. Lyrically perfect and visually stunning--capturing the full range of Darla's characterization. Really nice look at the elder half of the Fanged Four.

The Fiddle and the Drum by [ profile] gwendolynflight; Ats; Wesley-centric
This song is so amazing. I get chillbumps every single time I listen. I know that it's every vidder's dream to encounter a rec of hir work that mostly consists of incoherent flailing regarding the song choice, but the song works so well as a narrative for Wesley's journey. I'll watch this again and again.

I can't give it up by Ms3PFan2; BtVS; ensemble
This vidder is a genius. I don't even know the names for what's going on here, but it looks really damn cool. Fast cuts, cool effects and superimposed graphics and color work--Wow. The vid consists of scenes of all kinds of things the characters can't give up, but the ultimate take away message is that we fans are the ones who just can't give up our show.

Still Alive by Anon; Heathers
When I saw this vid on the Festivids Master List, I was instantly wary. My initial thought was how do you vid this song again when [ profile] counteragent did such a masterful and iconic job with hir SPN vid set to the same song? I had the feeling it would be hard to use that song without the SPN vid intruding as it were. Boy was I wonderfully, delightfully, whole-hoggedly wrong. This is funny as hell, and not once did I think of SPN while watching it.

November Rain by Anon; Blade Runner
OMG, how have I never seen this movie? This vid makes me feel that lack keenly and powerfully. It even gets the Josh stamp of approval (and he has little patience for fanvids, mostly because he is unable to get beyond the song choice to examine anything else the vidder is doing) which is high praise indeed. This is so well edited--every action (both major and minor) from the flickering of a light to hands on a piano to the firing of a gun occuring in time with the music. This is exquisite.
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So, I've had some vids bookmarked to rec for awhile, and then today [ profile] talitha78 posted about the wonder that is FESTIVIDS! whereupon I wandered over to Dreamwidth and just about lost my shit at all the shiny. Naturally, I watched all the Star Trek ones first. :)

Lullabye by Anon; TNG
This made me cry, like full on smiling through my sniffles, cry. The vid focues on the relationships between the crew of the Enterprise and the children in their care, and it does a wonderful job of juxtaposing the role of caregiver with the role of child for the same character. So, for example, we see Worf parenting Alexander and Worf being hugged by his own mom. It's really simply done--no flashy effects or editing tricks; just a hauntingly beautiful song over images of love and strength and family. I think this vid's simplicity is its power and strength.

Resistance by Anon; TNG
This is creepy--really, really creepy. It's set to Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence," the lyrics of which do a really good job of capturing both Picard and Data's internal states as well as describing the Borg themselves. It's been such a long time since I watched this movie (I know! Bad Trekkie! *hangs head*), that I can't quite remember what's going on in the source text. I have the feeling, though, that this vid is making really interesting comments on the narrative arc of that movie, and I kinda can't wait to watch the movie again so I can figure out what they are. LOL

Want You Bad by Anon; TNG; Q/Picard
I've heard before that Patrick Stewart and John de Lancie deliberately played up the slashiness of their relationship, and seeing all these scenes back to back to back to back, it's hard to believe they got away with it. LOL Towards the end of the vid, there's this wonderful filter over everything where everyone seems to have stars in his eyes, and the whole world glitters. I love it! This is funny and fun with just a little bit of teeth, a handful of moments that seem to hint at something more than Q just playing games.

No one asks for their life to change. not really by Tylerr002; Buffy-centric BTVS
I have never seen a video like this before. I don't have the language to talk about what the vidder is doing, but it is OMG!hella cool. The music has no words and so cannot impose a narrative on the images in that way. The music is disonant and discordant with lots of percussion and syncopation--the perfect backdrop for all the darkness and madness in Buffy's life. I love all the fast cuts and the color changes and whatever else it is this vidder is doing that I don't know the words for. This is truly fricking amazing.
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Sailor's Delight by [ profile] general_jinjur; Dawn Summers and Jeannie McKay-centric gen; Big Bang length; major character death

This story haunts me. I read it a few days ago, and I can't stop thinking about it. It's grabbed me on multiple levels and refuses to let go.

First and foremost, this story is an excellent example of good writing--the language is beautiful and evocative, the plot interesting and well-paced, the ending neither forced nor rushed. It's by turns tense and suspenseful, terribly sad, and nearly unbearably hopeful without pathos and without being maudlin. And the title is so wonderfully clever. I'm so bad at them, I always admire a good title.

Second, you all know I am a sucker for a good apocafic. I have [ profile] ana_grrl to thank for that; she turned me on to the wide, wide world of zombies and apocalyptic rain. This is a damn good apocafic. It's full of that unremitting and overwhemlming sense of loss that is, for me, the hallmark of this genre. Dawn and Jeannie are essentially the last two people on Earth, and their grief at what has been taken threatens to subsume them. This reminds me very much of that SPN fic (I can't remember the title; it must be three, four, maybe even five years old now) where everybody on Earth but Sam and Dean die---it's a hopeful fic, but it's an active exercise for the reader to come to terms with what losing everyone on the planet means enough to enjoy the future that Sam and Dean carve out for themselves. "Sailor's Delight" is similar in that a reader has to work through the same numbness and disbelief and grief as the characters as the story progresses.

I think that the end of the world is a kind of crucible that does one of two things to a person--it either makes her uber herself (reinforces her personality, strengthens the core of who she is), or it strips away everything extraneous until what is left is the stark bones of what's needed to survive. I've read a lot of fics where the latter happens but not too many with the former. In this fic, Jeannie and Dawn aren't distilled into their basic elements; they are Dawn and Jeannie who have been called on to be more than Dawn and Jeannie. The fic is written from Dawn's POV, and rather than retreat or ruthlessly crush within herself anything that interferes with survival, Dawn is saturated with Dawnness--from her internal monologue, to her ultimate affection for Jeannie, to the small vulnerabilities that so endearingly shine through from time to time.

This is the best Dawn I've ever read. She is strong and capable, practical and pragmatic, brave and strong and utterly beautiful. She is afraid and defiant anyway and still very much Buffy's little sister even if Buffy's gone.

The absolutely only thing that bothered me about this story is that it ended. LOL

Even if you think gen is not your Thing, I urge you to read this story. I don't think you'll be disappointed in the least.
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I've had these bookmarked for ages:

Impressions in the Dust (Nothing Left But History Remix) by mariana_oconnor; HP; Remus/Sirius
This is that sort of amazing fic that gives you chills and makes your jaw drop and you instantly want to read it again because you know there's more there to unpack. This about facade and artifice, about power, about identity, about *history* as an entity. I also love the framing narrative--excerpts from a history textbook.

Something from Nothing (the Gratitude Sings in Me Chorale) by Laura; Firefly; River-centric gen
River says thank you to Mal. *clutches fic to chest* The best part is when River tells Mal that his words make him stupid, not his doing; with most people it's the other way around. Not much plot to go 'round here, but plenty of character insight to sink your teeth into.

Until the Light Was Gone (the Frozen Earth Remix) by xaara; Firefly; River-centric gen
I'm gonna be straight up with y'all. I kinda have no idea what's happening in this fic. But I'm cool with that because it's absolutely gorgeous. Such rich, evocative language. Such beautiful prose.

Until You Hold Again (the Only Life Remix) by jazzfic; Firefly; Mal/Wash/Zoe
Wash is captured and when he gets back, things on Serenity change. I really don't want to give very much away about this fic because I think to reveal to much is to diminish the dramatic impact. Really nice work.

Ignorance Isn't Bliss (the Id Vs. the Superego Overdub by Bridgh; BtVS; Buffy/Giles; warnings for non-con
This is creepy. Really creepy and sinister, with one of those endings that surprise you. As much as Buffy is a creepazoid here, it's Willow that chills me to the bone.

Naked (The Wishing You Were Here Remix) by Deidr1; BtVS; Xander/Dawn
I have a soft spot for Xander/Dawn. The surrogate brother, age differential thing is just hinky enough to make it seem subversive. I love Dawn's voice here and all the people who are in bed with them.
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The Gorgoneion (The Epyllionic Remix)
Medusa/Athene; Medusa/Poseidon (non-graphic non-con)
OMG, somebody freaking wrote epic poetry for Remix. Way to pull out all the stops, Anon..

Turnings (The Simple Gifts Remix)
Dark is Rising; Ellen-centric gen
This fic takes a peripheral character and turns her into something real and beautiful and complex, something more vital than Cooper's narrative could perhaps contain.

Through the Wardrobe (The Three Worlds Remix)
This is all kinds of fantastic. Of course, the Jossverse, Narnia and Dr. Who have to intersect on a ley line somewhere, right? *loves*

The Effects of Proximity: The Sleight of Hand Remix
I know very little about asexuality, only what the denotation of the word itself implies, and so, for me, this is an astonishing and beautiful love story. Gorgeous prose. Wonderful read.

Best-Laid Plans
SG-1; Sam-centric gen
Anon Remixer makes me cry tears of Teamy Goodness and Love. These are the holidays, the way SG-1 spends them.

Fair Play
SG-1; Vala and Teal'c-centric gen
Lord do I have me an unholy love for Vala Mal Doran. [Vala] watches for a while longer. "Or he could seduce Luke Skywalker, they could run away together, and they could leave saving the galaxy to people who are actually good at it." "That opinion is not unrepresented on the Internet," Teal'c says, but he doesn't sound like it's one that he shares.

Face on a Milk Carton (the rules of the universe remix)
Farscape/Torchwood XOVER; gen
I don't watch Torchwood and even I know how awesome this is. Snappy and fun.

Dance in the Snow (The Chiana Was Here Remix)
Farscape; Gen
I love John and Chiana's relationship in canon, how she'd clearly like to be more than friends (or at least get a leg over) and he's never going to see her as anything other than a little girl he loves. Such a good Chiana character study.

Everyone in Their Places (Jumping to Conclusions Disco Hustle)
Farscape; Chiana-centric gen
What does Chiana think of Moya's crew when she first meets them? Fascinating stuff, super sharp character insights.
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As I was writing that Ben/Xander story for the latest round of [ profile] maleslashminis, I got to wondering what other Ben-centric stories are out there. Which, naturally, led me to want to read fic from the perspective of (or that's largely about) minor and secondary characters in the Buffyverse.

So help a girl out, y'all. If you've got a link to some Buffyverse fic that fits that description, lay it on me. I want Ford and Penn and Chanterelle and the Buffybot and Janice and Fred's parents and Quentin Travers and Principal Snyder OMG! (A couple examples of the kinds of fics I'm thinking about (links to follow in rec post) are [ profile] alixtii's Lydia Chalmers fic and the Jonathan/Andrew Rosencrantz and Guildenstern fic.)

I want to make a recs post out of this, so comment with the raw link iffen you please for easier c&p.
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It's becoming the trend in this journal, the extended rec of a single work, but I can't help it. I have a dissertation to avoid.

[ profile] allyndra wrote Speak Comfort for me in the Xander round of [ profile] maleslashminis, and I am completely taken with this fic.

Although I can get behind the AU or fics that controvert or ignore parts of canon, my absolute favorite approach as a fic reader and writer is to embrace canonicity. Almost everything I write could exist behind the scenes of canon. This story is completely canon-compliant which sweetens the deal for me as fic recipient. The dialogue was obviously snatched straight from the brain of Joss Whedon, as is the wonderful mix of subtle humor and pathos.


Because how's this

He’d always admired Riley to an extreme degree. He couldn’t aspire to Giles’ knowledge and experience, couldn’t hope for Oz’s wit and cool. Hell, he’d never wanted Angel’s mystique, and he’d known the bitterness under Spike’s snark too well to want that. Of all of the guys (few though they were) who had really touched their little group, Riley was the only one Xander had wanted to be.

for a ship manifesto? Couple that with some really insightful commentary on Riley's relationship to the Scoobies, to Buffy, and to the Army and add in a dash of Riley and Xander both struggling to figure out their respective places in the good fight and what you end up with is some massive Lorraine!love.

Instant classic, yo.
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Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by Helenish; Harry Potter; Neville/Draco
I really like this story very much. Draco and Neville are forced to get married which seems a ridiculous premise (and perhaps still is, even though it works so wonderfully well in this fic). Draco is so diminished here--not defeated but dying by degrees, and Lucius is a very plausible villain. Not the Overlord of Rapery as he is depicted in so many fics, but evil nonetheless. I found myself fascinated at the way Draco throws himself into his new domestic role. Good read.

Roller by [ profile] zimshan; SPN
This vid is fantastic. It's an amazing tribute to all those awesome chicks we love and don't get to keep. This is a (bitter)sweet piece of meta.

Greatforce's Buffy Rec List

Chrisleeoctave's Massive Rec Buffy Rec List, Fan Created

some permutation of Connor, Spike and Dawn by [ profile] ladycat777
I don't know the verse Ladycat is writing in, so on some level I'm not really sure what's happening here exactly. On all the other levels, I *get* this, viscerally. The way Spike sees Dawn, her potential; the way he sees Connor; hell, the way he sees *himself* here--it's written in words that fall together like coins in the palm of the hand--the music of metal on metal, weighty, a deep cold that warms to the touch. *lovely*

Take this Waltz by [ profile] _dellamore; Adult; Xander-centric
In this story, Xander is turned into a vampire, and I think it's the best, darkest, most plausible, discomfitting characterization of Vamp!Xan I've ever read. Just wow. THIS HAS SEVENTEEN COMMENTS WHICH IS A TRAVESTY, FOLKS. *boggles*


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