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And this year, I'm actually going to read all the stories in the archive that interest me instead of just petering out halfway through. So there!

First up, Conversations with the Dead (The "Conversations with Yourself" Remix) is the remix of a story I wrote about Draco talking with Moaning Myrtle during HBP. Whoever wrote this remix is an absolute genius. It's from Snape's perspective, and he is an example of that ever-elusive canon!Snape that so rarely makes his way into fanfic (my own included. Snape is hard LOL). So many lines in this fic are completely quotable; I'd have to C&P the whole thing. I can't wait until the reveals because I want to read everything this person has written.

Other Recs:

It's a Special Kind of Thing; Angel the Series; Angel-centric gen; Liam as a boy learning about the confluence of pleasure and sin

Half a Phoenix (The Out of the Past and into the Future Remix); Avatar: tLAB; Zuko's daughter visits her grandfather and it is glorious

Any Ending that May Seem to Come; Dark Is Rising; Will and Jane's daughter after both her parents have died--so bittersweet (is there any such other way to write a DIR fic?); lovely lovely
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Vid Recs

Internet is For Porn by 6845Cheshire; Voyager
This is very silly. I think I am secretly an 8 year old because this cracks me up.

Whedonverse Women--So What by Valamd
This is just what it says on the tin, Whedonverse women kicking ass and taking names. I like the way this vid revels even in the villains, the way it acknowledges how awesome ALL the ladies of the Jossverse are. From Harmony to Saffron to Faith to Lilah--yay! I hesitate to call this vid redemptive because I don't think it's about excusing or redeeming any of these characters but rather glorying in them as they are. Pun intended.

Slytherins: Riding Dirty by AccioBook7
I have a very special relationship with this song in that I find it endearingly ridiculous and cannot help but sing along. This video contains high quality footage (which, sadly, I often find not to be the case with Star Trek and HP vids on Youtube; some of the cleverest vids I've seen are virtually unwatchable because the footage quality is so poor, which is a shame), really tight editing, and is a fun watch.

Songs I've Been Listening To

Peggy Sang the Blues by Frank Turner Thanks for pointing me to this, [personal profile] likeadeuce

Illusion by VNV Nation Very Joy Divisiony and a total earworm for me

Ghost Town by First Aid Kit Ethereal voices, beautifully shot video
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If You Can Reach Me by SpuffyPr0ductions; BtVS; Buffy/Angel; Buffy/Spike
This is totally a shipper vid about how Spuffy is better than Bangel, but it's also really well made and fun to watch. I love how the footage seems to breathe to the piano melody. It's really cool visually and uses voice over from the series really effectively. And the argument that vid makes is really interesting to me--that trust and dependability (Spike) are ultimately more valuable than the overwhelming and self-obliterating passion of Love (Angel). Obviously, in this kind of vid there's a lot of judicious editing of all Spike's jackassery and a foregrounding of Angel as a dick, but I find that central premise really intriguing.

Howl by ShoopDancer2504; BtVS; Angel/Darla
It's like Florence and the Machine wrote the lyrics of this song while watching every episode of BtVS and Ats with Darla in it. Lyrically perfect and visually stunning--capturing the full range of Darla's characterization. Really nice look at the elder half of the Fanged Four.

The Fiddle and the Drum by [ profile] gwendolynflight; Ats; Wesley-centric
This song is so amazing. I get chillbumps every single time I listen. I know that it's every vidder's dream to encounter a rec of hir work that mostly consists of incoherent flailing regarding the song choice, but the song works so well as a narrative for Wesley's journey. I'll watch this again and again.

I can't give it up by Ms3PFan2; BtVS; ensemble
This vidder is a genius. I don't even know the names for what's going on here, but it looks really damn cool. Fast cuts, cool effects and superimposed graphics and color work--Wow. The vid consists of scenes of all kinds of things the characters can't give up, but the ultimate take away message is that we fans are the ones who just can't give up our show.

Still Alive by Anon; Heathers
When I saw this vid on the Festivids Master List, I was instantly wary. My initial thought was how do you vid this song again when [ profile] counteragent did such a masterful and iconic job with hir SPN vid set to the same song? I had the feeling it would be hard to use that song without the SPN vid intruding as it were. Boy was I wonderfully, delightfully, whole-hoggedly wrong. This is funny as hell, and not once did I think of SPN while watching it.

November Rain by Anon; Blade Runner
OMG, how have I never seen this movie? This vid makes me feel that lack keenly and powerfully. It even gets the Josh stamp of approval (and he has little patience for fanvids, mostly because he is unable to get beyond the song choice to examine anything else the vidder is doing) which is high praise indeed. This is so well edited--every action (both major and minor) from the flickering of a light to hands on a piano to the firing of a gun occuring in time with the music. This is exquisite.

Fic Recs

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Lost and Found by ELG; Buffyverse; Wesley-centric gen; Adult; warnings for rape and torture
I really, really love this story. It's been months since I read it, so my rec will likely not do the story justice. After Wesley loses Connor and Angel tries to kill him, he attempts a spell to send him back in time and stop himself from making that terrible mistake. Instead, he ends up in an alternate dimension where the people he cares about most torture him unspeakably. The story begins with a very pissed off Angel finding a half-dead Wesley on the steps of the Hyperion, and follows Wesley's journey back into the fold. Very, very emotionally satisfying read; wonderful h/c.

So What by LadyArachnea; Voyager vid; Janeway
The quality of the footage is not always great on this vid, but I adore its message. The song begins, "a thousand eyes are watching," set to footage of Kirk and Archer and Picard, and then the vidder shows us just exactly how Janeway flips the script around. Nice girl power vid.

Convergence by Nokomis; HP; Millicent Bulstrode/Neville; G
I really like that in this short fic, Millicent and Neville find a bit of common ground. If JKR had made the Slytherins actual people instead of evil caricatures, they might be a little like this Millicent.

Forget by [ profile] cjmarlowe; HP; Snape/Neville; PG-13; mediumish
Snape/Neville is probably the least likely pairing to emerge from HP, but this is a Snape/Neville that I can believe. After the war is over, Neville is harder and angrier and just as bitter as Snape ever was, and Snape finds himself intrigued. I like fics that acknowledge that people, especially children, can't just kill and watch others be killed and tortured and come away from that experience unscathed.

What Separates Us by [ profile] swtalmnd; HP; Draco/Harry; Adult; long; references to sexual abuse of children (all off-screen)
This is an Old Skool HP Draco/Harry romance. Harry makes a mistake in potions class that creates a kind of bond between him and Draco; romance ensues. The Slytherins here are also more finely and realistically drawn than in canon. They don't want to die or follow Voldemort, and Draco is their leader. This is essentially fluffy and fun with very little angst (despite the warning).

And Also Laughter by [ profile] swtalmnd; HP; Remus/Weasley twins; Adult; long
I like the way this author writes the Weasley twins as a package deal. Here, they collectively want Remus, but are afraid that his discovery of the nature of their relationship has damaged even their friendship, much less destroyed any chance of a threesome. Much of this show takes place in the joke shop, and I really like this closer look at how the shop runs and the kind of items it sells.

Because It Is My Heart by [ profile] magnetic_pole; HP; Petunia Dursley/Alice Longbottom; medium; PG-13
This is an intriguing little story. What if Petunia and Alice met while Lily was at school? What if they fell in love? This follows canon in some respects and diverges in others. The end of this story is completely and wonderfully ambiguous; I don't want to say too much and spoil the story, but I love that the author isn't really clear about what's going on. It's a strangely hopeful and liberating ending, considering.

The Death of Narcissa Black by [ profile] massicot; HP; Gen; Adult for images of violence and sex
This is truly unique and beautifully done. It's the story of how Narcissa Black becomes Narcissa Malfoy, mostly told in gorgeous watercolor. I love that Narcissa Black is both exactly who we think she should be based on canon and also so so so much more. This is a harsh and painful story, and the end hurts.
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In a wonderful and amazing Merry Christmas to Lorraine, [ profile] executrix has just posted the best Buffyverse mpreg of ever. And it's all for me! Go read Stake Down for a Thousand Ducats (PG-13) in which Cordelia says such things as “Because, ever since I was a little girl, my ambition was to live in a hospice for vampires." Read, giggle, tear up a little bit at the end. I guarantee you'll love this as much as I do.

While you're at it, you might also want to check out

The Pizza of My Eye by [ profile] megyal; Die Hard; McClane/Farrell; R
Matt has a kid who is precious and adorable. McClane agrees. This fic is nearly big bag length so it's a good, meaty read for these cold winter nights.

The Words That Bind by [ profile] chandri; SGA; PG; Teyla-centric Gen
I really, really like this fic. It's a very thoughtful look at advertising and youth culture in our society from an outside perspective. It's also a really wonderful look at the friendship between Teyla and Rodney.

vid recs

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If I Had You by Adam Lambert
I love this song. Love it. Earworm to the max. But why is Adam Lambert having a party in the woods behind my house? Why did he borrow Janeway's wig for the occasion? *flaily hands*

Wesley Windon Price by deebrenton; Jossverse; Wes-centric
Oh gods it hurt my fingers to type that. *shakes them out* If we overlook the gross misspelling of Wes's name, this is pretty much a kickass vid. It's Wesley at his most ridiculous (and endearing).

Brokeback Enterprise by Tranchera; TNG; Picard/Wesley
Oh, yes. you read that pairing right. This is such a cleverly edited vid; the audio clips are very well-chosen to form a compelling narrative about a forbidden love affair. This should be a parody (the title even says so!), but it isn't funny in the least. This reminds me so much of that fic where Picard is in love with *all* the Crushers. I especially love the final image of Picard staring at his reflection in a viewport, both for its resonance with the imagery of the film and for its inherent impact.

Everlong by Bullwinkle520; Trek Reboot; Kirk/Spock/Uhura
Oh what a glorious tangle this is. Each of them wanting the others and Kirk looking in from the outside, always. Love the quick cuts between images near the end of the vid, the kind of building frenetic energy there. Well done.

Muppet Show by Badger33; Star Trek Voyager
Voyager does the Muppet Show. Short and silly.

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by reaper333x2
Oh, man. This artist sounds like Beck and Jack White had a baby. *loves* This is the quintessential Firefly song to the degree that I can image the writer mainlining the show and then thinking, "That would make a great song!" The footage quality is high, the editing tight, and the narrative well constructed. Nice.
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Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by Helenish; Harry Potter; Neville/Draco
I really like this story very much. Draco and Neville are forced to get married which seems a ridiculous premise (and perhaps still is, even though it works so wonderfully well in this fic). Draco is so diminished here--not defeated but dying by degrees, and Lucius is a very plausible villain. Not the Overlord of Rapery as he is depicted in so many fics, but evil nonetheless. I found myself fascinated at the way Draco throws himself into his new domestic role. Good read.

Roller by [ profile] zimshan; SPN
This vid is fantastic. It's an amazing tribute to all those awesome chicks we love and don't get to keep. This is a (bitter)sweet piece of meta.

Greatforce's Buffy Rec List

Chrisleeoctave's Massive Rec Buffy Rec List, Fan Created

some permutation of Connor, Spike and Dawn by [ profile] ladycat777
I don't know the verse Ladycat is writing in, so on some level I'm not really sure what's happening here exactly. On all the other levels, I *get* this, viscerally. The way Spike sees Dawn, her potential; the way he sees Connor; hell, the way he sees *himself* here--it's written in words that fall together like coins in the palm of the hand--the music of metal on metal, weighty, a deep cold that warms to the touch. *lovely*

Take this Waltz by [ profile] _dellamore; Adult; Xander-centric
In this story, Xander is turned into a vampire, and I think it's the best, darkest, most plausible, discomfitting characterization of Vamp!Xan I've ever read. Just wow. THIS HAS SEVENTEEN COMMENTS WHICH IS A TRAVESTY, FOLKS. *boggles*
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Xander Harris and the Dark Lord: An Excrutiating Correspondence by [ profile] powerofthebook
Just what it says on the tin: Xander-centric gen in which he and Dracula remain pen pals. It's by turns funny and strangely heartwarming.

Easy by [ profile] drsquidlove
I think that what I like most about this piece is the slow reveal, the tiny fragments of clues that let the reader in on what's happened between G/X. All aboard the angst train! Steamer's pulling out of the station.

Hands Down Part 1 and Part 2 by [ profile] drsquidlove
This is really, really hot and also a plausible version of season-four Xander that is rather more mature and careful than he is usually depicted in that era. Xander always rises to the occasion (except matrimonial ones *sigh*) and it doesn't surprise me in the least that he possesses some skill as a caregiver. This is a nicely done piece of h/c.

Backseat driver in a car of love by [ profile] glossing
Oz/Devon/Saul Silver
After watching Pineapple Express, I had the strong feeling that James Franco should be in everything--my movies, my TV, my fanfic, my living room. :) I love the way Gloss writes Oz and Devon, always have from pretty much day #1 of newbie fannishness, and that doesn't disappoint here.

Longest. Day. Ever. by [ profile] shadowscast
I am a sucker for Ground Hog day ripoffs. I cannot tell you the joy they bring to me. This is a fun one.

The Watcher's Diary of Lydia Chalmers by [ profile] alixtii
I love that Lydia becomes a real and complex person here, not a joke or a sham, but a real person on a real quest for truths. Good read.

By Any Other Name and Louder than Words by [ profile] lyrstzha
Remember how Lindsey pretends to be Doyle? Here, he's not so much pretending. I love Lyr's Lindsey, and I love her Spike, and I love the way she puts the perfect words in her characters' mouths.


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If it Gives You Joy by thedothatgirl
Pure Jossverse joy. There is no way not to adore this vid.

Fever by [ profile] talitha78
The New Sherlock Holmes
THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, TRAVIS!!!! MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH ADAM LAMBERT WATCH THIS ON REPEAT TWENTY TIMES IN A ROW. *g* I don't think Talitha could make a bad vid if ze tried. *eats it up with a spoon, y'all*
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Cheating the Other Guy by [ profile] friendshipper; Teyla and Sam-centric gen
There is not enough fic with these ladies to suit me. :) Sholio's got the voices down perfectly, and there's such a lovely humor to this.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda by [ profile] liketheriver; Team Gen
I love outsider POV; I love lower decks!fic; I love some good team fic (and, oh, how much do I love that learning about Slater's team is really learning about Sheppard's team) and I love watching the new wave and the original expedition share their unique and different perspectives on Atlantis. This is also a refreshingly frank and open version of Sheppard. I'm crying just a little bit in fic joy as a re-skim to write the recap. *sniffle*

My Father Before Me by Telleer; McShep; kidfic
This is a different sort of kidfic and a different sort of McShep as well. The story starts off slowly and builds suspense, but the reveal is worth the wait. If you like to wallow in angst the way I do, this is the story for you. SO SAD. *SOBS*

Lost in Translation by [ profile] khriskin
Very, very cool poem about Pegasus cultures

Supernatural and CW RPF

The Coming of Wisdom with Time by [ profile] longsufferingly; J2
The five pages of comments is probably fair indication that I don't really *need* to rec this to you guys, LOL, but on the off chance you haven't read, this is J2 Anne of Green Gables. It has everything! The slate and the lake of shining waters and the cordial whiskey and Chad as a bosom friend penis friend comrade in arms. *loves*


Mission Impossible by [ profile] executrix; Angel, Connor
Because I have the most awesome friends in the whole world, they write me ANGEL/CONNOR CURTAIN FIC OMG. Well okay. Of a sort. *dies laughing*


Sea-kitten by [ profile] executrix; Simon/Fess Higgins; Kaylee/OMC
I absolutely love Exec's eye for details and the character grace notes she strews like confetti through everything she writes.


One Night Fandoms: a Tribute to Yuletide by [ profile] thingswithwings and [ profile] eruthros; Vid
Normally I detest dling vids; hate it, hate it. I wanna watch them streaming. I almost never watch a vid that you have to dl unless all you guys go on and on about it. I'm glad I dled this one because it truly encapsulates the joy of Yuletide.
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OMG, y'all. (I was almost gonna ask [ profile] penknife what part of GA s/he's from, but then I chickened out) How did I get so many bookmarks? *cries* Short and blurby. Gotta save my wrists for other things.

You're Still Here by Loki; SPN; Sam/Dean
I love vids that tell a clear narrative the most and this is a fine example. While I could do without the manips (it's weird; as much as I love Wincest, I am not a huge fan of the manips because I think that canon does a good enough job of convincing me they're sleeping together without manipulating the footage in a way that always looks false to me no matter how well it's done), I think this is a very touching vid about how Dean knows exactly how dark Sam is and how he will never forsake his little brother no matter what.

Run for Our Lives by NYCalls 0909; SPN; Sam and Dean
I love the grainy, smudgy filter over all the footage. It makes me feel like even more of a voyeur.

Dean Winchester, God's Gonna Cut You Down by [ profile] saintmaverick; SPN; Dean
Gotta love the Cash. Such exquisite black and white.

Bohemian Like You by [ profile] astolat; SGA; McShep with a side of Ronon
I LOVE THIS VID!!!!!! I first saw it when [ profile] cathexys burned me seasons two and three of SGA and she generously included a DVD of fanvids. I defy you not to love this vid. It's just so cheekily edited.

I Am/Lamb by *flails* It is lim? SGA; John
It's the Cash again (I kinda think that cover album was the best thing he ever did. *ducks the lightning like a proper blasphemer*) This is the kind of thing I have no words for. What's going on visually in this vid is technically beyond my capacity to describe, so bad, vid pretty? This looks like some bizarre surveillence video that the Ancients took from another plane.

Whatever by Luminosity and Sisabet; Ats
Angel sure does get around doesn't he? *guffaws*

Ing by [ profile] laurashapiro; BtVS; Anya
I think that Anya just might be my very favorite female Jossverse character and this vid is such a wonderful character study of her.

James Marsters covering The Cars: You know, I dig it and then it makes me giggle madly. You'll know when. Josh is going to divorce me over this song. It was a dealbreaker. *g*
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Today is my wedding anniversary! Josh and I have been married for 8 years today. And since my husband is made of awesome, he gave me flowers and chocolate and bath products and a rhyming card that he wrote. And he also wrote fanfic !ABOUT ME! complete with manips. This fic is full of inside jokes but I think it's mostly accessible to People Who Are Not Us. It's based on, among other things, my great love of Ryan Adams and James Marsters, a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, and my amusement over the fatty!Jensen phenomenon. So, without further ado:

Latest Edition of Star Magazine )

Also, recent pictures of us! Because I looked hot at New Years in that pimp coat, baby.

Lorraine and Josh are Smokin )
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I'm going through all my rec posts, retagging, for I am lame and originally did such in the most asinine way, and I'm rediscovering all these awesome fics that I want to share again with you guys.

So, let's make a meme. You have to distill your fandom(s) into three fics, the three fics that best represent what this fandom means to you--its potential, its power, the reason you keep coming back again and again to these characters--the three fics that define what this fandom means to you. And, for good measure, throw in a fic of your own. Which of your own fics do you think best captures what it is you love about the particular fandom?

As for me:


Nice Shirt by [ profile] glossing; Xander/Oz; Adult
I have probably re-read this story more than any other in any fandom since I got on this train. I keep coming back to it for its quiet, for the way it feels absolutely true and right without being showy or gimmicky. I love this fic for its nods to canonicity; there is nothing here that could not have happened during commercial breaks. This is not an AU, or a fic in which the reader must suspend her disbelief. The sex here is powerful--transformative--while at the same time making both Xander and Oz more themselves. This is the glorious mix of the hopeful and the hurty we all strive for when we write; this is the piece that makes me wish most of all that I'd been in on the ground floor of the Buffyverse fandom. That I'd been there from the beginning with all the rest of you, making these characters over into something new and yet achingly familiar.

Sweet, Sour, and Sweet Again (the Monster at the End of this Book Remix) by [ profile] wisdomeagle; Fred and Cordy gen; PG
This piece is brilliantly constructed. I'm mad for clever narratives and this is certainly a fic that plays with narrative and highlights our complicity as readers in the narrative arc. This is the fic that reminds me that the characters we write love and die and are born and are hurt and feel joy because WE MAKE THEM DO SO. This is meta fic at its absolute finest. This is the fic that defines for me who we are and what we do when we say, "What if . . . ."

In the Bleak Midwinter by [ profile] annakovsky; Xander/Dawn; PG-13
This is the fic I come back to, again and again, when I want to remember that after the screen fades to black in "Chosen," these characters keep living. They still have so much life left; they're just children; that end is a beginning more than anything else. This is a holiday fic, which y'all should know by now Lorraine is a sucker for any day, and it's such a wonderful renegotiation of the roles we saw play out canonically. This is beautiful and *real* and it hurts like a deep breath on a very cold day.

Something Elemental by [ profile] lunabee34; Faith/Buffy; Adult
This is the first fic I wrote in which I really understood what I wanted my fic *to do.* This is when I first realized that canonicity would always interest me in a way that the AU never could, when I first realized that what happens that we aren't privy to is often much more interesting than what we do see. This is also the most Jossian thing I think I've written; it's pretty much a bitchslap and poignant as hell.


Decor by [ profile] executrix; Simon/Inara; Adult
This is the finest example of using a sexual encounter as a truncated character study that I can recall. This is deliciously hot, yes, but it is also a very finely wrought examination of both Simon and Inara, who they are, what makes them tick. This is the fic that reminds me that sex is always a vehicle for characterization, that it is another window through which we discover who we, and who *they*, are.

Camp as a Row of Little Pink Tents by [ profile] mosca; Jayne/Mal; Adult
Oh, man. This fic is the first cross-dressing fic I ever read and I started off right because this is a primer for how to write drag. It's so bizarre to me, even now, the way that men in drag should be feminized, should somehow read as less-than-men, and somehow end up hyper masculinized. I love the way that drag serves to emphasize and exaggerate exactly what it seems to erase and this is a wonderful example. I think that [ profile] mosca has a gift for both the voices of this verse and subtle characterization. This is not to be missed.

Righteousness by [ profile] lyrstzha; Early/Operative; Adult
This is the fic that made me truly realize what fic was capable of. That we could take these bare bones of canon and make them over with wholly new flesh. This felt dangerous and subversive and strangely *right* on the first read, and it still does so now, years later. This is the fic that hit home to me that nothing is off-limits, that we are barred only by the boundaries of our imaginations, and that often what seems most implausible on the surface contains a wealth of insight beneath.

Rumpelstiltskin by [ profile] lunabee34 Regan Tam gen; PG-13
This begins my fascination with mothers in fic and also taking a terribly unlikeable character and making her sympathetic. I am drawn to characters on the fringe--those who are so essential in the way they form and inform the main characters we dote on so much but who dwell in the shadows themselves. Those who we see largely through the comments others make about them. I find writing Firefly difficult; this is why I only wrote three proper fics in the fandom, but this is the one of which I am most proud.


Old Soldiers Die Hard by [ profile] friendshipper; Gen; PG
I come to fanfic for a lot of things--to be turned on, to cry (oh gods yes to cry), to be surprised, to laugh, to experience again the friendship I see these characters sharing onscreen. This fic fits into the final category. I love John and Rodney smut, don't get me wrong, but there's something incredibly satisfying about exploring their relationship in a strictly platonic sense. I love the deep and immutable bond between them here. I love that John never ever for a goddamn second gives up on Rodney. This is the fic that I come back to when I need to be reminded that above and beyond and before anything else, John and Rodney are friends.

Pegasus Literature 101 (the Pass/Fail Remix) by [ profile] busaikko; John/Rodney; PG
I'm gonna use [ profile] thelastgoodname's words here, because yea verily she said it best: Yeah, that's pretty much it -- The John Sheppard Book Club [the orginal fic] is a light, fluffy romantic comedy/character study that plays with flirting and romance and life through literature (just like The Jane Austen Book Club). Pegasus Literature 101, as I read it, is about the value of literature as a tool to understand cultures, both your own and other people's, and about translation and fully understanding other people's lives and values and points of view (or not being able to -- as when Miko's has to get rid of the better translation setting). It's also about politics, and making choices (The Betrayal of Ptar sounds like a fabulous way to imagine and understand what life is like under the Wraith -- because life under the Wraith is not actually All About the Wraith), and dealing with those choices for decades and centuries afterwards. And I love the note about why the Athosians don't have much literature -- because they couldn't bring it with them. Yep. So, moving outside the world of the story to an analytic frame of the fandom and the show: Book Club is the prototypical slash romance story -- excellent, and sweet, and light and fluffy and the entire story is in service of the sex. (I don't think this is a bad thing; I feel odd having to make that disclaimer, because I shouldn't have to.) Literature 101 is essentially a critique of SGA, and fandom's appreciation for the light and fluffy at the expense of the dark and difficult (I mean critique in the analytic sense, not in the critical sense). Where Book Club accepts at face value the isolated and protected world of Earthers on Atlatis (not only are they importing their food across two galaxies, but they're importing their entertainment, too), Literature 101 probes that aspect of canon, and pushes it to a very uncomfortable place: John doesn't actually understand Pegasus very well (he didn't even realize what the betrayal of Ptar was), because none of the Earthers understand Pegasus very well. But he's trying. And more than that, Teyla and Ronon, despite having some things in common, aren't from the same world, either, so everyone is coming together without any common ground except that they want to learn, they want to understand.

Fell in Love With a Girl by [ profile] 01100100; Teyla/Kate; Adult
This is exquisite. This is femslash at its finest. This is the kind of exploration of Teyla's character and culture that I wish the show had the balls to make. I come away from this piece with my heart full; I am smiling and I am happy because I feel how much Teyla cares for Kate and for her team. This is the best love letter to Atlantis, to these characters who we spend so much time inhabitating, that I've read in quite some time.

Incomplete Data Set by [ profile] lunabee34; Bates/Kavanagh; Adult
Again with the unlikeable characters and the canonicity and the characters on the fringe. This was one of the first pieces I wrote in this fandom, and I keep coming back to it again and again; there's a sequel now and two more parts in the planning and I find it very satisfying to flesh out these characters that we see so very little of on screen.


What Cannot Be Unlearned by [ profile] causeways; Sam/Dean; PG-13
This is like Sam’s love poem to Dean, the love poem he can never say aloud but has instead written in the smile on his face, the sweat on the curve of his spine, the heat rising in waves off an endless empty highway. I don’t think I can say enough good things about the way this fic makes me feel, which is the point, right? That’s why we all write, isn’t it? Because we want someone else to feel, deep down in her gut, this thing we also feel. I come away from this piece feeling like I’ve been made privy to something sacred. This is the ultimate Sam fic for me--one that doesn't deny his relationship with Jess or all the reasons he left Dean behind, but one that also revels in all the reasons he came back, in all the ways that Dean is everything he's ever needed. For some unfathomable reason, this fic is still on a single page of comments when it should be a fandom classic. Go. Comment. Make that better.

Firecrotch (or that time when the Winchester Boys Banged Lindsay Lohan) by [ profile] dramaphile; Sam/Lindsay/Dean; Adult
This is the threesome gold standard with a dash of RPF thrown in for good measure. Lindsay's voice is superb here--just as I imagine her in all her vapid glory--and the Wincesty longings wash over the het sex like watercolor. I love reading the boys use Lindsay as the vehicle through which they express their desire for each other. This is my favorite example of a fic where Sam and Dean want each other and use someone else as a conduit because they aren't ready to open up to each other in that way just yet.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death (he kindly stopped for me) by [ profile] kroki_refur; Gen; Adult
One of the things I love tremendously about the SPN fandom is its ability to make with the funny while still saying something vital and interesting and important about these characters and the ways they interact with each other. This is ostensibly crack; Sam and Dean cannot die. Over and over again, the piano falls, and over and over again they survive. The ways in which they die and their responses to their deaths are hilarious. Until they're not. There's so much here in the interstices between the jokes that I defy you to read this and not come away with your heart in your throat.

Thanatopsis by [ profile] lunabee34; Sam/Dean; Adult
This hurt me to write. Really hurt me in a way that no piece had before or has since. I am not an emotional writer; it's almost a mechanical process for me. I want it to be *right,* to sound *right.* My own writing almost never turns me on or makes me sad or deeply amuses me, even if it strikes other that way. This? This broke me. This hurt me. Writing this piece was an enormously cathartic exercise. It's difficult to describe. It's not really an episode tag, but it was heavily inspired by "Roadkill," a sort of reworking of that concept in terms of Sam and Dean.
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I'm restructuring my memories and so I'm making a rec post of Buffy fic that I had saved there. Sorry for the spammage.

In From the Cold by [ profile] savoytruffle and [ profile] reremouse Spike/Xander/William AU This is one of those wonderful AUs where all the characters voices are impeccable and the characters are *themselves* at the core, just not the Slayer or a vampire. There are many reasons to read this fic, but my primary reason remains the last chapter sex scene which was the first time I read anything even vaguely incesty and thought, DAMN. HOT. And, hot it is.

Manus and Manus Extended by [ profile] kita0610 In the first of these, Angel is still experiencing after effects from the parasite that gave him hallucinations in “Soul Purpose.” His dreams are so heartbreakingly sad here; he dreams of Buffy and Spike and Darla, and most of all Connor (some incestual overtones to at least one of these dreams). The language in these pieces is so beautiful and I really believe this is what the inside of Angel’s head might look like. The second fic begins with Spike in the alleyway of NFA and goes back and forth between that moment and the moment that Buffy dies in “The Gift.” Again, this author has a real gift for character insight, and when Spike meets up with Connor, that perception is especially sharp. Right, there it is; Spike's fucking mission, his sole purpose as sole survivor. Spike the vampire bard, keeper of handed down tales no one else wants. He's damn sure no one spoke sonnets over his non-existent grave when he saved the world last summer. But here's this kid with Darla's eyes and Angel's hands, only he smells human. Like pizza, and new soap. Like the beginnings of grief. Because they're dead, but Connor is alive. I’d be very hard pressed to point to another fic that’s as well-written as these are.

Nice Shirt by [ profile] glossing Oz/Xander Adult I have read this fic many times, but the last time I read it was ages ago and on this reread, I realized I had forgotten some of the things about it I love most. I remembered the way it slides into canon like the thin blade of a knife; I remembered the way the sex is *real* and powerful—skin and sweat and want that changes each of them while also making them more themselves. I remembered the dialogue and the way I wish Oz and Xander had gotten to say most of it on screen. What I did not remember is exactly how beautiful the words are—the turns of phrase, the metaphors, the perceptive character insights. I did not remember how atmospheric, how moody this is to read; not dreamy. No. Not dreamy. But evocative and sensual. I also did not remember how simultaneously hopeful and hurty this manages to be. Everyone should read this fic.

Saturation by [ profile] wesleysgirl and [ profile] janedavitt (sequel: Pervasion Spike/Xander/Giles Adult Before I read these pieces, I’d read threesome fic before and enjoyed it in a “that’s so hot but ultimately fairly implausible” kinda way. Saturation was the first threesome fic I read that made me believe in the relationship depicted beyond the pretty-pretty of interlocking parts. The relationship in this fic is hard to maintain; there’s jealousy and difficulty understanding the rules and parameters (much the way I imagine a threesome might function in real life). Now, don’t get me wrong. The uber-hot is there as well! So, run along! Read.
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Really great insight on Angel's character by [ profile] fractal_bat

The Lord Don't Close a Door Less he Opens a Window by [ profile] executrix Firefly: Kaylee/Bester, Adult This was written for the Bad Sex Challenge and is a wonderful read--funny as hell, and the Kaylee voice is perfect.

And all the rest is SPN:


Justifying Sam/Dean by [ profile] monster_of_hope Essay that makes a good argument for shipping the Winchesters.


Moderation by [ profile] sevenfists Adult Also Dean/Ocs "So just leave, then, if that's what you fuckin' want to do—" Dean said, and Sam slammed his hand down on the table and yelled, "Yeah, well maybe I will," and Dean said, "Fine," and Sam said, "You fucking asshole, I hope you rot in hell," and the next thing Dean knew, it was two days later and he was driving toward the Gulf, alone in the Impala for the first time in what felt like about ten million years. Stupid Sam and his stupid—if he thought he could have his normal fucking life, he was delusional. Dean gave him three weeks tops, and then Sam would come crawling back, too guilty and vision-ridden to stay away for long.

The Forces Ranged Within us and Against Us by [ profile] musesfool Adult The narrative structure here is so lovely. It’s inspired by “Twenty-One Love Poems” by Adrienne Rich, and floating unnumbered piece works so well. Because it is unmoored from the rest of the vignettes, it really becomes commentary on them all.

Imperfectly by [ profile] zooey_glass04 Adult Oh my this is a good read. In the aftermath of a fight that leaves Sam permanently scarred, he and Dean have to relearn their relationship. This hits my h/c kink hard. The villain in this piece is particularly creepy and works very well, I think, too.

From the Fire Roads to the Interstate by [ profile] luzdeestrellas Adult Dean flips him the bird, no hands on the wheel for a second, and Sam has never felt so safe. "I think you've lost your mind, college boy," Dean says, grinning like he could spin the world on a dime, take the devil on and win. "Maybe," Sam says, and Dean guns the engine, lets the impala fly like a bullet through the dark, and Sam hums Death Cab under his breath, just loud enough to piss Dean off, and waits for the dawn to catch them.

Cherry (Or the Things You Learn about a Guy) by [ profile] lyra_wing Adult Sam discovers Dean’s tube of cherry-flavored lube, and man oh man do really freaking hot things ensue.

This is not about Love by [ profile] imoralilly Adult Dean keeps some memories close at hand so that he can keep his relationship with Sam in perspective. Lovely read.


But You Should See the Other Guy by [ profile] geminigrl11 Sam and Dean in a bar, telling tales. Really lovely fic about the bond between them. It hits him like a revelation that this is the Sam that Jess must have known, must have loved – this relaxed, confident, unfairly tall drink of water that probably would have had all the college girls eating out of palm of his hand and happy to be there, if he’d only noticed. Little Sammy’s got the mojo, Dean thinks, a little proud, a little incredulous. Drawn like a moth to flame, he winds his way to the table.

Two for Flinching and One for the Road by [ profile] kimonkey7 Sam and Dean have their own Halloween rituals that are by turns hilarious and heartbreaking. There’s a line in this fic that perfectly encapsulates every single thing I love so much about Sam and Dean and Sam/Dean. You’ll know it when you see it.

Skies Grown Darker by [ profile] parenthetical 6-chaptered fic that follows Sam and Dean in the aftermath of “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things.” This is so well plotted and the voices are all so beautifully true. The emotional tenor of the story is pitch-perfect, always walking that razor-wire of loss, tension, angst, and humor. As much as I love, love the Wincest, sometimes it’s really nice to read a story that focuses on their relationship as brothers without the erotic overtones.

Step Twice Into the Same River by [ profile] smilla02 What would happen if Dean took the demon’s deal in “Crossroad Blues?” What would those ten years be like? This hurts to read. Hurts me. In an oh so good good way.
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Untitled Buffy/Angel Drabble; Adult )

I got in the mood to write some B/A after reading the following two exquisite stories. If you wanna read how this pairing is really done:

Older and Far Away by [ profile] chrisleeoctaves This fic is so achingly beautiful. Angel looks down at the floor before meeting her eyes. “I don’t need you to blame me for it to hurt.” “I’m responsible, too,” she says. It’s a peace offering he will not accept. “I’m not sixteen anymore.” She doesn’t know why she says that, only that it’s true. He shakes his head, backing away from the light streaming through the window towards a shadowy corner. For some reason, this is the thing that makes her cry. And suddenly, where she has been stoic and composed, she is adrift and inconsolable.

All Ways by [ profile] kita0610 This story is brilliant. It has such a lovely, dual-edged title and the narrative structure is wonderfully dreamy and reminiscent of a fairy tale. It also hurts you in the gut to read. In a good way. It was impossible that they had only done this once. Impossible that the amount of times she had killed him and made love to him were exactly the same.


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