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Galaxy Rise by Starlady
This is set to Glorious Dawn (Cosmos Remix) by Symphony of Science and features a variety of space fandoms, including the Martian and Interstellar. *draws pink, sparkly hearts around it*

Army of Me (live die repeat) by himundergreen
Edge of Tomorrow
Excellent editing.

Motivational Speaker by imbir
Edge of Tomorrow
Love it.

Blank Space by Jetpack Monkey
*dies* :)
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This Will Always Be My Home by ManticoreEscapee
This vid features a shot from every single episode of DS9 and reminds me exactly why I love this Trek franchise the best.

Not Alone by LariGevaerd
I just watched the episode where Tony tells Ziva she's not alone as she goes to bury her father. This vid feels like that moment but stretched out for the whole team. I love family of choice, *hard*, and this vid showcases that family dynamic.


Never Morning Wore by Blue Moony
Remus/Ron; adult; long
In the aftermath of Hermione's death, Ron despairs. This is a deeply angsty fic, which y'all know I love, so don't go looking for a happy ending.

An Amiable Hock by [personal profile] executrix
Simon/Inara; Adult but not explicit; short
Executrix has a gift for witty dialogue, and this fic is no exception. One of my favorite lines: Simon knew he would never be seventeen again. He was growing to believe he would never be twenty-seven, ever, so he felt all the more disposed to take advantage of whatever declining sexual powers remained to him. I also appreciate this story for the sharp character insights.

No Kidding by [ profile] pir8fancier
McShep, Keller/McKay; Adult; long
John has a surprise!kid, and she sets Atlantis on it's head. I love kid fic, but you don't come across a lot where the kid's basically grown. I like surly, teenage Sheplet, and I love the way that she changes everything between John and Rodney.

Captain Trips Is Not the Name of an Air Force Officer by [ profile] infinimato
SGA/SG-1 fusion with Stephen King's The Stand
What if some of our favorite Gateverse characters survived the superflu and converged on Boulder. I wish this had more than just the two parts. It's a fascinating idea.
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1. Why am I still pregnant? *inarticulate noises of frustration* For the love of all that is holy, please to be getting out of me soon, child. LOL

2. I have been uploading all my fic to AO3, and it has been very gratifying to get kudos and comments on stories I wrote years ago. I'm trying not to just spam any particular fandom as I know it's highly annoying to click on a fandom tag and slog through a page or two of fics from the same author (especially if it's an author you don't care for). I think I've got about 80 more fics to upload.

3. I am revising my opinion of SG-1 on this rewatch with Emma. I have only seen the show through once--the early seasons via Netflix and then the final season as it aired. I had remembered the early seasons as being almost unbearably bad (the finales of both season 1-2 are clip shows? really?), but that's clearly not the case. The show is much stronger and more cohesive from the get-go than I remember it being, and I hadn't realized how many really important episodes and character arcs are portrayed in these early seasons. I've always enjoyed the show, but I'm discovering a new-found appreciation.

4. Game of Thrones Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle
This amused the hell out of me, particularly Jon Snow and Ser Jorah.

5. January Girl by [ profile] parenthetical; SPN/HP XOVER; Dean/Luna
The Tori Amos song the title comes from is perfect for Luna, and I love seeing early-era SPN Dean interact with the crew from Hogwarts. Fun read.

6. Your Baby is My Supermagnet (My Baby is Your Drug) by [ profile] unforgotten; X-Men First Class; Charles/Erik; MPREG; ~50,000 words
I am a sucker for angsty mpreg, and this fits the bill quite nicely.
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Not really gonna rec these properly because I've been staring at this folder for months trying to get the energy to make the rec-set. LOL

Trek Reboot

We Live in Detail series by black_eyedgirl

Only Good for Legends by leupagus

at the going down of the sun by Dee
mostly gen; Spock/Uhura

On a Day Like This by oxymoronic


Families by sophiegrace
Kira-centric gen

Skinny Dipping on Risa by chesari


Dudley Redeemed stories

Rogation by wemyss

After the Storm by eruditefics

The Boy Who Fell by busaikko
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

From Dursley 'Til Dawn by wwmrsweasleydo
Dudley/surprise slash pairing

Other HP

For the Public Good

Life in Kind by Sansa
I think this is Harry/Snape

Little Red Courgette
Harry/Draco; <3

Night Watch by Mia Ugly
pretty sure this is Snarry


The White Road by Perverse_Idyll

The Sleeper Awakes by Snorkfics
Percy-centric gen

There Are Days I Wish I Lived in a Romance Novel (But This Isn't One of Them) by anguis_1

Sick and Tired of What to say (No One Listens Anyway) by Perpetual Motion

and the walls came tumbling down by alecto
Harry/Crabbe; not cracky; sad


Ten Thousand Miles by mimblexwimble
*sobby sob sob*


The Raggedy Edge
Sam/Jack; crossover with Firefly


Who Needs Enemies by the anonsisters; DS9

Wicked Game by obsessive24; BSG; Dee-centric

Suddenly I See by purplefringe; Firefly; Kaylee and Inara

Improper Dancing by marycrawford


26/9/12 18:01
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Help by [ profile] lightningmix
Glee, Kurt character study
Brilliant editing, tightly focused

Echo by Tomoyofanel
Avengers; Tony/Steve
This is a constructed reality vid, so the ending uses clips from other sources the actors have been in. I love the parallels the vid draws between the Tony and Steve's experiences. Powerful stuff.

My Body is a Cage by [ profile] nel_ani
Avengers; Bruce, Tony, Wolverine character study
Wow. I love this vidder, and I love the comparisons she makes among these characters.

Remember the Name by gabygal17
Avengers; ensemble
Short, catchy, makes me smile

A Different Kind of Love Song by [ profile] giandujakiss
All hail the geek! What a great shout out to the geek love when it appears in our favorite shows.


All the Anger that They Eat by [ profile] BeatriceEagle
Avengers; Tony character study
This fic is an insightful look at the PTSD Tony experiences when he comes back from Afghanistan.

On the Road Home by [ profile] rubynye
LotR; Sam/Merry/Pippin, implied past Sam/Frodo and future Sam/Rosie; Adult
Y'all, it kills me when Frodo sails off with the elves, like hurt that makes your breath hitch in your chest. Even if I wasn't convinced that they are romantically in love with each other, which I am LOL, the thought of being separated from your heart's friend equally slays me. This is Sam and Merry and Pippin on the way home from the harbor trying to deal with Frodo's absence (and all their other wounds) as best they can.

Never More than Dreaming by Adrienne
LoTR; Sam/Frodo, Sam/Rosier
And this is why I hate the thought of them separated so badly. This is the story of Sam staying behind, of how much it hurts both him and Frodo to be apart. (I have to admit I find the narrative structure of this story a teensy bit confusing, but YMMV)

Mind Games by [ profile] tea_with
LotR; Merry/Pippin; Adult
This is what Merry sees when Galadriel pierces him with her gaze. This is what he sacrifices--the bitter and the sweet and the desperate that might have been. Seriously awesome.

Dust by [ profile] melina123
LotR; Eowyn/Faramir, Aragorn/Arwen, Eowyn/Faramir/Aragorn/Arwen, short
I really like this look at what it would be like to age while those dear to your heart do not. Eowyn is 50 something years old and though Aragorn is so many years her senior, she looks older than he does. It worries at her, her looming death. Very nicely done.

Many Aspects by Gillian
LotR; Sam/Frodo; mpreg; long; adult
So, here it is, the obligatory MPREG rec. :) I eat it up with a spoon, y'all.
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Lorraine by Bad Manners
it's a song with my name in it that isn't about a poodle! Whoooooo! "When I find her, I'm gonna kill her--Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine!"

CinderFella by Todrick Hall
A re-imagining of Cinderella as a gay guy. With bonus Janice Dickinson!

The Adventure by [ profile] greensilver
HP; Neville-centric
Makes me tear up, y'all. This is everything I want to say about how awesome Neville is. OMG, little baby Neville standing up to the Trio and all the images over the "I can't live, I can't breathe unless you do this with me part." *happy happy sob sob* And I love the conceit of the vid that what is to come is running through the Hat's mind as it makes its decision about where to sort Neville. This might be my favorite HP vid ever.

We Didn't Start the Fire by [personal profile] scribe and [personal profile] fiercynn
Pan-fandom meta vid of awesomeness. Not all fandoms of ever are represented here nor is every fan's fannish experience, but as I fangirl a lot of the source material, it really resonated with me. I also appreciate the extraordinary amount of work it must have taken to match each lyric to an image from a source text of the relevant time period.
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Stargate Atlantis

Still Shine Bright by [personal profile] havocthecat
Elizabeth/Kate; Big Bang length
I adore this story more than I can say. It features a strong Elizabeth who is willing to sacrifice everything to keep her people safe (or, you know, just Elizabeth LOL) and a romance that transcends time. I love the world-building here; Havoc's interpretation of the Ancients is very, very cool. I also got the most amazing drabble written FOR ME! BY HAND! ON A GORGEOUS NOTECARD! that is a timestamp of this fic. It is tacked up on my bulletin board now, so I can look up at it and squee from time to time. Srsly, read this story. So very, very good.

Five Things that Happened When the Women of Atlantis Grew Wings by [personal profile] havocthecat
Kate/Elizabeth, Cadman/Lorne
Just what it says on the tin, y'all. The dialogue here is spectacular.


How It Should Have Ended
I am not linking each of these individually, but I particularly enjoyed the Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Aliens, Beowulf, and Lord of the Rings videos.

Darcy Lewis: Not My Name by Trille Always

The Star Wars that I Used to Know by Teddiefilms


Valhalla Blues by [ profile] PlotDotOh
Phil/Clint, Peggy/Steve
This is one of the best fics I've read in a long, long while. The premise is that Phil dies before Clint and realizes that they won't be able to find each other in the afterlife unless he takes Valhalla in hand and wrests it into some semblance of order. This fic features an amazingly characterized Loki, Peggy being a badass and a half, and all the glorious angst you can dream of capped off by a happy ending.

Five Times Steve Knit Something and One Time He Refused To by [ profile] kaitou
Steve/Tony, Steve/Peggy

A Very, Very, Very Fine House by [ profile] wanttobeatree
Tony/Pepper, Tony/Steve
[This appears to be the first installment of a series, so keep your eye out for more even though this piece stands alone.] I love stories about how the Avengers become family; this is a good one.

Vid recs!

5/7/12 21:40
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I am what I am by [ profile] cosmic_llin
Star Trek; Lwaxana Troi

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by [ profile] talitha78
Die Hard; Matt/John

Ron Weasley--Little Lion Man by Dazzleme7
Harry Potter; Ron Weasley

Fuck the Narrative by [ profile] kita0610
Politics; women's rights to reproductive choice; non-fandom (but essential watching)

Rabbit Heart by [ profile] amv
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple; Kisara

Inuyasha score played by orchestra

Somebody that I used to Know by [ profile] talitha78
Avengers; Thor/Loki
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Festivids, yay! Minimal commentary, but deep love.

Bubba Ho-Tep Feeling Like a Ghost

Caberet Hot in Herre (hee, puns)

Cemetery Man TiK ToK This is one of my favorite movies ever, and as so few people I know have ever heard of it, much less seen it, I take this as a personal gift to moi. It perfectly captures the mixture of camp and poignancy that characterize the film.

Die Hard Sexy Back

Discworld Silver Moon, Black Dog SUSAN BONES, I LOVE YOU!

ET Love Will Win OMG, this is one of the most beautiful things I've seen. I wept with utter sentimental joy and heart clenching love.

Fifth Element Take To the Sky

Fresh Prince Baby, I'm a Star Carlton dancing never ever gets old. :) My husband made the comment that reason Carlton's dances are so funny is because the guy is actually a phenomenal dancer liek whoa, and he's totally right.

Ghostbusters Ballroom Blitz

How to Train Your Dragon How To Rock Your Dragon I don't like mashups. I think they mostly don't work and that you get just enough of each song to be annoying more than anything else. This song convinces me that mashups are a Good Thing and the vid is everything I love about the source text.

Independence Day Doomsday and Fourth of July

Mulan Ain't No Other Man (be still, my heart!) and Bloom in Adversity (pass me a hanky! Who doesn't love a bildungsroman?)

Mythbusters Breaking Stuff and Poor, Poor Pitiful Me Heeee X 2

New Girl Blue Skies I love this show so much. It's one of my current faves. This vid is about found family and togetherness all the quirkiness I love about the show.

Newsies Express Yourself This is my favorite vid of the fest. Besides mad love for the source, this vid is perfectly edited. Glorious. Amazing.

Quantum Leap Coming Home

Raising Hope In Spite of Ourselves Another favorite show of mine, this vid really captures how much this family loves each other. *loves*

Stand by Me Head Full of Doubt-Road Full of Promise

Star Wars Jailbreak

Starship Troopers Rock n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

Tangled Everything Comes and Goes

The Wire As I Call You Down and Soul Survivor
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I Wish I Was James Bond by [personal profile] kuwdora; DS9; Bashir-centric
I like the way this vid interweaves the lighthearted fantasy of spy-dom that Julian plays at in the holodeck with the much more serious and dark reality of Section 31. Very nicely done.

I Can't Hear the Music by Settiai; DS9; Kai Winn-centric
The lyrics of this song are absolutely perfect for Winn. I love the way this vid highlights her moral turpitude while also making her sympathetic and revealing how tortured she is. Excellent character study.

You've Got a Friend by llintrek; DS9; Jake&Nog
I adore this friendship so much. When Sisko catches Jake teaching Nog how to read, my little heart clenches every single time. I love that their friendship persists into the future (or at least one possible vision of it in "The Visitor"). In many ways, they are the heart of the whole show to me, the ones who grow and change the most, and the ones whose bond is arguably the closest.

J&J Tribute by DeepSpace9Fan; DS9; Julian&Jadzia
I think that what struck me the most on this rewatch of DS9 is how much Julian really loves Jadzia and how fond she is of him. He begins as this incredibly green and naive and irritatingly young doctor who is used to women falling at his feet and being with beautiful women and OF COURSE he's interested in Jadzia. If you're not interested in Jadzia then you're broken in a way Lorraine can't help. LOL And then they actually become friends and over the years, his love for her becomes real and true and deep and abiding and about much more than how sexy smart and sexy hot she is. They do so many little quiet scenes with him after she gets with Worf and then after she dies, and his grief is palpable. Frankly, it's hard to watch. It hurts. And what makes it even so much more poignant is that Ezri tells Julian it could have been him, that she could have loved him, that she DID love him. *sniffle sobs*

Deep Space Nine (was Terok Nor) by GhastlyH
This is an awesome filk set to the tune of "Istanbul (was Constantinople)" by "They Might Be Giants." This would be fun to sing en masse at a con. :)

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended by HISHEdotcom; HP
This is very silly and also contains an element of yes please. :)

A Tribute to the Last Weasley Twin by Mirrorcat21; HP; George Weasley-centric
This is haunting. I love how the video constantly cuts to an image of an alone and bereft George, looking mighty pensive. Excellent use of black and white footage; the lyrics are soul-slaying given George's circumstances. Really well done and heart hurty.

Never Had a Dream Come True (Fred Weasley Tribute) by iamobsessedandproud; HP; Fred Weasley-centric
And by contrast, this vid on the same thing makes me laugh because it's about how everybody is in love with Fred. Even Ginny, I think. And possibly Molly. *gigglesnort*

Not Alone by ; HP; Death Hallows Part 2-centric
All the little moments of connection and togetherness in the midst of terrible and horrible tragedy. This makes me tear up every damn time I watch it. Harry and Snape, Hermione telling Harry she'll go with him (Oh god I love that difference in the movie, that she KNOWS, SHE KNOWS OH MY FRICKING HEART). This is one of my favorite vids period.

Lights Will Guide Me Home by Dazzlem7 HP; Ron/Hermione
Excellent use of voice-over, beautiful dark filter over everything. Lovely character study of Ron. I love the refrain--lights will guide you home--and how literally true that is given that he finds his way back to Harry and Hermione through the Deluminator.

Your Biggest Fan by [ profile] wistful_fever; SPN; Sam&Dean
I really like this vid. It's from the perspective of a pretty fucked up Dean (so, you know, Dean) who can recognize his own sacrifices but not Sam's. He's a martyr and very resigned to his martyrdom here. It defines him completely. This vid is quite dark, but somehow manages to be charming at the same time. It's probably all the grin shots interspersed throughout.

Someone Like You by Adele
Y'all, the first time I heard this song, I sat in the driveway until it was over and wept because it hit me in that visceral place, that place that cannot imagine what it would be like if Josh died or left me and I can just see myself trying to find someone like him and failing and it hurt in a way that a song hasn't hurt me in a long time, maybe since Mogwai's "New Paths to Helicon Pt. 2" or Ryan Adams's "Withering Heights" or Tori Amos's "Playboy Mommy" (or if I'm totally honest, "Holes in the Floor of Heaven." Don't judge me. I grew up in the country, okay.)
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End of an Era--Harry Potter Tribute by eeks1120
"Don't you ever wonder what will happen when it end? How can we let go of the ones who we call friend?" *sniffle* This is the best kind of fan song--it really *gets* what it is to love a book deeply and wholeheartedly and the sort of bittersweetness that comes when a series ends. The vid is perfectly edited to match the lyrics. The part over the bridge where it shows many of the fallen slays me. This is destined to become a classic that will be around for a long time, I think.

Draco's Milkshake by AndieHeartsYou143
Oh, it brings all the boys to the yard. And it's better than Potter's and Snape's and, well, you get the idea. :) This makes me grin like a loon.

I Swear by [personal profile] dualbunny; Smallville; Clark/Lex; MPREG OMG
Looks like the streaming is down, but you can still dl. I love this kind of vid where a completely different story is woven from existing footage. At the end of this vid, I truly believe that Clark and Lex are the parents of one adorable CatBaby. This is the bestest kind of crack of ever.

Secret Agent by llintrek; women of Star Trek
I love this vid. First, it's got the subject matter going for it. Not enough love for the ladies of Trek to ever suit Lorraine. :) Secondly, the song is fantastic. She's a sinner (cue Kai Winn); she's a saint (cue Edith Keeler). LOL I also really, really like that this doesn't showcase only the big name ladies; there are some unexpected faces in this vid, and I really like that.

I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper by llintrek; women of Star Trek
Another fun vid in the same vein as the previous. I LOVE LIKE BURNING the implication here that all the ladies of Star Trek are queer! Yay! OMG the femslash possibilities in this vid. Deanna/K'Ehlehr, anybody?

Heroes by llintrek; DS9
I love the tone of this vid. It begins with all the holosuite adventures the crew has and their venture back to Kirk's Enterprise. And then there's a subtle tonal shift. Interwoven with all the fantasy heroics are the crew actually being heroic and leaning on each other. It's extremely emotionally affecting.
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Vid Recs

Internet is For Porn by 6845Cheshire; Voyager
This is very silly. I think I am secretly an 8 year old because this cracks me up.

Whedonverse Women--So What by Valamd
This is just what it says on the tin, Whedonverse women kicking ass and taking names. I like the way this vid revels even in the villains, the way it acknowledges how awesome ALL the ladies of the Jossverse are. From Harmony to Saffron to Faith to Lilah--yay! I hesitate to call this vid redemptive because I don't think it's about excusing or redeeming any of these characters but rather glorying in them as they are. Pun intended.

Slytherins: Riding Dirty by AccioBook7
I have a very special relationship with this song in that I find it endearingly ridiculous and cannot help but sing along. This video contains high quality footage (which, sadly, I often find not to be the case with Star Trek and HP vids on Youtube; some of the cleverest vids I've seen are virtually unwatchable because the footage quality is so poor, which is a shame), really tight editing, and is a fun watch.

Songs I've Been Listening To

Peggy Sang the Blues by Frank Turner Thanks for pointing me to this, [personal profile] likeadeuce

Illusion by VNV Nation Very Joy Divisiony and a total earworm for me

Ghost Town by First Aid Kit Ethereal voices, beautifully shot video
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The Extended Stay Series by missparker; Voyager; Janeway/Paris; Adult; long
For the intial grousing I did about this pairing, I have come to love it. Missparker does such a wonderful job of acknowledging all the issues between the two characters--age, rank, family history--all while giving the reader an excellent romance. This fic supposes that Paris, Janeway, Tuvok and Chakotay get stuck in the past on Earth for a very long time, allowing their relationships to change.

In Her Own Image by [ profile] lamardeuse; Voyager; Janeway/Michael Sullivan; Adult; medium
I love this fic to pieces. I love Michael's growing awareness and agency. I love how conflicted Janeway is about what she feels for a hologram. I love that these feelings push the boundaries of her personal ethics since she actually tweaks his program and then has to deal with the consequences. Excellent read.

Celestial Navigation by missparker; Voyager; Paris/Torres, Paris/Janeway; Adult; long
This is what happens when Tom and B'Elanna's marriage falls apart (without demonizing B'Elanna, which is very important to me!). I hesitate to call this a domestic fic, and yet, that's just what it is. Janeway and Paris making a home together, at first without realizing it and then consciously, because they want to. OMG, read everything missparker writes. LOL You will not be displeased.

Stillife by pir8fancier; HP; Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape; Adult; long
After he dies, Snape's portrait comes to be in Harry's possession. But this portrait is different from all the others--more lifelike, more connected to the here and the real. Draco agrees to help Harry uncover the mystery. This has a little bit of everything in it--wry humor, angst, hot sex, twisty plots. Great read.

Harry Potter in 99 seconds by Paint; HP; vid
This is really silly. These kids have great voices, and the song cracks me up--it's so melodramatic and over the top. I love it.

Vid for LFO's Freak
I think this is the actual vid for the song and not a fanmade production. This vid is well, freaking creepy and awesome. The song is so catchy and good, and the vid makes me uncomfortable in that good way. Go, watch!

Fic Recs

28/5/11 11:50
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John Lithgow gives Newt Gingrich's press release the dramatic reading it deserves

Set Fire to the Rain--Thor (Thor/Loki) by [ profile] talitha78; vid
I haven't seen the movie, but I know those of you who have are gonna dig this liek whoa.

Slow Bullet (the Ellen remix) by claudiapriscus; SPN; Ellen-centric gen; PG-13; short
I love this story of Ellen coming to terms with Jo's need to hunt and with her own feelings about hunting. Excellent mother-daughter fic.

A Traveler Knows a Traveler by Mira; SGA; Radek/Ronon, Weir/Lorne; Adult; long
What a lovely fic in which Radek and Ronon slowly come together. Beautiful world building, yay for Elizabeth, and I wish it had 17 sequels.

Past & Pending by meansgirl; SGA; Lorne/Radek; Adult; long
This is an AU in which Lorne and Radek do not meet in the Stargate program. It's very sweet and very hot and hits just the right bit of angst. I do so love the rare pairs.

On This Night of All Nights by [ profile] ladyofthelog; BtVS; Willow/Kennedy; PG; short
Willow and the Scoobs celebrate the holidays. *adores fiercely*

Reparations by [ profile] saras_girl; HP; Draco/Harry; Adult; looooooooooong
An equally long and satisfying sequel is linked in the last post of the first fic. This is such lovely worldbuilding--from Harry's life at the hospital as a Healer, to Draco's work with chemically dependent Wizards, to the pureblood crap that Harry has to navigate at the Manor. This is one of the most emotionally satisfying HP stories I've read: good writing, excellent characterization, interesting plot, angst and humor. *loves*

Of Pride, Piercings, and a Particularly Profound Prurient Proficiency by Tarie; HP; Neville/Seamus; Adult; short
While there are a handful of typos and such sprinkled throughout, I really enjoyed this canon-compliant look at what the kids left behind at Hogwarts were up to while the Trio were tromping all over looking for Horcruxes. What I love most in this fic is the mix of desperation and fear and horror with friendship and love and moments of grace.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by [ profile] alixtii; Peter Pan; short
This is fabulous. Man I love what fandom does with the Peter Pan story and with Captain Hook in particular. This story is no exception.
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1. Please, world--for the love of Samuel Johnson--stop saying that things make you feel nauseous. If you mean that suddenly people start puking whenever they touch you, sure. Go ahead. You are using the right descriptor. If you mean that you feel as if you have to vomit, you are NAUSEATED! NAUSEATED! To recap, to be nauseous means to induce the feeling of nausea in others.

2. Yo, idiots in the car-riders line at [redacted] Primary--there are rules for dropping off your kids at school. Drive up to the cone and unload as many cars as stretch from cone 1 to cone 2! When we unload our children one special snowflake at a time directly in front of the door, it takes roughly four million years! Do not get out of your car and start brushing your kid's hair while everyone behind you idles and fumes. Do not adjust her clothes. Do not kiss her for longer than thirty seconds. Do not have protracted conversations. I can see from your pajamas and rumpled coiffure that nothing pressing awaits you this morn; some of us have to get to work, dumbass!

3. Everybody should watch Stoplight on Tuesday nights. It is really freaking funny and also surprisingly poignant at times. Not a sole misstep thus far. We've got a couple who just moved in together, a married couple, and a single dude who is living it up with the ladies. And most importantly, it does not feel like a retread of the ground Friends and the like already covered. Last week, they had a conversation about the most influential band in rock and roll, and it was perfect. It felt like they listened in at my house after two pinot grigios.

4. Jacquie should send me a vid like this every day with the description, "This is so you, Lorraine. Am I right? Am I right? Cazwell's Ice Cream Truck I like rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream pie. (NSFW!)
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Have some music.

Rolling in the Deep by Adele Raw and scratchy and honey over whiskey. Yum.

Our Own Pretty Ways by First Aid Kit They're in the woods with their instruments and their voices. This is not produced at all. They're just this damn good.

You're Not Coming Home Tonight by First Aid Kit God, the harmony is so gorgeous on this one. This might be my favorite of theirs so far.

Have some Buffy.

A Gift of Ordinary Magic by [ profile] liz_marcs; HP/BtVS XOVER; Xander-centric; Medium
I am in awe of this story. You can't be in Buffy fandom and not know that [ profile] liz_marcs has one of the best handles on Xander's character of us all. Her Xander voice and Xander motivation and Xander insight are always impeccable and interesting, but this story, wow. This story takes her usual brilliance and kicks up a notch or two. "A Gift of Ordinary Magic" deftly weaves two universes together--one in which magic has never existed and one in which magic is dying. Both of these worlds are harsh and bleak and gifted with extraordinary grace where it is least expected. Beautiful and moving. How did it take me six years to find this fic?

Life Cycle of a Monster by [ profile] sunnyd_lite; Warren-centric; short
This is so brief but so telling in terms of the person Warren will become. Excellent character study.

Seraph by [ profile] snickfic; Spike-centric MPREG gen; looong
I have mad love for this fic. First off, how many gen MPREGs does a gal run across? The vast majority of MPREG is focused on a romantic relationship, and I love that this has nothing to do with romance or sex. Secondly, this is season four Spike to a T. He's angry at being chipped (and knocked up), he's forced to interact with and depend on his sworn enemies whom he keeps revising his opinion of (albeit grudgingly). This Spike is mean and cruel at times and he doesn't really care about the Scoobies (except when he does), and I promise you'll enjoy watching him and those around him change as his pregnancy progresses.
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[ profile] counteragent made this really amazing vid, Coin Operated Boy, that got me to thinking about Sam vs. Soulless Sam. First I want to talk about the vid and what I think it's saying and then share my own (probably controversial LOL) feelings on Soulless Sam.

[ profile] counteragent gives the following summary of the vid:

Summary: I* want a coin operated boy**
*Part 1: Dean. Part 2: Dean & Fandom. Part 3: Dean & OFC
**ensouled Sam


So, after I watched this vid, I realized that my reaction to Soulless Sam seems to be the polar opposite of a lot of fandom's. I find Soulless Sam quite refreshing. Don't get me wrong. I love a rousing round of "Sam!" "Dean!" accompanied by stoically repressed sobs as much as anyone, but, man, was Sam not taking himself or anything else seriously a really nice reprieve from the metric ton of heroic manpain that usually characterizes both brothers.

Soulless Sam is funny. Really, really funny.

Soulless Sam, much like Anya in BtVS, gets to speak the uncomfortable truths that no one else wants to acknowledge, and he also forces the characters around him (and the audience) to think very carefully about the decisions they make and the potential ramifications of their choices. For example, Soulless Sam is all about the Big Picture. It's important to note that Soulless Sam is not evil. SPN didn't make that Angel/Angelus good/evil dichotomy error. Soulless Sam decides he's still a hunter, and he's still into killing the Big Bad, and he's all about the Big Picture of hunting. Soulless Sam is efficient and practical and ruthless and okay with the collateral damage that comes along with this approach to hunting. Soulless Sam takes hunting (which occurs on the microcosmic level--one town, one family touched by evil, one small human drama interrupted that the hunter tries to set to rights) and turns it into a war in which casualties are accepted and methods condoned that would be otherwise condemned. We've seen hunters like Soulless Sam already--Gordon (although he's got loads of other issues going on), the hunter that wants to kill the rougarou without exploring any other options, Grampy Campbell. And these dudes all have souls! So Soulless Sam becomes a kind of commentary on hunting and how psychologically damaging it can be for the hunter. In order to do the job, at some point the hunter has to stop caring about *one person* so much, *one family* so much, and start thinking about the many people, the many families that can be potentially saved.

Also, there was never any... )
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I have lost the energy to wax effusive, for I AM ACTUALLY WRITING MY DISSERTATION OMG! It is exhausting me, but I had these bookmarked, and I wanted to go ahead and rec them before the vidder reveal. Rest assured, they are all awesome.

Amnesia by Anon; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Big Pimpin'/Papercut by Anon; Event Horizon

Life During Wartime by Anon; Lone Gunmen

Vanished Marvels by Anon; Memphis Belle &hearts &hearts &hearts

Bare Your Teeth by Anon; Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives by Anon; Sweeney Todd

Falling in Love at a Pie Shop by Anon; Sweeney Todd

And I didn't watch this one yet because we're almost done with the first season of Mad Men and I didn't want to be spoiled: Let It Be by Anon.


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